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20-10-2004, 03:57 PM
Guys, I never said act like a jackass. Please reread my post and replies a little more carefully. Being a jackass will only get your face slapped, I completely agree.

Ah, only in the sex forums can we have good discussion. You know, inadvertently, you guys are just feeding me. If you would post more replies and stuff in the Keira forums, I'd spend the bulk of my time there.

Cliffy, you may hate me, but I got nothing but love for you :). You show me korean town as well, okay? Let's go visit sarah too and do some ocean fishing. :D I don't think sarah has been properly introduced to the thing called...Kimchi! hehe. There has got to be an asian market somewhere on Britain...O yeah, and thanks for finally locking the thread, Meggie at friends were getting a bit out of hand. hehe. I think they should reread my replies carefully as well. Especially that bob guy, he kinda reminds me of Jasper, only reading the negative parts of the article and ignoring 80% of the rest.

Yeah, you're prolly right about those snobbish Englishmen at oxford and cambridge. But I'm US citizen, I can't exactly just apply anywhere in England. They have to support some foreign exchange program and funding. Cuz I sure as hell am not going to shell out $40 K a year for grad school.

20-10-2004, 04:01 PM
And he's begun another thread...isn't there a commandment or some kind of law he's breaking?

20-10-2004, 04:04 PM
yeah: "thou shalt not be a complete defect"

... I think he broke that one a couple of times.

20-10-2004, 04:54 PM
This thread is not promoting discussion, much like most of your other threads.

Consider this a lock, and a much overdue first warning.