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09-08-2004, 11:47 AM
I couldn't stand my chemistry teacher. She was one mean, bitter, and unpleasant person. The way she used to humiliate and patronize the students was really something else. On top of that, she was boring and didn't seem to be too interested in teaching.

09-08-2004, 11:51 AM
Ah, good question. I've had some HORRID teachers in my time, ones that would go out of their way to humiliate you... I'm trying to think of certain events, but nothing springs to mind. Probably because I've tried to block it out, otherwise I'd go insain.

Then again, I've had my fair share of lovely teachers... and then not forgetting the fit ones that all th girls would have a crush on. lol, school days were great.

09-08-2004, 12:09 PM
...without a doubt, was not only the worst teacher I ever had, but was quite possibly the worst teacher on the planet. He taught us the order of operations wrong. Seriously...the basis of all higher math...taught completely wrong. I found this out taking placement tests for college. They were multiple choice questions, and doing the problems the way he taught us, all of the answers were "none of the above". And, to make things worse, he was also the basketball coach...and was worse at that. We had a really good group of players, and went 3-21 my senior year.

09-08-2004, 01:12 PM
One that I had last year, we did our SATs on Henry V and she just made us watch videos on how he was like a football manager!

09-08-2004, 01:24 PM
My current maths teacher. She can positively not teach. She's teaching us Semester 2 maths since our Semester 1 teacher is busy teaching year 12's. Anyway, she's making us revise basic Fractions, Decimals and Ratios in bloody Year 9. Its ridiculous. We had finished Simulataneous equations, and we're back to square 1 again. Another reason why she sucks, is when she was trying to explain some probability work, half the class didn't understand. When our old maths teacher was being a replacement teacher in English, we bugged her about the problem. In one lesson our first teacher covered what my current teacher tried to cover in 3 lessons. At this rate I'll never reach Accelerated Maths :(

09-08-2004, 02:20 PM
Who was the worst teacher I've had? Well there was Mrs. Johnna, the chemistry teacher. I had her after school one day, and she wasn't very good at all. She pretty much just laid there and left me for all the work.


The worst teacher I've ever had was this douchebag midgt guy by the name of Mr. Uncen or Mr. Unson...I can't remember how it's spelt. Anyways the guy flew through the ciriculum of pre-calc faster than needed. I, as well as my friend, didn't learn anything so we just stopped caring alltogether. He used to tell us about how good he is at basball and how he should be playing for the Yankees. And he also used to pick on this teacher-aid (Mr. Orr :) BEST teacher ever! but that's another story)because he was better than him at math.
Anyways one morning my friend and I took our seats in the back and Mr. Unson began lecturing. My friend took out his graphing calculator and started playing Mario on it and the teacher noticed. He yelled at my friend and somehow switched over and just started yelling at me. I think he was pissed because I got like a 40 on the last test and didn't ask for help or anything. This guy was the LOUDEST person ever and he was screaming at me for at least 2 minutes straight. I'm going to punch that guy in the face next year.

09-08-2004, 04:59 PM
I have always been so lucky with getting the good teachers, but it seems like all the shitty ones and all the wierdos teach at high schools. My chemistry teacher sophomore year sucked! He was so horrible at explaining things, and with the type of student I am, I can't not understand the teacher. So it didn't take long for me to get bored. Plus, the guy pissed me off like no other. He would go see independant films and then come to school and call them boring or "no plot". They're fucking independant! They're art! Not just some random movie that was thrown together to make millions! Seriously....oh my gosh. Oh, and so when I got bored, I never paid attention and was always either talking to this kid Ryan who sat next to me or writing a screenplay or doing other homework. So one day, he's like.... "Miss F--, do I need to call your mother?" And you know stupid high school kids, they're like "OMG" over this elementary school-type warning. Well, that was just a sucky question to be asked anyways, because I wasn't bothering anyone. So I just said: "If you find her, will you let me know?" all quietly like it was a subject that hurt me, and then he shut up and never talked to me again. I was glad.
EDIT: I forgot to say....heh. This is how little I paid attention in that class. You know that Avacado dude's number? Like...6.02xwhatever to the whatever? Well, on a test, I was the *only* person to get that question wrong. The only person out of all of his classes which is well over 200 students. He told everyone in his class and my math teacher....shared my name and everything. Dumbass. But it's a funny story.

Then there was my geometry teacher who chose not to teach, just let us figure it out from the books. I hated that class, but he was a cool person, looked like Ben Affleck, and all we talked about for the hour and a half class was 24. It was thanks to some other teacher that I passed his class.

