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08-06-2007, 05:56 PM
Last year, my cousin lost in the Democratic primary election for his seat in the Alabama state senate. The person he lost to was a woman who, until that election, had never held an office higher than that of county clerk. Her campaign was financed by trial lawyers whose aim was to get my cousin, along with several others, out of the senate.
Why would these lawyers pour millions of dollars into a rural state senate seat? Simple, my cousin spearheaded tort reform that limited the amount of punitive damages in civil cases. For years, Alabama's legal system had been viewed by trial lawyers as a sort of lottery, where enormous settlements could be had.
Sen. Lowell Barron helped orchestrate the campaign, and succeeded in getting my cousin ousted. Yesterday, he got punched in the face (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cviz4DJK5wg) on the floor of the senate. Notice the way we goes down quickly, like a two bit whore with a room full of clients waiting.
For the sake of discussion, this thread shall serve as a dumping point for events such as this, where someone gets their just desserts. Videos...stories, whatever.

BTW, this isn't simply bitterness. Barron is known throughout the state to be as corrupt a politician as you will find, and if I'm not mistaken, under investigation.