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Rob The BLack Douglas
01-11-2005, 03:09 AM

Heather McBride wiped the water from her eyes and stumbled into the dark alley. Cold, wet, freezing to death, Heather eased her slim frame onto a decaying pile of furniture and moldy carpeting. Her teeth chattered as she wrapped her skinny arms about herself in a vain attempt to stay warm.

The steady grey drizzle cast a cold haze upon everything and Heather stared at the alley entrance her fear evident in her eyes. It had been hours since she had fled her home no longer wishing to live i na prison that would end up killing her.
The bruises covered her face , one eye was nearly swollen shut and he bones ached from the constant beatings.

She had taken all she could and despite the fear of being tracked down she no longer cared, she had to run, even if it meant her dieing of exsposure. She knew that she would get no help from the authorities, not with his connections.

The salt of her tears stung the bruises on her face as she openly wept letting the pain and anguish flow from her. The memories of the first time she was beaten freely filling her mind. How the crack of the leather belt echoed throughout the room as it left welt after welt upon her back. The crunch of her bones as the fists pounded them over and over ,the roughness of the back of his hand as he casually backhanded her sending her flying into furniture. The sour smell as he forced himself upon her when she didn't want him.

Heather wiped her tears and struggled to her feet. Her cloth's were completely soaked and her feet ached but she continued to move on, not wanting to be discovered. Ever moving ,in the hopes of reaching freedom.

Night was falling and Heathere peered from the alley before stepping out onto the walk. The street was deserted and Heather scrunched her shoulder's head down moving as fast as she could. The grey buildings around her towered into the rany mist their tops faded from sight reaching ionto the heavens.

The comforting shelter of a stack of crates loomed into view and Heather's pulse quickened as she started to run towards it.

A thick black arm appeared out of the mist grabbed hold of Heather and slammed her hard up against the cold bricks of the nearby building.

"What do we have here," said a cold thin voice.

Heather tried to struggle free her hands clawing at the thick limb holding her in place.

"Nobody anyone would miss by the looks of her, " replied a low thick snarl from the rain.

Heather whimpered as she was dragged into another alley. Thick rough fingers grabbed at her breasts twisting her nipples making her cry out with pain as she was forced down upon a soaking wet dirty matress. Breath rancid with alcohol filled her face as a tongue flicked out and licked at her face.

The jangle of a belt loosening made Heather fight even harder only to have another set of hands clamp down and hold her in place.

"Fiesty little bitch," hissed one of her assailants.

"Hurry up and poke the fucking slit, I want a turn," growled the other.

Heather cried, her eyes shut tight as the she was raped, her pain growing into a flame that filled her body. She didn't notice when the first one had finished and his partner took his place, his weight pressing down upon her.

When they had finished they stood leaving Heather bloodied and crying still laying upon the filthy matress not bothering to cover herself as watere dripped from above.

"Finish her off, we're late getting back to the station house," growled one of her rapists.

Heather turned her head not looking as the other aproached gun barrel black and heavy in his hand. The alley echoed with a loud bang and everything went black for Heather.

To Be Continued........................

Rob The BLack Douglas
02-11-2005, 03:28 AM

Heather's vision was a narrow slit, fuzzy and colorless. Voices floated about her head, words a mishmash jumble that was jibberish to her. Heather tried to move only to cry out in pain and blacked out once more.

The soft murmur of voices woke Heather who tried to move only to find herself restrained. Her mouth was dry and she opened her mouth to speak only to barely croak out astrangled cry.

"She's awake, give her another dose," hissed a voice low and gutteral.

Heather felt a tiny prick of her skin and soon a soothing relaxed feeling filled her a she once more slipped away.

Melinda Maclean stood looking out from her villa over the rain swept bay. from here she ould see the dark barely lit tower's of downtown thrusting into the clouds, phalic and ugly.

"Ma'am? They called in, they're bringing a new one in," said Alexia Melinda's assistant.

"How bad is she?'

"They didn't say."

Melinda sighed. Every day things got worse and worse.More and more women were being discarded, no longer considered useful, their looks having faded with time, or no longer considered useful after having being used as a baby making machine, for most of their lives.

Melinda remembered when things were different, women could go about without fearing for their lives, when they were considered to be worth more than property. A time that no longered existed.

"They're bringing her in to the medical room ma'am," said Alexia softly.

"I'll be there shortly," replied Melinda.

Bright white light greeted Heather when she opened her eyes once more. Her entire body felt numb. Distant voices barely penetrated the fog of her brain. She tried to sit up but once more found herself restrained.

"What's her story?" asked Melinda from the door.

"We came across her in an alley just after two member's of the local thug squad had finished raping her and were about to put her out of her misery."

"Are they the ones who did that to her?"

"WE don't think so, some are fairly old and there are indications that she has a history of being beaten."

"My god," murmured Melinda.

"Not my god."

"Please, not now Katherine, save your anger for those who truly deserve it," said Melinda softly.

"When are you going to take your blinder's off Melinda? Wake up and face reality will you?" Katherine stomped off and Melinda watched her go before turning back to watch what was going on with Heather.

To Be Continued..................

Rob The BLack Douglas
06-11-2005, 07:42 PM

Katherine angrily made her way down the hall and turned into her room. It was furnished in a spartan manner ,bare walls, a bed ,a lone dresser ,and a small closet for her clothes. The rooms lone window looked out over the villa's garden, which now was dead and brown with winter approaching.

Katherine stood before the window as the drizzling rain ran in numerous rivers down the glass. She could feel the cold of outside through the glass ,a cold that still made her body ache, years after her wounds had healed, at least those on the outside.

