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Digital_Ice 26-09-2005 05:49 PM

1000 flock to see movie church


A VILLAGE church used in the making of a Hollywood film saw a record 1000 visitors when it opened its doors for a special event.

Bangour Village Church, used in the filming of The Jacket starring Keira Knightley and produced by George Clooney, was open on Sunday, September 17 as part of the Scotland-wide Doors Open Day event, which allows people to visit many buildings which are usually off-limits to the public.

The open days are co-ordinated by the Scottish Civic Trust and supported by Historic Scotland, as part of Scotland's contribution to European Heritage Days. The Bangour buildings, including the church and hospital, are set to be developed into a new village complex.

Andrew Burrell, managing director of developer the Burrell Company, said: "The Doors Open Day event was a huge hit amongst people who were interested in the beauty and architecture of the church and also in the future plans for the area, which were very positively received."

The West Lothian church was built in commemoration of the role the hospital and its staff played during the First World War as an ecumenical place of worship. The former hospital, which was used initially for treating psychiatric patients before acting as a military hospital during both the first and second world wars, is set to be converted into more than 100 homes.

Digital_Ice 26-09-2005 05:52 PM


It is a truth universally acknowledged that any starlet determined to conquer Hollywood has to first crack the red-carpet dress code. When Keira Knightley stepped out at the London premiere of Pride and Prejudice recently, her transformation into a star was complete.

Wearing a stunning purple silk empire-line gown by Matthew Williamson, a wristful of bangles and a mane of tousled hair extensions (worn while filming the sequel to Pirates of the Caribbean), she looked every inch a luminous film star and made it on to the front pages of every tabloid and broadsheet in the land.

Not that Keira needs much help in securing notable film roles. It is hard to believe that the 20-year-old actress first came to the fore wearing a totally unflattering pair of white polyester shorts and a football shirt for her role in Bend It Like Beckham just four years ago.

With an unmade-up face (and legs made for the football pitch, rather than the red carpet), she wasn't an obvious candidate to become the film industry's Next Big Thing. And, while perfectly pretty, she didn't look like the kind of woman who would soon be enjoying multi-million-dollar Hollywood roles and prestigious modelling contracts for the royal jeweller Asprey.

But whether consciously or not, the actress has definitely undergone some well-thought-out makeovers. Not so long ago, the West Ham supporter turned up to events wearing ultra-low-slung jeans and crop tops (she has admitted that the only part of her body that she actually likes is her stomach). It was a look she tried at the Los Angeles premiere of Pirates of the Caribbean in 2003, with disastrous results. She is, by her own admission, a "complete scruff" off-screen, wearing slouchy androgynous clothes and knitted caps.

But with a few blockbusters under her belt, playing everything from Guinevere in King Arthur to a demure newly-wed in Richard Curtis's Love Actually, it was inevitable that Keira would have to give in to the inevitable Hollywood makeover.

These days, for glitzy galas at least, she has ditched her former look for far more sultry ensembles and is likely to be spotted at parties in demure cocktail dresses and subtle accessories.

Despite the overwhelming attention recently bestowed upon her - she won a slew of awards last year, from Glamour magazine's Most Glamorous Film Actress to the Sexiest Film Star of All Time in Empire magazine - Keira seems to take it all in her stride.

Whether modelling Asprey's new Keira line of jewellery or posing for paparazzi on the red carpet, she is a breath of fresh air in an industry not famed for its firm grip on reality.

Digital_Ice 02-10-2005 07:25 PM


Keira's sex talk with mum
Sexy star ... reveals details of family life

Sun Online

STUNNING actress Keira Knightley has confessed that she's so close to her mum they smoke and talk about sex together.

Sexy Keira, who is set to hit screens shortly in new action movie Domino, told America's Esquire magazine: "My mum's a bit mental - in a good way.

"She's this chilled out hippy mother. I haven't seen Meet The Fockers, but I have a feeling she's like the Barbara Streisand character.

"My house was always the one where my brother and his mates would be drinking when they shouldn't be.

"Mum and I would always talk about sex."

