View Full Version : It Ain't Easy Bein' Queezy....

16-05-2006, 06:49 AM
So some friends of mine and I are making a little amusing "movie", using someone's semi-HQ video camera, just for our own entertainment....
Well, at one point, my character is supposed to become bulimic. That's right -- I play a guy who throws up his meals on purpose. So anyway, today, we went to shoot the first throw-up scene, which required me to ACTUALLY vomit. Now, I assumed that this would not be much of a problem -- just eat some slices of pizza, shove a couple fingers down my throat, and voila! Right???

Wrong. I learned an important lesson today: making yourself throw up is fucking HARD. I was there in front of the damn toilet for 20 minutes, with my fingers in my throat, constantly ON THE VERGE of puking, but with nothing but mucus coming out. And I was making the most disgusting sounds, too -- "BLEEEEEEGH...YEEEEEGH.. .ARRRRRRRGGGGKK. ..GAAAAG." Everyone was getting pissed at me. "You fuckin' pussy," they said. "You are a shitty actor." "I JUST CAN'T DO IT!" I cried out in frustration.

In the end, all I had to show for it were blood-red eyes, an ashen face, and really slimey fingers.

I give props to all of those fine Americans coping with Bulimia. Not only are they dedicated, but they're also obviously using some kind of special technique. I certainly couldn't pull it off. I salute these brave souls!

16-05-2006, 11:01 PM
Next time use the end of a toothbrush and think about something disgusting like...the SMELL of vomit.