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28-04-2006, 11:43 PM
Well after many months it is here. Back in January I sent Keira a letter and a photo of her to be signed and returned to me. Well finally about two weeks ago it arrived!

The photo I originally sent was not the one signed, but they did return the original. This is the picture I sent (http://img75.imageshack.us/img75/9826/keirasundance022py.jpg) and here is the one that was signed:

http://img222.imageshack.us/img222/1964/keirasignedsmaller24mr.th.jpg (http://img222.imageshack.us/my.php?image=keirasignedsmaller24mr.jpg)

That picture (about 4x6) is much smaller than the one I sent (8.5x11) but I'm still happy I got it. I already framed it and it's hanging on my wall.

Well I just thought I'd share my story with you all, I was really excited when I got it.

29-04-2006, 12:01 AM
Was it hand signed or just a copy?

29-04-2006, 12:04 AM
it was hand signed, I know I signed it

29-04-2006, 12:18 AM
It's definitely signed. I'm guessing it was pre-signed since she didn't sign the picture that I sent.

29-04-2006, 12:47 AM
Consider yourself lucky....
I send a picture for Keira to sign, and instead of an autograph, she sent me a dead rat.

And she didn't even sign it!

29-04-2006, 12:55 AM
I remember when she used to sign photos AND write little notes back. Those were the days.

29-04-2006, 01:05 AM
I new there was a reason i liked you

29-04-2006, 02:31 AM
I remember when she used to sign photos AND write little notes back. Those were the days.
Now that would have been nice. To actually have her personally sign it and write back instead of them just including a presigned pic and saying that she read my letter. I got a note from them back though:

Thank you very much for your letter - I apologise for any delay in responding to you. As I'm sure you can appreciate, Keira is extremely busy and is often difficult to reply to each request individually.

However, Keira has read your letter and hopes that you will be pleased with the enclosed signed photograph sent with her best wishes.
She read my letter, bullshit. XD I don't really mind, I'm just glad I got the photo. But yeah, a personal note from her would have been awesome.

29-04-2006, 02:58 AM
I would be pissed off if i were you. Only because of that shit that she "read" your letter. But it's still cool you got something signed by her.

29-04-2006, 03:01 AM
I never had expectations that she would read my letter in the first place XD, so maybe that's why I'm not pissed. But who knows, maybe she did read it?


29-04-2006, 03:03 AM
A photo with sign is not enjoyable but a letter with her sign on it is fantastic.

29-04-2006, 03:14 AM
I'm just the type that gets far to angry over everything. I just know if i did that i would think to myself that she won't see it but i actually really think she's gonna read it, then i would get that envelope and be physced about a signed picture but figure out she didn't read my questions for her anything. I would just end up angry.

But it's still cool you got something.

30-04-2006, 01:51 AM
At least the pic looks like it's recent. I once sent off a letter & pic to Jeff Goldblum and I got an OLD pic w/stamped siggy (like one of his 1st publicity shots) Ummmm hello this was in 1997 I don't want a photo from the 80s, thank you!

30-04-2006, 05:10 PM
It's not recent. At all. I got the same one back in 2003 :) It's one of her oldest publicity shots.

30-04-2006, 05:12 PM
I don't really like that photo of her.

30-04-2006, 05:15 PM
It's not recent. At all. I got the same one back in 2003 :) It's one of her oldest publicity shots.
Well now I am starting to get kind of upset about all this. I send them a beautiful picture of her, and they send me an old, black and white, small picture back that was pre-signed. I might have to try this again and send her one this summer and see if I get the same one or another crappy one, or if they actualy have her sign the one I send >.>

30-04-2006, 05:31 PM
Well, she hasn't been home much since January, so I don't know what you expected :) They sent you a real picture with a real autograph, I think that should count for something. Her job is being an actress, not signing stuff for general amusement. Be happy to get something back! There are a lot of "celebrities" who don't even bother.

(But maybe I shouldn't talk - I got that picture and the three I sent (http://img110.imageshack.us/img110/1755/kkautographs.jpg)...)

30-04-2006, 08:27 PM
Well I'm gonna find a time when she isn't filming, and I'll send it to you guys (the address on this site) and have it delivered to her agency then. Because I would really like to get this (http://img75.imageshack.us/img75/9826/keirasundance022py.jpg) picture signed, I love that picture.

02-05-2006, 02:05 PM
I do love that picture...

