View Full Version : curtailing my right? look what we've been discussing.

30-06-2008, 11:05 AM
you are mediocre of free and liberal thinking. you do not even know how to respect the right to freedom of expression.

this is a public forum. not your private forum. still regulated and must conform to the principles of democratic mass media.

you (foeni) removed my avatar without the due process of law.

to use bin laden's picture as avatar is not a crime. but to curtail my rights is a crime.

what do you think foeni's difference from the ones she condemns?

Ok, here's the deal. You can't compare someone that deliberately kills innocent "infidels" with Bush or Blair. I'm removing your avatar, because it offends a lot of people. Put it up again, and I'll put you away for a week. Kthx.

hi foeni,

yes, it is bin laden.

he is a mass murderer and terorist. just like bush and blair.

osama is handling the balance of world power.

protagonism and antagonism differs dependent on whose perspective.

muslims are also victims of mass murder and terrorism by those who claimed to be Christians.

But true Christians love their neighbors and enemies.

if osama is of satan's what is the difference with bush and blair?

Is that Bin Laden in your avatar? If not, it sure as hell looks like it. That would make it just about the most offensive avatar I've ever seen. Do think very carefully about this and decide whether or not you think it's appropriate to use the picture a mass murderer and terrorist as your avatar.

30-06-2008, 12:12 PM
The moderation style fails, but the point stands.

The use of that avatar is in poor taste, no matter what you believe, and its use can easily be regarded as deliberately inflammatory.

On the internet, you will find that the owners and moderators of forums are the law. The due process of law for this forum has been followed. A moderator has made a decision.

Instead of posting the contents of private messaging (hint: look up private), you could take it to an administrator. The result would have been the same, however.