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EmotionSickness 07-07-2004 06:16 AM

Keira Knightley wants more cleavage

The Arizona Republic
July 6, 2004

Speaking of King Arthur, co-star Keira Knightley says she wouldn't mind stripping down for her art, but she wishes she had more curves to display.

"If the part calls for [nudity] and I don't think there's any way around it, then I'm absolutely fine," the Pirates of the Caribbean star tells Arena magazine.

"I like the whole cleavage thing," she says, adding that she wishes the art department had enhanced her figure in the King Arthur posters.

Haha, has she seen the posters? Anyway, does anyone actually have the whole Arena article up yet? I've only seen the pics ....

EDIT: I just realized there is no 'whole article'; just that write-up on one of the pages with a picture. I should have known. It is, after all, a men's magazine.

I kid! I kid! ;)

Narg 07-07-2004 07:03 AM

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE dont get plastic surgery keira, PLEASE!.

Vertical Vortex 07-07-2004 08:21 AM


Originally Posted by EmotionSickness

"I like the whole cleavage thing," she says, adding that she wishes the art department had enhanced her figure in the King Arthur posters.

hehe, how stupid... the art department did edit her ALOT! :)

J'Adore 07-07-2004 05:12 PM

Keira's Maxim's Girlfriend of the Day.

lalala 07-07-2004 08:31 PM

Has anyone got the full Arena interview? I started resding it in the shop but nosey shop woman was kicking up a fuss, i only read the last question about her loeaving blue footprints over the carpet.

Kelsey 10-07-2004 08:33 AM

Keira is *finally* on the cover of "The Bible" a.k.a Cosmopolitan. Nice cover picture and an interview with her inside. Worth getting.

Keira's Cosmo cover is also a part of US Weekly's 'Cover Stars'. Here's the info:
Who: Keira Knightley, 19
Born In: London
Clothes Call: Chloe top, Chip & Pepper jeans
Arrived In: Jeans and an oversized sweater
Shoot Tunes: Justin Timberlake
Sidekick: Her mom
Set Scoop: Knightley said she was relieved she got to wear jeans, since she finds minis "terrifying."

Also in US Weekly, Keira is the "This Minute You Want to Know About..." person. There's a short article and two pics. Pretty much the same stuff heard everywhere, but still interesting.

KnightleyNews 10-07-2004 01:24 PM

A lot of press just now about Keira's altered chest on the KA posters. There's a full page in today's Mirror newspaper.,00.html


Sarah 11-07-2004 03:09 PM

Get down to your local Odeon Cinema and pick up a copy of 'Addict' as there is a Keira interview in it. :)

keira loves lipgloss 11-07-2004 05:55 PM

i went to the showcase and there was an article about king arthur in it

frodo1511 14-07-2004 06:16 PM

Keira Interview

It's close to the bottom of the page.

Kelsey 14-07-2004 09:44 PM

There is a two page article on Keira in this week's People magazine (with Tori Spelling on the cover). Some new stuff, and good pictures so I would say it's definitely worth getting.

EmotionSickness 15-07-2004 12:02 PM

Thanks a bunch, Kelsey. I'll definitely have to pick that one up today along with Cosmo, Arena ... the list goes on and on, hehe.

I haven't seen this before. I'm pretty sure it's just a rehash of old quotes, etc., but it's new to me. From the New Zealand Herald:

Keira Knightley resists the glitz of Hollywood


Keira Knightley has a dilemma. The 19-year-old British actress is in Los Angeles and wants to go shopping. She's had her eyes on these great cowboy boots in a shop on Sunset Boulevard.

There's just one problem: Over the store is a Shrek-sized poster of her face staring determinedly at passers-by, promoting her new film, King Arthur, in which she plays Guinevere, warrior princess.

"It's this amazing shop that sells great cowboy boots that are really cheap, and I wanted to go in there but I can't because the poster is right across the road and I would be really embarrassed," she says in an accent that swings between posh and East Ender.

She can't get her publicist or PA to run in and buy them, because she doesn't employ one. After star turns in Bend It Like Beckham and the runaway hit Pirates of the Caribbean, Knightley has become Hollywood's new feisty "It Girl", but so far she is reluctant to subscribe to its standard code of star behaviour.