Katherine turned fro mthe window and carefully removed her top and stood before the mirror. The scar started at the edge of her left breast and wound like a spastic snake down and across her belly before dipping towards her crotch. The scar tissue was rough and puckered as Katherine ran her finger's across it. The fever had reached a point that it almost claimed her life, it was touch and and go for several weeks and then the month's afterword, the constant watching and the suicide attempts.

Bitterness boiled up in Katherine's throat. Years of abuse at her husband hand's ending with him cutting her so that no man would ever want to fuck her again. She had fought back and escaped though not before he had cut her bad in a drunken rage. Katherine had wandered her wound festering and and becoming infected. It was sheer chance that she had been rescued and saved.

Katherine turned away from the mirror and wiped away bitter tears. Five years later, her anger still burned, longing to eaxact vengeance upon the one who had done this to her. One day, he will pay," thought Katherine like she did everyday, her ritual keeping her focused.

Melinda rubbed her eyes and sat down at her desk. Outside the storm still raged even more powerful now, the rain drumming steadily upon the villa, a constant tempo of dread. Melinda poured herself another glass of wine and leaned back in her chair to ponder the new arrival.

More and more women, no make that girls, most of them were barely older than fourteen before being married off to neanderthal brutes who desired nothing more from them than a male child. Most were subjected to a form of legalized rape that often left them beaten and battered beyond recognition as their husbands took what they claimed was theirs.

Melind thought back to her husband. The violent temper fueled by drugs, an increasing paranoia, tat often led him to accuse her of vile acts that she had never even heard of, his sexual fetishes that left her uncomfortable and feeling degraded as he sweatily went about doing his task.

Melinda set her empty wine glass down and stood. Tomorrow would bring a new day and new problems. She should try and get some rest if possible ,before facing the enemy.

Lightning flashed and thunder echoed as the storm passed over the city the dim lights of the towers a pale sickly yellow, a decayed presence that even the storm could not wash clean.

To Be Continued...............

Rob The BLack Douglas
08-11-2005, 04:07 AM

Heather tossed and turned as her fever raged. Visions dark and twisted filled her mind as she fought to fight the sickness raging within her body. Sweat beaded on her forhead and she moaned, her tongue licking her lips, eager for every little drop of moisture.

Melinda sat in the rooms lone chair and watched as the nurse checked Heather's IV. She looked at at Melinda briefly and shrugged her shoulder's. Melinda nodded and stood, her long thin hands smoothing the grey wool of her skirt, before she exited the room. The nurse took sat in the chair and continued to monitor Heather.

As her fever raged ,Heather's thought's turned more and more inward.

"Heather, you're father wants to speak to you," said her mother softly as she tried to hide her tears.

"What is it mama?" wondered Heather her voice small and childlike as she picked up on her mother's fear.

"He'll tell you honey," her mother whispered as she turned and ran from the room.

Puzzled and curious at the same time, Heather made her way to her father's study where he sat behind a worn oak desk piledchigh with paper's. The medicinal smell of alcohol made Heather's nose crinkle in distaste. Her father's cheeks were flush, his nose red, as he flipped through page after page of material ,his voice low and filled with anger as he grumbled to himself.

"You wanted to see me papa?" asked heather as she stood in the doorway waiting to recieve permission to enter. Here father looked up his droopy grey eyes piercing her as if staring right through her.

"Come here Heather," growled her father as he scribbled away his pen scratching against the paper.

"Have I done something wrong, papa?"

"No you haven't done anything wrong," said Heather's father as he put his pen down and smiled at Heather.

Heather smiled back ,she couldn't remember the last time she had seen her father smile, it being so long ago. Most of her memories were of her mother and father constantly fighting. The fighting scared her the most ,she would often run and hide beneath her bed her blanket pulled tight about her, teddy bear clutched in a death grip as she listened to the steady roar of her father shouting and her mother's high pitched pleading for him to stop. The fights always ended the same with the steady thwack of of her father's leather belt striking her mother's back and Heather's mother sobbing into the dark hours of the night.

Heather would huddle under her bed trembling, not wanting to make her father even more upset, unwilling to leave what she considered to be her safe place.

"You have done something wonderful child," said her father as he stood somewhat unsteadily and stepped away from his desk.

"What have I done papa?" asked Heather her face eager to know as she peered up at him.

"You've saved this family," stated her father simply as he knelt on one knee bfore her.

Heather scrunched up her face and looked at her father funny.

"How did I do that?"

"Well, a very important man has decided that you would be the perfect bride for his son, and is willing to pay a lot of money."

"But papa,I don't want to marry anyone yet .I don't know anyone!" cried Heather.

Heather's father's face flashed with anger briefly before he smiled at Heather once more.

"Now, now, don't be that way. You're not going to marry him right away ,you'll get to know him first. So no tears ,for you dear old father?"

Heather looked into her father's eyes and for the first time in a long while she saw love there. She threw her skinny arms about him and hugged him.

"Ok, papa," Heather finally said.

"That's a good girl, now run along, I have work to do."

To Be Continued...................

09-11-2005, 12:53 AM
No offense, but this is damn depressing

Rob The BLack Douglas
09-11-2005, 03:40 AM
No offense, but this is damn depressing

It's suppose to be.

Rob The BLack Douglas
13-11-2005, 07:38 PM

Melinda stood on the patio and smiled as the fresh scent of the garden, clean and fresh filled the air. The grey of the distant towers for a brief moment was washed away, a clean slick shine hiding the decay within. Melinda sighed and looked away from the city and towards the beach. She could see the villa's garden and it's constant caretaker, Angus.

