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17-07-2004, 02:38 AM

there r sum other pix of her in the mag but i dont hav it with me so i cant post em but yall can buy dis latest issue. :)

17-07-2004, 03:15 AM
Yeah, I saw it for sale at the B/X(think of it as the militaries version of you'r local multipurpose store) Anyway, my friend and I were staring at it while in the checkout line. We spent just the right enough time to burn the image into our retinas/ not long enough for someone behind us to yell "move your damn asses!!!"

17-07-2004, 04:00 AM
lol yea.. i was chekin it out too but then i had to leave.

17-07-2004, 04:01 AM
lol yea.. i was chekin it out too but then i had to leave.

so you don't have the mag? Or did you snatch this pic from another website? :D

17-07-2004, 04:03 AM
o no i dont hav da mag but i wanted to buy it but i didnt hav my money @ da time. :mad: yea.. i got da pic from the cosmopolitan website.. no one has dis pic yet :)

17-07-2004, 04:06 AM
Before I check, did you happen to see if they have Keira's interview on their site? Most of the time, a magazine website will only have the pictures from their interview, not the interview itself.

17-07-2004, 04:07 AM
hmm well they didnt even hav da pix of her from the mag only the cover. but i dunno bout the interview.. ill chek da website.

17-07-2004, 04:09 AM
Holler back, flipgurl, if they have her interview. I'm too lazy to check myself ;)

17-07-2004, 04:10 AM
lol ok no prob :)

17-07-2004, 04:20 AM
k i found it here ya go:

Cosmopolitan.com's Exclusive Interview with Keira Knightley
"A guy in the airport came up to me and said, 'Can I kiss you?' I let him." (PHOTO: MARC HOM)

With three hit movies -- Bend It Like Beckham, Pirates of the Caribbean and Love Actually -- already under her belt and King Arthur out this month, Keira Knightley is the biggest English sensation since, well, Becks
Hollywood is teeming with teen celebs these days, but Keira Knightley is hardly your average young starlet. That became apparent the moment the gorgeous 19-year-old walked into a coffee shop (on time) near her Richmond Upon Thames, England, home, wearing baggy jeans and an old, oversize sweater that didn't expose even a sliver of skin, her rich, chocolate-brown hair haphazardly thrown back in a clip. And then there's the new set of fringe framing her fine-boned face, which she explains is a last-ditch effort to cover up the spots (Brit-speak for acne) on her forehead.

Keira's "Who cares?" approach to her appearance is a refreshing change from the usual Hollywood divadom. But what really makes her stand out is her ability to pick small projects that morph into huge, critically acclaimed hits. It was just over a year ago that she first scored with American audiences in the little soccer flick that could, Bend It Like Beckham. A few months later, she was back on the big screen opposite Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean, which was one of the highest-grossing movies of last summer. By Christmastime, she was starring with Hugh Grant in the holiday season's most adored comedy, Love Actually.

No doubt her impressive résumé has something to do with the fact that acting talent -- and good luck -- is in her blood. The daughter of an actor father and playwright mother, Keira was born out of a bet. Her father made a wager with her mother: Sell a play and we can afford to have another child. (They already had her brother, Caleb, now 25.) Her mother sold a play, and shortly after, Keira was conceived. A precocious child, she begged her parents for an agent, and they got her one when she was six. At age 12, Keira landed a role in Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace as Natalie Portman's handmaiden, and she's been working steadily ever since.

This month, she returns to her epic roots in King Arthur, playing Guinevere, a ravishing beauty who's no shrinking violet -- a description you can attribute to Keira herself. Keira is animated and open about everything except whether she has a boyfriend (it's been reported that she's dating Irish model Jamie Dornan), and she's always ready to laugh at her supposed flaws. And that makes her even more perfect in our eyes.
What made you so ambitious at such a young age?

My parents were both actors when I was young (my mom's a playwright now), and their agents were always calling. I sort of thought I would want one to call as well. I remember being about six and thinking, All right, I'm six now; I should be looking after myself. I should be financially independent. My mom said I was born at 45, and I've been getting younger every year.

How did you finally convince your parents to get you an agent?

When I was six, my parents realized I had dyslexia. I couldn't read at all. One of the teachers at my primary school said to my parents, 'You need to find something as a reward [so she'll work hard to read].' So my mom said to me, 'If you come to me every day during the summer holidays with a book in your hand and a smile on your face, and you read for an hour, then at the end of the summer holidays you can get an agent.' I did it every day, so she got me one. I got a job about a year later.

Were you surprised when Pirates of the Caribbean became such a huge hit last summer?

Pirates was such a big thing that took such a long time that I couldn't visualize it. I didn't actually see it until the press screening. We were all sitting there at the screening -- it was me, Orlando and Jack Davenport -- saying to each other, 'Okay, if it's really bad, just smile until we get out of the cinema.' When people started laughing during the movie, we were all digging each other in the ribs.

Guinevere kicks a lot of butt in King Arthur. How much training did you do?

When I took the role, the producers said, 'Listen, we want you to bulk up. We want you to be a lot bigger than you are.' I've got more of a runner's body, and I have no upper body strength, so we had to put on muscle. I trained about four days a week for three months before the movie, and then pretty much every day when filming started. I'd do an hour and a half to two hours of weight lifting, and then I would spend three hours boxing, fighting or horseback riding, even though I never ended up riding in the film.

How did you feel about your new buff look?