"It's not that I'm trying to make any grand statement, but I just don't feel I need anyone to help me. I'm bone lazy now, so could you imagine if I had someone doing everything for me?" she says.

"Besides, I'm only 19 and this is the time when you are meant to be learning to do things for yourself. I think if I employed a personal assistant, that would be the end of my development. I'd stay 19 forever."

In the gargantuan top floor presidential suite of the St Regis Hotel, Knightley's tiny frame is scooped like a tennis ball thrown into the corner of a couch.

She is bare-foot, wearing hip-hugging black Dolce and Gabbana pants, which she explains are on loan, and a short-sleeved canary yellow Penquin top which she proudly claims is hers. "It cost 20, so this is definitely mine," she announces.

Her face is makeup free but a small gift bag sits beside her. "Now that officially is a perk of this job," she smiles as she shows me its contents - a new French beauty line from Paris. "You get to try out all the new beauty products."

She saw King Arthur for the first time the night before. "It was terrifying; I hate watching myself," she tells me. "It's like listening to yourself on an answering machine. It makes you cringe."

Apart from not getting her boots, the actress, who remains London-based, shows a distinct distrust for the place that has made her a movie star.

"There are so many beautiful people here and they are all so thin and sporty.

"If I was here too long I would think, 'Oh God, I should change. I should be wearing this or go on a diet'. I don't think it's very healthy."

Easy words to say when you are already a casting director's dream - young, rail thin (her waist measured in at 48cm, 19 inches, for the corsets in Pirates) and pouty-lipped.

But Knightley is quick to anger at the suggestion that she would deliberately keep her body that way just to appease fashion. I wondered if she had read the English press who had once suggested she may have some eating concerns.

"It's called being a 16-year-old girl who hasn't got tits yet," she says irately, referring to the past headlines.

"My dad is tall and thin, so this is my body. I can pretty well eat anything I want, and I don't work out at all because I find it very boring.

"While I wouldn't ever suggest I was any kind of role model, it's important to be very clear about these things because I do think young girls get influenced by what they read. I think whatever shape you are is absolutely fine and you can't make yourself anything you're not."

Her lack of fondness for the gym contrasts with the active roles she is constantly being given.

"I'm very perplexed about it really," she smiles. "I'm rather a lazy character and the idea that they keep casting me in these very strong and very active roles is actually rather difficult for me."

In the revisionist version of the famous tale about the king and his knights of the round table, Guinevere is hardly the young damsel wandering around a beautiful castle pining for her husband's handsome best friend, Lancelot. She's a kick-ass warrior who runs around in blue war paint (and little else) wielding knives and bows and arrows.

Although it's a reversal bound to appeal to tween girl power, Knightley insists the role is historically accurate, citing research showing that Arthur was most likely to have lived in the Dark Ages, not the more colourful medieval times in which the legend has been commonly placed.

He was thought to have been half-Roman, half-British, a reluctant and brave leader who helped to consolidate Britain against the invading Saxons in a series of spectacular battles.

"The whole idea of the film is to find the reality behind the myth and that goes for all the characters as well. Guinevere was from an ancient race, either Pict or Celt which were in fact matriarchal so the women fought on equal standing to the men, if not leading them," she says.

Some critics have noted that it seems historically ridiculous that Guinevere would wear a Versace-type leather bikini in a battle, but Knightley says the historically accurate option was impossible.

"They actually fought totally naked except for the blue woad paint on their bodies, but I wasn't really prepared to go to that extreme, so I was lucky to get my leather straps really," she says.

The actress says she has only recently become aware of her fame.

"When Pirates became a huge hit, I was in the middle of a field or up a mountain in Ireland filming King Arthur so I didn't really notice all the media attention. It's only in the past couple of months when I've had a break, that I have noticed people recognising me," she says.

But she insists life has changed little. She still hangs out with the same friends she made when she was 11, and apart from not catching the tube at rush hour, she does pretty much what she wants.

