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Rob The BLack Douglas
01-11-2005, 03:23 AM

Miranda Douglas checked her figure in her mirror one more time before grabbing her demin jacket and heading out the door of her tiny flat. She ignored the usual whistles and catcalls from the neighborhood lowlifes as she hurried down the walk the heels of her bootsclicking on the pavement.

Excited Miranda flashed her access pass and made her way into the club. The crowd was still small and Miranda was able to quickly get herself a drink which left her relaxed as she waited for the band to show up.

Normally tonight's entertainment was not what she usually listened to, but her brother was part of the band and Miranda wanted to support him as much as she could even if she was not on speaking terms with the rest of her family. Her brother was the only one she kept in contact with after she walked away six years ago when her family learned she was a lesbian.

It had been a struggle to make ends meet without any help from her family but Miranda had been able to make ends meet. It wasn't much of an existance but at least she was on her own and surviving.

Miranda set aside her empty pint and looked about to try and guage the crowd. The room was filling up and it was quite the eclectic crowd. Blue collar mingled with thee local punk scene, a few emo kids, hung towards the back, as people continued to file in.

MIranda grabbed herself another pint and made her way back to her table. As she weaved through the crowd a flash of blonde caught her eye. For a brief moment Miranda was the only one in the room and she was enthralled by the vision before her.

Blonde hair draped across bronzed shoulders that screamed SEX!, blue eyes that were wide enough to lose oneself in, lips that had Miranda panting to kiss. Then reality came crashing in on Miranda's moment as a clubber walked into her spilling part of his pint on her black halter top.

"Bloody hell mate!" cried Miranda as she forgot about the girl and turned on the already tipsy bloke who couldn't keep himself from staring at her tits, half empty pint glass in hand.

"Like the view?"

"Luverly," slurred the bloke.

"TO bad you'll never see them," Miranda shoved the drunk bloke aside and headed back to her table pissed off.

As she took her seat the lights dimmed and the crowd noise faded away as the band took the stage.

A chill ran down Miranda's spine as the opening chords filled the club. She shivered as the words filled the air.

"Driving down the highway
Going to a show,
Stopping on the byways
Playing rock-n-roll
Getting robbed
Getting Stoned
Getting beat up
Broken bones
Gettin had
Gettin took
I tell you folks it's harder than it looks
It's a long way to the top if you wanna rock-n-roll
It's a long way to the top if you wanna rock-n-roll
If you think it's easy doing one night stands
Try playing in a rock-n-roll band
It's a long way to the top if you wanna rock-n-roll

And then it happened, a spotlight flared on and out came her brother full kilt, bagpipes wailing in tune to the music. The club went nuts as her brother didn't just stand there but was front and center dueling with the lead guitar. People were on their feet as the bagpipes and lead guitar went back and forth.

Miranda jhad never seen or heard anything like it and she found herself on her feet going nuts just like everyone else in the club. The pipes drowned out the rest of the lyrics but Miranda didn't care. Her brother was on stage playing the pipes in a rock band and sounding awesome!

The rest of the evening was a blur to Miranda. The band played non-stop, fast paced, until their gig was up. Drained and feeling more than a bit tipsy from several pints, Miranda navigated her way through the crow and made her way backstage.

"You fuckin' rock!" she screamed as she gave her brother a huge hug in front of his bandmates.

"Thanks sis," murmured Miranda's brother William.

"Hurry up mate, we got us some chicks waiting!" cried out several bandmates.

"I'll talk to you later ok?"

"No problem bro," smiled Miranda though deep down she wished he had stayed so she could talk to him into the wee hours of the morning.

MIranda left backstage exiting through the back alley. The streets were deserted and a couple of street lights were out but Miranda wasn't bothered. Her flat wasn't that far away.

Miranda whistled as she walked, up ahead she saw a figure bent over a railing and she could hear the person puking.

"You ok luv?" asked Miranda as she came closer.

To Be Continued...................

Rob The BLack Douglas
14-11-2005, 03:22 AM
Miranda stepped forward and grabbed hold of the person hanging onto the railing slipped and their legs shot out from under them. Miranda reached out and caught them as they sprawled out their head rolling to one side. Miranda gasped as the dim phosphorous light for a moment spalyed across the body's features. It was a young girl ,not more than seventeen. She reeked of alcohol and her eyes were unfocused.

"It's ok, I got you," said Miranda as she effortlessly lifted the girl in her arms and carried her off towards her flat.

MIranda set the girl down carefully on her flat's couch. A large trashcan was placed at the side of the couch and a glass of water. A warm blanket was tossed over the girls shoulders and Miranda stood for a few moments looking as the young girl lay as still as could be her breathing shallow and ragged. Miranda shook her head and softly closed the door to her bedroom and went to bed.

When Miranda woke the next morning she found the young girl still asleep o nthe couch, the blanket pulled up over her head in an attempt to drown out the street noise filtering in. Miranda wrinkled her nose at the sour smell coming from the trashcan. Grimacing Miranda dumped the liquid mess in the toilet and rinsed out the trashcan in the shower.

A low pitched moaning was coming from under the blanket when Miranda returned. SMiling Miranda carefully pulled back the blanket to.

"Bloody hell! What did you do that for?" cried the young girl as she feebly reached out to grab the blanket in Miranda's hand.

"Sit up ,I'll bring you an aspirin," said Miranda softly.

The girl was sitting up her head in her hands when Miranda handed her the aspirin.

"Drink up."

The girl mumbled something unintelligble as she popped te aspirin in her mouth and choked down the glass of water.

"Stay there, I'll cook us up a fry up, you'll be feeling fine when you get some grease in your stomach." Miranda smiled and went into her kitchen and began to whip up a quick breakfast. She came back out with a plate piled high with fried eggs, bangers, puddings and fried tomatoes.

The girl wrinkled her nose at the smell of the plate of food.

"You'll feel better after you've eaten," said Miranda as she wrapped the girls finger's around a fork.

Slowly the girl shoveled food into her mouth, catching herself a few times as she almost gagged, but soon she was devouring the food. Miranda smiled and took the empty plate into the kitchen.

To Be Continued..............