A ray of sunshine broke through the thin cloud cover and for a moment the world was aglow in warmth before a cloud covered up the sun once more and the same grey tone took over.

Katherine stretched and stood at Melinda's side a steaming cup of tea in her hand.

"The new arrival is doing better, her fever as dropped and she's sleeping well now," said Katherine after she had sipped her tea.

"That's good. Any luck getting any information on her?"

"Nothing yet, and she didn't have any ID on her or money. Whoever threw her out did a number on her," said Katherine calmly.

"Before she was raped?"

"The rape was the least of her problems. She has injuries that are month's old if not older. It looks like she was regularly abused."

Melinda sighed. What had become of the world? She could remember her father treating her differently than he did her brother and how things went really bad after her brother had died. Her father slipping into his own insular world ,her mother hiding her tears from the world and turning to prescription drugs to numb her own pain. A pain that Melinda never knew anything about even after her mother committed suicide and her father shipping her off to private school until he could get her married off.

"I have to go into the city later on. Angus is has been a little tempermental lately so be careful, ok?"

Katherine cringed just barely though Melinda notice it. Mentally she sighed. Angus was a tricky subject with many at the villa. His dark brooding presence made many ill at ease. A dark shadow seemed to weigh upon his soul as he went about his duty's in silence not acknowledging anyones presence except for Melinda.

She wish she could tell all of them of his past but he had extracted an oath of silence from her as a condition of his staying at the villa.

"I won't be long," said Melinda turning and walking back into the villa.

Alexia sighed asshe lowered herself into the swirling waters of the villa's spa. The heat seeped into her muscles helping them loosen as her tension began to melt away.

Katherine draped her robe over a nearby chair and slid into te water's at Alexia's side. Alexia smiled and leaned over and kissed her. Katherine purred and cupped Alexia's breast as her passion grew. For several minute's te two women kissed, eager and hungery for each other.

Katherine pulled back and smiled as Alexia gasped.

"Turn around, I'll massage your shoulders," Katherine said softly.

Alexia obeyed and began to purr as Katherine's strong hands worked their magic on her shoulders making her melt and moan.

In her room Heather turned on her side her mind racing as her body began to heal itself.

To Be Continued...................

Rob The BLack Douglas
19-11-2005, 12:32 AM

Melinda closed her eyes and sighed as the warmth of the bath washed over her as she sank down to the tip of her nose. She could feel the tension of the villa in the air, hell she could practically taste it. Heather's arrival had once more put the other's on edge.

Despite her best efforts there were several factions among the women. Katherine headed up the more militant element, while she headed those who were less vengeance oriented. A delicate balanced existed at the villa, one that had been thrown into turmoil with the new arrival. Soon as she recovered the poer plays would begin, each side trying to trying to strengthen its own positon at the expence of the other.

Melinda sighed once more and dunked her head into the water letting her hair float above as she let the womblike sensations flow over her.

Katherine kissed Alexia purring as she did so. Alexia's blonde hair fanned out behind her head on the love stained sheets. Katherine's skin glistened in the low glow of the boudoir lights.

Alexiax teased her fingers through Katherine's hair as she looked into her eyes with total devotion. Katherinesoflty ran her hands across the taut flatness of Alexia's stomach.

"That was wonderful," Katherine said softly her lips planting lingering kisses upon Alexia.

Alexia closed her eyes and sighed with contentment. Her body still throbbed as the pleasure she had recieved slowly ebbed from her body.

Heather whimpered as she tossed and turned her fevered brain fueling her nightmares.

Heather fought to hold back her tears as her father roughly pushed her forward. Sitting before her was her fiance, his black suit slightly faded and ill fitting. His hands were large, narrow, and bony. Watery grey eyes peered at her from beneath bushy grey eyebrows. Pale white hair hung limply down to his shoulders.

"Come here," her fiance whispered, barely loud enough for Heather to hear.

Hesitantly Heather slowly stepped forward until she was nearly touching him. He faintly smelled of moldy paper and Heather wrinkled her nose despite her control. Her fiance smiled and his bony fingers grabbed hold of her arm and roughly turned her around.

"She's a bit skinny, but she'll develop soon enough. We have a deal."

Heather's father smiled broadly and her mother looked away to hide the tears that threatened to fall. Heather looked up at her father her fear all over her face as he just turned and grabbed her mother by the arm and dragged her from the room without even saying goodbye.

Scared Heather tured back to her fiance whe leaned forward his bony fingers reaching out and grasping Heather's jaw and clamping down tightly making her cry out in pain. His smile was cold.

"You will soon learn your place," he hissed.

To Be Continued...................

Rob The BLack Douglas
30-11-2005, 03:18 AM

Heather trembled as her thin fingers smoothed out non-existant wrinkles in her solid plain grey dress. Despite the less than flattering cut of the dress, her budding womanhood was very self evident. Heather sighed and checked her hair once more in the mirror, it was pulled back in a very severe style giving her face an almost gaunt and hollow look to it.

Her husband stiltily walked into her bedroom, his thin lips pursed into a sour pucker of an expression. His grey eyes roamed over Heather's body making her flinch as they violated her being with there gaze.

"Tonight I come to you, be ready," her husband leered as figited with the crotch of his pants for a brief moment before turning and walking out.

Heather sighed and held back her tears. Her husband's infrequent vbisits were always traumatic affairs. The bruises left on her arms from his iron grip as he held her body still. The frenzied thrusting, with high pitched groaning building until he collapsed, his sweaty body weighing heavily upon Heather.

