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Digital_Ice 13-04-2005 06:10 AM

just to add to that article... i found a slightly longer one..


....Meanwhile, she says that she enjoys kissing Orlando Bloom.

She said: "A long, wet kiss is the best."
...women... what is it with orlando bloom?

More articles:

Keira wants American roles


Keira Knightley is hoping to perfect her American accent so she get more roles.

She said: "If you can do an American accent as a British actor then the likelihood is that more work will be open to you."

"As an actor what you want to do is change. I don't want to play the same character for my entire career, that would be supremely boring. As a British actor in Hollywood you get typecast very easily, if you're lucky."

"If you can possibly avoid being the plucky British broad for your entire life, then I do want to do everything I can to fight against that and play as many different characters as possible."

Keira is currently filming the Pirates of the Caribbean sequel with Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp and her new film The Jacket with Adrien Brody is out next month reports the Radio 1 website.
Knightley Has 'Awful Skin'


Keira Knightley confesses she has "awful" skin and relies on a dermatologist to keep her acne at bay.

The sexy Pirates Of The Caribbean star is frequently voted one of the world's sexiest women - but she insists the truth behind the make-up is completely different.

Knightley, 20, says, "I do not have good skin. I've got really awful skin."

And when quizzed on her perfect on-screen complexion, she reveals, "It's about four hours of make-up actually. And I have a very good dermatologist."

Evil Edna 13-04-2005 11:20 PM

There's an interview with Keira in this week's Heat magazine. To be honest it's nothing new really, I was hoping for some new questions but it's pretty much what we've read before. Also in the section where they spot celebrites - ingeniusly titled 'Spotted' it says: "Keira Knightley canoodling with boyfriend Jamie Dornan after watching him perform in The Girl With The Red Hair at the Hampstead Theatre in North London." I didn't know Jamie was actually in the play - anyone know if he is or if they've got it wrong? lol.

Keyser_so_so 14-04-2005 02:27 PM

As a model, he may well have been standing around looking pretty. But they probably got it wrong, and it was Keira's dad at the play and Jamie and her were there. Or something like that. Scans, anyone?

Digital_Ice 15-04-2005 08:34 AM


QUIET RIOT/BEAUTIFUL CREATURES guitarist Alex Grossi has recorded guest lead guitar on a song that will be featured in the upcoming film "Domino", starring Keira Knightley, Christopher Walken and Mickey Rourke, among others. The track was written by BEAUTIFUL CREATURES guitarist Anthony Focx.
not realy an article, more of a fact...

keira_knightley_85 15-04-2005 08:53 PM

Keira's secret crush


Ulster model Jamie Dornan may wish to keep a close eye on his movie star girlfriend Keira Knightley after she admitted to finding one of her recent co-stars sexy.

Knightley, voted one of the world's sexiest women in a FHM magazine poll, said that she was disappointed not to have got closer to Hugh Grant during a film shoot.

"I think Hugh's pretty sexy," said the 20-year-old Hollywood starlet from London.

"I'm just sorry I didn't share a scene with him when we made Love, Actually.

"But I hope I'll get a chance to work alongside him again," she added.

Dornan (21), who made a name for himself after getting through the Belfast auditions for the popular Channel 4 series Model Behaviour, split up with Knightley for a short time last year.

But the pair were soon reunited and spent Christmas together at the Dornan family home in Belfast.

Knightley showed off her Co Down boyfriend to her Hollywood pals recently at the Sundance Film Festival in the US, during a promotion of her latest film The Jacket.

keira_knightley_85 20-04-2005 02:28 AM

Keira Knightley Refuses To Bare Her Arse On Screen

Keira Knightley has revealed she suffers from terrible acne.

The beautiful actress has admitted she has terrible skin which has to be hidden behind several layers of make-up.

The Pirates of the Caribbean star disclosed: I do not have good skin. In fact, I've got really awful skin. My on screen look actually takes about four hours of make-up.

Digital_Ice 20-04-2005 11:29 AM

i could have sworn i posted that not long ago....

Digital_Ice 10-05-2005 08:51 PM

Keira: I had to beg for role

Keira Knightley has revealed she had to beg director John Maybury for a role in her new film.

