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27-12-2007, 06:38 AM
I'm sending a warning to all of you, never fly into San Francisco airport. I just went home on leave for Christmas and had to fly into San Francisco airport. That was by far the worst ariport I have ever been in, I already hate airports as it is but in San Francisco I wanted to shoot the employees. Maybe that's the real reason why they won't allow any kind of weapons through security. It's not because they're afraid of anymore terrorists getting on the plane, they just don't want customers to unload a clip in those snotty, rude, and overall unhelpful employees ass'. Those people seriously need to work on their people skills because their customer service sucks! If you so much as try to ask a simple question they get snobby with you and pretty much tell you to fuck off, I mean they don't actually say that but their body language and tone of voice pretty much get the message across. I understand employees at an international airport get busy and maybe it makes them a little cranky but still that's no excuse for the way the employees at San Fransico act, I've been to other international airports that are just as busy and crouded as Frisco and the employees weren't nearly as rude. Anyway, the bottom line is avoid San Francisco airport at all costs if any of you plan on doing any traveling in the near future, or ever for that matter. Especially for any foreigners coming to America. If you think Americans are pushy and rude now, going through San Fransico is probably only going to further fuel your hatred.