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12-09-2006, 09:03 PM
...it's time.
Hadn't had a wreck in several years, but I guess when it's your time to crumple some sheet metal, there's not really anything you can do about it. God. Fate. Whatever.
I pull out of the parking lot to get some lunch, and not three blocks from the office, some moron in a pick-up truck pulls out in front of me when the car coming towards me passed him. Apparently, in moron-universe, there's no need to check to your left, 'cause no cars ever come from there.
So, I apply the brakes, a bit of evasive action and a healthy dose of horn, which elicits the dumbest look ever, and go on my merry way.
I manage to avoid another accident, with yet another moron in a pick-up truck, whose hobbies seemed to be speeding, tailgating and opening his mail.
Of course, no amount of brakes and horn matter when the driver is too old to hear and you've nowhere to go. Some octogenarian in a brand new Camry sideswiped me 100 yards from my destination. The impact folded my driver's side mirror in neatly without breaking it, which is great, since I actually use my fucking mirrors.
She did manage to put a small scuff of red paint on the very front of the door, ensuring that her insurance company doesn't get off too easily. Anyone know what a left front quarterpanel for a 2000 Maxima costs? And to think, I was entertaining the notion of trading it in. Guess that'll have to wait for the glacier known as the insurance company to move.
So...to make this a discussion, have any of you ever had a day where the inevitable just can't seem to be avoided?

12-09-2006, 09:28 PM
I have, but in a much less dangerous way. I have this with dropping things. I'll have two amazing saves, but I know that it will only be a matter of minutes before I won't save the next thing sliding down or being knocked over.

It's part of being a clumsy person :)