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Rob The BLack Douglas
02-10-2005, 07:27 PM

Meagan quickly pulled on her pants and sat down on the edge of the bed. Behind her buried in the fluffy mass of sheets and comforter was her girlfrind Lara. Meagan leaned over and began to search until she uncovered Lara's sleeping features. Meagan leaned down and lightly kissed Lara's slightly parted pouty lips.

A small smile curled up the corners of her mouth as the tip of her pink tongue peeked out from between her lips.

Meagan suppressed a chuckle as Lara's eyes flew open and her face grimaced.

"Eww love, morning breath," grumbled Lara.

Meagan just smiled and straddled Lara's hips. Slowly she leaned in close and began to softly kiss Lara's lips. Lara purred as her fingersslowly unbuttoned Meagan's shirt.

Meagan pulled away leaving Lara panting her eyes heavy with desire.

"We can't. I have to go, my parents are expecting me," Meagan said softly as she stood and began to rebutton her shirt.

Lara pouted for a moment before fling the comforter and sheets from the bed and bounding to her feet to stand before Meagan.

Meagan couldn't help it ,everytime she gazed uponb Lara it took her breath away. Lara cocked her left eyebrow and stood on her toes and kissed Meagan on the lips, long and slow.

"I'll see you at school, ok love?" she whispered.

Meagan only nodded and reached for her jacket. As she stepped from Lara's bedroom ,she turned and blew Lara a kiss which she caught and held to her heart.

"What a crazy feeling is love," thought Meagan.

"There you are!" exclaimed Meagan's mom as she eneterd the front door. "You need to hurry up and get ready for church, your father's already furious with you."

Yes mum,' muttered Meagan as she took the stairs two at a time.

Life was not easy for Meagan being the daughter of a minister. Her father had never been close to her or her sister Rebecca. He spent most of his spare time withhteir youngest brother Samuel, who he totally spoiled.

Meagan quickly stripped from her clothes and jumped into the shower enjoying the sensual feel of the water flowing across her body. Even now hours later she still tingled from the pleasure that Lara had coaxed from her body. Meagan moaned softly at the memory of Lara's lips brushing across her breasts.

"Meagan? Are you ok? We're almost ready to go?" shouted her sister Rebecca over the pulsing of the water.

"I'm coming just give me a sec," shouted back Meagan as she turned off the waterand grabbed a towel.

Soon she was pounding down te stairs dressed in one of her sunday dresses and toweling her hair dry. Her father just scowled at her before opening the front door and the family began to file out.

The ride to te church was the same as it was every week. Meagan sat in the back and quietly stared out the window longing for Lara and the day when she could leave her family behind.

Meagan ignored church like she always did prefering to discreetly doodle in her notebook or to write cutesy little love poems to Lara.

The ride was loud and rowdy with her mother praising her father's sermon and rebecca going on about how hungery she was and Samuel.

"So Meagan? When are you going to invite Lara to attend sunday services?" asked her mother.

"Unh? What did you say mom?" asked Meagan turning from the car window/

"When are you going to ask your friend Lara to attend church with us?"

"Oh ,I did already, but she declined. She's a bhuddist," replied Meagan as she heard her father mutter under his breath.

"The godless heathen."

Meagan sighed. Why was her family so ignorant.

Her father pulled into the driveway and Meagan rushed from the car and up the stairs and turned on her computer. Waiting as always were several messages from Lara. Meagan smiled and began to read.

To Be Continued.........

Rob The BLack Douglas
02-10-2005, 07:31 PM

Meagan devoured the tender words of love that Lara had sent to her. Her heart filled with joy even has her stomach knotted into a black stone that filled her with longing to be with Lara.


Startled Meagan turned to face her father.

"You ok? We've been calling you to lunch for the last five minutes."

Meagan's face went red as she quickly switched off her monitor and stood up.

"I'm ok, just engrossed with school work," muttere Meagan as she brushed past her father.

The rest of sunday slowly dragged on. Meagan wanted to call Lara so bad but with her parents nosiness and she made do with chatting with Lara online.

Night slowly fell and Meagan sleepy yet excited for school knowing that she and Lara would once more getto see each other.

"I'm worried about Meagan," Sarah, said Meagan's father as he slid under the covers beside his wife.

"She's a teenager Graham," replied her mothe not looking up from the latest Reader's Digest.

"It's more than that," replied Graham.


" I think her friend Lara is seducing our daughter away from Christ's love."

Meagan's mom slowly put down her magazine and looked at her husband.

"Aren't you being just a little bit paranoid dear? Lara is British and her mother did come from Asia."

Graham scowled at his wife.

"That's no escuse to stray from Christ," growled Graham.

"Dear, I don't think her family were ever christian's," said Sarah softly as she took her husbands hand in hers.

"Don't changer the subject Sarah," growled Graham. "I don't think Lara is good for our daughter."

Meagan's mom sighed and picked up her magazine again.

"I think your making a mistake, dear," she said. "Meagan's never had many friends, most of them were afraid of you. You're too paranoid for your own good."

"I'm not paranoid, just protective, after all, we are living in the end times and a godless society."

"Yes but she's a teenager dear, you need to be more paitent."

Graham sighed and turned the light out on his side of the bed.

Meagan was hopping fro mfoot to foot as she waited near the maple tree in front of the school for Lara to arrive. Sleep had been a frenzy fever of fantasy as Meagan wished for morning to come.

"Morning love," grinned Lara as she walked up and planted a quick kiss on Meagan's lips.

Lara's accent never failed to excite Meagan. Add in the pout of her lips, the slight swell of her breasts, the long black hair, and her perfect skin, Meagan felt lucky that Lara had chosen her.

"What's wrong?" asked Lara reaching out and gently touching Meagan's cheek.

"Just the usual. My dad is so suspicious. And Yesterday when I mentioned you were a bhuddist ,I heard him call you a godless heathen under his breath."

"I'm sorry love," whispered Lara as she kissed Meagan again. "I could never be a christian you know."

"I know," replied Meagan as she pulled Lara tight to her hugging her.

"Ok love, we need to go, the bells about to ring. We can talk about this during break, ok?" Lara held Meagan's face in her hands her eyes wide and full of love for Meagan.

Meagan swallowed hard and nodded.

"Yeah, we'll talk."

To Be Continued...........

Rob The BLack Douglas
02-10-2005, 07:38 PM

Meagan felt Lara stiffen as they walked towards the entrance of their school. Meagan said a silent prayer as they entered the long and narrow main hall filled with students bustling about. The noise level was loud as friends shouted out messages to each other.

Meagan wished that she could openly embrace her relationship with Lara. To this day Meagan couldn't figure out how she became the lucky one. Lara was exotic, foreign, a smoldering sex pot that tantalized and seduced with her voice and a bat of her eyelashes.

And Meagan was the homely eldest daughter of a fire and brimstone preacher. People were so afraid of her father that they tended to keep their contact with Meagan to a minimum.

"Your weekend couldn't of been that bad."

Startled Meagan spun around to see her only friend other than Lara at school. Alexander McBride. Tall, handsome, he could have any girl he wanted, if he wasn't gay. Meagan wished she had the confidence that Alexander had. He went about his business ,not caring what others thought of him. He enjoyed being the exact opposite of how everyone thought a gay man should act.

"Just the same old thing, saturday was wonderful with sunday nothing but doom and gloom." Meagan smiled at Alexander as she waves her fingers at Lara as she headed off to her first class.

"Aw, I'm sorry dear," said Alexander as he wrapped Meagan up in his arms. "Bring Lara by after school, I'm baking cookies." Alexander winked and blew Meagan a kiss as he turned and headed towards his first period class.

Meagan had math first period, not one of her stronger subjects, and the constant drifting of her mind ,thinking about what Lara was doing and that she had another twenty minutes to go and she so wanted to pull Lara into a hidden corner and make love to her again.

"Are you ok Meagan?' asked her math teacher.

"What? Oh, yes, I'm fine, just trying to concentrate."

"You sure? You look a little flushed."

Meagan blushed three shades of red and mumbled something or the other. A few in the far back rows snickered loudly until he teacher berated them. Meagan ignored them her thoughts once more turning to what she wanted to do with Lara.

The bell hadn't even finished ringing and Meagan was out the door moving as fast as she could without running. There waiting for her beside the busted soda machine waiting just as she had every day since they started their relationship was Lara.

She smiled when she saw Meagan and held out a stick of gum to her. Neither embraced the other. Lara didn't feel safe acknowledgeing who she was and Meagan was afraid of the backlash fro mher family.

"CHrist I envy Alexander," muttered LAra as she watched him saunter down the hallway flirting with the freshman girls and tossing the occassional wink towards some of the not-so-bright members of the football team.

"He said for us to stop by after school, he's baking cookies," said Meagan as she popped the gum in her mouth.

Lara broke out in a broad smile. SHe was famous for her sweet tooth and Alexander mde really good cookies.

"Yes! You can make it?'

"Dad's working late at the church and mom wil be too busy dealing with my siblings, so I can avoid going home for a bit," replied Meagan.

Lara smiled and blew Meagan a kiss.

"You know what that means love," Lara whispered her british accent sending shivers through Meagan's body fueling hr desire for her.

"Lunch time, love," grinned Meagan as she hoisted her backpack and headed towards her next class.

To Be Continued............

Rob The BLack Douglas
02-10-2005, 07:40 PM

The rest of the morning went by slowly as Meagan tried to concentrate on her school work.Yet her mind kept drifting to Lara. As the bell rang for lunch Meagan was out of her desk and at her locker grabbing her lunch. The day had grown warm and the sun was out. Meagan met Lara at the far end of the open lunch area beneath the shade of the large maple tree.

Lara smiled and blew Meagan a kiss no one could see as she approached. MEagan plopped down beside Lara sighed with contentment.

"Anything exciting happen?" asked Lara as she tore the crust from her peanut butter and jelly sandwich and tossing it the birds.

"I'm not sure," replied Meagan around a mouthful of her turky sandwich. "I've spent the entire morning doing nothing but thinking about what I want to do to you," she sais as she popped the top of her soda.

Lara arched her left eyebrow and cocked her head at Meagan.

"Oh really?" she purred her accent oozing pure sex.

Meagan shivered holding back her desire to rip all of LAra's clothed from her and to fuck her right there and then.

Meagan's voice was low and husky as she leaned forward. "I'm going to overwhelm you with pleasure," she whispered as her lips lightly brushed Lara's.

"Suck my cock! you fucking faggot!"

Both Lara and Meagan pulled away from each other and looked towards the school.

George Prescott, the quarterback of the football team was standing over someone Meagan did not recognize. George had the kids had his fingers wrapped tight in the kids hair and was lewdly thrusting his crotch in the kids face.

"Don't pull away!" growled George as trhe kid tried to break away.

"I thought all you faggots sucked dick!"

Meagan trembled with fear as she looked upon George and the delight htat filled his face as he tormented the kid.

"That bastard!" hissed Lara as she started to rise.

Meagan grabbed hold of Lara's arm and pulled her back down.

"Don't interfere<' she hissed.