Every time, she lay back as he went about his business, grunting and moaning , pounding into her, making her feel like a slab of meat to be used and abused. She never felt anything other than soreness when he was done. He always quickly departed leaving her laying on the bed her legs still parted.

Tonight was no different. Heather was laying on the bed when her husband appeared. He flipped up her dress and quickly went about his business. Drops of his sweat splattering on her dress. With a long pig like grunt he spasmed and pulled away from her not saying a word as he turned around and left.

Heather waited several minutes before she pulled down her dress over her sticky thighs and lay there in the dim light and cried ,her sobs muffled by her pillow.

Angus stood and flexed his back and shoulder muscles sighing as the slight tension worked loose and the ache began to fade. The day was growing short ,the sun beginning to sink sending out rays of red and gold, reflecting off of the cloud cover.

Angus reached down and picked up his bag of tools and looked once more out over his garden. For a brief moment he was at peace, the turmoil raging within his mind and scarred body pausing for the briefest of moments, before once more resuming.

Angus turned his back and began to trudge his way up towards the villa uncaring about the numerous eyes watching him. Katherine narrowed her eyes as she watched the massive figure shamble onward.

"Let it go," said Alexia."Melinda will never get rid of him."

Katherine shot Alexia a gaze of pure venom before leaving. Alexia sighed as she watched her lover stomp off. Sometimes Katherine let her hate cloud her judgement. Alexia turned back to the window and for the hundreth time wondered just what was Angus' story.

To Be Continued...............

Rob The BLack Douglas
02-12-2005, 04:48 AM

Heather slowly buttoned up her dress, the faint outline of the bruise just above her breast peeking out. Sighing Heather reached for some concealor. Last night was a night she would soon not forget. Her husband had been even more distant than normal. Heather had gone about her duty's as quietly as possible, when her husband was in one of his moods it was not a good idea. Shortly after they had been wed ,Heather learned first hand just how bad his temper could be.

They had just finished eating dinner and had retired to her husband's library were he sat in his massive leather chair, book open on his lap, snifter of cognac in his hand and read before the rooms massive fireplace. Heather had only been taught to read a little bit and the books in her husband's library were filled with words she had never seen before.

Resigned to the fact that her husband had no interest in helping her learn, Heather sat upon a small stool and went about her needlepoint, which her husband took no notice of. She was concentrating and missed what actually had happened. She did see the aftermath though.

Her husband's face went beet red as he leaped to his feet and towered over the trembling servant who was on his knee's surrounded by scattered books that had been accidently knocked down. Her husband didn't say a word, he just reached over and liftred up a long rod of birch and proceeded to whip the hapless servant until his service jacket and shirt had been torn to bloody shreds.

Heather cringed at each blow of the rod. She had never before seen such carnage, her father a man of drunken brutality ,had never resorted to such methods upon her mother. When her husband had finished, he tossed the bloody rod upon the desk and once more sat in his chair and resumed his reading. The beaten servant continued to kneel upon the floor, his sobs of pain disrupting the general quiet of the library. Finally her husband extended a hand and gestured the servant away.

That night her husband forced himself upon her not once but twice his fingers grasping her white flesh tightly, leaving thin red lines upon her body. For once he didn't just leave after he had finished, he stood naked before her bedroom window his arms crossed as he stared out over the bay the moon glowing silver upon the black waters.

"What is it my husband?" queried Heather her voice trembling with fear though she was in the sanctuary of her own room.

"Nothing one such as yourself could comprehend," he replied coldly.

Heather drew back and smoothed her skirts before she stood and walked up to her husband. He turned and scowled at her sending her back several steps.

"You're sex will never comprehend the burden's we men must ear," he hissed as he grabbed his robe and tromped from the room.

Heather waited until she could no longer hear his heavy footstep before throwing herself onto her bed and bursting into tears.

To Be Continued..................

Rob The BLack Douglas
03-12-2005, 05:32 AM

Melinda stood over Heater and watched the monitor. Heather was still unconcious though her fever had subsided. The monitor's showed that her brain was extremely active despite her condition.

"I wonder what her mind is reliving," thought Melinda as she turned and left the room.

Heather nervously stood a few steps behind her husband trying not to embarrass him. Tonight was the first night he had taken her out from their home.They had been invited to dinner by one of her husbands friends.

As they were escorted into the hosts library, Heather noticed that all of the men were close in age to her husband though many of them were better preserved and much more handsome than her husband. Heather also nticed that all of their wives were extremely young nad in some cases extroidinarily beautiful.

Heather felt shame at her features, she had just begun to blossom as a woman and the changes he body was going through left her feeling different.

Her husband barely acknowledged her existance as he chatted with the other guests. Heather felt self concious as he weas looked over by the other women. Most took one look and turned their nosesd up at her and didn't apy anymore attention to her after that.

Dinner was an extravagent affair and Heather felt out of place unsure of what to do with the large array of utensuils placed before her. Her lack of social skill elicited more than one crueless chuckle from some of the guests and made her husband scold her to hide his embarassment.

Heather breathed a sigh of relief when the dinner was finally over and her husband banished her from his sight while he and his friends gathered in the library to read over some selected work without the offending presence of women.
Ignored by the other's Heather sat upon a stool in a corner and flipped through the books from a nearby shelf.