I was extremely self-conscious about it. I was about three times bigger after King Arthur, and it was actually really difficult to lose. I was sort of at the height of my muscle thing at the Love Actually premiere. I was desperate to wear this beautiful gold '50s-style Prada dress, and I couldn't fit into it at all. I couldn't find anything that fit. I ended up wearing a beautiful corset top that my brother's girlfriend made me and my black trousers.
How much of the stunt work in King Arthur did you do yourself?

I did all of it. If you don't do it yourself, it's really boring. I had an amazing stunt person who was going to do the main fight for me. I had three weeks before the fight, and I had nothing else to do, so I thought I'd learn it. She took me through it, and we practiced and practiced. And she was like, "Well, you might as well do it."
Of all the actors you've worked with, who did you like working with the most?

I've been amazingly lucky. Clive Owen, who plays King Arthur, was just incredible. Johnny Depp was really great to work with...and so is Adrien Brody. Andy Lincoln and I were friends before we did Love Actually. He played my husband, so we just had an absolute go. I've never laughed so much in my life as I did on that shoot. I can't tell you what fun we had doing that movie.

When it comes to dating, would you prefer to date someone in the business?

The thing about dating an actor is that they completely understand you. But I think it's also really important as an actress to be able to come out of that world and experience different things. So I honestly don't really care.

What do you think is sexy?

Humor and eyes. If you can look in someone's eyes and see their soul, it's great.

Tell me about your most embarrassing moment.

There are two that really stick out in my head. One was when I was in Star Wars. I would ride to the set on the back of the golf buggy with just a robe on because we had to put on our costumes on the set so they wouldn't crease. Ewan McGregor was on the buggy with me, and he started pretending to fall off. I was watching him, and I forgot to hold on, so I fell off. My legs went up in the air and the robe flew open in front of absolutely everybody including Ewan McGregor. All I had on underneath the robe was my [under]pants!

What was the other one?

The other one was at my Beckham premiere in London. We all had to get up on stage before the show started. We were desperately trying to be statuesque and goddess-like, and it was going great until we started to walk off of the stage. I was talking to my costar Parminder, and I didn't realize that Juliet [Stevenson] had stopped. She was wearing a dress with a train, and my heel got caught in it. I ended up hopping off stage with my foot stuck in the train of her dress in front of about 1,500 people.

You have an older brother. Are you two close?

He's six years older, but we're very close. I became a tomboy because I was always with boys, and I think I'm really bad at flirting because I grew up just being silly with my brother and his friends. I've noticed girls who are only kids are much better at flirting than I am.

To read even more of Cosmo's interview with Keira, check out our August 2004 issue.

17-07-2004, 04:21 AM
o i got another pic from the cosmo mag :) :


17-07-2004, 04:23 AM
Cool, nice find, flipgurl. I'm only dissapointed that they only had a snippet from the interview. Now I see that's how they get you to buy the magazine(along with the cover :cool:

Yeah, that pic has been posted here before, but you probably didn't know that.

17-07-2004, 04:24 AM
haha yea.. they jus want our money... keira looks really pretty in dat pic :)

17-07-2004, 04:29 AM
It's no suprise that she is gourgeous in all the pictures taken of her, past, present, future.

17-07-2004, 05:45 AM
yup dat is true.

17-07-2004, 05:51 AM
couldn't you do this over a private message or something? Seems spammy, although it has Keira info I think there is some sort of thread already for seeing photos,magazines, tv and stuff. I may be wrong.

17-07-2004, 05:53 AM
damn she looks fine, hey what else is new?

17-07-2004, 06:21 AM
Just so y'all know, that interview flipgurl posted is not the interview that appears in the magazine (it's actually longer, I think!) I guess they had to cut it down for the actual magazine. Thanks, though.

And, yeah, this has already been mentioned several times and we've all seen the pics. Not trying to bitch (and not that we don't appreciate it), but in the future, if you see Keira in or on the cover of a magazine and you want to tell everyone about it, that would probably fit best in the "Photo Sightings" thread, or even the "Articles Archive" thread, maybe (if there's a decent accompanying article/interview).

Thanks. :)

17-07-2004, 03:02 PM
Just so y'all know, that interview flipgurl posted is not the interview that appears in the magazine (it's actually longer, I think!) I guess they had to cut it down for the actual magazine. Thanks, though

Thanks. :)

Yeah, at the end of the interview clip @ the website, it says " To read even more of Cosmo's interview with Keira, check out our August 2004 issue" It's only a clip, purposly put up on the site to get readers interested, and then they would go out and buy the magazine. Works preety well in my opinion...

17-07-2004, 04:43 PM
Oooh stunning pics must but it hehe :D ;)


17-07-2004, 05:32 PM
Hopefully this magazine is being sent to me from the States.

18-07-2004, 01:12 AM
you kno wats really interesting? when i was going to head back to boston from hawaii the cosmo mags at the airport were all upside down and it was the same with the mags at the san fransico and boston airport. It kinda made me mad, seeing all the other mags right side up and keira upside down :mad:

18-07-2004, 03:02 AM
Thats very funny. Happens all the time here :D I always think that the stocker that day was blind/dumbass.

18-07-2004, 05:59 AM
Its probably rival magazine companies bribing stockers to make Cosmo look pathetic so their own sales go higher.

18-07-2004, 01:47 PM
Its probably rival magazine companies bribing stockers to make Cosmo look pathetic so their own sales go higher.
Sorry im off topic but just to say great siggy darlin hehe :D *big up the posse* :D


20-07-2004, 01:53 AM
I posted this in articles archive awhile ago. It's a good article, worth the four or five dollars or whatever it is. Plus, Cosmo is like....it. Fun and educational.