Keira, who also did a sexy boob-revealing shoot for the magazine, added:

"She'd come up to my room and have me roll her cigarettes and then tell me I had to have one with her."

"Not the typical mother-daughter thing. But we're extremely close.",,2...450540,00.html

Digital_Ice 03-10-2005 01:58 PM


A romantic triumph
Published on 03/10/2005


It was with great unease that I approached this adaption of Jane Austen's novel. Firstly, not a fan of the costume drama (although Sense and Sensibility was alright) and secondly, not a fan of Keira Knightley (playing the main character Elizabeth Bennet) believing her be just a pretty face. However, perhaps this film has found a niche, namely the MTV generation who have only read Jane Austen as part of the English syllabus and those who have not seen the lengthly BBC adaption. For fans of the aforementioned may reject this remake purely down to fond memories. It would be like accepting a Lord of the Rings not done by Peter Jackson.

Another reason I was not keen was that, inarguably, Pride and Prejudice astonishingly seems to provide the blueprint to all romantic comedies ever made. A genre that has become a tiring retread with the only difference being the pretty actress that plays the "kook" who still manages to get her guy despite being a rambling mess (in Hollywood guys find this attractive!). Surely, it was tongue in cheek that Helen Fielding's Mark Darcy was played by the same character as Mr Darcy (Colin Firth) as they are virtually the same guy in different films.

However, all pre-expectations put aside I was pleasantly surprised. Constantly witty and brilliantly played by all involved. Even Keira is acceptable and MacFadyn (Mr Darcy) will continue to garner female followers to add to his Spooks fans. This is old news to the fans but this may have the power to convert cynics. In these situations it is inevitable that the comical supporting actors steal the show as the main characters are bogged down by the romantic element. In particular, Brenda Blethyn as Mrs Bennet who is desperate to marry her daughters off and for her next drink. Also, Tom Hollander as Mr Collins who provokes laughs, revulsion and pity as the awkward and desperate cousin. One particular scene that had me riveted was the rain soaked meeting and clashing of feelings between headstrong Elizabeth and emotionally stunted Darcy.

But their clashes and misunderstandings are the best part and the ending reverts to cheesy romantic gestures (watch Mr Darcy emerge from the fog!) and happy endings. If you can get past the slight whiff of Stilton (that invariably lurks round all romantic comedies) and the old fashioned traditions, this even has something for viewers that aren't helpless romantics.

Digital_Ice 04-10-2005 02:00 AM

Strong women come of age in Hollywood



NOTHING says tough chick more than a woman with a machine gun and a pair of handcuffs.

Well, English rose Keira Knightley, 20, plays one in the US$30 million ($51m) action adventure Domino.

The film is loosely based on the life of Domino Harvey, a former British model-turned-bounty hunter in Los Angeles.

But Knightley is not new to the 'bossy boots' roles - she was the tomboy footballer in her breakout role in Bend It Like Beckham.

She was an unconventional damsel-in-distress in Pirates Of The Caribbean.

As one of literature's earliest feminist heroines, Elizabeth Bennet, in yet another version of the classic Jane Austen novel Pride And Prejudice, she again plays a character with rapier-sharp wit.

For Domino, Knightley hacked her hair, dyed it blonde and got tattoos.

She also strips to shoot some steamy sex scenes with co-star Edgar Ramirez.

She told the National Ledger: 'I'm British, so the whole sex scene and being topless is fine. In fact, to be able to do that in the middle of the desert was actually quite liberating.',95408,00.html

Digital_Ice 04-10-2005 04:59 PM


Knightley Talks (a Lot) About Pirates
Source: Edward Douglas October 4, 2005

In 2003, 19-year-old Brit Keira Knightley found her career raised to a new level when she starred in Disney's action film Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. Since then, she's kept busy, especially this fall, when she's headlining two new movies, director Tony Scott's Domino (opening next week) and a new version of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice.