"It's up to me whether I'm going to sacrifice my teenage life and that simply is not a choice I'm prepared to make. I only have a few friends in the industry and that's the way I like it," she says.

She's also instructed friends and family not to read any press written about her. "I never read it and they've stopped reading

* King Arthur opens on Thursday


Also, Keira has apparently been named Hello Magazine's most promising teen star, winning 62% of the vote against Scarlett Johannson.

I wonder if they'll ever stop comparing and contrasting those two. First it was with Natalie Portman (although, those comparisons were completely without merit ... only because, once upon a time, they looked alike). I enjoy both Scarlett and Keira. As far as talent goes, I'd say Scarlett has the edge ... FOR NOW, simply because she's had better roles than Keira. I certainly think Keira has the potential, or chops, if you will, to surpass Scarlett, she just needs to hone her skills with some better, meatier roles (I'm hoping The Jacket will allow her do this). As far as looks/personality go, though, Keira wins in a landslide. She's just so much more personable and down-to-earth, not to mention more fun. Scarlett strikes me as rather dull at times, plus I've heard she can be a real brat.

Narg 15-07-2004 01:57 PM

Nice interview, seemed very casual, love how down to earth keira is, makes her so much more lovable.

johnnyboy 16-07-2004 09:06 PM


Originally Posted by KnightleyNews

I'll be damned, they have amped them up, considerably :eek: dont get plastic surgery, PLEASE!

alby 17-07-2004 03:49 AM

7/17/04 - Telegraph: "How Keira the warrior queen invaded Hollywood"

Wake 17-07-2004 09:33 AM


Originally Posted by BreNarg
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE dont get plastic surgery keira, PLEASE!.

I have to agree with has anyone seen Mandy Moore lately? She just turned 19 and she grew a chest. Keira may still have some growing too but then again those plastic surgery rumors would probably start up...oh what a dillema for teenage celebrities.

*Edit* Oh and hello.

Spire 17-07-2004 03:15 PM

Keira's down-to-earth personality is a major plus. The average Hollywood types are arrogant and boring. Hopefully Keira won't change much as time goes on.

KnightleyNews 17-07-2004 04:01 PM

The Independent:


alby 18-07-2004 04:32 AM

Found this. Don't know if you have it already.


The crowds were out in force to see Keira Knightley at last night's King Arthur premiere. Thousands had thronged to Leicester Square to catch a glimpse of the Hollywood starlet, and they weren't disappointed. Stripped of her usual off-duty wardrobe of jeans and boots, Keira looked mesmerising on the arm of boyfriend Jaime Dornan in a silver Jil Sander dress, Asprey diamonds and a pair of Jimmy Choos. "It's fantastic, but I'll never get used to these crowds," she joked with reporters. The film's cast were all eager to praise their leading lady. "Keira is the best out of all of us," said Ray Winstone. "She's a little fireball, but I wouldn't let her give me any tips. I'm not going to learn to fight from a woman." The film's producer, Jerry Bruckheimer, added: "Keira is a brilliant actress. She's beautiful, too, but it's about her acting." (16 July, 2004, 9:30AM) SOURCE: DAILY MAIL

KnightleyNews 18-07-2004 11:42 PM

Keira went to Ethiopia recently with Love Actually director Richard Curtis, co-star Andrew Lincoln and others to see how the fundraising for Comic Relief is being spent. Article and pics here:,,5-2004330420,00.html


Richard 19-07-2004 12:04 AM

It's so nice to see Keira do things like that. Great article. Wonderful pics.

KnightleyNews 21-07-2004 03:33 PM

In an interview in today's USAToday, Adrien Brody says this about THOSE rumours:

"...While in Glasgow, Scotland, where he just finished shooting The Jacket, Brody had paparazzi staking him out.
That sort of scrutiny is a bit off-putting for the intensely private actor, who laughs off rumors of an on-set fling with Jacket co-star Keira Knightley.

"They said we had candlelit pasta dinners in my apartment. But I hadn't lit a candle, nor was I eating pasta," Brody says. "That's interesting, how they know. I can't help hearing about it, because people talk about it. They bring it to set in the morning."

