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Mandy 30-06-2004 02:04 PM

Topless guys
Ok. Keira's great, and pictures of her are pretty. of shirtless hot guys are better. Post your own!

David Boreanaz:

Some really hot guy that amishka knows. Fish lips, Anton, whatever his name is.

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present the mighty abdominals of teh Usher Raymond:

amishka 30-06-2004 02:38 PM

mark wahlberg!11111one

Sarah 30-06-2004 02:43 PM

I hate blokes with 6-packs and loads of buldging muscles. I think it looks disgusting. I like skinny men, lol.

amishka 30-06-2004 03:50 PM

well anton looks like a little bitch :D

Pygmalion 02-07-2004 02:09 AM

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Well topless guys aren't really my scene, but to benefit women-kind who DO like looking at them, here's a guy who I used to think was GORGEOUS.
For those familiar with the soapie Passions-you know, the one with the witches and the midgets and the evil zombies-this will be a familiar face. Galen Gering. The guy who plays Louis Lopez-Fitzgerald

Ashley 02-07-2004 03:18 AM

Christian Bale...mmmm....

Just yum

Elijahfan 02-07-2004 04:53 AM

wow! christian bale, and i think that's from his new movie where he had to drop like 30 pounds too, but not sure for sure.

i'm with sarah, i dont really like guys with big muscles, i'll take them skinny and a little big scrawny....jude law, ewan mcgregor, orlando bloom, and of course elijah wood

Ashley 02-07-2004 04:58 AM

It's from The Reign of Fire or whatever movie. He looked good in American Psycho too... need to find some pics of that.
Orlando is like a twig. His face is alright, but just too small. I'll take a nice balance.

Mandy 02-07-2004 02:13 PM

You posted Justin Timberlake. God Bless You.

Julespaxton 02-07-2004 04:12 PM

the god of all men, michael vartan.

So he's not insanely jacked. who cares. he is beautiful.

DefyingGravity 04-07-2004 11:00 AM

I don't like bulging muscles. It makes a guy look like a condom full of walnuts.

Pygmalion 05-07-2004 01:51 AM

LOL!!!! Never heard THAT one before!

ralfusius 08-07-2004 08:39 PM

ow wtf! I will just do this, allthough it might be a very bad idee, but any comments are welcome...

ralfusius 09-07-2004 02:42 PM

come on ladies! comments please :) what you say doesn't matter, just say something
(this may be spam, sorry :o )

Mandy 09-07-2004 05:35 PM

Ooooh. Who's your friend? :p

ralfusius 09-07-2004 05:46 PM

I guess that was a positive comment, though i'm not sure :confused:

amishka 09-07-2004 05:59 PM

haha i could comment but it wouldn’t be nice, stop fishing for compliments u twat.

ralfusius 09-07-2004 06:04 PM

I don't want compliments, just comments, I knew that it would be a bad idee probably. Because you get a wrong idee about my personality. You think that I spend most of my days at the swimming pool showing of or something. But I don't do shit like that.

apoggy 09-07-2004 06:05 PM

Ignore Mishy, she's just an angry bitch who likes to put people down

amishka 09-07-2004 06:05 PM

well here is my comment, you have the figure of an 8yr old girl hit the weights biatch.

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