Maybury believed she was too innocent for The Jacket also starring Adrien Brody.

Speaking at a private screening of the film at the Rex Cinema in London he said: "She proved me wrong because she did a brilliant job."

Co-star Daniel Craig, Jude Law, Rhys Ifans, Lizzie Jagger and Cat Deeley were among the guests attending the screening reports the Evening Standard.

The Jacket is a psychological thriller about a Gulf War veteran who foresees his own death. It opens nationwide on Friday May 13.

Digital_Ice 11-05-2005 12:16 AM



British actress KEIRA KNIGHTLEY auditioned for the lead female role in opera blockbuster THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, only to be told by casting directors "you can't sing".

The 20-year-old beauty labels the audition the "singularly most embarrassing experience of my entire life" and was relieved when they offered the role of CHRISTINE to trained soprano EMMY ROSSUM.

Knightley says, "I absolutely knew I couldn't sing it. But I went in, and they were like, 'No, no, anybody can sing. Just try it out.'

"And I sang and the guy went, 'You really can't sing, can you?'"



British actress KEIRA KNIGHTLEY found filming action thriller DOMINO left it's mark - after she ended up with an impressive burn from her machine gun.

And far from bemoaning the injury - which has scarred her face - the 20-year-old beauty, who plays a gun-toting bounty hunter in the movie, is showing off the burn to all and sundry.

She recalls, "I had a machine gun in each hand, and one of the shells jumped out of the back and hit me.

"It's a fabulous burn. I'm very proud of it because everyone looks at it and goes, 'Wow, what happened?'

"I go, 'It was nothing. It was just a burn from my machine gun!' "



KEIRA KNIGHTLEY has developed an irrational fear on film sets that reduces her to a crying wreck - firing fake machine guns.

The British actress discovered her weakness while shooting upcoming movie DOMINO - which centres on the real-life story of model-turned-bounty hunter DOMINO HARVEY - when she fell to the ground in tears.

And bizarrely Knightley can offer no explanation for her firearm phobia.

She says, "I hated firing the machine gun in Domino. I burst into tears. I fell to the ground and couldn't get up. Don't know why. I know they say when you experience something like that, it's like falling off a horse - you should get back on it.

"I have fallen off a horse and I didn't get back on. I'm scared of horses - I thought, that thing didn't want me on its back. I get that. I just don't need to get back on."



Actress KEIRA KNIGHTLEY enlisted a stunt double for her lapdancing scenes in new movie DOMINO - because she didn't have time to master the moves.

The British star insists insecurities about her body played no part in director TONY SCOTT's decision to recruit a stand-in to replace her legs and backside in the film.

Instead, it was her incompetence at learning the raunchy dance routines that inspired movie-makers to call in professional help.

She says, "I'd just finished PRIDE AND PREJUDICE, and I hadn't had a chance to train. And I couldn't actually lapdance very well. I did the top half, but a girl called TARIN did the bottom.

"Another girl appeared in the paper saying it was her, but I'd never seen her in my life. I'm sure she's got a great a**e - but not in my film!"

The movie tells the real-life story of DOMINO HARVEY, who turned her back on a modelling career to become a bounty hunter.

Keira's Life Is Perfect


Keira's Steps Out With Her Man
Don't you just hate it when celebrities rub it in about how wonderful everything is?

Keira Knightley, who was out attending the premiere of her latest film The Jacket, took the time to let us all know how perfect life is.

The Pirates Of The Caribbean star gushed that she is "happy with everything in her life right now".

Attending the premiere at the Rex Cinema in London, Keira had boyfriend Jamie Dornan on her arm - giving one example of why things are just peachy for her.

Keira also said working with Oscar winner Adrian Brody had been "inspirational".

But it hasn't all been a walk in the park for Keira. She revealed she had to fight for the role in the film, as the director was unsure she was ready for it.

Joining Keira at the premiere was co-star Daniel Craig, as well as Jude Law, Rhys Ifans and Cat Deeley.

The Jacket opens on Friday 13th May.,00.html



British actress KEIRA KNIGHTLEY is refusing to employ an American publicist to boost her profile in Hollywood, because she has no idea what they achieve for their star clients.

The PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN beauty has become an A-list name in the competitive movie town, but she's far happier playing pool with her pals than mingling with industry bosses.

And Knightley is so dumbfounded at the phenomenal rate at which her career is gaining momentum, she deems enlisting a publicist a total waste of money.

She says, "I've never seen the point of one. I'm not sure what it is they do, and I think you have to pay them a lot of money. Paying a lot of money for something when you're not quite sure what they do doesn't seem to make any sense at all."

Leonie 11-05-2005 11:39 AM

Right, we're trying to do the updating thing again - so I suggest you all have a look at the homepage every now and then, there'll be bits and pieces like the above on there :)

Digital_Ice 11-05-2005 04:31 PM


Screen beauty KEIRA KNIGHTLEY is shocked by how many free gifts celebrities receive - especially when they get paid millions of dollars (pounds) for their high-profile jobs.

The PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN star admits receiving presents which would normally cost a fortune may be a novelty, but the offerings only started appearing since she became wealthy enough to buy the items anyway - and the irony is not lost on the 20-year-old.

She says, "I got a NORTH FACE jacket yesterday, which was lovely.

"I was so proud of myself for having bought one a couple years ago, and then they give it to me for free and you go, 'Whoa! Wait a minute; how does that work?'"

Edward 12-05-2005 03:11 PM

keiras on the front page of some free magazine called hc

i think the site is

there are a couple of pages inside about her, nothing new

Leonie 12-05-2005 07:42 PM

You wouldn't happen to have a scanner, would you Edward? :icon_bigg

Digital_Ice 12-05-2005 07:50 PM



British actress KEIRA KNIGHTLEY may have an enviably slim figure, but she frequently eats too much and behaves "like BRIDGET JONES on a bad day".

The PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN star compares herself to HELEN FIELDING's hapless fictional character as she tries to stick to a gruelling exercise and nutrition regime but usually succumbs to the lure of alcohol and fried food.

She says, "I do love a good fry-up and puddings.

"I go from trying to eat really healthily, hitting the gym every day and being a right boring w**ker to nothing at all.

"Or I'll be drinking way too much and behaving like Bridget Jones on a bad day.

aznkkfan 12-05-2005 08:54 PM

that's.....very surprising.hehe. just the thing i need to get me laughing.

Edward 13-05-2005 08:38 AM


Originally Posted by Leonie
You wouldn't happen to have a scanner, would you Edward? :icon_bigg

i do actually, but i didn't take the magazine home :P

front cover...

i'll take it home and scan in the inside sometime

Digital_Ice 22-05-2005 01:44 PM



British actress KEIRA KNIGHTLEY is moving away from her native London to live full-time in Hollywood.

The 20-year-old has bought an exclusive apartment near Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, and plans to move in with model boyfriend JAMIE DORNAN as soon as possible.

But Knightley, who is currently filming a sequel to PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN, will have to wait until refurbishments on the property have been completed.

An insider says, "Keira and Jamie are both being offered a lot of exciting movie projects, so she just felt it was the right time to buy a property near Hollywood.

"Keira hates staying in hotel rooms. She wanted a place she can make her own."

rofus 23-05-2005 03:36 PM


Im sad about it.
I think she should stay in London.
Its near to me :) hehe
And I know she will come back to London soon as she find out what LA is really like.
Keira if you read this. DONT GO TO LA !!! :)

Kendorjia 23-05-2005 05:46 PM

to be honest, i don't think moving to la is such a smart move... sure it'll bring a few advantages for her international career, but i don't think us movies are better than uk movies... which brings me to the point which bothers me most... Of course it is up to Keira, and i can totally understand why a person would want to live as close to hollywood as poss... but i'm afraid she'll only do us movies and no more independent, but ever so good, movies such as bilb... coz be honest, when did hollywood ever gave us such a movie... Now it's all about special fx and bigger, faster, harder etc... which pleases me as well, but still...

and imo, the uk is such a nicer place to live than the us, i find nothin interesting about living in the states... the uk is where my heart is, and i hope one day Keira returns...

of course i wish her all the best

Ardnax 23-05-2005 06:11 PM

You're signature is too big...

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