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09-03-2009, 07:20 PM
I recently saw Keira in Coming Home. Given that it was an adaptation of a novel for women (by Rosamund Pilcher) and that the other Keira film that I've seen which was an adaptation of a novel for women (A Village Affair by Joanna Trollope) was utterly dreadful, I wasn't looking forward to it. However, my misgivings proved unfounded, as I found it to be very good indeed.

Keira plays young Judith Dunbar, a student at a posh girls school. The film is on two DVDs and Keira appears only in the first one, because by the time of the second one Judith Dunbar has grown up and is being played by somebody else. However, as always with Keira when she's in her early teens, she looks and sounds mature enough to play the parts of 20-year-olds and she could easily have played normal Judith Dunbar as well as young Judith Dunbar.

I thought the story was good, Keira's acting was superb and if you don't mind these kinds of novels for women and the fact that it is quite long, I would certainly recommend it.