Some contained illustrations that made her face turn red and though she found many of the images to be perverse, Heather found herself fascinated by what they portrayed. Never had she thought it possible for two people to be able to engage in such activity's. Well at least not if one of them happened to be her husband. His occassional visits to her bed were not what Heather would consider a husband tenderly loving his wife.

"An interesting read?"

Startled Heather looked up her face bright crimson her mouth gaping open.

To Be Continued..............

Rob The BLack Douglas
05-12-2005, 02:30 AM

Embarassed Heather tried to conceal the book she had been reading ,but to no avail.

"Ah, now that is quite an interesting book," said the gentleman grinning as he carefully closed the book and put it back on the shelf.

Heather mumbled something as she turned her head to hide the deep flush of color.

"don't worry, I won't say anything." The gentleman smiled and offered his hand to Heather. "James Wolcott IV."

Heather gasped as she took the offered hand. Standing before her was the richest man in the city. James grinned a sly and seductive smile at Heather.

"Come on ,there are some wonderful paintings hidden away that almost never get seen." He grabbed Heather by the hand pulling her up.

With one arm protectively about her waist James regaled her with story's about thevarious guests including her husband as they wandered about viewing the artwork. Heather was smitten by James, his voice was warm and soothing, there was a mischivious twinkle in his eye when he laughed. For the first time Heather felt like she was truly wanted, something that had never happened with her husband.

Laughing together, Heather and James made their way back to the party which was just breaking up. Heather's husband was scowling, his temper barely under control. He was able to hold his tongue when he saw that Heather was with James and politely thanked him for watching his wife.

Heather's husband's templer flared when they returned home. His fingers gripped Heather tight as he bent her over his desk, his fingers ripping the fine material of her dress exposing the creamy flesh of her back. The steady thwack of the birch rod echoed thoughout the study has Heather's husband raised welt after welt upon her back. Heather cried out with each strike and tried to struggle free which only fueled her husbands anger. FInally he tossed aside the birch rod and collapsed into his oversized chair ,a sheen of sweat reflecting in the soft yelllow glow of the study's light.

Heather didn't dare move from her position, unwilling to excite her husband into another bout of punishment. Her husband stood and stepped in friont of her his fingers gripping her chin in a viselike grip.

"Stay the hell away from him, you understand?" he hissed before walking out.

SObbing from the pain, Heathe staggered to her feet and shuffled off to her room, the ripped rags of her dress hanging from her body, her back bloody.

To Be Continued.....................

Rob The BLack Douglas
06-12-2005, 04:43 AM

Heather cried out with pain as her servant tenderly administered her injuries. The pain had been so severe that Hather had not been able to sleep all night. Her breakfast tray sat next to her bed the plate having gone cold hours ago. Heather wept openly the angry words of her husband still ringing in her ears. What was to become of her?

Alexia her skin flushed fro mlove making lightly ran her fingers over the puckered skin of Katherine's scar.

"Why won't you tell love," murmured Alexia as she lightly kissed Katherine's skin.

Katherine sighed and pulled away from Alexia swinging her legs out off the bed and pulled her shift protectively about her.

"Don't do this love," said Alexia sitting up and wrapping her arms about Katherine. "Don't shut me out. I want to help you, but I can't if you keep pushing me away."

Katherine turned her head away slightly and began to speak her voice low and filled with emotion.

"I was the oldest of three children and the only daughter. My father never cared for me and would often let my brothers use do whatever they eanted with me. Whenone of them got me pregnant my father quickly sold me off to be some mans wife.'

Alexia gasped and leaned in closer to Katherine eager to hear the entire story though she found herself disturbed by what Katherine had already revealed.

"My husband," continued Katherine, "wasn't any better than my brothers. I was simply there for his pleasure day and night ,nothing more than a vessel for him to poke, whip, and beat."

"Oh god," whispered Alexia.

"One day he had finished with me and stood up. He motioned to someone and the next thing i knew i spent the next two days being ravished by I don't know how many men. I was so bruised and battered that I couldn't do a single thing for myself.

"The beatings never stopped. I was so out of it I wanted desperately to die. I saw death as my only escape."

To Be Continued.............

Rob The BLack Douglas
11-12-2005, 05:13 PM

Alexia gasped and her hand flew to her mouth. Kathereine looked away for a moment the warm yellow glow of the dim lighting catching her hair for a brief moment framing the sadness of her face. Alexia leaed in and ran her fingers through Katherine's hair.

"I had no idea love," Alexia whispered as she kissed KAtherine lightly.

Katherine pulled away and her tears glistened in the light. "That wasn't the worse," Katherine began her voice cracking. "I was with child ,and as my belly grew rounder ,my husband spent less and less time with me. At first I welcomed the solitude.

"Then one day my husband came home drunk with two whores on his arms. He made me serve them as he took them in front of me all the while belittling me. I was humilated., and spent my days locked away in a deep depression, constantly crying.

"As my due date grew closer, I found myself full of anger. Once more my husband came home drunk with whores in tow. I flew into a rage and attacked the whores pounding them with my fists. I was screaching and yelling as my fingers left bloody streaks upon the skin of the whores.

"My husband dragged me from them his fists hitting me over and over until I was broken and bloody, slumped over in the corner sobbing. The next day I lost the baby. The doctor said it was a natural miscarriage but it was a result of the beating my husband had given me.

"After that he lost himself in drink completely, for the child had been male and my husband had longed for a child. He no longer touched me ,he refused to look at me even.

"Then one day when he had nothing else to drink and he had trashed everything in sight looking for more alcohol, he came upon me with knife in hand. His breath was fetid from all the alcohol as he pressed himself upon me. He held the knife to my throat as he thrust madly into me while I cried in fear.

