View Full Version : Hey all you Keira lovers

27-11-2005, 04:42 PM
Just wanted to say Hi. I'm a new member here. I'm pretty obsessed with Keira. I'm even considering seeing Pride & Prejudice just to see her. I have over 800 hi-res pics of her saved on my comp. Just a little about me :)

27-11-2005, 05:15 PM

a few more pics and you'll be over the legal limit, and we'll have to consider you a stalker.... unless you run a website with all those pics, then that's ok.

27-11-2005, 07:09 PM
Welcome! I once had over a 1000 pictures of her on my computer but I deleted them all because they were taking too much space.

27-11-2005, 08:25 PM

27-11-2005, 09:32 PM
Yeah, I think quite a few of us had all or most of KKW's gallery databases on our computer... :P I've got it on CD since Narg sent it to me in the mail lol. Welcome to KKW Jeff.

27-11-2005, 10:16 PM
would you like some toast?

devine kk
28-11-2005, 09:28 AM
and maybe some jam................

welcome, have fun