Lara looked at Meagan in disbelief.

"You would just get in trouble," said Meagan. "No teacher would dare get George into trouble. ANd I don't want you to get hurt."

"But that poor kid," began Lara.

"You mean more to me than he does!" cried Meagan her grip on Lara tightening.

Lara's eyes softened and she wrapped her arms around Meagan.

"I love you so much," she whispered.

The bell rang and reluctantly the two lovers pulled apart. One more class and then they would be together for the rest of the school day.

As they walked back towards the school, Meagan looked back to see the kid still lying upon the ground everyone pretending not to notice him curled into a ball and moaning in pain.

To Be Continued..........

Rob The BLack Douglas
02-10-2005, 07:45 PM

Meagan took her seat in Current events and tried to ignore the snickering and loud mouth behavior of George and his football friends. George sneered as he peered about the room sticking out his toungue and flicking it at all the girls.

Meagan's skin crawled as his gazed settled on her for the moment. George waggled his toungue back and forth before breaking out in another hysterical fit of laughter and moviny on to harrass other students.

The dooor to the classroom slowly opened and in stepped the student George had been bullying. Meagan seemed to be the only student who did not avert their gaze. Meagan found herself staring at his dark eyes and the androgynous shape of his face.

The teacher looked up and just pointed to the only empty desk which happened to be one row away from George. The student shook is head and tossed his backpack onto the desk sending a loud bang throughout the classroom. The teacher glared at the new student and who just ignored the teacher and covered his eyes with his shaggy brown hair.

George reached into his block jacket and pulled out a straw and spat a spitwad towards the new kid. Who jerked back as the spitball sped past his nose and splatted against the window.

The teacher turned around and shot George a dirty look only to have George flip him off before going back to his conversation with his buddies.

Meagan shook her head and tried to concentrate but all she could think about was how hot and sexy Lara looked as she tried to go off and help the new student.

The minutes of the clock dragged on for an eternity, almost as if they were being held back and only moving forward by the sheer willpower of Meagan.

The bell rang and all thoughts of class and the new student and what an asshole George was faded from Meagan's mind as she slipped from her seat and made her way towards the gym. Meagan didn't notice the lewd gesture George sent her way as she walked out of the room.

Lara was already in the girls locker room stripped down to her red lace bra and her gym shorts. Meagan smiled and as she reached into her locker and pulled out her gym clothes. Lara's eyes devoured Meagan's body as she slipped from her school clothes and pulled on her sports bra and top.

Lara seductively licked her lips but quickly turned away as the door to the locker room opened and in stepped the gym teacher.

"Don't just stand there get you butts out on the floor."

Lara burst out in a fit of giggles as she leaned on Meagan for support her small firm breasts pressing against Meagan.

"We better get out there before thunder thighs comes storming back."

Both Meagan and Lara broke out into another fit of giggles at their nickname for their gym teacher. Ms. Amstel was no ones definition of a beautiful woman. A former East German swimmer she had legs like massive tree trunks and it was rumoured that she could crack walnut shells between her thighs. Some of the girls swore she had to wax her upper lip and her forhead.

The rest of the day passed by quickly, a blur for Meagan as she laughed and joked and talked with Lara.

Meagan was all aglow with thoughts of what she and Lara were going to do as they walked out of school when the clouds of dispair filled her world. Her father was waiting with the family van and her brother and sister.

He didn't say a word just held open the side door for Meagan. Meagan turned to Lara and mouthed, "I'm sorry," before climbing into the van and putting on her seatbelt. The side door slammed shut and Meagan felt as if she had been sent to prison.

To Be Continued...........

Rob The BLack Douglas
02-10-2005, 07:52 PM

Meagan held back her tears and stared out the window not wanting to deal with her father at all. Why did he choose today of all days to randomly pick her up after school? What was going on?

Meagan really didn't care. Her father would not be the kind and understanding type that one often saw in shows on MTV or in movies. The type of understanding parent her father often preached against from his church pulpit. What had she done to be born the way she was into a family like hers.

"Meagan? Meagan! You all right?"

Meagan turned her head and glared at her father.

"Not really, LAra and I were going to Alexander's house afterschool and he was going to bake us cookies," murmured Meagan as she let her hair cover her eyes.

Her father's eyes went dark at the mention of Alexander's name. Meagan smiled inside glad that there was something she could do to hurt him .Her father had preached against Alexander when the community first learned that he was gay.

"Well sorry, about that," her father said with little conviction. "BUt I have a surprise for all three of you."

"Fucking great," thought Meagan as she watched her brother and sister get all excited.

"What dad? What is it?" they cried.

Meagan grimaced and turned back to staring out the window.

'Well,' began her father." The church is having a special lockin tonight. You going to learn just how evil homosexuals are and what they are doing to destroy this god fearing country."

Meagan fought back the tears that sprang from her eyes. All she wanted was love, and the only one who gave her that love was Lara. Outside the sky turned black and lightning flashed as thunder rumbled and rain began to fall.

Lara watched as Meagan slowly climbed into the family van mouthing"I'm sorry"

"Bad timing that dear," said Alexander softly. 'Come on, let's eat lots of chocolate."

Lara smiled feebly at Alexander before shrugging her shoulders and walking away with him.

Lara slowly opened her eyes and flung her arm out to her side. Meagan' wasn't at her side and Lara felt empty and alone. She longed to kiss Meagan's lips, to run her fingers through her hair, to hold her tight and never let go, to give her the love her family would refuse if they knew that Meagan was a lesbian.

A gentle tapping came from Lara's window. Puzzled Lara padded over and pulled up the shade to reveal a shaking and trembling Meagan standing out in the rain.

"Holy shit!" cried Lara as she flung open the window and helped Meagan to crawl in.

"Why didn't you ring the doorbell?" asked Lara as she grabbed a towel from her bathroom and helped Meagan strip out of wet clothes.

"I did but no one answered. So i took a chance that you were still here," stuttered Meagan as she stripped out of her bra and panty's. Lara's breath caught in her throat as Meagan's curves were fully revealed to her. Meagan looked up and smiled at Lara.

"I missed you so much love," she cried throwing her cold arms around Lara, the thin material of the towel between them.

"What happened yesterday?"

"My oh so loving and wonderful father," began Meagan her voice dripping with sarcasm,"decided that my siblings and i needed to participate in a special lock in at the church. So we would know just how evil homosexuals are and how rock music turns people to devil worship."

Meagan placed her cheek on Lara's chest and began to sob uncontrollably.

"How can our love be evil," Meagan cried. "How can something that is so wonderful and pure, be so wrong?"

Meagan held Lara tighter and continued to sob. Lara gently began to stroke Meagan's neck, her voicing soft and soothing.

"I don't know love, I don't know," whispered Lara.

Rob The BLack Douglas
02-10-2005, 08:00 PM

Meagan stepped fro mthe shower and wrapped the bathrobe Lara had left for her around her body. The hot water had done more than clean her body it had washed away the pain and heartache.

"LAra?" called out Meagan as she left the steamy confines of the bathroom. 'Lara?Where are you?"

"I'm in the family room," called out Lara.

"What are you up to?" replied Meagan.

Silence was her only answer.

Puzzled Meagan peered into the family room. LAra was standing before the stereo dressed in a short tartan miniskirt, white tbutton shirt opened showing off her lace black bra, thigh high stockings and heels.

Meagan's jaw dropped at the sight of Lara. Desire filled her body.

LAra took Meagan by the hand and led her to the large overstuffed leather chair.

"Sit back my love, enjoy te show," whispered Lara as she kissed Meagan's lips.

Lara hopped over to the stereo and cranked up the volume. "Cradle of Love" by Billy Idol blasted out from the speakers.

Lara strutted forward and placed one heeled foot on Meagan's thigh. Lara seductively ran her hands down her legs before pulling back and and slowly began to untie her white blouse fully esposing her stomach.

Meagan's throat whent dry her pulse quickened as she longed to pull Lara to her and to kiss a trail all along her stomach.

Lara leaned in her body moving with the music and straddled Meagan's lap. Lara threw back her head her hair fanning out like an angel's halo her bra clad breasts thrusting upwards.

Lara pulled away once more and turned her back to Meagan. Slowly Lara lowered her tatan skirt to reveal black lace boyshorts that matched her bra.

Wearing a come hither smile Lara pulled Meagan fro mthe chair and led her out of the family room.

Lara pushed Meagan up against her bedroom wall her full lips gently teasing Meagan's nipple. Meagan gasped as the sash holding her bathrobe closed fell away and Lara hands carressed her burning flesh.

LAra slowly kissed her way down Meagan's stomach. pausing for just a moment to tease Meagan before her pink tongue darted between Meagan's lega. Meagan cried out her fingers grsbbing hold Of Lara's hair and guiding her has Lara's lips and tongue sent wave after wave of pleasure throughout Meagan's body.

The orgasm hit Meagan like a tidal wave her knee's buckling as Lara flicked her tongue sending her over the edge and her body collapsing into Lara's.

"Oh my god!" gasped Meagan as she kissed Lara's lips over and over.

"We're not done yet love," whispered Lara standind and removing her bra and boyshorts before taking Meagan by the hand and leading her to the bed.

To Be Continued............

Rob The BLack Douglas
02-10-2005, 08:07 PM

Meagan nuzzled Lara's neck as Lara purred.

"That was fucking amazng love," whispered Meagan as she fingers teased Lara as they traced erotic patterns down her body until Meagan gently rested them between Lara's legs.

"Oh my god!" cried kLara as Meagan brought her to climax her hips bucking as the orgasm filled her body.

"I love you so much," Lara cried as she sat up and pulled Meagan to her.

"I love you to," cried Meagan. "I just want us to be together like this forever," tears flowed from Meagan's eyes.

"We will love, we will, when we graduate," replied Lara holding Meagan tight to her.

"That's two years away!" cried Meagan. "I can't take the hate and the lies and the fear in my home anymore!" Tears ran down Meagan's cheeks as she sobbed her cheeks pressed against Lara's breasts.

"Oh love!," cried Lara. "We'll figue something out .But I need you to be strong for me. Can you do that for me?'

Meagan looked up into Lara's eyes and nodded.

"I'll try," sobbed Meagan.

"You'll do more than try, you will, 'cause your strong, and wonderful and are soft in all the right places." Lara said between sweet kisses.

Meagan blushed and kissed Lara hard her tongue flicking out and teasing Lara's.

Oh god, I love you so much," gasped Laraa asshe pulled away and began to kiss her way down Meagan's body. Meagan moaned as Lara reached her pleasure zone between her legs her back arching and her fingers twining themselves about Lara's hair guiding her lips to maximise her pleasure.

Lara loved to give Meagan pleasure and the two lost themselves in the moment ,not caring about what may come.

"Will you stop pacing dear?" asked Meagan's mother for the tenth time. "Meagan has never been late before and she's not late now."

"She's changed," replied Meagan's father.

"She's a teenager, of course she's changed. We did at her age .And I for one am glad that she's a lot more responsible than we were at her age."

Meagan's father glared at his wife.