The whole photoshoot, actually. :D

03-07-2006, 07:45 PM
Ohh, do you have to pay for the postage back, or do they just send it in another envolope, and they get your address from your envolope (the return address)

03-07-2006, 08:59 PM
What's the address?!


04-07-2006, 04:49 PM
what I don't get if it's a copy, how would that work? Wouldn't you see that's it's been photocopied. That the Keira picture was signed by her, then photocopied, you would be able to see that it was. Can anyone explain?

04-07-2006, 05:22 PM
You have to pay the postage. So what if you could see it was a photocopy. They don't deny that they sometimes send out pre-prints. If you want one, write in, if not, don't. What are we, her agents? You're an annoying shit, aren't you?

04-07-2006, 05:31 PM
No that's what Im asking, is it a photocopy, or do they "print" her name on the pictures some other way?

04-07-2006, 06:07 PM

how on earth does it make a difference?

if the image is printed, then a signature printed ontop (which would be a waste of time and ink)


if the image and sig are printed together...

...its still a fucking preprint!!!!!!!

04-07-2006, 06:48 PM
no I'm saying if the image is printed with they picture, how do they do it. By photocopying or some other measure?

B/c wouldn't it be easy to see if it's photocopied? That's what I'm saying

04-07-2006, 07:29 PM
They probably just have a signed photo, use a scanner and make reprints of it. A monkey could figure it out.

04-07-2006, 07:47 PM
yea well even Ray Charles could see that it was used in a scanner, it wouldn't be hard to see if it's replacted. Your taking a picture of a picture, literally. It wouldn't be hard to distugish the 2. But some people are having an issue. So my question, but is to hard for some to follow, is did she digitally sign it. Then when they printed the pictures off, it was already on it, and doesn't have to be scanned.

But I guess that's too hard.

Anyway when does barrington get on?

04-07-2006, 07:57 PM
Like I said in another thread you posted on about him meting Keira....He's on holiday, he'll be back in a couple days.

04-07-2006, 08:10 PM
Thank you actual response!!

When do you think he'll be back. I guess your from the UK too, "holiday" that's cool. Happy 4th of July. Sorry I had to say it.:)

04-07-2006, 08:11 PM
He didn't give us an exact date. And no, I'm from the US.

04-07-2006, 08:12 PM
if they are pre-pronts, they are obviously pre-prints. they dont try to hide it.

04-07-2006, 08:47 PM
so that means that you can see that they are scanned, like how you know when someone else has scanned an article or picture or something. It looks like that?

04-07-2006, 08:55 PM
if it will shut you up... yes, thats exactly it.

04-07-2006, 09:06 PM
sorry I just don't get it but whatever.:icon_redf

04-07-2006, 09:54 PM
I once sent off a letter & pic to Jeff Goldblum

WTF? That's the funniest not-trying-to-be-funny thing ever!

04-07-2006, 09:58 PM
Mandy, how do you know that he's "on holiday?"
There's something strange and secret about these forums that I have always sensed. I think it has something to do with IRC.

04-07-2006, 09:59 PM
erm, perhaps because we all talk to each other....

04-07-2006, 10:00 PM
Mandy, how do you know that he's "on holiday?"
There's something strange and secret about these forums that I have always sensed. I think it has something to do with IRC.

Read the homepage you dumb bastard.

Wow, I've been away so long I forgot if we allow the C word ;)

05-07-2006, 02:37 AM
It's not allowed.

Currently, we (you and people like you who are not me) only allow pleasant talk about kittens, cookies, and keira's acting (not her appearance because that would be rude).

Anyways, welcome back. I'll send you a batch of cookies to celebrate your return. Have a pleasant day! :)

05-07-2006, 04:11 AM
Wow, I've been away so long I forgot if we allow the C word ;)

What's the "c" word?

cuntcuntcuntcuntcuntcuntcuntcuntcuntcuntcuntcuntcu ntcuntcuntcuntcuntcunt.

07-07-2006, 04:46 AM
I have a signed picture with a note. But someone got it for me directly from her. Hopefully in the next few months I'll get one signed directly by her.

13-07-2006, 08:42 PM
What's her address or where can I find it?

Edit: Oh I see did you use the one given on the home page?

13-07-2006, 11:50 PM
What's the "c" word?

cuntcuntcuntcuntcuntcuntcuntcuntcuntcuntcuntcuntcu ntcuntcuntcuntcuntcunt.

I'm not allowed anymore :( Cliffeh says I can't. Even though Poggs says I can.

Talk about confusing a boy. Damn you all to hell. It's quite nice this time of year.