View Full Version : Bad boys, bad boys...

02-03-2006, 02:46 PM
...whatcha' gonna do?
Apparently, we had a little prison break from W.T. Edwards (juvenile detention) and the genius cornered himself in the lot full of vehicles next door.
Sorry for the crappy pics...they're from a camera phone through the window.

Momma (looking like a complete hoebag) shows up crying 'cause they caught her delinquent spawn.
Said deliquent spawn, shackled and being taken into custody.
The woman in the second pic is the person I found frantically looking for the kid. I saw someone go down the side of the building, and turns out it was him.
Spawn's momma drove by cryin' and blubberin' at the cops, and I guess they figured she was there to pick him up, so they tore off down the street after her and cornered her by the Crazy Horse strip club.
God, I work in a great neighborhood.