"You refuse to see it dear," replied Meagan's father snapping at his wife.

"And you are being an overprotective nosy grouch!" snapped back Meagan's mother setting aside her knitting and stomping off to the kitchen.

Meagan's father sighed and looked at his two other children.

"Run upstairs and play," he growled.

Meagan's brother and sister scampered off glad to be out of range of their father's wrath.

Meagan's father continued to pace until he heard the front door open.

To Be Continued..............

Rob The BLack Douglas
02-10-2005, 08:12 PM

Meagan's father waited with bated breath as Meagan walked into the living room.

"Do you know what time it is?' asked Graham as Meagan started to climb the stairs to her room.

"Uhm, five minutes before I'm suppose to be home?" answered Meagan looking at her father with a look of total disbelief.

"No it's not, " began Meagan's father only to have Meagan point to the clock on the wall. "Never mind," growled her father as he stomped away to his study.

"What the fuck was that all about?" thought Meagan as she tromped up the stairs and into her room.

"Graham, why are you so paranoid about Meagan?" asked her mother has her father climbed into bed.

"I don't know for sure but I don't trust her friend Lara. She's not even a christian!"

"Now dear, that's no reason to not trust her. HAs Meagan been different because of Lara? No she hasn't. Now quit worrying. At least she's not going out and getting pregnant on us."

Meagan turned on her computer and logged onto aim. As promised Lara was already logged on waiting to chat with her.

Meagan-My dad was freaked out when i came home, and I was home early, not late!

Lara-wtf is his problem?

Meagan- I don't know. He scared me tho

Lara-Be strong <3, I'm talking to my folks about options but I don't know anything yet.

Meagan fought back her tears.

Meagan-I will, I miss lots <3, I'm scared and I just want you to hold me and tell me everything is going to be ok.

Lara-It will be ok, I promise you. I love you forever and ever <3

Meagan wioed her tears from her cheeks and logged off unable to finish her conversation with Lara. Slowly Meagan peeled off her clothes and climbed into her bed turning out the light. She held her teddy bear Mr. Jangles tight to her chest as she quietly cried herself to sleep.

Lara stared up at ceiling of her room unable to sleep. Meagan disconnecting without saying anything had Lara worried, Meagan had never done that before. Her father must of really scared her when she came home. Sighing ,Lara rolled onto her side wrapping herself about the body pillow she slept with when Meagan wasn't there to share her bed.

Meagan ran out the front door before her father had sat down at the breakfast table. She kissed her mother goodbye as she grabbed a piece of toast and ran all the way to school. LAra was waiting for her and Meagan through her arms around her kissing her passionately.

"I love you so much it hurts," she cried. " I can't live at home anymore, I can't!"

"Ok love, we'll talk to my parents," said Lara kissing away Meagan's tearsd as the bell rang.

To Be Continued.....

Rob The BLack Douglas
02-10-2005, 08:17 PM

First hour was a total disaster for Meagan, she finally asked to be excused and made her way to the nurses station feigning cramps. The nurse nodded knowingly and left Meagan to be by herself while she did her work in the outer office.

Meagan stared up at the ceiling and fought back her tears. Her sleep last night was fitfull and non resting, her eyes were swollen from crying and she didn't have the courage to face her father.

Everything was beginning to spiral out of control and the only anchor she had was Lara, dear sweet Lara, the love of her life, tthe one she wanted to be with until the end of time.

Meagan felt sick inside at the thought of having to return home. The time she spent away from Lara was an eternity. An eternity of longing and desire ,an eternity of hell as she fought to survive the overwhelming opression that loomed over her daily.

Meagan slowly sat up and edged off the bed and walked over to the sink and washed her face. She still felt numb but she didn't want to be sitting in the nurses office alone trying to fight her fears.

Lara watched Meagan shuffle off to her first hour class. She so wanted to hold her and hold her never letting go, but Meagan was so adamant about keeping their relationship a secret because of her father that Lara felt powerless to help her.

George walked by Lara his hand shooting out and slapping her backside. Lara let out a yell that had George and his buddy's laughing as she glared and gave them a two finger salute.

"You're a fucking wanker George!" yelled Lara as George and his pals strutted off towards their class.

"What have I told you about using such language young lady?" said a tiny uptight voice behind her.

Lara spun around to see Ms. Margum ,the Life Skills teacher standing close enough that Lara could smell the lingering odor of bengay.

"You didn't see what he did to me?" shouted Lara her arms waving in the general direction that George had headed.

"What I heard was a crass abuse of the English language young lady," said Ms. Margum from between her thin lips.

Lara shook her head.

"I can't fucking believe you people," she said outloud.

"That's it missy, to the office with you," said Ms. Margum shaking a bony finger at LAra's nose.

Lara rolled her eyes and turned to head to the office.

"Hey George, so how was Jenny last night?" asked Ben one of the teams wide reciever's.

George grinned and leaned up against a locker his right hand stuck down the front of his tight jeans.

"Jenny, well I'll tell you, that is one hot bitch." George grinned as his friends all giggled and laughed.

"You should of seen her devour the snake, I mean holy shit! And then When I was fucking her she was scratching me with her nails and telling me to fuck her harder!"

George's friends all stared at him wide eyed.

"Fuck man, I wish I was you," whispered Johnny.

"You can have Jenny, I'm done with her," aid George as his eyes roamed over the barely covered curves of the some freshman walking by. "I think I see another conquest t o add to my belt," George leered as he pushed away fro mthe locker and ran up to the freshman and wrapped his arm about her shoulders.

Damn ,George is a fucking god!" exclaimed one of his friends as George whispered into the freshman's ear and made her break out in a fit of giggles and her face went red.

Lara was extremely pissed off as she left the office. How could that asshole George get away with everything! The principal refused to listen to her and had given her detention for the rest of the week.

George stood and pulled up his jeans buttoning them.

"You tell anyone and I'll fucking kill you," he growled to the freshman girl with her panty's down around her ankles her skirt rasied up.

"She just looked away from George trembling and slowly stood and pulled her clothes back into place. She brushed past George who shoved her into the door of the janitor's closet.

"Remember, not a fucking word."

To Be Continued...........

Rob The BLack Douglas
02-10-2005, 08:19 PM

Meagan didn't see Lara at lunch. And then she wasn't in class for the rest of the day. Meagan was going out of her mind wondering what had happened to her. She totally failed to pop quizes ,but she didn't care.

School was out and Meragan drifted towards her locker her head hanging low.

Alexander was wsaiting for her concern all over his face.

"What's wrong babe" he asked as he handed Meagan a piece of chocolate.

Meagan stuffed the chocolate into her mouth and mumbled an answer.

"Now come on, tell me. Everyone can see how upset you are."

Meagan looked into Alexanders emerald green eyes and threw her arms around him her sobs muffled by Alexanders' sweater.

"Aw, babe, it'll be ok. You vcan tell me," said Alexander softly as he stroked Meagan's hair.

Lara raised her tear stained face and looked up at Alexander.

"It's Lara, I haven't seen her since this morning. She wasn't at lunch and I didn't see her all afernoon! What if something happened to her!" Fresh tears flowed down Meagan's cheeks.

"Well," said Alexander gently wiping Meagan's tears away gently with his long fingures. "Something did happen. She's been in detention."

Meagan gasped.

"FOr what?"

"For trying to report being sexually harrassed by our oh so wonderful football quarterback, and cussing him out only to given detention for reacting mnaturally."

Alexander smiled.

"You can ask her all the questions you want, 'cause her she comes."

Meagan spun around and threw herself into Lara's arms. She didn't care if anyone saw her.

"Oh love," whispered Meagan. " Iwas so worried about you."

Lara held Meagan tight.

"It's nothing ,just the usual arsehole bullshit. Fuck! I hate theat George. I can't believe they let him get away with that shite."

Despite her tears Meagan smiled. Lara was so sexy when she was upset and the way her accent made her swear words sound was even more sexy.

Lara wrappd her arm around Meagan's waist.

"Come on, lets get some chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream love."

Meagan tossed her backpack into the corner of the mud room and threw her coat over the top of the coat rack. Her father was sitting in his chair in the living room reading when Meagan walked in.

He looked up and smiled at her.

"How was school Meagan?" he asked marking his palce in the book.

"Not the best of days.," replied Meagan as she tried to observe every little detail of the cookie in her hand.

"You want to talk about it?"

"Not reallly, schools just school. Nothing much I can do about it."

Meagan didn't let her father answer as she quickly took the stairs two at a time and disapearing into her room.

Her father stared at the closed dooor for several minutes before sighing and returning to his reading.

"George? My hand's tired. When can I stop?" whined Jenny as her hand rubbed up and down in George's lap.

"Until I tell you to stop bitch," growled George.

"But nothing's happened," said Jenny as she increased her pace hoping to get the task over and done with.

"Well you could suck," growled George as he pushed Jenny's face into his lap and leaned back staring at the roof of his Jeep.

To Be Continued............

Rob The BLack Douglas
02-10-2005, 08:22 PM

"I'm worried about Meagan," said her father to her mother.

"What is it this time?" asked her mother as she kneaded the bread dough.

"She told me that she had a bad day at school and that there wasn't anything that could be done about it."

Meagan's mother grunted.

"Is that all? Many schools are not happy environments and dear remember, Meagan is the daughter of a popular minister. That makes it hard for her to have friends, not many want to be friends with someone who might preach and lecturer them all the time."

"I don't lecture all the time, " began Meagan's father only to stop as his wife glared at him her hands on her hips.

"Meagan's a young girl and it's hard enough being a girl without the added burden of having to worry about ones father. Remember how may father was?"

Meagan's father chuckled at the thought of his wife's father standing on the front porch with his shotgun everytime he picked her up for a date.

"Ok, I get your point, but I think that there is something we could do to help her."

"Why don't you ask her?"

Meagan's father gazed at his wife.

"Really? You think she'll give me an answer?"

"Maybe, you never know, now get out of my kitchen unless you're going to help me."

Meagan's father quicky vacated the kitchen leaving his wife to prepare dinner.

Meagan licked the last of the chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream from Lara's lips her tongue lingering for what seemed like infinity.

"That was wonderful love," sighed Lara as she stroked Meagan's hair her body flushed with pleasure that had just filled her body.

"I wonder what Alexander made of all this," grinned Meagan looking back towards the general direction of the kitchen.

"Next time have the decency to at least get to the bedroom and close the door!" shouted Alexander in response.

Both Lara and Meagan blushed.

"Fuck, I don't want to go home," murmured Meagan as she pulled on her shirt.

"I wish you could come home with me," said Lara as ashe pulled on her hip hugger jeans and buttoned them. "But you know your folks wouldn't go for that."

Meagan threw her arms around Lara and her lips nuzzled her breasts.

"I can't stand not being without you!" she cried.

Lara pulled Meagan's face up and kissed her deeply.

"I'm nothing without you love," Lara whispered. "I'm going to talk to my parents and see what we can do. OK?'

Meagan nodded.

"I better get home before my dad throws a shit fit," she grumbled grabbing her jacket and rushing out the door.