In the latter, she actually shares a first name with the character she made famous in "Pirates," one that she's spent a lot of time as this year while filming two back-to-back sequels. While in New York to promote Pride and Prejudice, Miss Knightley talked to about the sequels, as well as expounding on the popularity of the original film

"It is my life now. There is nothing else," she joked. "We're doing them both at the same time, and we were halfway through as of yesterday. We were at 100 days yesterday, and we have at least another 100 to go. We've been going since February, but we've had about a month and a half off for hiatus because it's hurricane season."

We asked Knightley why she thought the first movie was such a hugely popular hit. "I have no idea. It's still a mystery," she admitted. "What's amazing is that there's such a wealth of stories there--you know, the pirating stories--and if you can tap into it and if you can do it well then it's just that spark of imagination. There's all those films when you're a kid that you kind of remember as part of your childhood that you've sort of lived through. I'm thinking like a "Wizard of Oz" or something like that so many people go 'Yes, that was me when I was 7 or 11,' and I think, in a funny kind of way, with a lot of kids, Pirates has managed to do that. What's clever about it is that it's got that thing where it's got humor for adults and it's got humor for kids,and the kids won't get the stuff that the adults are laughing at. I think in a funny way, that makes the best kind of kids' movie."

On suggesting that the popularity of Johnny Depp's outlandish performance as Captain Jack Sparrow might have a lot to do with the first film's success, she agreed, "Oh, absolutely. It wasn't written like that. The character, as it was written, was completely straight, so that character is entirely his and Gore Verbinski's. They totally came up with that and none of us knew if it would work when we were doing it, because it was so off-the-wall and so not what was on the page. It's daring, and talk about risks, a.) you're making a pirate movie, that hasn't worked in God knows how long, b.) you're making a film based on a Disney theme park ride and c.) you got Johnny Depp going mental over there, and you're just thinking, 'How is this going to work?' I think you've got to take the risks. There's no point playing it safe, because either you'll get bored or the audiences will get bored. Sometimes, you're going to make mistakes, and that's fine, but you have to take the risks. I think Pirates is one of the prime examples of that with Johnny Depp's performance, and part of the reason that people love it so much is that you watch it and go 'Gutsy, really gutsy'"

Of course, we wondered how it's been for her to return to the ships and swords and corsets again, especially since so much has changed in the three years since making the first movie. "It's very strange," she told us. "It's the first time I've ever had to go back to a role. It's weird because I'm my biggest critic by a mile. You give me my worst review ever and times it by about ten, that's where I put myself. And it's a huge fault. So therefore, I possibly hate every performance I've done and I would like to completely change it, so it's really difficult therefore to go back to a performance that I'd like to do completely differently and try to keep that continuity with it 'cause you suddenly go 'Oh, but I wish I hadn't done that, and I wish she had been like this.' What's kind of nice is that it's three years on, so she's grown up a bit, so I can perhaps fix some of those things."

"It's a totally different beast [than Pride and Prejudice]," she continued. "It's a spectacle, and it's a totally different headspace, because it's a marathon and you've got to keep going. Sometimes you feel yourself slipping out of it, and you have to keep going again. It kind of makes it exciting, as well."

And as far as any skepticism people might have about them making a sequel to such a terrific movie, Knightley slyly said, "You have no idea what's going to happen in the second one, and I promise you, it will surprise you."

In the meantime, you can see Knightley in Pride and Prejudice, which opens in select cities on November 18. You'll have to wait until next summer for the first sequel, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest.

Digital_Ice 04-10-2005 05:12 PM



British actress KEIRA KNIGHTLEY was stunned when she worked alongside DAME JUDI DENCH, when the legendary actress forgot her lines.

Knightley was terrified of shooting a scene with Dench in PRIDE AND PREJUDICE, but soon regained her confidence when she realised the stalwart star was only human.

Knightley tells British movie magazine Empire, "I was absolutely s**tting myself before meeting Judi Dench.

"But you know what happened? She couldn't remember her lines.

"And she's getting quite embarrassed and a bit flustered. But still being lovely, and amazing and fantastic.

"You just go, 'Ooh, okay, I'm not that s**t, because if she does it and still gives great performances, then maybe I can too."

