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Donnie Dorko 16-11-2004 05:13 PM

The Either Or Thread
Basically the idea for this game is to ask either or questions, such as "coke or pepsi?" It's a great way to get to know people, it's great fun and I've seen them used really nicely on other websites.

The rules are basically as follows:

1) All questions have to be "either or". They needn't use both, but they have to be in the form of two options (and only two options, not three or more)
2) I'll start the game off with an either or question. The first person to post a reply, in their own personal opinion (there is no right or wrong answer), of which they like better or think is better or whatever the question is, then posts their reply, and a question of their own.
3) The first person to reply to them then posts their reply, and another question, and so forth, and the game carries on until either we get bored or the threads goes off on tangents too much.

*EDIT*: Would be good if I asked a question:

Popcorn: Sweet or salty?

apoggy 16-11-2004 05:18 PM


Will this topic turn into a 'What's your sexual preferance on..?' thread? Yes or No

Leonie 16-11-2004 06:07 PM


Not if I can help it.

Coldplay or Radiohead?

Mags 16-11-2004 06:39 PM


chocolate-covered raisins or chocolate-covered peanuts?

I have nothing. Hah

Leonie 16-11-2004 07:28 PM

Chocolate-covered raisins.

Beauty or brains?

Jacoby 16-11-2004 07:47 PM

I was going to ask "Winter or Summer"!

Winter, by the way...

Movies: Comedy or Drama?

gracie 16-11-2004 07:55 PM

pudding or jello

hasselbrad 16-11-2004 08:05 PM


cash or check?

hasselbrad 16-11-2004 08:37 PM

Wholesome and sweet. ;)
If I have to choose...slutty.

kim 16-11-2004 08:44 PM

what's your next choice hasselbrad??

IBO 16-11-2004 09:00 PM


Originally Posted by hasselbrad
Wholesome and sweet. ;)
If I have to choose...slutty.

NIght or day?
Zoloft settlement information

kim 16-11-2004 09:09 PM

Night i'm not a sun lover.

Tatum O'Neil or John McEnroe?

Jacoby 16-11-2004 09:13 PM

John McEnroe, hands down. So bad ass.

Electric or Acoustic guitar?

Richard 16-11-2004 09:16 PM

Acoustic. So bad ass.

Jack In The Box or Burger King (too bad if you don't get them in England).

Louie 16-11-2004 09:18 PM

Burger King.

Halloween or Easter?

IBO 16-11-2004 09:20 PM

Burger King. mmmmmmmBurger King!

Porsche or ferrari?
Website Host

Jacoby 16-11-2004 09:22 PM

Easter, because my grandma sends me money. Porsche, becasue I'm afraid of the letter "F".

Natalie Portman or John Cusak?

marry rich people 16-11-2004 09:28 PM

Porsche (unless it's a Ferrari 360 Spider).

By plane or by car?

Bait 16-11-2004 09:30 PM

natalie portman of course...and

doggy style or missionary (had to do it because of apoggy)

IBO 16-11-2004 09:32 PM


Live or Die? Make your choice!

hasselbrad 16-11-2004 09:35 PM


Originally Posted by IBO

Live or Die? Make your choice!

*Gulp* that's kind of ominous.

(Ferrari all the way...Natalie Portman...and anything but Burger King) :p


Beatles or Elvis?

kim 16-11-2004 09:38 PM

Its a bit confusing but i'm going with jacoby and
john cusack
I love love love love The Sure Thing.
natural high or chemical high

IBO 16-11-2004 09:39 PM

Natural high, Beatles.

Suit and tie or jeans and t-shirt
Mazda rx-5 specifications

kim 16-11-2004 09:40 PM

O shit hassel your quick
the beatles
please answer mine

kim 16-11-2004 09:41 PM

IBO i give up your even quicker
suit and tie cos its sexier!?!

hasselbrad 16-11-2004 09:41 PM

Speedo and swimfins! :icon_surp

Jeans and a plaid shirt (t shirt underneath)

Depends on the chemical. ;)

Tater tots or fries?

IBO 16-11-2004 09:43 PM

Tater tots

Slow or fast?
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hasselbrad 16-11-2004 09:45 PM

slow...except when driving

kim 16-11-2004 09:47 PM

hassel whats your next choice??

CFC 16-11-2004 09:49 PM

Hassel loses at this game.

hasselbrad 16-11-2004 09:52 PM

Sorry...the UPS driver was backing up and I had to run.


UPS or FedEX?

IBO 16-11-2004 09:53 PM


cat or dog?
Weed vaporizer

kim 16-11-2004 09:56 PM

I dont get that one so ill say
jessica or ashlee simpson
IBO DOG!!! i love em

IBO 16-11-2004 09:58 PM

Jessica all the way.

Simpsons or Family Guy?

hasselbrad 16-11-2004 10:04 PM

I've seen more Simpsons, but I'll have to go with Family Guy.

puppies or kittens?

CFC 16-11-2004 10:07 PM


XBOX or Ps2?

MeggieHoops 16-11-2004 10:07 PM

KITTIES!! Aw I love kitties.

Rap or pop?

IBO 16-11-2004 10:07 PM



Football or soccer??
300 (ISETTA)

hasselbrad 16-11-2004 10:08 PM


Originally Posted by CFC

XBOX or Ps2?

PS2 (even though I just use mine as a DVD player :p )

Rap...I guess (late 80s...holla)


Chocolate or Vanilla?

kim 16-11-2004 10:13 PM


keira or scarlett?

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