Meagan was so focused on leaving she never heard Lara cry out "I Love You!"

To Be Continued....................

Rob The BLack Douglas
02-10-2005, 08:25 PM

Meagan didn't sleep at all during the night. She kept tossing and turning and thinking about Lara. She had finally fallen asleep when her alarm went off. Cussing out loud she stumbled fro mher bed and into her shower. Her hair was still wet as she ran out the door towards school.

As Meagan approached looking for Lara she was puzzled by the presence of several police cars. She finally found Lara and Alexander standing beneath a stand of tree's.

Lara was very upset and Alexander was holding her tight to him trying to calm her.

"What's going on?" said Meagan as she stood at Alexander's side and took Lara into her arms. Lara was crying so hard her makeup was running.

"You remember that boy that that arsehole George bullied the other day?"

Meagan murmured that she remembered.

"They found him dead stuffed into a locker," said Alexander barely able to control his anger. "His pants and boxers were around his ankles and they had violated him with a broken broom handle. He bled to death."

Meagan cried out and held Lara even tighter to her.

"That's not all," continued Alexander. Spraypainted across the lockers was a message. This is a warning to all fudgepackers, repent or share his fate."

Lara continued to sob in Meagan's arms.

"My god Alexander, you could be next!" cried Meagan.

Alexander smiled at her and gently shook his head.

"They'l lthink twice before coming after me. Last year they tried to jump me at the park but I kicked all their asses."

Both Lara and Meagan looked at Alexander with their mouths wide open.

"Are you both going to just stand there or are you going to use those," winked Alexander.

Lara giggled and Meagan blushed before all three of them broke out in laughter. Several adults shot them angry gazes until they finally quieted down.

Time went by slowly and te student rumour mill was in full swing when the administration finally decided to cancel school and send the students home.

"You girls want to walk with me and protect me from any big scary homophobes?" asked Alexander as he struck a stereotypical gay pose.

Once more Lara and Meagan broke out in laughter. Lara hugged Alexander real hard and blew him a kiss and Meagan held her sides as she laughed at his antics. For that brief moment, the fear vanished overwhelmed by friendship and laughter.

To Be Continued...............................

Rob The BLack Douglas
02-10-2005, 08:28 PM

Meagan slowly opened the door of her home listening to hear if anyone was about. Her mother's car wasn't in the drive and her fther's bike wasn't in its usual place. Meagan slowly closed the door behind her and snuck upstairs and closed herself in her room.

Meagan tossed her backpack into the corner and crawled into her bed pulling the covers up to her chin. Her mind was a swirl of thought, fear, doubt, and nervousness. Would those responsible ever be caught? Woud they go after lesbians as well? Did anyone other than Alexander know that she and Lara were a couple.

Scared, Meagan rolled onto her side and closed her eyes and sobbed herself to sleep.

"Is Meagan home?" asked her father when he came home.

"She's sleeping. She doesn't feel well," said her mother.

"I wonder if she knew the boy that died."

"I don't think so ,but she's pretty upset.

Meagan's father looked at his wife with a curious gaze.

"Those who live wickedly die wickedly."

Meagan's mother sighed.

"Your daughter was present at a murder scene and all you can think is to condemn the poor boy to hell? What about the impact this could have on her? What about those who did the deed? Are they not murderers? What kind of message is that? They committed an even bigger sin."

Meagan's mom tossed her apon on the counter and grabbed her coat hanging by the door. "i'll be back later. You can fend for yourself for supper."

Meagan heard the front door slam and her mother pull away from the house. Slowly the heavy tromp of her father's footsteps grew closer. Her door swung open squeeking slighty as a thin beam of light pierced the darkness.

"You ok honey?" asked her father his voice filled with concern.

"I don't feel good," groaned Meagan pulling the covers over her head so her father wuldn't see her tears.

"Ok baby ,get some rest, I hope you feel better in the morning."

Her father closed the door behind him. Meagan threw back her covers and stared at the door. That was the most concern her father had showed her in over a year. Cofused Meagan tried to go back to sleep.

Lara stared out her window into the darkness. Her thoughts kept returning to Meagan. Would she be able to protect in the days to come as the rampant homophobia of the school blossomed like a riot in summer heat? Would the school officials actually do anything?

Sighing Lara turnerd from the window and slipped from her clothes pulling on a pair of mens boxer shorts before slipping into bed.

Alexander finished is last set of pushups and stood. His muscular body was covered with sweat as he toweled his hair dry. With every little move is muscles rippled like powerful waves. Looking at himself in the mirror Alexander smiled as he flexed the steel beneath his skin.

Then his smile faded as his thoughts once more turned to the scene he witnessed this morning and how so many of his fellow students were laughing and applauding what happened.

"Fuck," thought Alexander as he stripped out of his exercise sweats. "How did I end up in this fucking hellhole," The hot water of the shower felt good as he reached for the bottle of lotion. His thoughts drifted from today to Orlando Bloom as his desire throbbed. With a loud gasp, Alexander's knee's buckled and he steadied himself ,smiling from his orgasm.

"Thanks Orlando," murmured Alexander as he reached for his shampoo.

To Be Continued.............

Rob The BLack Douglas
02-10-2005, 08:32 PM

School was cancelled for several days. Finally when school reopened the entire student population was a buzz with rumour. Alexander met Lara and Meagan ubder their tree and escorted them into school. All around students were walkng in groups, especially the boys who were in the fringe groups.

The jocks all walked around being loud and obnoxious grabbing some unsuspecting boy and pretending to hump him as he yelled and squirmed trying to get away. Some were even sent to the office.

Lara was so nervous as she walked with her backpack tight to her. She noticed certain guys traveling together in packs, as well as a few girls. All of them were even more nervous than the rest of the school and they all were hyper aware of who and what were in there immediate surroundings.

Are there that many gay and lesbians here? thought Lara as she walked to her class. Alexander waited until she had taken her seat before moving on to his class.

Meagan scrunched down into her desk as far as she could go. George and his football buddies were slapping each other and pretending to hump each other between bouts of laughter. The teacher ignored their antics and began to pass out a pop quiz. Thee whole class groaned as one.

"Hey Meagan? Psst! Meagan!" whispered George in her ear.

"Fuck off George," hissed Meagan pulling away from him.

"Why? Don't have your faggot bodyguard to protect you? You some kind of fag hag slut?"

Meagan shoved George away sending him sprawling into several desks. All but his football buddies laughed as he tried to scramble to his feet.

"You fucking bitch!"

"That's enough!" snapped the teacher. "The office now."

George looked at the teacher who was pointing at the door.

"You're really sending me to the office?"

"Right now mister."

"Fuck this shit," growled George as he stomped off flipping Meagan the finger as he walked by.

Several classmates snickered at him as he slammed shut the door.

The rest of the day went by slowly. Alexander hung out with Meagan and Lara every free moment he had. Lara and Meagan didn't mind, Alexander had made a huge batch of chocolate chip cookies and he kept feeding them to Lara and Meagan despite all their protests that the cookies would go straight to their backsides.

The sun was out and the day was warm as Lara, Meagan, and Alexander walked home. Lara had a chocolate chip cookie in her mouth and kept pulling away as Meagan tried to eat it out of her mouth.

Lara finally let Meagan eat the cookie, her toungue flickering across Meagan's lips tasting her cherry lip gloss and the bittersweet chocolate.

"Will you two knock that off? Some of us do not have anyone to do that with."

I'm sorry Alexander," gasped Meagan pulling away as Lara smiled impishly.

"It's ok. It's just that, I'm not going to be one of those crazy queens cruising for dangerous sex down at the ballfields."

Both Lara and Meagan stared at Alexander in disbelief.

"What? Didn't you know? All the old guys cruise the fields to pay for rough sex with the handsome young and virile youth of this oh so perfect community."

"Eewwwww!" cried both Lara and Meagan at the same time. "Guys having sex, yuck."

Alexander flashed a hurt look at both Lara and Meagan.

"We didn't mean you," said Lara quickly. "Just older guys and young guys, is kind of icky."

Alexander smiled at them.

"I know, I was just kidding you. Though if you come acrosss a real pretty one, looks sort of like Orlando Bloom, let me know will you?'

All three broke out laghing and continued on to their homes.

To Be Continued..............

Rob The BLack Douglas
02-10-2005, 08:36 PM

"Mom? Can you ask dad if it's ok for me to spend the weekend at Lara's for me?"

Meagan tried to look all helpless and pitiful foe her mother ad failing.

"Why don't you ask him yourself?"

" Cause, the last time we talked it wasn't all that great," replied Meagan.

"You're going to have to do it, I'm too busy dear," said Meagan's mom.

"Fine, thanks," mumbled Meagan.

"Dad? Can I spend the whole weekend at Lara's?"

Her father looks up from his bible and peers intensly at his daughter.

"YOu going to back in time for church Sunday?"

Meagan looked down and shuffled her feet.

"I was hoping to miss church just this once, " she said softly.

"Miss church? FOr what reason?"

"Well Lara, Alexander, and I have to work an a class project together and Sunday is the only day all three of us can ge together because Alexander has a job and has to work Saturday."

Meagan's fathe r rubbed his chin as he thought.

"You can go on one condition. You go to Thursday bible study for the next three weeks."

"Three weeks! But dad! I'm only missing one Sunday!"

"Three weeks or not at all."

"FIne. I'll go to bible study." Meagan huffed and spun around and stomped out pf the room and up the stairs slamming the door to her room.

"What did you say to her?" asked Meagan's mom.

"I said she could spend the night and miss church on Sunday if she went to bible study for the next three weeks," replied Meagan's father.

Meagan's mom just sighed and went back to the kitchen.

George pulled up the collar of his block jacket as he approached the park. The light was dim but he could make out the faint outlines of several figures milling about in the shadows. Slowly George walked by slowing his eyes trying to see.

"Excuse me son. You like football?"

George paused as an older man stepped from the shadows. The man was in his late thirty's, very sharp dressed and handsome.

"Yes I do," replied George his mouth slightly dry. "Care to walk and talk?"


George led the man down the park path until they were hidden from from view. George stepped behind a large hedge and turned and faced the man. Without saying a word George unzipped his trousers and dropped them around his ankles. The man kneeled and George cried out placing his hands o nthe mans head to steady himself as he was pleasured.

To Be Continued...................

Rob The BLack Douglas
02-10-2005, 08:42 PM

Lara strecthed out letting her muscles really feel it as Meagan popped the dvd into the player. Alexander was curled up on the couch with a massive bowl of extra buttered popcorn on his lap.

"What movie did you put in?" he asked as he shoved handfulls of of popcorn into his mouth and munching loudly.

"Closer," replied Meagan as she scooted down next to Lara. "It has Jude Law and Natalie Portman in it."

"I thought Julia Roberts was in it?" said Alexander.

"She's in it too, but that's not who we watch it for," replied Lara grinning.

The week at school had been exhausting for Meagan. As the movie played she found herself nodding off, her head drooping and jerking back up everynow and then. Lara snuggled in closer and Meagan could smell the faint traces of her perfume. Meagan felt safe in her presence and slowly she drifted off to sleep.