Digital_Ice 06-10-2005 02:52 AM


Jessa Crispin Worries For Keira Knightley
October 05, 2005
By Jessa Crispin

I would like to issue a plea to every director in the world: Stop it with the Pride and Prejudice.

I understand that it’s an enduring love story: Boy’s a jerk, girl’s a twit, but they fall in love against the odds and somehow make it work. Very interesting. But two adaptations in a year? Just how desperate are filmmakers for content?

I never particularly liked Jane Austen. Back during my Bronte phase, someone suggested I read Austen as an obvious complement. I picked up Emma and spent the entire book wondering when it was going to get interesting or good. I mean, there has to be a reason why these books have such a following, right? But it lacked the dark streak of a good Bronte or Hardy or Wharton, authors I was obsessed with at the time. All of Jane Austen’s women seemed to be twittering fools.

When I saw there was to be yet another adaptation of Pride and Prejudice, this one with Keira Knightley, I began to wonder if it was just me. Perhaps I had read Austen at an inappropriate time and couldn’t fully appreciate it, or perhaps it was those Jane Austen fans – the ones who claim that Jane Austen birthed chick lit and all things horrible – sullied my opinion. I decided to read the book for myself, and see if there was a reason the book keeps getting filmed.

I got to page 108 before I gave up. It was well written and the social commentary about inheritance laws was vaguely interesting. But the cheerful ending loomed: everyone married well, everyone financially secure despite her femininity. Give me a good social decline ending in suicide a la House of Mirth any day.

But maybe if I watched the movies I would get it. I’m much more forgiving about the content of movies I’ll watch than books I’ll read and Lord knows, in moments of weakness, I have gone to see bad romantic comedies. As I made my way through Bride and Prejudice (a completely worthless faux-Bollywood adaptation whose only redeeming quality is the three or four minutes of Naveen Andrews as the Mr. Bingley character), Bridget Jones, the Lawrence Olivier version, and the BBC miniseries, I thought about all of those women who see themselves in Elizabeth Bennett or in her modern update, Bridget. Even Keira Knightley, in an interview with Empire Magazine, stated the reason she wanted to do the movie was because she saw herself as Elizabeth Bennett.

That worries me. Isn’t the point of Elizabeth Bennett that she’s completely mediocre? Not a great mind, not a great wit, not a great beauty—something every adaptation except for Bridget Jones seems skip over. Can’t someone adapt a book like Jane Eyre, where the title character actually makes a decision and does something? Jane Eyre has yet to receive even a slightly acceptable adaptation, what with the great beauties that keep being cast in the role.

It would be a more difficult pitch, I know. “Yes, they end up together in the end, but one of ‘em is now blind and missing a hand.” But it’s important to give the Keira Knightleys of the world someone to look up to other than a mediocre heroine.


JESSA CRISPIN is the editor and founder of

Digital_Ice 06-10-2005 02:13 PM


The Knightley News
The star of Domino enters the post-rookie phase of her career

Bob Thompson
National Post

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Forgive the usually pleasant Keira Knightley, for she is slightly miffed. The source of her apparent annoyance is an item in one of those celebrity magazines. The confounding tidbit isn't about her personal life, which she refuses to discuss. Her frustration focuses on the description of an up-and-comer.

"The magazine calls this actress 'the next Keira Knightley,' " says Knightley, pretending to be righteously indignant. "And I'm thinking, 'Hold on, am I past my prime already? I'm only 20 years old.' "

That's right, 20. It seems as though she should be older, especially now that she qualifies as a benchmark for success in the film game. As she heads into her post-rookie phase, she can look back on the kind of career most actresses would be proud to call their own, then call it quits. She has much more to come, however.

And imagine, Knightley had such a low-profile debut, as Queen Amidala's look-alike decoy in 1999's Star Wars: Episode I -- The Phantom Menace. A great deal has happened since then, and not much of it low-profile.

The co-star of the 2002 indie hit Bend It Like Beckham was catapulted into the limelight as Elizabeth Swann in 2003's Pirates of the Caribbean opposite heartthrobs Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp. It's a career-making part she repeats in Pirates 2 and 3, currently shooting in and around the Bahamas.