Knightley, who has a boyfriend, chuckles at the tabloid tales. Brody is "a phenomenally talented actor," she says. "We really got on, and he was completely fantastic to work with. He can tell very funny stories, and he can be serious."


EmotionSickness 21-07-2004 03:44 PM

Thanks, Paul. Let's hope this puts those old rumors to rest once and for all.

Oh, who am I kidding? They'll never die.

J'Adore 21-07-2004 07:38 PM

Keira's in this month's More...a mini-interview completely focusing on trying to get her to admit she's with Jamie, and then a feature on how to get her figure.

KnightleyNews 21-07-2004 09:29 PM

New interview in tomorrow's Times (London). Sounds like a new photoshoot too:,00.html


ChocolateMoose 22-07-2004 06:56 AM


Originally Posted by KnightleyNews
New interview in tomorrow's Times (London). Sounds like a new photoshoot too:,00.html


Yep. Theres an article in Screen, in T2 of the Times today. Its an interview with a couple of nice pictures.

Sarah 22-07-2004 10:21 AM

Can we buy this all over the UK or just London ? :(

KnightleyNews 22-07-2004 12:16 PM


Originally Posted by Sarah
Can we buy this all over the UK or just London ? :(

Sorry to confuse you, sweetie. I only put London as opposed to the New York Times or LA Times. It's a national paper.
I could only get the tabloid version with black and white print photos, but my newsagent assured me the broadsheet version doesn't have magazine supplements on a Thursday anyway. If he's wrong I'll firebomb him :)

You can't beat a bit of sarcasm every now and again:


Sarah 22-07-2004 12:30 PM

Thanks Paul, I just went to buy it :) I'm not used to buying The Times, lol. It's a nice article.

Kelsey 24-07-2004 07:25 AM

In this weeks Us Weekly (with Cameron Diaz on the cover), Keira is quoted in the "Loose Talk" section:
A guy in Glasgow Airport...said, 'I'm really sorry, but can I kiss you?' I let him.

There is also a small article below a picture of Keira and Jamie Dornan at the London King Arthur premiere. The article reads:
At the July 15 London premiere of King Arthur, British babe Keira Knightley wanted to keep her relationship with model-boyfriend Jamie Dornan under wraps. "Keira and Jamie spent most of the night apart," says a source, "stealing glances from afar." But at the after-party at London's Guildhall, she couldn't help herself. The actress, 19, rushed to Dornan and squealed in his ear, "Baby, you'll never guess: People are saying we're engaged! How hilarious is that?" Once out of the public eye, the couple retired to a sofa to make up for lost time. "He nuzzled his face into her hair," says a witness, "lavishing kisses across the side of her face."

Lucky Keira. And it sounds to me she wants to get engaged. ;)

DesignatedJerk 24-07-2004 08:46 AM


Originally Posted by Hazzle
Yeah well, anyone who judges Keira solely on BILB, Love Actually and Pirates is being more than a little harsh...

Stage presence is something you can't teach...whilst she DOES need to tone it down (like there was an article which says the key difference between Scarlett and Keira is not so much the ability to act, but the ability to seem like you're not acting...) but sheesh.

She hasn't been challenged in any of her roles in the big movies yet...maybe people should actually watch her independent stuff and judge her on that. Oh, and what's all this "Home counties" crap...she's from the same county that Hounslow is in...heck Tedders is only about, what, half an hour or so from Hounslow by car? Sheesh.

It's a rare voice though, and it's just the fact that someone in the press has to seem "clever" and go against the grain just for the heck of it... :mad:

yeah I thought the article sucked to. I mean when i first read this article i was thinking "oh gee another opinionated BS article not to be taken seriously" then when I clicked on this link, began to read this article and I was wrong. I was thinking "why god. why did I waste minutes from my life,( that i will never get back) and read this pile of dog crap" I mean good god.

I agree with Hazzle 100 percent. judge Keira on two only TWO major roles, is not only a little thin, but it just screams of ignorance. I mean yeah this person maybe shuld check out her indie stuff and judge it from that. cause I thought her acting in her independent films were pretty impressive.