Alexander watched as Meagan rolled onto her side and wrapped one arm about Lara as she slept. They looked so natural together he thought. Why can't I have something like that?

"Wake up love," whispered Lara gently shaking Maagan awake.

"Unh? What happened? Did I miss the movie?"

"Yes you did love," whispered Lara as she lightly kissed Meagan's lips.

"I missed Natalie as a stripper?"

Lara chuckled.

"Yes you did, she was totally hot."

"Oh man," groaned Meaqgan sitting up. "What time is it?'

"Just after midnight."

"Where's Alexander?"

Asleep on the spare bed, why?"

Meagan smiled.

Lara moaned as Meagan's tongue traced figure eights between her legs.

"Oh god," gasped Lara her hands pulling Meagn in tight to her as her hips thrust forward trying to release the built up pleasure that was overwhelming her.

Lara's entire body trembled as she felt herself melt as her orgasm filled her.

Gasping and covered with sweat, Lara fell back onto her bed.

"OH! MY! GOD! That was fucking amazing love!" panted Lara her entire tingling.

Meagan smiled and kissed Lara passionately on the mouth.

"I love giving you pleasure," whisperd Meagan in between kisses.

"Well, now it's my turn," grinned Lara lustily as her fingers began to tease the hot wetness between Meagan's thighs. Meagan closed her eyes and arched her back as Lara teased her.

"Fuck me Lara," panted Meagan as she pushed Lara's fingers deeper into her.

Lara pressed her body to Meagan's the two of them riding each other building a tower of pleasureas Lara gave Megan everything she wanted and more.

"Fuuuuuuuuuuccccckkkkkkkkk!" moaned Meagan as she collapsed onto Lara her lips near her breast.

"Was it good?"

"Beyond good love, spectacular."

To Be Continued.............

Rob The BLack Douglas
02-10-2005, 08:44 PM

Meagan woke and looked at Lara sleeping beside her. Even in her sleep with no makeup and her hair all about her face she was lovely. Meagan's heart was filled with joy as she kissed Lara. LAra smiled in her sleep and rolled onto her side pulling the pillow Meagan had just been using tight to her.

Meagan slid from the bed and quietly made her way towards the kitchen as she got closer the scent of pancakes filled the air. Her mouth began to water and her stomach growled.

Alexander wasstanding before the stove spatula in one hand a plate filled with steaming pancakes in the other. He smiled when he saw Meaganstanding at the entrance and jerked his head towards the small table which was already set.

Meagan slid into a chair and Alexander came over and heaped her plate with pancakes.

"Eat up, there's plenty."

Meagan stuffed her mouth full and moaned as the tste exploded in her muth.

"These are so good Alexander,' she said.

"Thanks." Alexander grinned as he turned back to the stove.

"What are you doing up so early?" asked Lara as she entered the kitchen.

"It was a little hard to sleep with the two of you going at as if you were the last people on earth."

Both Meagan and Lara turned bright red with embarrassment.

"You heard us?" said Lara slowly.

"I even stuffed my ears ,though it did me little good."

Oh my god," said Meagan.

Alexander grinned.

"As if I would go around telling people. I thought it was quite sweet myself. I just wish I had relationship like the two of you."

Lara drank from her juice glass as ALexander sat down and reached for the butter.

"Can I ask you a question Alexander?"

"Sure Lara, what do you want to know."

"Well, everyone knows you're gay .And you are a very good looking bloke, I must admit," Alexander beamed at Lara's flattery. "Why don't you have a boyfriend?'

Alexander was silent for several moments as he chewed on a mouthful of pancakes.

"Well it's not because of the lack of gay men. "Cause believe me there are plenty around. No ,I just haven't found anyone yet to be with."

"Awwww ,poor Alexander," said Meagan softly.

"Not really. I should take you to the park some night so you can see al lthe cruising going on. I find it kind of sickening, cruising for anomynous sex."

"Ewww," cried Lara.

"Double ewwww," said Meagan.

"Yes well ,some are slaves to their second brains."

Both Meagan and Lara stared blankly at Alexander.

"You know, god gave men two brains but only enough blood to use them one ata time?"

Both Lara and Meagan let out another round of ewwww's before breaking out into laughter.

"Thanks for breakfast Alexander," said Lara as she stood and gathered up the dirty dishes.

"Yes thank you Alexander, that was wonderful," agreed Meagan.

"Anything for my wonderful ladies," Alexander grinned as he reached for his juice glass.

To Be Continued...................

Rob The BLack Douglas
02-10-2005, 08:48 PM

Lara held Meagan's hand as they walked down the sidewalk. The tree's were in full bloom their color bright and vibrant, cheerfull brightness lighting up te grey background of their surroundings.

"Isn't it sad that Alexander doesn't have anyone at the moment?" asked Lara her accent music to Meagan's ears.

"It is but like he said, the way people are in this town, he doesn't want that exrtra baggage and I wouldn't want to to have a relationship with those who cruise tha park," said Meagan after some thought.

"Do you know who else is gay at school?"

"Not really," replied Meagan. "And after what happened to tha boy, I don't think any will be coming out anytime soon."

Yeah," said Lara as she looked down. She pulled her hand away from Meagan's as they turned the corner and Meagan's home loomed at the far end of the street.

"I'll see you at school love," whispered Lara as she hugged Meagan goodbye.

Lara stood watching until Meagan had closed the front door behind her. Her heart heavy and longing to still hold Meagan in her arms, Lara turned around and headed back home.

"There's my wayward child? Come back home to cleanse yourself of the evils of the world?"

Meagan rolled her eyes at her father as she hung up her jacket.

"It was only a school report on the Scottish Covenant father," grumbled Meagan as she opened the refrigerator and pulled out a gallon of orange juice.

"You know how I feel about presbyterians dear," said her father with a disapproving tone.

"Dad! It's history, they're not trying convert us or anything."

Meagan's father opened his mouth to speak but finally shut it.

"Sorry, I sometimes forget that every little thing isn't a sermon. I hope you had fun over the weekend."

Meagan couldn't help it and blushed as her body once more tingled at the thought of her and Lara making love.

"Yeah, it was fun, we had pancakes for breakfast."

"That's nice dear." said her father as he turned back to his bible reading.

Meagan took the stairs two at a time and closed her door behind her. She turned on her computer and began to compose a letter to Lara.

Alexander streched out on his bed and stared up at his ceiling. Witnessing how much Meagan and Lara cared for each other had left him feeling alone and for the first time desperate. It wasn't as if he had not tried to have a relationship, just that everyone he had come across had been so immature or a total pyscho.

"At least I have Orlando," thought Alexander as he reached for his folder full of Orlando pics.

To Be Continued......................

Rob The BLack Douglas
02-10-2005, 09:04 PM

Lara watched nervously as George and his football buddies strutted down the hall as if the were cocks of the walk.

"Christ he's such a pig," said Lara to Alexander as they waited for Meagan to arrive.

"He really needs to get laid ,that should settle him down," replied ALexander.

"Hold on, I thought he was shagging Jenny?"

"So does everyone else. But I overheard Jenny tell her friend Becky that all he ever does is force her to blow him."

"You're kidding. I would fuck Jenny in a heartbeat, she is totally fuckable," said Lara as she watched George grope some poor girls backside as he walked past.

"And what does that make me?" asks Meagan as she walked up her books filling her arms.

"What we have is different love," said Lara quickly. "I just meant that if I was single I would do Jenny without a second thought."

Meagan smiled enjoying Lara's embarrassment.

"I know, I'm just messing with you," said Meagan as she grinned at Alexander.

"Come on ,we need to get to class," aid Alexander as he took both ladies by the arm and headed down the hallway in between them.

"Dear, what do think of me taking Meagan on a weekend retreat?" asked her father as her mother sat at the tiny table i nthe kitchen and peeled potatos for dinner.

"What kind of retreat?"

"I wanted to rebaptise her and have renew her dedication to our lord," replied her father.

"Graham, honey, are you sure that's a good idea? I don'tt think faith is the issue with Meagan. I think it has more to do with she's trying to learn who she is and you keep getting scared and try to keep her 'daddy's little girl' instead of letting her grow up.

Graham frowned at his wife as she gazed up at him.

"I just don't want her to stray from the path of Jesus Christ," began Meagan's father only to have his wife interrupt him.

"How can you not trust your own daughter. Not once has she done anything to make me doubt her love of Christ, not once."

"She missed church Sunday to spend the night with a friend who happens to be a non-believer," retorted Meagan's father.

"So? How many people attend church every single week? How many only attend during easter and christmas eve? I never hear you complain about them. But your daughter misses one, just one sermon and you think she's turning against you."

"Me? What are you talking about?"

"You are no longer the total authority figure in her life. She is starting to look beyond the life she knows here at home and you feel that you are no longer in control."

Anger filled Meagan's father's face as his hands trembled. When he spoke his voice was low, barely controlling his rage.

"You don't know what your talking about," he hissed and turned and left the kitchen.

Meagan's om sighed and went back to getting dinner ready.

To Be Continued....................

Rob The BLack Douglas
02-10-2005, 09:08 PM

Meagan gobbled down her food as fast as she could trying to get away from the dinner table as soon as possible. She didn't even taste her mother's cooking.

"What's your hurry?" demanded her father as Meagan drained her glass of milk in one go.

"I have to write a paper for school," grunted Meagan as she ran from the dining room and up the stairs.

"I don't get her," muttered her father as he mashed his peas into his potatoes.

"Maybe if you try and listen to her instead of lecturing her all the time, maybe you would get some answers."

Meagan's father glared at his wife.

"Don't you give me that look. I'm not the one who has trouble talking to teir child."

Meagan locked her door and changed ou of her cloth's into her sleep pants and top. As they had parted, Lara had slipped a letter responding to the one Meagan had written her earlier. Meagan threw herself onto her bed and carefully opened the envelope. The faint scent of Lara's perfume wafted up gently and Meagan sighed at the way the scent made her feel.

My darling lover,

Not a moment goes by that I don't think of you. The nights that I sleep alone I am filled with misery longing to feel the fever of your body pressed to me, to hold you in my arms forever.

You complete me like no one else, every kiss a gift that I savour, aching for just one more.

There are no words to describe our love.

Nothing will prevent us from being together forever my love.

<3 Lara

Meagan wiped her eyes and clutched the letter to her breast. She had to do something to get away from her home so that she could be with Lara all the time.

"I wish I were in your arms now," whispered Meagan as she wrapped her arms about her pillow and softly began to cry.

Alexander pulled his jacket tighter about him. He stil lwasn't sure why he had decided to check out the park cruising scene. Yes he was horny, yes he wanted to have sex ,but did he truly want to be used by some oily stranger all cloaked and hidden who had to cruise the park in the late hours of the night for sexual gratification?

Alexander kept to the shadows as he wandered the park. He felt like a voyour as he watched men couple in the shadows the still of the night sometimes shattered by gasps and moans of pleasure.

