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10-08-2004, 12:24 AM
Anybody have any good sports stories to tell? It can be about anything that happened to you or anyone you know in any sport (xtreme sports are included).
Since this is my thread I'll go first.

quadding: One weekend I went with my family up to Sand Mountain, Navada(huge mountain of sand, hence the name, with a big bowl at the top and miles of trails on the backside) to do some quadding and just relax. My cousin and a bunch of his friends also came and they all brought they're quads. I at the time didn't have one, so my cousin brought an extra quad up for me. Anyway, it was the first night and me, my cousin, and his friends decided to go out for a night ride. There was just one problem though, the quad my cousin brought for me to ride wouldn't start so one of his friends said that I could use theirs. So I hopped on, started it up, and off we went. We all decided we'd go to the top of the mountain and ride around in the bowl(which I would later learn was some of the most difficult riding on the mountain). So we rode to the base of the mountain and hammered down. I got to the top without a problem and everything was going fine, so I started doing loops around the bowl (Keep in mind this is at night and the visibility is only about 25-30 feet). I had the quad in 3rd gear and was going roughly 40 mph when out of nowhere I hit a large patch of woops in the sand(for those who don't know what woops are they're essentially long bumps in the sand). The last thing I remember thinking as I hit the woops was, "Oh shit. This is gonna hurt!" The next thing I know, I'm airborne(I'm not sure for how long but I know it was at least a few seconds), then SMACK! I hit the sand and rolled about 6 or 7 times before ending up on my back, starring up at the sky.(luckily for me though, my HEAD broke my fall :icon_surp ) I layed there, dazed for a few seconds before getting to my feet. As soon as I got up I felt an intense pain coming from my right arm. At first I thought I had broken it but I was able to move it so I knew I didn't. Everyone saw and came over to see if I was okay. The quad's handlebars were bent to shit( I was later told by one of my cousin's friends that that was the first time they had ever seen handlebars get that bent up in the sand) and I ended up with with a bright green bruise over my entire tricep, a huge raspberry on top of the bruise and one on my back, a gash under my lip, and sore hands(from gripping the handlebars so tight when I went over them). Needless to say, my weekend was over. I guess it could have been a lot worse though, I very easily could have broken my neck.
(Fun tidbit: I took another trip up to Sand Mountain a few months later, with my new quad (woohoo I finally got one), and took a ride up to the bowl during the day. Turns out, where I landed was just a few feet away from a major drop-off point which really scared the shit out of me and really made me thank my lucky stars.)

10-08-2004, 03:57 AM
I have about a hundred, but I'll just share this one:
I got my horse when I was ten and rode and rode and rode, started taking lessons three times a week, and really started taking the sport seriously. It wasn't long before my trainer wanted to start jumping the size jumps that I had been doing before I got Joey (my horse). Well, we had a lesson and it didn't go well, he refused, cow-hopped, threw in a few major bucks, and thought that the flowers on this particular jump were huge, scary monsters (ah, I love horses). Anyways, so I was devestated because we had been working so hard and had made so much progress, and I hate failing. I am a big time perfectionist, and have been known to literally exhaust myself trying to perfect something (which is why I don't do dressage, for those of you who know what that is). *Anyways*, after the horrible lesson, I went out to my horse the next night, set up a couple low x's and went to riding. After a few refusals, he hopped over the x, I petted him like there was no tomorrow, he figured out the flowers and bright colors werent going to jump out at him and he jumped it a few more times. Nice. I set up a verticle (just a straight bar) and he jumped it perfectly. Well, being the stupid ten or eleven year old that I was, I rushed things and thought that since my brand new, beautiful, straight off the racetrack young Thoroughbred (which equals scary:/) had jumped the novice x and verticle, he could jump the tree trunk on the cross country course. Dumbass. I had jumped the entire course before so I didnt think this would be any different. I was soooo wrong, lol. I aimed him at the tree trunk (and for those of you who don't know, this is a real tree trunk. Massive. Solid. If the horse hits it, it doesn't move out of the way) and was completely prepared for him to sail over it. So when he stopped dead in his tracks, I was the only one sailing over it. And he hadn't even stopped close enough for me to sail completely over. I landed hard on my side on top of the tree, and then must have tumbled over but when I finally regained all my senses my nose was bleeding like crazy, my tooth (I should add that I had horrible teeth pre-orthodontistry) had gone almost through my lower lip, I hit my head and ended up with a concussion (that's with a helmet), a broken wrist, and did something to my hip because I couldn't walk for like a week. Anyways, it sucked. But I'm glad to report that everything healed eventually (including my fear) and Joey now jumps tree trunks, Volkswagon Beetles, picnic tables, x's with flowers and everything. Thank God.