09-08-2004, 05:47 PM
This should be a thread about the hottest teachers we've had. I've had plenty of those.

I was also lucky to have to best teachers anyone can get. I've never actually met a teacher who had in it for me, to be honest they all loved me. I did all my homework, projects, never was trady nor absent, so in all honesty... there is no reason for them to hate me. But there was this geometry teacher I had who never gave us homework or classwork. He just stood there lecturing the class about angles and degrees. I never once complained. He was a cool teacher, but by far the worst. :err:

09-08-2004, 05:54 PM
my 8th grade social studies teacher is the worst teacher i've had. She would never answer our questions, and left us clueless until the day before a mojor test. then she starts saying how we should have asked her before she annouced that we were having a test. she assigned so much homework it was rediculous. she would have us read almost 4 chapters in our textbook each night, followed by a 5 pg thesis essay in 3 days.
she had incredibly horrible breath. so when we would talk to her, she'd stand 7 inches away from you and speak as much as she can. when you back away she pulls closers towards you. and she'd try to touch you as much as she can, it was like hell in her class.

09-08-2004, 05:56 PM
i didnt like physics last year because my teacher was such an ass. he like hit on me and there was this weird sexual tension between us. he would make fun of me, like...if gracie walks north at a rate of one m/s then turns east how long will it take her to find mrs. b to transfer into studio art. he would tell other students when they got bad score that they were getting close to the gracie standard of low. he used to take say no drinking in class and take my coffee. so then i left with my coffee one morning and went outside sat on the curb finished my coffee and smoked. then went back to class, i think he was so shocked as i had been sitting outside the window and he could see me. he gave me detentions everyweek. but there was this weird flirtation thing. it was weird as he wasnt attractive.

09-08-2004, 05:59 PM
I have been quite lucky in that I haven't had too many bad teachers. There was this one woman years ago who seemed to want to kick the ground I walked on, but that might have been in the head. I follow the principle that a teacher will only have a reason to dislike you if you have done something wrong. That way, you have got to make yourself untouchable. Be good, be nice, be sensible.

For me it's usually a more difficult question to decide who was my best teacher. There was my French teacher two years ago (who actually came from France) and she was fantastic. I had a big crush on her and it showed to pretty much everyone!

Whatever she did for me I don't know, but I have been top of my whole year of about 200 students in French for the last two years. Whatever she did, it worked!

09-08-2004, 07:59 PM
I really don't like my French teacher. She has no clue as to what the language is about, and to make matters worse, whenever a student teacher is in the room, s/he always corrects her on her grammer! It's so funny.

Although he's not a bitch or anything, I do hate my chemistry teacher once in a while. The big reason I hate him is because of what he did to a student 3 years ago. The kid was playing with mercury(bad stuff), and decided to put it in his pocket. The teacher saw this, but said nothing, since the kid was a slacker anyway, not doing his homework and such. Anyway, the kid then started to play with the mercury at his HOUSE, and guess what happened? HIS ENTIRE HOUSE HAD TO BE DEMOLISHED, for the fear of mercury poisioning. True story, but funny, in a sickening way.

09-08-2004, 08:53 PM
Best: My 9th grade English teacher. He made learning fun. He always had a joke to say. He was more like a stand-up comedian, except he knew everything about literature, acting, and all that junk. Cool guy. Here's advice to anyone to wants to become a likeable teacher: BE FUNNY.

Worst: 10th grade English teacher. He gave out 1-week assignments that should take atleast a whole month to complete. Plus, he wasn't even nice. One morning, I walk up to him "Hi Mr. ------, good morning. How are you?". Then he stared at me for 5 seconds like I was dogshit then went back to filing his papers. What a bitch.

What a difference a year makes eh?

09-08-2004, 10:23 PM
My English teacher. I think she was a lesbian, but that wasn't the problem. The problem was that I think she liked me. At first, I found the attention flatteringcause I thought I got the special treatment because I was good at english. But then I realized that I wasn't THAT good in English, and my friend pointed out that she liked me. That's not bad, but I felt uncomfortable after that.

09-08-2004, 11:46 PM

10-08-2004, 12:01 AM
AP Chemstry teacher, Mr. Czar.

He treated us like graduate students even though we were still in high school.