Alexander was about to step out into the light when he saw George peer about and step behind the row of hedges. Behind him followed an older man, dressed upscale.

Alexander peered about and quietly slinked around in the shadows until he could see what George was doing. Alexander had to keep himself from crying out as he saw George slip to his knee's and take the older man into his mouth.

"My god!" thought Alexander as he slipped away. "What the hell did I just see?"

To Be Continued.......................

Rob The BLack Douglas
02-10-2005, 09:11 PM

Alexander watched George as he and his football buddies strutted down the hallway. George had a swagger to him that was offputting yet sexy. After what he had witnessed the night before, Alexander was impressed by the bulge in George's trousers.

"What the hell are you staring at Alexander?" wondered Lara.

"Watching the resident hypocrite swagger about," replied Alexander with a grin.

"What are you talking about?"

"I'll tell you after school, you won't believe it."

Lara looked at Alexander her face full of questions.

"After school darling," smiled Alexander as he turned and headed off to class.

"What was that all about?"

"I'm not sure. Alexander has something to tell us about George but he won't until after school."

Meagan looked down the hall at George and his buddies.

"I hope that he doesn't tell us he has a crush on George."

LAra gasped and covered her mouth.

"You don't thinkthat Alexander? George?"

"Nah, Alexander has much better taste than that," said Meagan after the giggles had died.

"You are so right love."

Meagan's father waited in the family van for Meagan's school to get out. Finally the doors opened and a steady stream of students began to pour out. Minutes went by and still no Meagan or her friend Lara.

"I got you something love," said Meagan as she and Lara gathered their books up.

"You shouldn't have," said Lara.

Meagan reached into her bag and pulled out a little black box. Slowly she opened it and presented it t Lara.

"Oh my god!" gasped Lara as she took the box in her hands. 'It's so beautiful love. Thank You!" Lara pulled Meagan to her and kissed her mouth.

"I'm glad you like it, I have one to." Meagan reach's into her shirt and pulls out a chain with the same silver ring as the one she gave Lara upon.

"I love you so much," whispered Lara hugging Meagan tight and not wanting to let go.

Finally when the flow of students had reduced to a trickle Meagan's father finally spotted Meagan and Lara exiting the school. Her father peered closer and his eyes went wide as he saw the two friends holding hands. Quickly he threw open the door of the van and ran out onto the sidewalk.

"Fuck it's your dad," said LAra as she let go of Meagan's hand.

"What's going on here?" demanded Meagan's father.

"Uhm ,Lara and i were holding hands?" answered Meagan.

Meagan's father paused and looked at his daughter.

"And what does that mean?" he demanded.

"Uhhh, that we're friends?"

"Get in the van," sbnapped Meagan's father as he spun around and huffed off back to the van.

"I'll talk to you online love," whispered Lara.

To Be Continued.................

Rob The BLack Douglas
02-10-2005, 09:13 PM

Meagan jumped from the van and ran into the house slamming the door vlosed behind her. Her father stormed into the house as she started to run up the stairs.

"Young lady you will come here right now!" bellowed her father.

Meagan ignore him and continued up the stairs into her room and shut her door.

"She try's my paitence," growled Meagan's father as he started up the stairs.

"Wait Graham, I'll ltalk to her. You wait in your study. I'll get her out of her room," said Meagan's mom softly her hand gently restraining her husband.

Meagan's father paced back and forth his rage building and building with every step.

"She's here, now will you tell me what this is all about?" asked Meagan's mother as she stood at her daughter's side.

"As I picked up our daughter after school, I caught her and her friend Lara holding hands!"

"We're just friends mom! Sometimes we hold hands!" cried Meagan her face stained with tears.

"Don't lie to me! I know what it means for girls to hold hands in this day and age! How could you! My own daughter!"

Meagan stepped back behind her mother, fearing what her father would do.

"ANSWER ME!" thundered Meagan's father.

"I told you! We're just friends! Do you have any idea how hard it is being a preracher's daughter? Half the school thinkI'm like most preacher's kids, pious in public and a fucking whore in private!"

Both of Meagan's parents flinched at Meagan's swearing.

"The other half want nothing to do with me because they're afraid I'll tell on them to you or be all preachy and uptight!" Meagan sobbed as the words fell from her lips.

"Lara and Alexander are my only friends and you are so fucking uptight that you would rather see me depressed and miserable rather than actually having a semblance of a life!"

Meagan turned and fled from the study and pounded up the stairs.

Meagan's mother sighed and took her husband in her arms.

"I think that you need to give her the benifit of the doubt dear," she whispered to her husband.

Meagan's father sighed and held his wife tight.

"Maybe you're right, but I can't believe she used that language in this house."

"She's upset dear. She said what she said because she felt she needed to."

"I'll appolize," said Meagan's father softly as he unwrapped his arms from around his wife and kissed her.

Meagan lay face down on her bed not bothering to hide her tears and loud sobs.



"Not until I say what I have to say.

"I'm sorry. I jumped to conclusions. That was wrong of me. You have every right to be upset. I'll go now."

The door to Meagan's room closed slowly. Surprised Meagan looked up to see only the the dark finish of the door staring back at her.

To Be Continued.....................

Rob The BLack Douglas
02-10-2005, 09:20 PM

"I swear Lara, my father is on drugs!" said Meagan around a mouthful of her sandwich. "

"Maybe your mother is secretly a witch and she is using her powers to control him to help you." replied Lara as tossed her crusts to some distant birds.

"Wha? What the fuck are you talking about? My mother? She who is slave to the towering patriarch that is my father? She who slaves away? I don't think so," Meagan snorted and then slowly smiled. "That would be awesome if she really was one though."

"Ha!" said Lara jumping to her feet and brushing the crumbs away.

"What? What is it?" exclaimed Meagan scrambling to her feet to see what had Lara so excited.

"Goerge picked o nthe wrong person today," said Lara her face eager to see what was going on.

"Who? OH MY GOD! Alexander!" Meagan cried as she started to rush forward.

"Hold on love!" Shouted Lara as she grabbed Meagan and held her back.

"Alexander's know limp wristed poofter. George is about to recieve the biggest arse kicking of his life."

Meagan stared at the circle of football players around Alexander and George. They were all cheering George on, urging him to fuck up the faggot.

Alexcander weasted no time. He came at George swinging his fists flying rapidly, never letting up. George unprepared took the full force of every blow, the last one shattering his nose and sending his head flying back, his eyes rolling up into the back of his head.

Alexander didn't waste anytime, he turned on the rest of George's crowd and sent them running.

Meagan and Lara just stared at the schools star quarterback streched out on the ground his nose bloody, unconcious. The teacher's who had seen the start of the fight just stared at Alexander in amazement. Alexander walked by George, spat on him and walked on and grabbed his sack lunch and calmly began to eat his sandwich.

The football players came running back out with the coach in tow ,shouting and pointing in Alexander's direction. Alexander ignored them and continued to eat his lunch.

"This should be interesting," murmured Lara to Meagan.

The coach knelt at George's side and began to examine him until a stretcher and emt's arrived.

Then the coach walked over to Alexander and sat down across from him. They talked until the bell rang and Alexander got up tossed his trash and went on to his class. Meagan and Lara stared at each other dumbfounded.

"What the hell just happened?" murmured Meagan as her and Lara hurried to to their lockers.

"I don't know," replied Lara.

Meagan's father knelt upon the floor in his study deep in prayer.

"Dear lord, I besseech thee for answers to my questions. I worry that my daughter is falling into the sin of homosexuality and nothing I do has brought her back into your loving graces. Her mother doesn't see what I see and discounts it has typical teenage behavior. I am at my wits end and need your guidence, lord."

Meagan's father continued to pray into the afternoon.

Rob The BLack Douglas
03-10-2005, 02:33 AM

"ALexander!" cried Lara as she ran up to him. "What happened ?"

Alexander shrugged. "Not much. The school is doing an "evaluation" to see if any dispinary action needs to take place."

"That's it?"

"Well the coach talked to me for a bit to try and convince me not to press charges."

"Well you are aren't you?"

"I'm not sure yet," sighed Alexander as he rubbed his wrists.

"Meagan!" cried out Lara as she jumped around waving her arms in the air.

Meagan smiled and ran over to bAlexander and Lara.

"Meagan, help me here, Alexander doesn't think he should press charges against George."

Meagan stared at Alexander mouth open.

"You should! You know exactly what he was going to do and so does everyone else!"

"I know," said Alexander. "but you know how people in this town are. You really think that I would be left alone if I pressed charges?"

"You have point there," murmured both Meagan and Lara.

"Besides," continued Alexander, "I figure with what I know about George will keep him and his buddies off my back."

"Oh? Do tell," purred Lara as Meagan and her leaned in closer eager to know what Alexander knew.

Alexander grinned and looked about first. No one was paying them any attention.

"Ok, I was feeling frustrated and decided to walk down by the park where the gay men cruise for young hunks. I honestly didn't know if I was going to proposition anyone but I was feeling very desperate and well, not everyone gets it as often as you two."

Both Lara and Meagan chuckled and blushed.

Alexander continued. "i was walking down by the hedges and I was in the shadows just lurking and listening to what was going on when I saw George sneak by and go behind the hedges. Curious, I snuck up and you won't believe what I saw."

"What! What?" exclaimed Meagan and Lara.

Alexander smiled and looked about once more.

"I saw George go down on his knee's and suck off another guy."

"EEEWWWWW! That's fucking gross Alexander!" cried Meagan as she hit him in the shoulder.

"Double eeewwww," agreed Lara. "Are you telling the truth or just making it up?"

"I swear, it's the truth!" exclaimed Alexander as he grinned madly.

"What a fucking hypocrite," gushed Meagan as she turned and watched the football team practicing. "I wonder if any of his mates know?"

"Most likely not," said Lara as she adjusted her backpack.

"Now I would love to see their reaction whe they find out," said Meagan as they began to once more walk.

"You never know," smiled Alexander.

To Be Continued..................

Rob The BLack Douglas
09-10-2005, 03:48 AM

Meagan was smiling as sh opened the front door of her home. The smell of fresh baked cookies wafted down the hallway making her mouth water. A small plate was waiting o nthe counter and Meagan grabbed a large glass of cold milk and raced up the stairs to her room, her mouth stuffed with still warm chocolate chip cookies.

Homework was done quickly as Meagan hummed along to the music on he computer. She so wanted an ipod but her father repeatedly told her no. Lara had loaned her tons of music her father would never approve of. Bands such as Chevelle and Muse, artists like Damien Rice and Beyonce.

Outside night had fallen and through her open door Meagan could hear her family go about their evening business. Her father's voice boomed in the hallway as he laughed at something her brother said and the soft lilt of her mother singing as se made dinner drifted up.

It was times such as these that made Meagan almost wish she could tell her family about herself instead of being afraid and wanting to move away with Lara.

Lara tossed her clothes into the hamper and stepped into the shower. The spray of hot water felt good upon her body. The tension she had been feeling in her shoulders began to melt away. As she scrubbed her skin to a fine glow her thoughts drifted to the future.