10-08-2004, 04:02 AM
I decided to join the soccer club. We had a scrimage, and the ball was out. This girl asked me to throw it in. I didn't know there was a specific way of doing that so I just kind of skipped and threw the ball using only my right arm so the ball would go far. The ball went far, but I noticed that both teams just stood there and stared at me. One of them said:" That's not how you do that". I didn't know what else to say cause they were all staring at me so I lamely explained: "I'm used to volleyball".

10-08-2004, 04:14 AM
Speaking of soccer, I started playing when I was 6, and the 5th game I had was against the pink team on base in Germany(we were orange) I swear, the other team had this 150-lb. 2nd grader on there team, and nobody stood up to him on our team except for me. Halfway through the first half, the big guy had the ball, and it was only he verus I. I got in his way, he tripped over my leg trying to get the ball, and dug his cleat half an inch into my left knee!
It hurt like a bitch, and I was taken out of the game for the rest of the half. While on the bench, the coach tapped up my knee, and I was ready to go back in during the second half. Suprisingly the fat bitch was now SCARED of me, which was crazy. I mean, I was a foot shorter than him, 100-lbs lighter, and could barely run. He got the ball again, and procedded to crush all opposition. Same story, but I managed to deke him out, steal the ball, and assist on a goal. For the rest of the game, the fat bitch stayed away from me, and our team ended up winning the game. David and Goliath at the heart.

10-08-2004, 06:43 AM
All this talk of soccer is making me feel nostalgic so here's a quick story from my younger days. I started playing soccer at around 6 and a few seasons in I decided I wanted to play goalkeeper. I practiced at it and got really good (not to float my own boat, but I was probably the best keeper in the league at that time). One day we had a game against some team, don't remember who, and they couldn't get by me; I was stopping everything. About ten minutes before the first half ended one of the opponents broke through our back line and was one on one with me. I can off my line and dove down to get the ball and, while running at full speed, he kicked me in the nose (purely intentional might I add). My nose was gushing blood so I was taken out, obviously. Anyway I sat on the sideline icing my nose and by the start of the second half my nose had stopped bleeding so I went back in. I waited patiently for the perfect opportunity to have my revenge and about halfway through the second half opportunity struck. It was the same as before, another one on one with the same peace of shit. But this time as I dove down for the ball I tagged him in the nuts with my fist. He went down and started bawling like a baby. They took him off the field and we went on to win the game 2-0.

10-08-2004, 09:07 AM
Well I don't know if this's a sports story, but I saw a good promo for the Olympics coverage on a channel we have, SBS (known primarily for its Japanese porn):

"Some people think the Olympics are a big sex fest. All those bronzed buffed athletes stuck in a little village with nothing to play but SPORT.
Every time they score ON the field, SBS will be there."

Aweseome eh.

10-08-2004, 02:28 PM
i played soccer since i was 4 years old and i was a keeper all up through junior high then in high school i played the sweeper position. well when i was about 12 years old, we were playing one of the best teams in a U16 league and the best player was from spain and he had a penalty shot against me, he put it upper 90 and i just got finger tips to put it over the cross, but at the same time smashed my face into the upright post and knocked myself unconscious for 4 hours and couldn't really remember what happened when my mom showed the video tape over and over it all came back to me, haha.
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10-08-2004, 08:13 PM
Well I don't know if this's a sports story, but I saw a good promo for the Olympics coverage on a channel we have, SBS (known primarily for its Japanese porn):

"Some people think the Olympics are a big sex fest. All those bronzed buffed athletes stuck in a little village with nothing to play but SPORT.
Every time they score ON the field, SBS will be there."

Aweseome eh.

Check this out:
"We have discussed the numbers with the organizing committee, and we think they are realistic, as we know from previous Olympics that ahtletes do come into contact during the Games."
~ Condom manufacturer Durex, in a statement on it's plan to offer 130'000 free condoms to athletes in Greece for the Olympics.

130'000....heh, that's a lot.