View Full Version : My best friend thinks I'm a fat loser! But I'm not.

03-08-2008, 11:16 AM

Perhaps you can shed some light on and/or offer a perspective on something that has been troubling me in my personal life. (May God bless viral communities and the internet! It gives me the chance to take my self-obsessions from the private realm to the (semi)public realm.)

Before I dive into my issue, let me offer you some background information:

Impairedgirl and I have been friends since we were 16 years old;we are now 22 and 23 respectively. Through the last 7 years of friendship we have survived drug induced violence; sober induced violence; one snowy ambulence ride; 1200 miles of separation; at least five falling outs; seemingly "intellectual" debates (one time we got in this HUGE argument about music royalties, on which neither of us knew anything about and no body won) that result in the hurling of the C-word back and forth; we even survived Avril Lavigne's meteoric rise and subsequent demise. I think it safe to postulate: For the last 7 years, we've been at one another's throats, lovingly. We are a friendship in contradiction.

Lately however, Impairedgirl--she the one more easily corrupted by outside forces; amazes me how fleeting her appetite for the new and unknown is--has been pissing me off.

How? Well, she went all schizo on me because of a comment I left here in this very forum. Apparently, it was distasteful, which speaks volumes by her standards. But her charge against my comment is not what pissed me off. I grew angry, because she was worried about how you all would react to the comment, b/c she enjoys her cybership with you and doesn't want to step on any toes. And this troubles me. I don't understand how she can be so gentle to a group of strangers and so harsh to me.

So here is what I would like you--you who Impairedgirl thinks so highly of--to think and post about: are dubious online relationships with possible charlatans more substantial and fulfilling than the relationships we have in the offline world?


03-08-2008, 12:12 PM
This is why I like being male. :D
It takes more than a small comment on a forum for blokes to publically bitch about eachother.

03-08-2008, 03:11 PM
1. We don't get pissed off easily by comments unless you're extremely offensive towards someone. You also seem to type and speak perfect English.

2. What was the comment?

3. Real world relationships are definitely more important, but I've also found that some of my online relationships (some have lasted 5+ years!) tend to be really amazing people to talk to. It really depends on how you look at it.

4. Hopefully this thread doesn't become a bitchfest. I really like you both.

03-08-2008, 03:36 PM
I actually like pretending I'm a 43 year old male dairy-farmer from Wisconsin. I get ALL the hot online chicks (which are all probably 43 year old male dairy farmers).

Keira lover
03-08-2008, 09:40 PM
Understanding that I am no shrink, I must agree that offline relations are more important, although as a rule, one should strive to keep all relations on the best terms as possible, ironically, if for nothing that self-preservation (or so an administrator will give you the benefit of the doubt). Mutually Assured Destruction: you are an ass to them, they will be an ass to you.

And in the area of distasteful comments (i subscribe to the threads i comment on), there have been many distasteful comments on this site. And in response to you comment about bombing the Mideast, for future advice: in a world as connected as ours, own must understand both allies and enemies to survive and hopefully thrive.