Sarah 24-07-2004 10:04 AM

Great news, Keira has made it into the CBBC chart! I'm so happy *wipes tear from her eye*

Guido 24-07-2004 10:22 AM

Yepo she's in but she's under will young... thats lame :P and orlando bloom an daniel radcliff have the same score as her... :/

KnightleyNews 24-07-2004 01:28 PM


Originally Posted by Sarah
Great news, Keira has made it into the CBBC chart! I'm so happy *wipes tear from her eye*

She's in and out of that thing like Vanessa Mae's elbow.


Sarah 24-07-2004 01:34 PM

lol Thats probably because the votes come mainly from children, and children pay little attention and normally forget after a while. So, when Keira appears in the news again, (Big hello to King Arthur), suddenly them all remember her. Happy times, lol.

Hazzle 25-07-2004 02:51 AM


Originally Posted by Guido
she's under will young... crack...obvious...joke...

Jak 28-07-2004 10:03 PM

I've found a new interview with Keira. From the The Sunday Independent (Ireland):

Keira swaps chicken-fillet truth for some Hollywood diplomacy
Sunday July 25th 2004

KEIRA KNIGHTLEY: Plays Guinevere as a tough warrior in King Arthur, above, and is a self-confessed tomboy off-screen too. She tries for a casual style rather than Hollywood glamour, as seen by her appearance for the premiere of 'Pirates of the Caribbean' in California

LAST year, most people had very little idea who Keira Knightley was, beyond a vague notion that she was the skinny girl in Bend it Like Beckham. But last summer we saw her first big Hollywood film, Pirates of the Caribbean , and that was it, America fell in love with her. There was her crisp English accent, her obvious intelligence but, above all, there was her confidence. She made eye contact with journalists, disagreed with them if she thought they were spouting waffle and was a breath of fresh air with her honest talk.

She told me how, when she was cast as Elizabeth Swann in 'Pirates', she was sure that they had made a mistake. She was convinced that she would be sacked and so only brought clothes for a week. On the shoot, she was stunned by her first Hollywood experience. She talked of the magical ways of her body make-up artist - how chicken fillets and shading gave her a great cleavage. "My bust was a complete fraud, I'm very glad to say," she boasted. And then shewas off again about her flat chest. "I don't have breasts, I have pecs."

All the self-deprecation disarmed hordes of cynical journalists. Knightley is a no-nonsense sort of girl - there are many reasons for her being that way, but her background explains it best. Her father is the actor Bill Knightley and her mother is the playwright Sharman McDonald. She got her level-headed approach to acting from her parents. "If you have five years of working constantly, that's beyond lucky," she has said. "I didn't go into this with fairy tale notions." But she did take great delight in telling us the fairy tale of how she came into existence. "My dad said to my mum, 'If you sell a script, we can have another child.' She wrote a play called When I Was a Girl, I used to Scream and Shout. She won various awards for it - and I was the child."

But a year is a long time, and now, on meeting Miss Knightley, there are changes. In the past year, she has graced several magazine covers, including Vanity Fair, the bible of American style. And in LA, where we now meet, the town is full of giant billboards for King Arthur, in which Keira is centre stage, as Guinevere in a leather bra with a bow and arrow in hand.

As she sits at the table she is full of chirpy small talk - but listen a little longer and you'll hear that Keira is not as unguarded as she once was. And alas, she has learnt the art of an actor's interview. She talks without actually saying very much. Not to mention the fact that she has suddenly become queen of diplomacy. Gone is the excited 18-year-old who slouched on a chair in the Dorchester Hotel and talked excitedly about her Hollywood experience. She is older, wiser, and works well at publicising the movie.

"The action is what it is all about. I loved being a warrior. I think the interesting thing about this Guinevere is that she is very strong, she's much stronger than we've ever seen a Guinevere before. I love playing strong women, and I loved her calculating manipulative vibe.