"When he came I thoight that it was over but I was wrong. He lay upon me the slimyyness of his cock against myj thigh. He looked into my eyes and told me that he would make so no ther man would ever ant me and he proceeded to cut me and then he tossed me out into the street."

Alexia wiped the tears from her cheeks and gingerly reached out and touched the puckered skin of Katherine's scar causing her to momentarily flinch and pulled Alexia tight to her.

"None of that matters any more," she whispered. "Now I have you." Her lips brushed Alexia's as they pulled each other down upon the bed once more.

To Be Continued..................

Rob The BLack Douglas
16-12-2005, 02:45 AM

Slowly weeks passed and Heather's wounds healed. She found herself cowering at every approach of her husband unable to control her trembling as his thin body grew close. HIs thin lips twisted into a smile every time he witnessed her trembling, her eyes submissively lowered, shoulders bowed. His long cold fingers wouls trace the lines of her neck and shoulders making her shiver in disgust at his touch.

A low dry chuckle would then emit from the black slit of a mouth and the fingers would dig themselves into her tender breasts making Heather cry out in pain. Her husbands face would light up as his fingers would dig deeper and deeper until Heather would collapse grasping at her chest sobbing.

Sometimes her husband would stand over her and undo his trousers and proceed to roughly take her then and there. Other times he would stomp away leaving Heather cowering upon the floor.

One night Heather lay upon her bed, her husbands scrawny frail body upon her feeling nothing but a shtarp stabbing sensation between her legs as he thrust madly upon her until he cried out a thin wail of pleasure and collapsed atop her his sweaty head falling between her budding breasts.

As he lay upon her panting, his brweathing short and ragged. Heather thought back to the day her parents had sold her to her husband. The gleam of greed in her father's eye as he turned away and pulled her mother along with him. NOt once had she felt antything akin to love.

Her husband did not love her. Her father did not love her. Her mother may have but her love was drowned by the constant outpouring of alcohol that she used to numb herself enough to make it through life with her husband.

Heather sighed and gently slid out from beneath her husband who had begun to softly snore. She stood naked before the rooms window, thin rivers of her husband's thin seed trickling down her thighs. Silver moonlight filtered into the room casting a grey sheen upon everything.

Heather's fingers lightly traced the curves of her breasts wincing slightly at their tenderness. Her nipples stiffened at her touch and Heather gasped slightly. There was no tenderness in what her husband considered to be lovemaking. The only passion was what jutted out of the thining graying bush of hair as he pounded into her before loosing a thin stream into her.

As she stared out over the city Heather's fingers slowly carressed herself, sending small tendrils of sensations across her body as she stood before the window exploring her body.

To Be Continued............

Rob The BLack Douglas
29-12-2005, 04:08 AM

Angus slowly stripped off his soiled shirt and tossed it onto the small pile in the basket in the corner. The light was dim in his small room. Angus stood in his bathroom and ran his thick stubby fingers over his jaw listening to the rasp of the stubble. Angus reached for his razor and and bowl of shaving soap, quickly working up a thick lather before shaving his features smooth with fast broad strokes.

Angus peered into the mirror as he rinsed his razor. The fading red hair with streaks of silver, the blue-grey peircing eyes, the thickness of his facial features. Clearing the stubble had revealed the fine white razor thin scars that ran the length of his cheeks.

Softly Angus reached up and gingerly touched them ,his muscles ticking on reflex as the memory's of each one flashed through his mind. He could still hear the screams and feel the desperate grasps of fingers on him to this day. Ducking his head, Angus turned from the mirror his fingers wiping the mist of water from his eyes as he lay down on his bed the pain in his joints throbbing. Angus stared up at the whiteness of the ceiling and closed his eyes ,the pain and misery his only companions.

Heather lowered her eyes as her husband hobbled about her. HIs skin had taken on a yellow tint and his eyes had shrunk into his skull the skin of his face pulled tight about his skull giving him a look of a poorly wrapped mummy.
HIs fingers roughly poked and prodded her, lingering over her budding breasts before painfully twisting her nipples and making her gasp in pain.

Her husband smiled at hr pain his thin lips pulled up in a twisted version of a smile as his tongue peeked out and licked his lips as he gazed at Heather like a sample from the local market.

"Don't move," he hissed as his fingers pulled loose the bindings of her dress letting it fall loosely about her feet. Heather trembled as she felt the cols hardness of the birch rod lightly carress her skin moments before it left a solid welt upon her back. Heather stumbled forward a couple of steps her hands out in front of her as her husband methodically birched her with the rod.

Finally her husband collapsed into his chair his breathing loud and rapid, practically gasping for air one hand placed over his heart. Heather reached down and pulled up her dress partially covering her nakedness. She turned and looked at her husband who's head had dropped his chin resting on his chest. Heather noticed the how excited he was and shuddered despite herself. The roughness of her husband's lovemaking left her sore and bruised and the thought of haing to endure that left Heather cold.

Her eyes fell upon the birch rod dangling loosely from her husbands fingers. Nervously Heather stepped forward and gingerly reached out to grasp hold of the rod. As her fingers wrapped around it her husbands eyes flew open causing Heather to fall back a squeal of terror escaping her lips.

"Fucking bitch!" growled her husband as he backhanded Heather sending her sprawling onto the floor. "I'll teach you."

Heather cried out in vain as jolt after jolt of pain shot through her body.

To Be Continued...............

