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Oencross 15-11-2004 12:15 AM

King Arthur - Director's Cut
Seeing as how the new movie will be available December 21, 2004 on DVD. I thought this thread would be appropriate, because I've actually now seen the Director's Cut.

First off, I have to say it is a much better film than the one that was presented in theaters. Even though it is much better, there are still problematic scenes in the film and the ending is probably not what people expected. I don't want to spoil it for anyone, but there is more explanation of what's happening linearly.

There is far more violence (in a good way), which was definitely reduced in the film, but the added and altered scenes in the film don't seem to really bring it to different conclusions at all. It's a bit of a disappointment in many ways, I was hoping that the Director's Cut would be more explanatory of all the relationships people had with each other because it still doesn't come off as clear as I expected it would.

I will say that if you are going to buy one of the two versions, buy the Director's Cut. If any of you have anything to say about my very obtuse and rather cloudy review of the Director's Cut (because I don't want to give away anything), feel free to post and ask for a PM on a particular intrest you have.

frodo1511 15-11-2004 12:23 AM

Yup, already have the DC on my Xmas list. More violence is where it's at!

Glare 15-11-2004 01:09 AM

I already "bought" this from a "store" a few days ago. AHAHAHAHA

qzx00 15-11-2004 01:38 PM

Do they show more of the sex scene in the DC?? I want to see some boobs or a*s or something. That sex scene sucked.

Narg 16-11-2004 08:51 AM

No, the sex scene is the same, perv. :P

kim 16-11-2004 09:03 PM

Does anyone know if the KA DVD has a full keira commentary? I hope so cos the keira commentary on the POTC DVD was brilliant. She is such a great flirt, in a good way, and i'd love to hear her taking the piss out of Ioan and Clive.

aznkkfan 17-11-2004 01:17 AM

Her POTC commentary was extremely funny, i'll agree. will there be bloopers?

Richard 18-11-2004 10:18 PM


Originally Posted by aznkkfan
Her POTC commentary was extremely funny, i'll agree. will there be bloopers?

Would have been better if she had done a full commentary on the entire film. And yes, there are bloopers. But it didn't please me as much as I hoped.

Edward 21-11-2004 09:37 AM

DC version out in UK yet?

ice crystal 21-11-2004 12:25 PM

It is coming out on November 29th.Place your orders at just wait for it to come into the shops!

Edward 27-11-2004 12:28 PM

any idea how much it will be in shops?

if it's expensive i'll just buy off ebay or something

kim 27-11-2004 06:54 PM

In the Times today it reviews the 18 KA DVD released next week. I'm a bit disappointed that the DVD Extras section only says "Making of documentary, alternative ending with optional commentary from Fuqua, production gallery" Where is Keira's commentary???

Vertical Vortex 30-11-2004 10:45 AM

I'm wondering what they were thinking when adding these new action sequences... Those who we've all seen in the cinema were boring enough. They raped the King Arthur myth, and abused Keira's beauty... these men should have a home with a lot of bars.

acting4ever 06-12-2004 01:22 PM

I've only seen the Director's Cut, I thought it was a really good movie - Keira is really good, I mean like she proves it a lot more than she did in Pirates...Especially her whole 'I'm a physco getting my fingers readjusted' at the beginning

aznkkfan 29-12-2004 02:46 PM

yea, the readjusting the fingeres part really freaked me out but surprised me that she could freak someone out so well. I am really dissapointed with the DVD extras!!! there was no bloopers, no keira comentary (what kim said). plus there was no second disc. wat's the point of wrapping the dvd the pretty shiny thingy if there's no second disc!!!!???

frodo1511 29-12-2004 03:02 PM

Finally got around to watching the DC, and it's better than the theatrical release. All the added material fits nicely in the cracks of the theatrical, and a little blood where it should be dosen't hurt either. I especially enjoyed the extended fight scene with Tristan and Cedric-best part of the movie.

Allanon 29-12-2004 03:03 PM

yeah the extras really sucked. But the movie wasn't bad so I'll live.

frodo1511 29-12-2004 03:33 PM


Originally Posted by Allanon
yeah the extras really sucked.

I enjoyed the Roundtable conversation, but agreed, they could've put more crap in it. For now, all extras in DVD's will be benchmarked by the Return of the King EE and the Ultimate Matrix Collection.

Edward 05-01-2005 11:09 AM

lol, watched it

no idea what the extra scenes are....couldn't remember what i saw and didn't see in the cinema :P

aznkkfan 08-01-2005 03:10 AM

what was in the director's cut that wasnt in the one released in theaters? It all fits in my opinion

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