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16-10-2004, 07:54 PM
Boy, Halloween only a few days away, you know what that means! Time to sit back, and enjoy the classics...monster movie classics, that is. Anyone have a paticular scene that was either scary, or sealed the deal for you?

Mine are: Seeing how aliens are born in Alien, the church scene in 28 Days Later ("Hello?!") the shower scene in Psycho, and of course Gizmo going Rambo in Gremlins 2.

16-10-2004, 08:22 PM
Oh boy, where do I start?

I do enjoy the very month of October, Halloween especially. I'd better remind myself to put up my "No Candy" sign, but I doubt anyone would come into an apartment complex... with the gates being locked and all. Anywho, as I've already mentioned to Frodo, I hope to check out the Monsterfest airing on AMC as well as the "100 scariest movie moments" airing on Bravo (check your listings).

As for my moments:

The Omen: When the parents of Damien bring him to church, only to freak out and cause a riot.

Rosemary's Baby: When Rosemary looks into the black crib only to find out that there's something wrong with her baby's eyes. Though you couldn't actually see the child, her action and reaction was sufficient enough.

A Nightmare on Elm Street: When Johnny Depp's character gets sucked into his bed, and alas comes buckets full of blood spewing towards the ceiling. Classic.

28 Days Later: When Cillian Murphy's character leaves the hospital only to find London completely abandon. I'm a sucker for abandon cities.

Al filo del hacha a.k.a. Edge of the Axe: The opening sequence, when the woman gets slaughtered at a car-wash. How fucked up is that?

The Amityville Horror: Again, the opening sequence in which the story retells the actual event that toke place before the new family arrived.

I apologize, I've gotten a little excited.

17-10-2004, 02:24 AM
28 Days Later ("Hello?!")
i hate (hate) this movie. especially the "hello?" motif. i can never say it enough (which is why i'm saying it)

the ring (western version)
generally scary. particularly hated when they show that 1 second flashback image of the dead girl when her mum finds her in the cupboard. ugh...

the kids birthday party footage where they show the alien for the first time in broad daylight. also when mel gibson's in the cornfield at night and he sees a leg as its owner disappears into the corn. also the figure on the roof around first half of the movie (but only when you reflect back on the scene after realising it was an alien)
edit: i think it should be noted that this film sucked by the time it finished. the ending totally neutralises the scare factor (an alien out for revenge? bleagh!)

the exorcist
when she crawls down the stairs backwards, really fast. eurgh...

constantine - teaser trailer
you're looking in through an open door, focus is on the top left corner of a room, as you move in closer a figure crawls into view (as in, the figure is crawling) on the ceiling.

17-10-2004, 02:42 AM
Mine are: Seeing how aliens are born in Alien, the church scene in 28 Days Later ("Hello?!") the shower scene in Psycho, and of course Gizmo going Rambo in Gremlins 2.

My favorite part of the church scene was the words written on the wall "The end is FUCKING nigh.) I laughed so hard at that part.

The birthday party scene in signs freaked me out.

The only scene in "the ring" that made me jump... was when the millepede was in the book.

17-10-2004, 03:24 AM
the kids birthday party footage where they show the alien for the first time in broad daylight.

Shit, when I saw that in theaters, I screamed like a little girl. SCREAMED. As well as everyone else in the theater(about 50). Loved this movie, gives you a sense that, maby their is someone above watching out for us, or, we are all alone in this world, you decide.

Bob: if that scene in the Exorcist scared you, go see the Grudge, I swear to you, they copied that exact same idea.

17-10-2004, 03:35 AM
hmm...the birthday scene in Signs freaked the bejesus out of me, but the rest of the movie was totally ruined when my best friend figured out the final plot twist ages before I did and started jumping up and down in his seat in excitement and actually yelling "SWING AWAY!!!! SWING AWAY!!!! NOW!!!!!!11one"

Other than that...I don't watch scary movies...but IT always scared the shit out of me...in the beginning...when Pennywise is in the gutter, and the kid's little paper boat flows into it...and the clown opens his mouth with his freaky-ass crooked teeth. Man...sooo scared.

But yeah, I avoid scary movies generally...or I watch them with large groups of friends so we're laughing the whole time...that's what happened with The Ring...when the horse jumps off the ferry...we were laughing for about 15 minutes.

17-10-2004, 04:15 AM
i have a friend who loves horror movies, she watches them with her 7yr old sister (crazy family, that) and she's big on pirates (she's our dealer) we tried watching 'ju: on the grudge' but the quality and the subtitles were so bad that it ended up being hilarious. plus it was jap. i laughed my ass off when i watched the original version of 'the ring', but then there weren't any subtitles, so that might be why.

yeah, actually, the horse jumping off the ferry was very amusing. it was pretty funny how naomi watts ducked, but it was even funnier how the horse just kind of flipped over board.