Rob The BLack Douglas
30-12-2005, 02:15 AM

Heather trembled as she knelt on her knee's. Her husband towered over her the birch rod solid in his hand ashe walked abouther and lightly thumped it against his thigh. Heather felt faint, sleep had deprived, unable to rest for the last several days as her husband heaped abuse after abuse upon her. Her body was covered with bruises upon bruises from the birch rod. Her joints were swollen and her body raw. The salt of her tears stung her cheeks, her voice rough and almost gone, a pale whimper that could be barely heard over the sharp thwack of the birch rod.

Heather's husband paused and stripped from his clothes. Carefully folding the trousers and laying his shirt and jacket atop of them he turned back to Heather and looked down upon her. His skin hung loosely from his thin frame, wisps of white hair clumped about his chest. His boxers hung about his stick legs flapping with every bit of movement.

Fear gripped Heather. Her husband's excitement was very evident as he appraoched her birch rod held before him. The steady rain of blows fell upon Heather's back and shoulders. When he was done her husband took her, Heather barely feeling the stabbing of her parts as he panted and grunted until he collpased against her, his sweat clinging to her, stale and smelling of faded spices.

Heather lay upon the floor crying and cursing her parents for what they had done to her, selling her to her husband ,the total abandonment, everything.

Katherine whimpered in her sleep waking Alexia. Katherine had curled up in a fetal position her eyes squeezed shut as she was gripped in some nightmare. Alexia tried to hold Kathrine only to have her draw up even tighter and pull away. ALexia just sat there at her side scared.

TO Be Continued................

Rob The BLack Douglas
07-01-2006, 03:43 AM

Angus stood and watched as Melinda stepped from her vehicle. If anyone had looked close they would of seen the faintest of smiles on his scarred face. Angus stood there watching until Melinda ahd entered th villa vanishing from his sight.
Angus turned and resumed to work on his garden letting his chaotic mind rest as he went obout the routine job of weeding. Angus found the work relaxing, a change from his days as a a member of the city's police force.
Angus never had any ambition, he had been a violent thug in his youth, recruited from the streets in a routine roundup and pressed into service. He spent his days beating the poor and downtrodden, muscle for when subtlety was not called for.
Then one night his life changed.
Typical winter night in the city, cold, grey, the steady mist of rain had turned into a miserable drizzle. A cold fog had drifted in off the bay as Angus and the rest of his squad were driven to their next assignment. The cold stone of the downtown towers, devoid of warmth, thrust up through the fog into the darkness of the night their spires vanishing into the blackness of the sky.
Lights blazed a sulfurous yellow as Angus and his fellow squadmembers stepped fro mtheir van. Water dripped loudly on the streets and the scurry of rats could be heard in the alley. Angus
boots echoed hollowly as he stamped down the dark back alley until he stood before the thin wood back door. One kick splintered the rotten door and Angus thundered into the back room, long wooden club clutched in his hand.
The narrow hallway was empty as Angus slowly moved forward. Fro mthe front of the building he could hear the rest of the squad entering the shattering of windows and the screams of the bulidings accupants filling his ears. A shape staggered towards Angus and he crashed his club down, grunting with satisfaction as the persons skull caved in and the body tumbled to the ground.
Carefully Angus stepped over the body and advanced further into the building. Sounds of fighting and heavy cursing grew louder aa he approached the front. A few body's lay here and there and several small children were huddling in a corner crying, scared as the violence raged around them.
Angus ignored the kids, he was not one to terrorize children and began to swing his club, sending blood spalttering as it connected again and again with soft flesh.
Then smoke began to fill the building.
To Be Continued.............

Rob The BLack Douglas
09-01-2006, 04:56 AM

As the building began to fill with smoke, Angus lowered his club and looked around. His fellow squad members tottered drunkenly on their feet as they wide eyed gazed towards the front door. For the briefest moment their was silence then a mad stampede broke out as both the goon squad the buildings inhabitants all made a mad dash for the door.

Angus slunk back against the wall and he looked around him. Huddled together and crying their eyes out were a small group of three or four children. Angus grabbed the kids and ignored their frantic kicking and crying out as he shoved aside several people with his club and headed towards the back of the alley.

The smoke was thicker and Angus could hear the crackle of flames as the dry lumber of the building was engulfed. The cries and screams grew louder as the front of the building burst into flames. Angus tromped upon the rubbery mass of dead flesh almost losing his footing as the back of the building exploded into flame.

Angus ducked his head and barreled through the shattered remains of the back door tumbling to the ground his arms wrapped about a mass of wiggling, screaming, crying, children. Angus rolled onto his back letting his arms flap out at his sides the children rolling free of his embrace.

Angus gasped for breath as the cold mist rained down on him. The building was engulfed despite the moisture and Angus ears were filled with the hiss and pop of water hitting the flames.

"Fuck, some of them made it out," growled a high pitched voice.
Puzzled Angus turned his head just as te shots rang out the muzzle flash of the pistol nearly blinding him. The echo of the gunshots faded as Angus pushed himself to his feet staring in disbelief at the now lifeless body's of the children he had just saved.

"Fuck, you're a big one,"said the high pitched voice from the darkness.

Angus dove towards the voice as the gun went off the bullet searing along his shoulder. Angus cried out in pain as he wrapped his fingers around the skinny neck of the voices owner.

Angus squeezed until the body in his hands went limp and he tossed the man aside like a doll. icking aside the discarded gun Angus edged his way down the alley as the flames erupted through the roof of the building. The stones wall were hot to the touch steaming in places where the water had run down the sides.