The life her and Meagan would share after graduation. And someday, maybe someday, they would even get married. Lara smiled at the thought of marrying Meagan. There was more than sex to their relationship, the way they complimented each other, the laughter, the closeness. Two halves of the same coin meant to be joined.

Lara sighed and reached for the shampoo.

"I'm not doing that George!" cried Jenny as she pulled away from George and reaching for her thong.

"Why the fuck not?" growled George angrily as he reached out to try and grab her.

"I'm tired of you using me as a sex toy. I'm not blowing you. In fact, I'm not doing anything for you anymore!" Jenny pulled up her hip huggers zipping them closed and stormed out of the room pulling on her shirt.

"Fucking bitch!" howled George as he stood in the door his pants down around his ankles. "FUCK! Now what?"

George grabbed for his cell phone and paged through the numbers until he found who he was looking for.

"Becky? Want to come over?"

To Be Continued.............

Rob The BLack Douglas
10-10-2005, 03:32 AM

"Thanks for the ride dad," rushed Meagan as she leaped from the van.

"Be careful!" cried her father as he watched Meagan run into the school. "My baby girl, she's going to be all grown up before I know it."

Meagan found Lara at her locker and grabbed her by the hand pulling her towards the far hall girls bathroom. As usual, there was no there because it was so close to the administration offices.

Meagan smiled as she pulled Lara into a stall her hands eagerly tugging at the buttons of Lara's shirt while Lara ripped open her jeans and reached into them. Meagan gasped as Lara's fingers hit their rythem. Meagan's chin rested on Lara's shoulder her eyes closed, lips parted as she moaned low and sultry, her hips grinding into Lara's hand until she cried out, her knee's trembling at the intensity of her orgasm.

"Oh my god love," whispered Meagan as she kissed Lara's breasts, her lips lingering on her nipples briefly before she sank to her knee's her tongue flicking between Lara's thighs.

"Mhhhm," purred Lara as she wrapped her finger's in Meagan's hair. Meagan traced the words "I love you" with her tongue and Lara let out a long moan as she pulled Meagan in tighter to her.

"Yeeessssssss," cried Lara as her orgasm exploded within her as she collapsed onto Meagan. "Fuck! That was amazing!" exclaimed Lara her face flush with sexual energy as she zipped up her jeans.

"Meagan? Lara? Better get out know. Hendersonheard your cries and is heading this way!" called Alexander into the bathroom.

"Fuck!" said Meagan as she buttoned her jeans and grabbed her backpack. Aleexander ushered them out of the bathroom and Meagan was shocked to see Jenny running interference and distracting Vice Principal Henderson.

"That was close," breathed Lara as she paused to button close her shirt. Meagan sighed as the curves of Lara's luscious cleavage faded from sight.

"Too close,' grinned Alexander. "You were this close to broadcasting it to the whole school!" he held two fingers up mere inches apart. Meagan and Lara giggled as he wiggled them and smiled.

"You bastard!" laughed Lara as she playfully hit Alexander on the shoulder.

"Come on, let's get going," smiled Meagan as she blew Alexander a kiss and headed off towards her first period class.

Becky turned her head and spit as George stepped away zipping up his pants. He glared as she reached into her purse and pulled out a bottle of mouthwash and took a healthy swig of it.

"Thanks bitch," growled George as he walked out his hand playfully slapping Becky on her butt making her cry out.

"Jenny was smart to dump him," thought Beccky as she applied her lipstick in the mirror before walking out.

To Be Continued..........

Rob The BLack Douglas
12-10-2005, 02:57 AM

Meagan stretched out on her bed and wished for the day to end. Saturday had been joyful, warm, filled with laughter as she and Lara spent the day shopping and having lunch. Today was another matter. Today was Sunday. A day forced to be spent with her family, to listen to her father rail against all the percieved evils in the world that were responcible for the degenerate society they lived in.

Meagan sighed. She hadn't slept well. She had tossed and turned in the night her dreams feverish fantasy's of Lara, her body ablaze, burning with the desire for her to kiss and touch, to send her over the edge into the bliss of pleasure.

Meagan squirmed,unable to control her body's reactions. She needed that release. Her fingers snuck beneathe band of her sleeping pants finding the fire. With sure strokes she felt the wave build and crash down upon her, her body trembling as her eyes rolled into the back of her head and she bit her lip to keep herself from moaning out loud.

Meagan gasped as she wiped her sticky fingers on a towel she had lazily flung to the floor. Her body tingled, yet it wasn't the same as when Lara had gotten her off.

Sighing one more Meagan flung back her covers and padded into the bathroom.

Alexander stared at the pic of Orlando for one last long moment before shutting off his computer. His obsession with Orlando was not enough to distract him from the fact that he still didn't have a partner. He loved Meagan and Lara but there were times that he was jealous of what they had. The way they complimented each other's personalities, the way they were totally head over heels in love with each other.

Alexander held back a tear that had threatened to fall fro mthe corner of his eye and sighed again. Why was he different from the other gay men in the area? What about him made him not want anonymous sex in dark public places. Why did he long to have relationships that were similiar to those of his hetero-friends?

Alexander tugged his tight t-shirt off and climbed into bed.

Lara sat before her computer and opened the file of pictures of her and Meagan. Her heart longed to hold her once more in her arms To give slow lingering kisses upon her body. To feel her tremble at the plaesure given to her. Lara knew that the two of them could not keep their relationship a secret fro mMeagan's parents the year and a half to go until they graduated and Meagan could leave home.

Lara had a feeling of dread that she could not shake. A feeling that something was going to happen before her and Meagan graduated. Rubbing her tired eyes Lara yawned and crawled under neath the covers of her bed and tried to dream of Meagan.

To Be Continued..............


Rob The BLack Douglas
13-10-2005, 02:29 AM

"Oh, fuck," sighed Meagan as she noticed her father standing waiting for her as she, Lara ,and Alexander exited the school.

"What's going on?" wondered Lara as Meagan trudged up to her father.

"I've no idea," replied Alexander has he watched with open curiosity.

'What are you doing here dad?"

"I'm picking you up."

"It's friday, I'm spending the night at Lara's, mom said it was ok."

"A change of plans. Get in the van."

"NO! I'm not!"

"Meagan, I'm your father and if you don't get in this van and make a scene you will be very sorry."

Meagan stared up into her father's eyes.

"Fuck you," she hissed as she grabbed the van door and jerked it open and threw herself into it.

Lara and Alexander stared at each other in disbelief as Magan's father climbed behind the wheel and pulled away.

"This is fucked up. She was suppose to spend the night with me!" cried Lara as she grabbed the front of Alexander's shirt.

"I don't know what to tell you. Try calling her mom," said Alexanderas he gently loosened Lara's fingers from his shirt.

Lara looked at Alexander for a brief moment and then started to dig through her purse for her cell phone.

"I don't appreciate the language you used back there young lady," snapped Meagan's father.

"To fucking bad," replied Meagan. "I had plans and mom said it was ok and you ruined my weekend. I don't care what you think."

"Now you listen to me young lady," began her father.

"Why? Why should I? All you ever do is lecture me and badmouth the only people in this town who give a shit about me."

"I'm trying to save your soul, can't you see that?"

"Why do you fucking care anyways?"

"Because Jesus cares."

To Be Continued.............

Rob The BLack Douglas
14-10-2005, 05:23 AM

Meagan warily stepped fro mthe van and shuddered visibly as she stood before her father's church. Her father glared as he saw the tremors and muttered to himself.

"Satan is strong in this one,' he murmured as he took hold of Meagan's arm and began to pull her towards the church.

"What the fuck are you doing?" cried Meagan as she tried to pull free of her father's grip.

"You will see soon enough," he replied as he flung open the door and pulled Meagan in behind him.

Meagan struggled but her father's grip was to strong. His finger's dug deep into her skin. It felt as if her bones would be crushed in the vise like grip. As he dragged her along, meagan's father continued to mutter underneath his breath. Meagan strained to hear what he was saying but he spoke in such a low tone and it sounded as if his mouth was full of marbles he mumbled so much.

Meagan's father threw her to the floor before the cross that dominated the back wall of the church and reached for his bible.

Dad?" asked Meagan her voice very small as it echoed in the empty church. "What are you doing?"

Her father ignored her and began to carefully flip through his bible mumbling to himself as he did.

"Dad!" cried Meagan her voice filling with fear as she looked upon her father.

Finally he looked up from his bible and slowly stepped towards Meagan.

"I'm doing this for you," began her father. "Please listen," he said holding up a finger as Meagan started to protest.

"I noticed the changes in you. They began when you started hanging out with that heathen Lara. You use to be such a bright, delightful girl full of Christ's love. And now. It's as if the mark of the devil is upon you. Your language is worthy of a street thug, you skip church, and....." Meagan's father paused and an uncomfortable look fell upon his face.

"And, I fear that she is seducing you into the evils of homosexuality," he whispered as he stared down at his frightened daughter.

Meagan stared at her father in disbelief.

"Dad, you are wrong! LAra is my friend! She and Alexander are the only people who don't tret me like some weird disease to be avoided at all costs!"

"No daughter, she is not your friend, she has decieved you with her devils tongue."

Meagan felt her fear turn into anger. She pushed herself to her feet and stepped in front of her father.

"The only thing Lara has done with her tongue is give me pleasure!" said Meagan the words acting like aslap inthe face to her father.

"It is as I feared!" cried Meagan's father as he stepped back from his daughter.

"No, father. Lara never seduced me. She never made me do anything I didn't want to do.And you know why father? Because I love her. Ilover her with all my heart. I want to spend the rest of my life with her and to have children with her!" cried Meagan her fistss balled tight and pounding her father's chest to emphasise her words.

"NO! Abomination!" cried Meagan's father as he pushed her away his face full of fear.

"I'm not an abomination!" shouted Meagan. "I've always been this way! I can't change who I am! I've always been attracted to girls and I tried to hide it, living in shame and afraid of how you would react. Have you any idea how hard it is to live in a family where your very existance, the very essence of what I am, is called evil, and and to have everything about me denounced as satanic perversion!" Meagan's voice filled the empty church.

"I FUCK GIRLS!" she cried at the top of her lungs sending her father sprawling backwards his eyes full of uncertainty.

"No! No daughter of mine would allow herself to be tainted with this pervrsion!" cried Meagan's father as he scrambled to his feet and hugged his bible tight to his chest. "Leave, I only want to see you accept Christ's love," he said softly.

"It's not Christ's love that I want, it's yours," cried Meagan choking on her tears. "You're blind devotion has driven us apart father! I love you and I always will. But you would rather blindly follow the teachings of the invisible man in the sky rather than follow your heart and love your daughter for who she is!"

Meagan's father glared down at his daughter and slowly turned his back on her and began to walk away. Meagan held back her tears trying not to let her father hear her cry.

"Meagan!" cried out Lara.

To Be Continued............


Rob The BLack Douglas
15-10-2005, 10:39 PM

"Lara?" whispered Meagan as she slowly turned.

Lara stood in the main entrance to the chapel flanked by Alexander on side, Meagan's mother on the other.