10-08-2004, 12:54 AM
Man you lot have had some bad luck. With a couple of minor exceptions I've never had TERRIBLE teachers...one science teacher who told me I wouldn't get an A* at GCSE as I was talking in class...pointed out if he ever fucking taught anything interesting that challenged my brain, I'd stop talking...ahh well...got the A* and last time I saw him he was quite reserved and looked like he'd been well and truly shown to shut the fuck up next time...heck he no longer teaches science and is just in charge of one of the computer centres...how the mighty have fallen.

Then there was a maths teacher whose breath stank and who didn't like it when I challenged his authority...he called my parents repeatedly week in, week out to complain...he used to do that with everyone so I took the book he kept the numbers in and shoved it behind a filing cabinet...think it's never been found since...supposedly once when he called my parents he cried down the line...awwww.

I've crushed a fair few teacher in my time...they all said I'd never do well in their courses and I fucked em over when I blitzed em :D. Yes, I am cocky...so what? :p

Gracie's story worries me...that guy was some REALLY weird teacher...should've reported him. I reported this teacher once for telling me to take my hat off (I was a sikh with a turban, so it wasn't a hat) and for shoving around a couple of the kids...yes...physical attacks...we got his arse fired :D

10-08-2004, 04:22 AM
The worst teacher i have ever had was my Physics teacher Mr. Kobayashi. In class, everyone played cards, went on the computers, talked, and watched tv. he taught nothing. he gave us the answers to the "assignments" and rarely had tests. for the final exam in the 1st quarter that we had to take, Mr. Kobayashi fell asleep watching tv, and didnt make the test, so we had none. i dropped the class in the 2nd semester and took it over the summer. i needed to actually know it to take A.P. physics this year. It was his first year teaching it and all new teachers get evaluated. for one day, we sat in class and he pretended to teach us. Someone wrote an anonymous letter and he got fired. turns out that everyone had to take physics over the summer anyway because of him. that was the worst "Teacher" ive had, if he even counts as one. Most of my other teachers are okay though.

10-08-2004, 09:18 AM
My yr 11 maths teacher. The man was a JOKE. He used to teach us RE (religous education) and GOd he's a BAD teacher, when I did maths we did SHIt all.

10-08-2004, 12:34 PM
i didnt like physics last year because my teacher was such an ass. he like hit on me and there was this weird sexual tension between us. he would make fun of me, like...if gracie walks north at a rate of one m/s then turns east how long will it take her to find mrs. b to transfer into studio art. he would tell other students when they got bad score that they were getting close to the gracie standard of low. he used to take say no drinking in class and take my coffee. so then i left with my coffee one morning and went outside sat on the curb finished my coffee and smoked. then went back to class, i think he was so shocked as i had been sitting outside the window and he could see me. he gave me detentions everyweek. but there was this weird flirtation thing. it was weird as he wasnt attractive.

It's kind of strange, but the two best teachers I had fit the "flirty" description. Both male...and no, they weren't flirting with me...and one was a physics teacher. Mr. Bookout was the physics teacher, and if it hadn't been for him I would have failed that class. It was AP physics, and I am seriously deficient in math (I don't know why the fuck I was even in that class) and he was able to help me get through it.
My best teacher was Mr. Sarver. AP American History. No textbook. He created all the materials we read. 10 kids in the class, 8 took the test, 5 of us got 3's or better. The other 3 got 2+'s. He got fired though for a dalliance with a 17 year old senior. Which was technically his second, since he was married to a former student.
Bookout was screwing around with a student as well.
Maybe their intensely "personal" interest helped them as teachers.

11-08-2004, 12:45 AM
My best teacher was also a little in that flirty category, but he knew the dividing line. He said flirty things to my best friend Selina, but she started the flirting with him more often than not, and she was totally ok with it...she always joked about it with me in private...and that's cool. He was aware how to play with the people in his class...what level to address each on...some, like my mate Hasan, were very serious and needed a more mature serious approach, me I liked a good joke, and he joked with me, Selina he knew she liked the flirting...I think building a rapport that's appropriate to each student is the key.

I mean sure he did cop off with a fellow teacher in the storage cupboard (not really a cupboard, more like a small room) and was caught, but when she resigned over it they got together and they've been married for a while now and have a newborn daughter...so it wasn't just a sex thing...it was just he fell in love with a colleague. For me the issue with "dalliances" with students is merely the issue of undue influence as the teacher's in a position of authority, and also there is a question if fairness with regards to grades and shit...but I wouldn't say being "personal" is a good or a bad trait, it's the extent to which it's taken and the respect the teacher has for their profession.

