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22-01-2006, 08:57 AM
Throughout our years at KKW, the following truths have become clear to us. We know them to be true, and now share them with you, to make you feel right at home, and remember KKW's history. The pair of us have been around for way too long, this is the result.

I'd include a bit about no offence to be taken bollocks, but if you can't handle a bit of sarcasm, then why are you on KKW anyway?

Things KKW has taught me and Mags:

The biggest picture whore contest turned out to have two fake contestants. *coughesmeggiehoopscough*
Duckula ALWAYS wins.
Baz thinks you're stupid.
Liam hates you all, and he hopes you choke. On his good days.
Cliff thinks he is above you all. We have yet to determine whether he's right.
Andy used to be a nobody, now he owns your soul.
Mags used to be our IRC pimp. She got sick of you all and quit wanting to talk to you. IRC hasn't been the same since.
Leonie ranks high on a number of European police's most wanted lists for breaking copyright in her endless avatar making and thus cannot have her pictures spread about the internet. (The logical conclusion is that Mandy must be a saint then.)
Kelsey used to be Keira's Little Sister, but grew out of that quick.
Jet wouldn't be allowed online if his mum knew the verbal abuse he spreads and the e-rapings he's received over the years.
KKW-ers have the time zones memorised. Sort of.
Ranman likes the ladies, and the ring he put around his fiancé's finger.
KKW used to have a thriving girls forum - these days it's mainly posted in by blokes.
JulesPaxton was Everywhere, and would beat you up if you begged to differ.
Sirius liked a good discussion of a decent topic. That's why he isn't here anymore.
JohnDoe is right behind you.
Remember Oencross? Neither do we.
Hasselbrad is a republican. Enough said.
KKW used to have the coolest smiley. Now :icon_razz is all we can do to obtain a non-gay smiley :p
KKW is on the narcotics ranking list at number 4859.
Mandy saw POTC and Cliff for Orlando Bloom.
Mufiman is Mufiman because he can't spell muffin.
KKW Trivia once ruled the life of all cool KKW-ers. Remember? Neither do we. No really!
Paul lives in Keira's back garden. She thinks he's their dog, but we know better.
CliffEdit: Flightfreak loves animals, probably in the biblical sense.
Your enjoyment of food is directly related to the number of types of meat you can eat in one meal.
I still don't sleep at traditional hours.

(More to come when we're bored enough. No need to get offended yet, we might still mention you :icon_razz PM for any suggestions. Part two might surface when I'm back at uni full time.)

14-12-2006, 02:27 PM
So Leonie, nearly a year later what further truths of KKW have you discovered? :P

14-12-2006, 04:37 PM
Not to be a downer, but I'm pretty sure Leonie doesn't really visit any longer.