"I think there is a tradition in Hollywood at the moment for young female actionstars, and that's fine with me. But with this movie, I don't think that I wasthere simply because people want to see women fighting. I think it's great that, historically, she would have been a fighter - and there are theories that Guinevere would have been a princess from the North, and therefore a warrior. I thought that was a really interesting thing to play." OK, OK, we get it. She liked playing the part. But she doesn't seem to do much else except wax lyrical about the film. (And when you see it, you'll wonder why. If only they had spent as much time on the script as they did on the battles scenes.)

"I got to use swords and knives and axes and garrottes and bows and arrows. It was great that this wasn't a corseted, pouty part. It was veryreal, earthy. My wardrobe consisted of a floaty dress, rags and an interesting leather concoction which was a bit 'Conan the Barbarian'."

At this stage, Keira is beginning to sound a bit nerdish about it all. But then, weshouldn't be surprised - she was always a little different. During her teenage years, when all her friends hadposters of boybands and grunge figures on their wall, she had a single picture of Emma Thompson.

In this version of the King Arthur legend, there is verylittle of the love triangle involving king, queen and Lancelot. Rather it is suggested

'This is a very fickle industry and I am under no illusion that it can all go in a second'

in lots of tense glances. "Ido think we managed to make a connection without speaking. It was like doing asilent movie."

Keira does, however, getto have a love scene with King Arthur (Clive Owen). It is tame enough, as the film is rated 13PG. But it is hard to lose yourself in their passion, as Clive Owen's sparkling teeth upstage everything - they've been described as glow-in-the-dark.

Off-screen, Knightley claims to be a tomboy, and when we meet, she looks every inch the part, clad in a yellow Aertex T-shirt. All this dressing down is her way of saying that she will be herself and not tart up to be a starlet. Last summer, in a white vest which stopped above her concave stomach, she was casual too. But this time, she does not sound as secure in herself.

"I don't think I'm a perfect being by any stretch of the imagination. One of the reasons I couldn't live in LA is that when I am here, I feel pressured. Nothing has been said to me, but I feel it. And until I am strong enough to say, 'It's fine not to be stick-thin, it's fine not to drink wheatgrass all the time and it's fine to have a bit of a drink and even, occasionally, a cigarette' I'll live in England."

But Keira Knightley is stick-thin. And when I saythis to her, she blushes as if she is up there with Pavarotti in the weight department. Oh dear. How Hollywood can affect a girl.

But Keira knows that she is suddenly the one they all adore. Jerry Bruckheimer has high praise for her: "There are a lot of beautiful girls around the world but the problem is they can't turn off who they are when the camera turns on. Keira is very natural in front of the camera - when she becomes a character, you don't see any of the wheels turn."

She is, however, bright enough not to get a swelled head. "It's very nice to be a flavour of the month. This is great, this is a laugh and I am enjoying it and it's lovely to be in a film that you can stand there and say, 'I had a great time and I'm really proud of the film.' But this is a very fickle industry and I am under no illusion that it can all go in a second. That's the nature of the beast and it's almost what makes it so romantic a profession. But it is like being in any other self-employed profession, you never know what's going to happen."

I listen to her and think, 'what has happened to Keira Knightley?' as she tells one journalist, "I'm not under contract to Jerry Bruckheimer, (who made Pirates andKing Arthur ), but I like him very much." It is as if Keira Knightley has gone to a publicist's finishing school. Everything that comes out of her mouth sounds premeditated and every second line is a plug forthe film.

I guess she's just grown up.

King Arthur opens in cinemas on Friday

Ciara Dwyer

Sarah 29-07-2004 12:00 PM,00.html

Not good news for Lincolnshire!

KnightleyNews 29-07-2004 12:13 PM


Originally Posted by Sarah

That's a good example of how the press currently make Keira the 'angle' of a story. It's not her who'll be stopping the traffic, it's the entire production unit that will be closing the road off. Keira might not even be IN any of the street scenes, but they angle the story around her so that she's the 'bait' for the 'hooks' of the world's press to 'fish' the story off the newswires with. If they'd just mentioned the film, nobody would pick up on it and use it.


Sarah 29-07-2004 12:49 PM

Yes, Paul, thats true. They do that to a lot of celebrities. I thought I'd put it in here anyway, even though its not really about Keira directly.

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