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12-07-2004, 05:33 PM
As I recall, this was the section in which I made my last thread for my website on the old forums. So I'm going to make another one.

My website is up and working now. The link to the site is located at my sig. This is important: I'm currently sharing my streamload account with a "Kate Beckinsale" folder, but please.... please try not to download the video. It's 28 megs, 28 megs that should be used up for the Keira vids. I only have 2,000 megs of download space, so use efficiently. In other-words, if you start a download... finish it! Otherwise, you just wasted space. Please read everything on the site to find out how to download the videos. Enjoy!

NOTE: I forgot to mention, no one will have the link to the "Kate Beckinsale" folder but you guys. So you don't have to worry about Kate fans downloading it. Again, sorry for the three-month hiatus.

19-08-2004, 04:43 AM
I'm bringing this thing back up to let everyone know that my website is up as well as the videos. For a short time though, so download quick.

Remember to read all the necessary information to ensure the safety of your downloads, if you don't... you shall be shot.


10-09-2004, 02:19 AM
I haven't even renewed my subscription yet, but for some reason my downloads are working. Reason: The credit card I previously used was and still is on file on my Streamload account... which means they renewed without my fucking permission. How dare they - I should sue. :mad:

Anyways, you might as well just start downloading them if needed. My website as mentioned before can be located at my sig, what's the point in saying don't download Kate Beckinsale... you'll do it anyway.

By the way, I can't edit my website due to some technical difficulties. So the message that says downloads airn't working will remain there until it's all used up again. Ignore it, and move on.

Some usage is already gone, which only leaves me knowing that many people still don't read my message on the front page. You all are lucky this time.