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12-11-2008, 10:39 AM
I have wondered if I am That Guy. You know, that guy that when he walks into the room all conversations stop. I think I'm like other people. When I read a conversation I'm interested in I join in. I don't want the conversation to stop, I just want to add my two pennies worth. (tuppence?) So what am I doing wrong? I wouldn't say anything if I wasn't interested in what other people were saying. Are you all shy? It's almost impossible to have a good argument (well, maybe except for Foeni :) ) around here. Perhaps I'm just boring, or really am That Guy. Do other people feel that way? I guess it's always been that way though. Maybe it's just because of my "Military Brat" upbringing.

13-11-2008, 01:16 AM
well, I honestly can't really say, for several reasons..

a) I don't know you at all
b) last time I logged in was 28/8 :P

"Military Brat"? That sounds interesting. I assume your dad was in the Army or the likes?

13-11-2008, 04:21 AM
Your first problem was joining a forum that's on it's death bed.

There's been an average of about two posts a day for the past, what, year?

If I'm remembering you correctly, your posts are very long winded. Not always the best thing on an internet message board. But mainly I think the problem is the first thing I mentioned.

13-11-2008, 05:33 AM
Your first problem was joining a forum that's on it's death bed.

I think things go through cycles. And I've been a member since 2005. (I usually only talk about things I find interesting.) I think that it will get active again, but it might take another movie to bring in new people.

One of the good things is that the moderators are keeping the fora fairly flame free. Things are changing these days, and people aren't feeling as free to post really dumb things. I, for one, like that. There are still plenty of places to "act out" on the Internet, but a site to talk about an actor shouldn't be about flame wars.

And yes, PD, both my father and stepfather were in the Air Force, long ago when I was a child.

My website is Lucycrew's Ballooning Site (http://Lucycrew.com) and I am the administrator for Claudia Christian's Forum (http://claudiachristian.net/forum/) I have that locked down pretty tight. You have to be registered to even see anything other than her upcoming schedule and I have a forum for "ladies" that nobody but women can see or post in. As I said, things are changing. But it's been pretty dead recently also, even though Claudia herself posts there.

31-12-2009, 12:53 AM
Well, Claudia closed her site awhile back. She decided she was a blogger. Now she's stopped that and she is on Facebook. That isn't working too well for her, either.

I wonder why nobody ever asks the old timers what's the best thing to have? Obviously the best thing is a fan run website. You can ignore that or support it, it doesn't require you to "perform" as a writer. People think these bloggers are so great. Blogging will die a long painful death through suicide. Damn few writers can keep it up for very long. And most writers are First Draft Boring.