But she's quick to point out there's more to her thespian talents than swishing and swashing in a family film. Having said that, she proudly admits she recently survived a scene lashed to a vessel's mast. Moviegoers, however, won't get to see those Knightley performances for many months.

In the meantime, her fans will be able to enjoy two upcoming cinema projects. One is the film version of the Jane Austen novel Pride & Prejudice. The movie is already a hit in Europe and will open in North American theatres next month.

For those who need immediate gratification, there is her title role in Domino, in which Knightley plays Domino Harvey, a former model-turned-bounty hunter who famously called actor Laurence Harvey her dad.

Opening next Friday, the Tony Scott movie is more a tribute than a biopic of Harvey, who died in Los Angeles three months ago from an overdose of painkillers. And while Domino, the action flick, takes many narrative liberties, there is no denying Knightley holds her own alongside Christopher Walken, Mickey Rourke and Edgar Martinez.

Indeed, the stark contrast between her portrayals in Domino and Pride & Prejudice underscore two things: Knightley's many talents and her need to challenge those talents. In the case of Domino, that's despite her lack of preparation.

"I had four days off between finishing Pride & Prejudice in the English countryside and starting Domino in L.A.," says Knightley, recalling her tight schedule. "So I was there towards the end of Pride & Prejudice, having fun practising nunchuks for Domino on this proper bed in period clothes."

Confusing? A little. But then Knightley grew up in a less-than-typical environment with her London actor dad, Will Knightley, and her actress-turned-playwright mother, Sharman Macdonald. In fact, when Knightley decided to quit school at 16 to pursue acting full-time, there wasn't much her theatre-trained parents could say.

She did some work on British TV and took smaller parts in films for a few years. Then it was the double bill of Bend It Like Beckham and Pirates. And there was fame and all the good and bad that goes with it.

For Knightley, the bad is her lost privacy, although she does a better job than most at keeping her personal life to herself. The good, she says, is getting offered roles such as Domino and Pride & Prejudice. She just wishes they wouldn't come so close together.

Meaning her planned three-week bounty-hunter training became a two-day seminar. Extensive firearms research became a few days of target shooting. And assorted meetings with Domino Harvey, became a couple of hellos, although Knightley emphasizes "that I'm not doing a direct characterization of her." What she is attempting to define is somebody "who is going down one path, then takes an opposite turn."

That was the Knightley take on Domino. "Here's this girl, part of Hollywood royalty, who has everything," Knightley says. "And she walks away from it -- a strong, brave, crazy kind of move."

And if the theme wasn't crazy enough for Knightley, Scott decided to confirm it by shooting some of Knightley's bounty-hunter establishing scenes with L.A. gang members.

"Yeah," says Knightley. "Real gang bangers. And they were great to my mom on set. Like, she would ask them, 'What's this tattoo mean, and this one?' And they would explain. And then they would go and improvise scenes."

Their ominous presence made the shoot a little different. But no big deal for Knightley, who even films a sex scene later in the movie. That was no big deal, either.

"I'm European," she says. "I don't have that conservative thing. It was actually liberating to be topless in the middle of the desert."

She smiles. "Put on some sunscreen," Knightley says, "and I was ready to go."

Digital_Ice 07-10-2005 03:23 PM


Keira: I have J.Lo bum

MOVIE star Keira Knightley has confessed the real reason why she hired a butt double for her new film – because she has a 'J.Lo bum'.

The super-slim actress believes she has a huge, curvy behind just like the Latin beauty, so she didn’t want to bare it in Domino.

Keira explained to Glamour magazine: “Believe me, I have a J.Lo bum!”

The Pride and Prejudice beauty has also vowed never to wear a mini-skirt because she hates her long legs.

She moaned: “I hate my legs so I can’t wear those denim mini-skirts with cowboy boots that seem to be the craze at the moment. It just doesn’t work for me, much as I think it’s cool.”,,2...460681,00.html

Digital_Ice 07-10-2005 03:30 PM


Keira Knightley Misses the Pride and Prejudice Sisterhood

Keira Knightley has recently confessed she misses her on-screen sisters Rosamund Pike and Carey Mulligan, who played Jane and Kitty in the box office hit Pride and Prejudice.