Angu could now hear the occasional gunshot from the front .Cautiously he peered around the corner to see another squad armed patroling the front and shooting anyone who attempted to flee the burning building.

To Be Continued.............

Rob The BLack Douglas
24-01-2006, 03:16 AM

Despite the heat fro mthe fire Angus shivered, he was wet all over, his clothes soaked thouroughly. His breathing had slowed, no longer the ragged lung filling gasps, now softer, more controlled as he took in the scene from his hiding spot and watched not only the inhabitants of te building but members of his squad gunned down as they tried to escape the raging inferno of the fire.

Disjointed thoughts tumbled through Angus' mind as he tried to figure out just exactly why things were happening the way they were. Why were his squad mates clumped in with the rabble? As he tried to think a mass of flame burst from the building and ran towards the trucks that were parked before the building. Shouts filled the air and shots rapidly rang out as the flame tried to make it to the mass of people milling about the trucks only to finally collapse in a heap of crackling and hissing flames several feet away, the sizzling of human flesh so loud even Angus could hear it from where he was hiding.

Softer than a feather floating to the ground on the wind a delicate hand lightly came to rest on his shoulder. Startled Angus spun around only to see the faint flickering outline of someone standing in the shadows the orange and yellow of the flames dancing like devils across the black shape.

Fear filled Angus' soul as he stared at the still form for a moment before balling his fists and defiantly stepping forward. The shape remained still and Angus' brow furrowed ,as he tried to figure out what was going on.

"Come with me if you want to live," whispered a soft voice like a melody of whispers on the wind. Startled, Angus found him sulking i nthe shadows following the slithering shape from shadow to shadow as they wound their way out of the alley bypassing other squads patrolling.

Despite the situation Angus found himself filled with curiosity at the mysterious figure who was saving him. What was their motive? Unsure of what was to come Angus dutifully followed his savior into he inky blackness of the night.

Heather's body shook violently as her system reacted to being taken off of life support. Melinda watched anxiously with Katherine at her side until Heather's functions settled down into a regular rythem. Melinda let out a sigh of relief and turned to Katherine.

"Please go easy on her when she comes to," Melinda said softly as he turned and wlaked from the room.

Katherine held her tongue as she turned back to Heather's sleeping form on the bed. "I bet you have a tale to tell," she thought as she shook her head and headed towards Alexia's room.

To Be Continued........

Rob The BLack Douglas
09-02-2006, 02:47 AM

Heather McBride slowly woke her body protesting, her muscles weakly struggling. With a low groan Heather flopped back down in her bed and tried to find a glass of water. Her mouth was so dry her tongue kept sticking to the roof of her mouth.
Katherine stepped into the room and saw Heather trying to find a glass of water and quickly rushed over and delicately wrapped Heather's fingers around the plastic cup and helped her hold it as she sipped at the cool wet contents.
With a sigh Heather sank back down onto her pillow and closed her eyes. Soon she was asleep ,her breathing slow and regular. Katherine stayed and watched for a bit before finally shuffling off.
Melinda wearily lowered her briefacase onto her desk and slipped her shoes from her feet. A sense of hopelessness filled her as she replayed the images from earlier i nthe day over and over in her head. The fetid masses of garbage piled about on the streets. The grey and brown shivering forms that barely resembled people shuffling around despewrate for food or shelter, their minds and body's, shells of their former selves.
The towers with their brightness and filled with warm colors and waste, noses upraised to avoid the inevitable stink that filtered in off the streets.
Melinda wiped the tears fro mher eyes. Why did she keep on trying to help those few that she did when so many were suffering far worse?
Teary faced Melinda turned and looked up at Katherine standing in the shadow of the door of her office.
"The latest arrival, she has finally woken up," said Katherine softly before sliding into the shadows of the hall her feet pattering softly on the lush thick carpet.
Melinda sniffled and wiped her nose and turned in her chair and stared out over the villa's grounds. Ever since Heather had arrived there had been an air of desperation, a nervousness to everyone. Across the bay lightning flashed revealing massive storm clouds heading in.
"More rain," thought Melinda. "Too bad it doesn't rain hard enough to cleanse the the filth that was destroying the city."
Angus carefully spread the cream over the thick tissue of the scar covering his left arm. He shivered as the cold salve was worked into the rough surface of his scar. Thin lines of blood ran down his arm from where the scar tissue had cracked. Finally Angus reached for the bottle sitting o nthe edge of the table at the bedside and removing the cork drank deeply.
To Be Continued..........

Rob The BLack Douglas
12-02-2006, 12:14 AM

Angus slowly opened his eyes and groaned which made matter worse. His head throbbed steadily and his mout was so dry he could barely move his tongue. His eyes felt as if they were swimming in sandpaper as he tried to focus his blurry vision. The sour smell of vomit wafted off the wet grey mass on the bedsheets.
Angus wrinkled his nose and stumbled up his head swimming as he tottered on bare feet his arms flailing slightly as he staggered several rough steps only to lean drunkenly against the dresser knocking the empty bottle down sending it rolling haphazardly down the dresser top. Wooden fingers grasped out and stopped the bottle as it began to reach the dressers edge.
Angus breathed a ragged sigh of relief as he righted the bottle. On rubber legs he pushed away from the dresser and zigzagged his way into his bathroom.
Heather spooned eggs into her mouth her body starving for solid nourishment. Melinda stood in the hallway with Katherine and watched Heather show joy and smile. Her body was still a mass of bruises though fading from plum purple to sickly splotchy yellow and blue.
Melinda turned away and spoke softly to Katherine.
"It never ends," and slowly walked away.