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11-08-2008, 02:41 PM
Hey Everyone,

We recently participated in the 48 Hour Film Project.

On Friday, August 1, we chose a genre (horror) out of a hat, then we were assigned a character name/profession (Louis Porter/antique dealer), a prop (a pillow), and a line of dialog ("I've got a hunch about this!").

We had until 7:30 pm August 3 to turn in a movie. And this was the result:

"Porter's Crossings," a demented tale about an antique dealer to whom death is a toy.


Hope you like it! If not, we'll be happy to hear why.


11-08-2008, 10:36 PM
I had to see it twice, but still I didn't quite get the relation between the woman stuck on the highway and the rest of the story at the house.
I got lost at 1:19" with the water bottle. I thought she had taken it out from her purse or something but then I saw the man giving it to her (all while looking very evil to which I assume the water wasn't exactly as sparkly as it looked), and then we pass on to the house. It seemed rather random to me.

I liked the touch of the skull peeking over the man while he crumpled over, and the dealer adjusting his furniture made sense after I noticed where the pillow was. It was creative, how he used that famous pillow...a new twist on the "I'll-just-press-it-over-you-face-till-you-choke".
Were you planning on giving that twisted "sit on my face" a particular dirty connotation or is it just my perverted mind? :p

The antique dealer going about his daily business with the corpses around was great. Swimming in the pool by the dead body was brilliant.
I you asked me, I'd fix the random story of woman by the highway and the complete lack of emotion of the supposed couple.
Overall, good job for only 48 hours!

11-08-2008, 11:02 PM
Thanks for your kind words, Porcelain Doll!

... the relation between the woman stuck on the highway...

You're right. I guess it would make more since if we put the title or credits or "Yesterday" after the opening sequence. We were going for the not-quite-related-develop-the-lead-James-Bond scene.

... or is it just my perverted mind? :p

:) It was our perverted minds, too--an intentional double-entendre especially given their prior quasi-erotic dialog scene.

The antique dealer going about his daily business... the body...

Thanks. It was out favorite scene to film. The "floater" was our caterer, cast last minute.