The 20-year-old British actress was thrilled she finally had the chance to work with women her own age.

Knightley, who is currently filming for Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest and Pirates of the Caribbean 3, got accustomed to appearing with older co-stars and saw the Jane Austin’s book adaptation as a chance to befriend with the other young actresses.

"They've both become good friends of mine now and we talk all the time.
For the first time in my life I worked with women of my own age, and we were all at the same life stage and had the same interests”, the actress confessed.

"I rarely meet people my age at work, so it was really lovely.", Keira added

Digital_Ice 07-10-2005 03:33 PM



British actress KEIRA KNIGHTLEY hates watching herself on screen because she thinks she can't act.

The PRIDE AND PREJUDICE beauty is her own worst critic and insists there's nothing more painful than watching her own performances.

She says, "I'm my biggest critic by a mile. You give me the worst review ever and times it by about 10 - that's where I put myself. It's a huge fault.

And Knightley is such a perfectionist she'd like the opportunity to re-make some of her films, including PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN, whose third installment she is currently shooting.

She says, "It's really difficult to go back to a performance that I'd now like to do completely differently.

"Suddenly you think, 'Oh, I wish I hadn't done that and I wish she had been like this."

Digital_Ice 07-10-2005 03:35 PM


Jamie reveals the pain of Keira split
Ulster model speaks exclusively to Tele

By Maureen Coleman

07 October 2005
The Ulster-born former boyfriend of leading actress Keira Knightley has spoken for the first time about the breakdown of their two-year relationship.

In an exclusive interview with the Belfast Telegraph, Jamie Dornan (23), from Holywood in Co Down, said the split earlier this summer had been "very hard" on both of them but that they remained "the best of friends".

And he did not rule out the possibility of a reconciliation with the star of Pride and Prejudice in the future.

Jamie, a model, musician and actor, first fell for the stunning actress when they met during a photo-shoot in August 2003.

The pair enjoyed a high-profile relationship and were often photographed together at glitzy movie premieres and awards ceremonies.

Keira (21) also spent time at Jamie's family home in Holywood.

But the romance broke down this summer, prompting media speculation as to who ended it and if a third person was involved.

Keira was later linked with Bodyrockers musician Kaz James - but she denied even knowing him.

Speaking to the Belfast Telegraph, Jamie said he still cared for Keira and was in constant contact with her.

"When a two-year relationship breaks down it's hard for both parties and it certainly wasn't easy for us," he said.

"But Keira is still completely my best friend in the world and I have so much respect for her.

"It would be a cop out to say it was all down to our work schedules. Yes, there was an element of that, but there had to be other things too.

"Who knows what will happen in the future? We still talk to each other all the time. I have absolutely no idea what the future holds, anything could happen, but I'm still only 23.

"When the story broke about Kaz James I was very angry. Keira hadn't even met him let alone gone out with him, yet he was claiming to be involved with her.

"Supposedly, he'd been saying the same thing about Kate Moss the week before."

Since the break-up, Jamie's been concentrating on his musical career and has released a download single, Fairytale, with his close friend, David Alexander, who hails from Belfast.

The boys perform under the name Sons of Jim and have already supported KT Tunstall on tour.

Jamie said: "The song's lyrics of Fairytale are quite heart-felt but I don't really feel any sadder singing them now than I did before.

"I guess some feelings might creep in at some stage, but not just right now.

"Myself and Dave wrote the song together when we were both about 18 and it was one of the first songs Keira heard us play.

"She's been very supportive of my music and has come to our gigs many times."

As well as playing in a band, Jamie has also recently signed a three-year modelling contract with Christian Dior.

And an acting career beckons for the handsome young star, who landed a debut role in a new movie, Marie Antoinette, this year.

The movie, starring Kirsten Dunst, is due for release in 2006.

Jamie said: "I'm really busy at the moment with everything, but music is where I really want to make it.

"If we sell 20 million albums then great, but we're not doing it for the money. We just really enjoy making music and performing.

