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04-06-2007, 06:35 AM
Hello, i'm big fans keira knightley, i'm from indonesia(sorry my languange is very bad), but i don't no address e-mail keira, please for keira fans, tell me where e-mail keira knightley, send to my e-mail : azeliyan@plasa.com, OK!!, Thank you very much!!

04-06-2007, 06:40 AM
Oh yeah, I have her e-mail address...coz she gave it to me...


Be sure to send her your credit card information!


04-06-2007, 06:45 AM

its 7:40am and i havn't gone to sleep yet. so i shall be frank and to the point.

1) there are so many threads with this or similar topics, a simple search would have let you avoid the following comments
2) this is a blatant invasion of privacy, let alone being against forum rules how would you like it if you were famous, and liable to receive millions of often distasteful messages every day, and your email was handed out to all and sundry?
3) anyone close enough to Keira to know her personal contact details, would not be spending their time on a Keira fansite, so it is pointless even asking.

so, and this goes for anyone else who wants to start an email/mobile/address/or any other personal information request thread, don't create topic on this subject, as my patience will rapidly expire and you will find I will be less tolerant than usual.... and I'm not a very tolerant person at the best of times.