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02-10-2004, 01:34 AM
I wrote this a while ago, so decided to share with you...

A Silent Sea Farewell

Sorrowfully drifting o’er the sea,
Her prow now hanging low,
Dejectedly now her tattered sails drooped,
As she knew she would soon sink.
Her masts were splintered,
The gaping wound in her hull
Spurting salty sea, sinking her slowly down.
Down, down to the deep,
She knew she would go.
Soon to be the home to the fishes,
As they swerved in, out,
And around her gashes,
She was empty now,
Empty of all save memories.
Her crew no longer there to comfort her,
To mend her;

She looked her last above the sea,
As the birds and wind whispered their farewell,
Her crew and captain safe,
Yet sailing fast away from her.

She creaked her last ‘good-bye’,
And sunk beneath the waves.
Down, down to the deep,
Shivering as she filled with cold water,
Unable now to breathe,
Striving to reach air again,
And dry her sodden decks.

Ne’er again to see the sun,
But only to see dark;
The darkness of the deep surrounded her,
Her anchors now her masts.
What once had held her fast,
Was now sinking her down.
Sadly now she sunk,
Knowing she was through;
With no one there to help her,
Save the empty, salty deep.

‘Alas, to see the sun,’ she cried,
‘And spread my snowy sails,
To sail upon the rolling main!
To lead my crew to victory,
And happiness once more;
Defy the roaring storms,
And glide most proudly home again,
Once the prize is mine.

Alas, for me,
Ne’er to see home again!
O to be gliding on the waves,
Gently swaying upon the main,
And glide back home once more.
Back to port and off again,
My prow held high,
Laughing at the waves.

Not for me this yearning comes,
Nevermore to go home again;
Long I’d merrily laughed and danced,
Not knowing that my end was near.
Watching vainly as my opponent sank,
Wondering what the sunken ship thought,
Never I thought it would be me,
Always leading them to victory,
And with my help they won,
All save this once.

Now I know a sunken ship’s thoughts,
As I am now the sunken one.
Empty and lonely, is there no hope for me?
Never to return to port,
And dance right off again.

With that she silenced,
Never to speak nor see again.
Her time run out,
Swiftly, like the fish,
Who now were exploring her hull.
In her guns, around her mainmast, out her bow.
Her one last sigh long echoed through the blue,
A helpless, and sad cry:
‘O to dance upon the waves,
Farewell my friend the Wind.’

And she faded from the sea.
Down, down in the deep,
The cold, and dark blue deep.