"Acting was fun and I'd love to do another film, we'll just have to wait and see what happens."

And has he seen Keira in Pride and Prejudice yet?

"I've seen it about five times," he laughed.

Sons of Jim will be performing Fairytale on the Kelly Show on UTV tonight

Digital_Ice 08-10-2005 05:35 PM


Keira Knightley Overcomes Fear Of Machine Guns In Exclusive 'Domino' Clip
'But I still didn't like them,' actress says.

Reinventing the image of 20-year-old, swizzle-stick-thin women everywhere, actress Keira Knightley becomes the living personification of the word "badass" in "Domino," in which she whacks more behinds than a hospital delivery-room physician.

In this exclusive clip, Knightley (as the titular fashion model turned-bounty-hunter) and deadly co-workers Ed (Mickey Rourke) and Choco (Edgar Ramirez) get into a "True Romance"-type standoff with the real-life 18th Street Gang, playing themselves.

As you're watching the scene, feel free to search for any indication of Knightley's genuine hatred of firearms — and the actress' skill at keeping it concealed. "Machine guns absolutely freaked me out," she revealed recently. "I burst into tears the first time I shot it, because I had two of them and [people should only hold one at a time], and I had one in each hand and the force knocked me over. So I basically completely lost control. We had blanks in them, not live rounds, but even so, it freaked me out so that I burst into tears."

"When we actually came to do the scene, I was meant to jump up and [director] Tony [Scott] shouted 'Action!' and my knees locked, and I just physically couldn't make myself stand up. And so he just said, 'Listen, I'll shout action, and you start screaming, and I guarantee you'll be able to do it if you start to scream a lot.' And he was right, so there you go. But I still didn't like them."

Knightley, Rourke, Ramirez and the "Domino" supporting cast of random notables including Lucy Liu, Christopher Walken, Macy Gray and the dynamic duo of "90210" alums Brian Austin Green and Ian Ziering arrive in theaters October 14.

For a full-length feature on "Domino," see "Keira Knightley Scarred On Set Of 'Domino,' And Proud Of It."

Check out everything we've got on "Domino."

Visit Movies on for more from Hollywood, including news, interviews, trailers and more.

— Larry Carroll

There are some links to videos etc, but i cant be arsed to recreate them, so if you want to see them, visiti the page.

Digital_Ice 11-10-2005 07:49 AM


Keira Knightley: Miss Swear-alot
Posted by: Paul Heath
Source: The New York Post
Date: 11th October 2005

Keira Knightley has revealed to the New York Post that she love nothing more than a good curse and that she would strip off for a movie!!! Woah..

"Bollocks is my favourite curse word, and tits," she said.

"Oh and c*** is a good one, too.

"I'm really not very tough. I'm a wimp, in fact. But, I do like to swear a lot."

Digital_Ice 12-10-2005 02:18 AM



Actress KEIRA KNIGHTLEY is disappointed with her bust in the PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN sequels - because make-up artists have stopped painting it in.

The British beauty underwent a 45-minute make-up session daily on the set of the original movie to give her flat chest a boost, but the welcome treat has been ditched in the new films.

She says, "I haven't grown. It's awful. It was one of the real reasons that I was so excited to do another Pirates... I got my cleavage painted in again, and they didn't end up doing it.

"They do it with a paint brush and lots of different colours and you shade and it's great. I wish I could do it every morning."

Digital_Ice 12-10-2005 02:22 AM



Movie star KEIRA KNIGHTLEY finds movie premieres terrifying experiences because she is too shy to cope with the high levels of attention she receives at them.

Normally an open and confident character, the PRIDE AND PREJUDICE actress dreads having crowds of people gawping at her.

Knightley, 20, says, "I'm just not good at premieres. I literally have to be dragged to them - they're absolutely terrifying.

"I have the car icy-cold because I break out in a sweat. I become soaked. But I have to go. They're sort of integral to my job.

"I don't know why I react that way."

Digital_Ice 15-10-2005 09:41 PM


Keira's a red carpet queen
Star reveals grown-up glamour at premiere

British beauty Keira Knightley has certainly grown up - at least on the red carpet.

