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Jean Grey the fox
05-01-2012, 11:23 AM
i want this for myself and maybe we can help each other people, even impress Keira hahaha, help her i mean.

I like Art, so one day i was trying to find an script for a thater play, just to practice at home alone and have fun. In my case it was Peter Pan play, but i could not find it.
In fact i have made scripts for Cinema and made a little television, that was the orientation on my highschool. I really like to make scripts for cine... mmmm... do i have to make all the scripts i want to play??? i could not find that one on the web. If someone has it, post it or pm me.
It would be a great idea to make scripts and post them, i do not do it as a Job, in fact its been a while sine my last script, i remember i was lazy with the storyboard =) now that im older i like to make drawings. I wonder what can i do now...
OK, KK if you want a script just ask for it one time and ill do my best, just to practice.
and if any trusted member knows where to find one, please tell me... if you want a script member, well i think i can too... ok.
My favorite book adaptation to the cinema, The Adventures of Gulliver, great book, i can do that i guess? or Peter Pan. But can i hold my energy for something else, any news about script web?.

Jean Grey the fox
05-01-2012, 11:41 AM
What about a Script contest?