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26-11-2006, 08:04 AM
Keira Knightley opts for karakul lambskin
WHERE AND WHEN: British Independent Film Awards in London, 2005
WEARING: Black karakul lambskin coat
COST: Between 3,000 and 6,000
CRUELTY FACTOR: One of the cruellest forms of fur, according to animal welfarists. Undercover investigations have documented how heavily pregnant ewes are killed and their unborn lambs removed for their coats. Newborn lambs are routinely killed after a few days, before their velvet-smooth coats have had a chance to uncurl. The fur is also called Persian lamb, astrakhan and broadtail. It is also used to make high-end hats, carpets and rugs.


26-11-2006, 08:49 AM
So what do you say....We picket?

26-11-2006, 11:30 AM
Thanks for the Christmas Gift Ideas
Where can we buy some of these coats and hats?

26-11-2006, 04:06 PM
When I was very young, my dad purchased a small farm.
We soon were raising cattle,hogs,sheep,chickens,ducks,rabbits,
turkeys and had more than our fair share of dogs and cats
that people from in town had abandoned in the country.
Those that make out that all people in the farming communities
are somehow inundated with cruelty and a lack of descency
are generally as mistaken as the extreme viewpoint presented above.
Yes, there are some practices that should never be done like running
along beaches clubbing seals. I dont hunt for the SPORT of it even.
I would like to make some points though:
1) I do not believe the common scientific explaination for animal
behavior as all being INSTINCT. I think that is brought on by not
understanding some aspects of their habits, such as birds being
able to fly thousands of miles and find the place they were born.
(It has recently been proven that they have a part of their brains
that works very much like a compass, and has been much written
about in scientific journals the last few years.) I actually believe
by being around and raising alot of animals that their brains work
pretty much like ours though more limited in most aspects. They
do on occasion show signs of compassion and attachments beyond
what is thought of as instinctive maternal responses. In spite of
all this I never once detected a sense or awareness that they
were being raised for market. And trust me I thought about this
alot and am a very good observer.
2) The assumption that the animals are raised cruelly is generally
false. We had a huge bull of way over 2000 pounds. I never carried
any kind of weapon. He was never restrained.
If he was mistreated why with his superior phyiscal ability
did he not turn on me once?
Let me explain for those whom have never lived on a farm
some of the process:
When the animals are of weaning age, they are moved to
another field or feed lot together. There is some anxiety
for a day two just like when you gave those kittens or
puppies away that you couldnt possibly keep. But they
soon adapt and the ANXIETY is never observed again.
Our calves had run of a field of clover,timothy, and alfalpha.
They also had grain supplemented with hay in the winter and
a barn to shelter in. Compare this to a wild animal of large size
that has to suffer the elements in winter and starve while foraging
for what it can find to eat under the snow.
Eventually the selected animals reach the size for market and are
sent to market or a stockyard if you will. US markets are required
to use certain methods for killing the animals. Cattle for instance
are herded singly into the kill room where an electric rod is used
on the side of the neck to kill them INSTANTLY. The animals are then
moved to another area for butchering. I thought it would be quite
cruel to kill animals in front of another and any small animals that
were butchered on the farm were done so out of sight and hearing
range of the others. Rawhide,lambskin,pigskin, etc is a useful byproduct
of raising animals for meat. Is it more logical to throw this away in
some self deceiving pretense that it is less cruel? I think what should
be done is to ensure that all practices thru legistlation are such that
there is as little of what we consider inhumane as possible. I do not
buy into the article that most furs areobtained or animals are raised
the way they claim. Those are some extreme examples which through blatant yellow journalism are presented as the only way things happen
in order to gain your outrage.
I once skinned two racoons to make a coon skin cap when I was about
15 (XACTO knives I found out are better for this than the big hunting
knife). Both of these poor animals had succomed to the cruelties of
nature one hard winter and froze to death. Do you think it was cruel
to skin them? Do you think the racoons cared?
The fact of the matter is most farmers (of which 90% of us were as
little as 200 years ago) have more reverence for life than many that
go to the store and buy that steak or turkey without ever thinking
about how it got there.
I have a little test I would like you to perform. If you have a vehicle
that you can put the top down take a drive out in the country during
the day and see how many people though total strangers will wave
at you as you pass by even though you had not even waved at them.
Now do the same in the city if you dare!

Sorry about the typos. Too much on my soapbox right now to care.
Just for your information, I dont live on that farm now and havent
for many years. I live in a small city and have lived in a rather large one.

26-11-2006, 04:24 PM
I do want to make it clear that I DO NOT CONDONE
the practice described for the lambskin coat that Ms
Knightley wore. I suspect that if she had thought
that it was made that way that she would not have
purchased it.

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there is no way i am reading all that in this state.... i'll read it tomorrow.
But from a admin point of view, dont double post.

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Ewww man! Keira just got so much cooler in my book! She rulez! I wanna do it too cuz Keira did it!

I jest, I jest.

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I for one love wearing my lambskin underpants while feasting on baby lamb cutlets.

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Ouch Baz! I'm chaffing just thinking about that one. :dontknowa