The actress who made her name as a tomboy footie fan in Bend It Like Beckham now shows off more than her passing prowess on the showbiz style circuit

A sophisticated star, she can command a leading role and looked stunning as she stepped out for the premiere of her latest film, Domino.

Dressed in cool and chic black with her hair swept back she seemed at ease with the increasing clamour to be near her and the attention of the waiting photographers.

She is certainly the success story of the year among Britain's A-list with a string of high profile and successful films to her name.

the recent Pride & Prejudice confirmed her status as the choice for period dramas while the current Domino will aim to establish her as a possible contender in the sought-after action flicks....
Shropshire Star - Wednesday October 12th

Digital_Ice 23-10-2005 09:15 AM


Keira enjoys film sex

Keira Knightley has revealed how she felt lucky filming the sex scenes for her latest film, Domino.

The sultry star, who plays a model-cum-bounty hunter in the new movie, said that while many actresses find it problematic filming sex scenes, she felt quite comfortable doing it.

The ever-candid 19-year-old told the Daily Mirror: "Filming that sex scene in the middle of the desert, being topless with a very beautiful Venezuelan guy? I think I was very lucky!"

So did the Venezualan chap, no doubt, but Knightley did concede that the experience wasn't without its drawbacks.

She admitted: "A camera went round Edgar Ramirez and I while we were acting the scene, with the director Tony Scott yelling, 'Go on! F**k! F**k! I was like, 'This is so undignified'."

However, Keira may not have enjoyed it so much had she been opposite the rubberised jowls of seasoned love-machine, Mickey Rourke, who was co-starring in the film.

The movie, which has received mixed reviews from critics, sees Knightley embarking on a career as a bounty hunter, alongside Rourke and Ramirez. But as well as hunting down bail-absconders, Keira also shows off her body in a raunchy striptease.

No shame, that girl, no shame.$15072211.htm

Digital_Ice 28-10-2005 01:31 AM

Is Keira Back With Dornan?


Hollywood actress KEIRA KNIGHTLEY's relationship with on/off boyfriend JAMIE DORNAN appears to be on again, after the pair were photographed holding hands in a London street earlier this week (begs24OCT05).

DOMINO star Knightley split with model Dornan in August (05) and was reported to be dating BODYROCKERS DJ KAZ JAMES shortly thereafter.

However, the 20-year-old now seems to be enjoying the company of Dornan again, who she started dating in 2003.


Keira rekindles romance?

LIFE STYLE EXTRA (UK) - Keira Knightley has been spotted cosying up with ex-boyfriend Jamie Dornan - sparking rumours the pair are romancing again.

The couple - who split earlier this year following rows over conflicting work schedules - were pictured strolling hand in hand in London this week.

It's rumoured the British beauty dated Bodyrockers star Kaz James following the break up, but model Dornan never seemed far from her thoughts.

The actress was spotted chatting to her ex-love at the star-studded premiere party of her film 'Pride and Prejudice' earlier this month.

During the evening, a teary-eyed Keira was also reportedly seen in the ladies toilets asking after her former boyfriend.

A source said: "Keira went into the ladies loos and had tears in her eyes. She kept asking her friends, 'Where is Jamie? I've got to find him."

Last month Keira vowed never to have plastic surgery.

The screen beauty insists she would never go under the surgeon's knife to improve her looks after being put off by TV show 'Dr 9-0-0', which documents real-life cosmetic operations.

She said: "Plastic surgery is brutal. There's this awful show, 'Dr 9-0-0', that shows people doing plastic surgery and it's brutal. It kind of makes you go, 'Are you all mad?' I couldn't go through with it. I'm not into pain and all that."


Quiet Knight in, Keira?

STUNNING Keira Knightley spices up her love life — by popping out to buy some Italian food with her fella.
Keira and her on-off boyfriend Jamie Dornan, 23, were spotted carrying bags filled with pasta and pesto in North London.

The 21-year-old was obviously planning to get hot and steamy with lucky Jamie. We’re sure any man would like to get saucy with her.,,2-2005500150,00.html

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