11-08-2004, 01:03 AM
...but I wouldn't say being "personal" is a good or a bad trait, it's the extent to which it's taken and the respect the teacher has for their profession.

To *kind of* play off of what you said....I agree. It's the way the teacher interacts with students that makes them cool or not. Like, I happen to be really good friends with someone who happens to be a math teacher (she's not old or anything - fresh out of college) at my school. My other friend and I hang out at her house, we go shopping, talk about random stuff that friends talk about. She knows about my relationship with my mother and has sort of stepped in as a female role model for me. Then at school we go back to the whole student/teacher thing. She and our other friend, who also happens to be a teacher, decided to go to Europe and invited me and my friend Ashley, which was hella cool. Even though she's a teacher, I think she's really cool and she's totally fun to hang out with.

11-08-2004, 02:10 AM
Yeah, I have a teacher like that, I consider him a personal friend, bought him a present for his newborn, we were going to go out for dinner when I was in the states as he was scheduled to be visiting family in NYC (he's from Boston himself :)) around the same time I was out there for my exams...but his wife got sea sick on a trip to Martha's Vineyard and so they couldn't come.

The main reason I suppose was because not only was he a cool teacher, but a cool guy. He went the extra mile, we were a year behind in A-Level politics and he took his Saturdays to come in and teach us...bought us donuts and coffee to alleviate the boredom and we played some basketball as well to break up the Saturday lessons as he understood that whilst we needed the study, we needed to feel like we weren't being forced to and had to enjoy it...and it was a good time...

We got the work done too and myself and my mate got the first two As in the 2 years the course had run at my school...and this from being a year behind so my teacher was very happy...shame the results came out the same sort of time as it was announced his wife had cancer...bittersweet day for him but even THEN he was good enough to come in and congratulate us...I just asked him if he was ok as he didn't seem it :(.

She's better now and they've just had a baby so gg. His wife's actually pulled some strings for me to have a vacation placement at a law firm, and although it's buggered up at the moment, whether it happens or not I appreciate the AMAZING volume of time he (and in this case his wife) have given me...he was excellent at giving me advice on the NY bar too...awesome guy.

11-08-2004, 05:23 AM
Moral of story....teachers can also be awesome friends. I am helping my friend set up her classroom for school on Thursday. Call me crazy, but I'm so excited for school to start, lol. Talk about some wierd teachers...
Period 1: The worst teacher in the history of all teachers. Well, so I've heard. Even my counselor tried everything she could to get me out of the class. But I can't switch out without dropping Journalism and I'm editor so that's a no. Apparently she can't teach for shit and she majorly favors the jocks and cheerleaders....which sucks, because I am definitely not a cheerleader.
Period 2: Some lady I don't know but she lives by me, so that should be wierd.
Period 3: Same French teacher I've had every other time I've taken French. She's cool and I saw her today and she was like so interested in my trip to Paris. But, in class, the lady dispises me. Although to be fair, I'm a pain in that class. Or I was last year because it was boring. This year I plan on behaving.
Period 4: Journalism and we pretty much run everything, so the teacher just kind of keeps to herself though. She's cool though...and funny. Like when she says escape like "ex-cape"....she's an English major.

With the exception of my first period teacher, these teachers aren't too bad. But in January I get three new classes and three new teachers which will suck.

11-08-2004, 05:51 AM
I can't really said that I've had any bad experiences with any of my teachers. I was always "the quiet kid" in class, so there was never any teachers that I butted heads with or that didn't like me(I think), but I'd have to say the worst teacher I've ever had was during my senior year at high school. His name was Feliciano(I think that's how you spell it) and he taught Algebra 2. The thing was, he couldn't teach to save his life. It was the same routine everyday. We'd come into class, do some warm up problems, check the answers to the warm up as well as the homework, he'd do is little 20-30 minute discusion ( read incoherent babbling) on the day's topic, and we'd do our homework. Also, the class we primarily composed of prepy, popular, constantly-doing-stupid-shit-they-think-is-funny-football players and he could never get them under control. Half the time I didn't listen to his discusions anyway but even when I tried to I couldn't hear a damn thing because "the stupid fucks who thought they were cool" were making to much noise, so much so that I couldn't even hear myself thing while trying to do the homework. In past years I've always done good in math classes but with the combination of the teacher being a complete dult and everyone else thinking it was hay-lets-run-around-the-room-acting-like-chickens-with-our-heads-cut-off-while-doing-stupid-shit-to-make-the-teacher's-life-a-living-hell-hour, I ended up getting a D in the class.