"Mom, Alexander? What are you doing here?"

"I thought you were with Lara when I get this frantic phone call saying your father had picked you up and forced you to go with him," said Meagan's mother as she rushed up and wrapped her arms about her daughter. "What happened?"

"Let her go! She's no longer part of our family!" shouted Meagan's father as he stood at the the back of te chapel his knuckles white as he gripped his bible tight to him.

"Graham? I don't understand?" asked Meagan's mother as she looked at her husband.

"This isn't our daughter! She is abomination! She gave in to the carnal pleasures of homosexuality! She's propud that she has been pleasured by another girl!"

"Graham, what are you doing? This is your daughter! Why didn't you talk to me about this?"

"You protect her! You refused to let me intervene and I was forced to act on my own," replied Meagan's father.

"This is totally wrong! Our daughter is gay! She's always been gay and there's nothing we can do to change that!"

Meagan, Lara, and Alexander all looked at each other in shock and disbelief.

"You knew?" demanded Meagan's father his anger growing as he tromped down to stand before Meagan's mother.

"Of course I knew. I saw the signs. Just like with my brother Michael."

Meagan gasped. She wondered what it was about her Uncle Michael that her father refused to have him around.

"This is all your fault! Your family has always been soft on devients!" thundered Meagan's father his eyes wide and his face flushed with the passion of his words.

"We don't turn our backs on our loved ones!" cried Meagan's mom. "We don't condemn other's for being who they are! God made them that way!"

"No he didn't! He gave them a choice! A choice to accept his love or to lose themselves in devient debauchery!"

"I didn't choose to be this way!" shouted Meagan. "Do you think I like being feared and hated? Do you truly think that I just one day decided that I liked other girls? No! Can you imagine having to hide what I am from you? With you spewing words of hatred from the pulpit?"

"You could of rejected your desires and embraced Jesus' love," replied Meagan's fater.

"I'm not rejecting who I am, or who I love!" screamed Meagan. "I'm not going to pretend to be something I'm not just to please you!"

"It's not what I want it's what God wants," said Meagan's father softly.

"Fuck God!" screamed Meagan as she turned and ran from the chapel with Lara and Alexander behind her trying to keep up.

"This isn't over,"said Meagan's mother softly as she turned her back on her husband and walked out of the chapel.

To Be Continued...............


Rob The BLack Douglas
16-10-2005, 05:34 AM

Meagan sat down upon the curb and placed her face into her hands. Her tears washed down her face. Inside she felt empty and scared. Lara sat down on one side of her and put her arm around Meagan's shoulders as Alexander sat down on the other side of her.

"It's going to be ok love," whispered Lara.

"How? How will it be ok?" cried Meagan. "Everything has fallen apart! What am going to do?"

"We'll think of something, I promise you," murmured Lara as she gently kissed Meagan on the cheek.

" 'Scuse me Lara, but I need to speak to my daughter."

Lara looked up at Meagan's mom before scrambling to her feet and stepping back with Alexander joining her.

"Don't cry Meagan. Your father doesn't no how to deal with a situation like this."

"No shit mom."

Meagan. please, I'm on your side, don't speak to me that way please." Meagan's mom smiled asshe pulled her daughter to her.
"While your father is wrong, he only did it out of his love for you."

"Funny way of showing it," growled Meagan.

"Now Meagan, think for a moment. I love your father, very much. He can be extremely stubborn, but his heart is in the right place."

"I think he's been blind to his heart mom. He's been cold and distant, and he's been preaching hatred of those like me. How can I trust him?"

"By trusting me. I was hoping you would come to me and talk to me in private and then I could of helped you work on your father."

"Why didn't you say anything to me? I was so afraid of both of you that I didn't say anything because I was afraid."

"I'm sorry dear, I failed you in this. I should of done something before this."

Meagan hugged her mom sniffling and wiping her tears.

"What are we going to do now?" wondered Meagan after a bit.

"I'm not sure. Go with Lara for now. I'll put together a bunch of your cloth's and get them to you."

"I can't go home?"

Meagan's mom slowly shooked her head.

"Not at the moment. Not with your father in the mood he is in at the moment. It will take me some time to get him to come around."

"I don't know, I'm scared mom. I didn't want this to happen. I was going to wait until I had graduated and gone off to college before I told you. I didn't want to cause truoble in the family."

"It's a little too late for that dear," sighed Meagan's mother."Go with Lara, I'll call you later. be safe ok," Meagan's mom hugged her once more before standing and heading back towards the chapel.

"Come on love," said Lara. "Let's go."

To Be Continued.............


Rob The BLack Douglas
18-10-2005, 02:51 AM

Meagan gently brushed aside Lara's finger's as she numbly slipped her jacket from her shoulders, kicked off her shoes and crawled benreath the cover's of Lara's bed and curled up her arms pulling her knee's tight to her chest.

"Meagan? Love?" whispered Lara, her voice filled with concern as she knelt at the side of her bed and gently stroked Meagan's hair. "I'm here for you baby," Lara choked back her tears.

"Please Lara, let me rest, I'm so tired, my brains numb, I can't think ,I can't even fucking feel." Meagan began to cry silently not bothering to wipe her tears that stained the pillow.

Sobbing softly Lara stood and softly kissed Meagan's forhead and quietly padded out of her room.

Meagan's eyes were red and burned from her tears, her nose was runny and she wiped it on her sleeve leaving a trail down her shirt sleeve.

Inside her heart ached. She had never thought that her father's disapproval would hurt her so much. SHe had often told herself that it would be easy to break ties with her family, yet now that it had happened she found herself feeling lost. It was as if her entire past had been wiped out and there was just this big black hole that sucked the life from her existance.

Meagan rolled over and pulled the covers over her head and began to cry harder unable to stop as the anguish poured from her.

Lara wiped her eyes as she placed the milk carton on the counter and reached for a glass. From the living room she could hear her mom talking on the phone her accent melodic as it carried into the kitchen.

"How's Meagan doing," asked Lara's mom softly as she stood i nthe doorway of the kitchen her nightrobe pulled tight about her.

"Not good, she crawled into bed crying and she doesn't even want me at her side," cried Lara as her her mom held out her arms and hugged her.

"ssshhhh, dear," her mom said," I just got off the phone with Meagan's mom and we worked out an arrangement for her to stay here for a bit while she works things out with Meagan's father."

"Mom, you don't know, the things he said to her, it was awful! I couldn't believe anyone would say those things about their own child!" Lara looked up into her mom's smiling eyes.

"I know you love her dear, please don't be rash and do anything stupid," it will take a little bit of time, but Meagan will go home."

"I don't want her to! I don't think she would feel safe there.She would tell me that there were times she was so afraid that she would hde in her room deathly afraid!" cried Lara.

"Honey, you love Meagan very much, but you are to emotionally vested in her. I'll deal with her parents, you go on being there for her, ok?"

Lara sighed, "Ok mom."

"That's my girl."

Becky lay upon her bed as George grunted and hammered away. Finally George let out a prolonged grunt and collapsed upon Becky his sweaty face and hair falling between her breasts.

Thanks," George grunted as he stood and tossed his used condom into Becky's trash before pulling on his jeans and walking out of her room leaving her still upon her bed staring at him in disbelief.

"What a bastard!" thought Becky as she reached for her Hello Kitty Wand her thumb flicking the switch and a low hum filled her room.

To Be Continued..................


Rob The BLack Douglas
21-10-2005, 03:33 AM

Meagan lowly brushed her hair from her eyes and reached in to turn on the shower. Meagan shivered slightly as the hot water began to course over her. She was still numb from from the day before and she hadn't gotten any rest having spent most of the night sobbing into her pillow. Her eyes were red and sore and she felt drugged out like she wasn't in her own body.

Meagan was on autoilot as she cleaned herself. Her eyes stayed focus on the chrome showerhead and the streams of water.

Gingerly Magan steps from the shower wrapping the towel about her. As she is drying her hair she hears a knock on the door and Lara peeks her head in her face full of concern.

"How are you this morning love," she says her soft british accent making Meagan smile despite the pain she still felt. Lara couldstill make her smile and feel good even for the briefest of moments.

"I'm worn out," sighed Meagan trying to stifle a yawn as she set down the hair dryer.

"Ah, rough night?"

"Yeah, I didn't sleep much."

Lara wrapped her arms about Meagan and softly kissed her neck.

"Stay home today, Alexander and I will pick up your assignments. You can stay here safe and my mom will stuff you full of chocolatey goodness," Lara smiled her face eager for Meagan's responce.

"You think I should?" said Meagan softly as a bit.

"Yes I do ,you're in no shape to face those arseholes at school. The last thing you want is to put up wit that pig George after the day you had yesterday."

Meagan scrunched her face up the way that Lara thought was so adorable as she mulled over Lara's suggestion.

"Sounds good, but call me every chance you can ok? I will miss you," said Meagan as she hugged Lara tight and kissing her softly.

LAra felt Meagan's tears against her skin and pulled back slightly to gently wipe them away.

"I will love," Lara whispered. "I'll miss you too."

Meagan smiled as her towel slipped from her body and she led Lara back to the shower.

Alexander streched his muscles rippling underneath his tight t-shirt. A group of giggling freshman broke out in histerics at the sight. Wide eyed they drooled as Alexander put on a show for them.

"Simple freshman," he thought as the bell rang and he gathered up his bag and headed to class.

TO Be Continued.........................

Rob The BLack Douglas
22-10-2005, 04:03 AM

Meagan pulled the covers up to her chin and closed her eyes. It had been two hours since Lara had left for school and her mom had left alittle bit ago and yet Meagan found herself longing for Lara. Her body still throbbed from theor bout of lovemaking in the shower that morning.

Sighing with frustration Meagan threw back the covers and got up from the bed. Not being with Lara during the week like she usually was. Her frustration was evident. Lara made her feel safe, Lara made her feel loved. Qualities that had been missing from her home life for the last couple of years.

Tears flowed down her cheeks and Meagan sniffled fighting to keep from sobbing aloud. She felt empty inside, incomplete without Lara. Meagan wiped her tears and turned back to Lara's bed and buried her face in the pillow and began to cry.

"Hey becky? How's things?" asked George as he stared at her boobs beneath her thin white shirt.

"I've been better George. Why are you bugging me?" muttered Becky turning away.

"Ah Becky, don't be that way, I was hoping you and I could? You know>" George leered as his right hand fondled Becky's backside under her skirt.

"Fuck George! Quit that!"

"You read my mind babe! Just a quickie, I'm throbbing here for you."

Becky sighed and turned to face George.

"This is the lst time George! I mean it, no more! Understand?"

"I understand baby, come on, I wanna tap that fine ass of yours."

George wrapped his arm around Becky and squeezed her breast as they walked away.

Alexander looked at George and becky with disgust.

"What was up with George? Alexander had seen him down at the park every weekend for the last month. And here he was soliciting sex from one of the girls at school. He didn't get it. What was up with Goerge?

To Be Continued...............

Rob The BLack Douglas
23-10-2005, 03:58 AM

Meagan's mother sighed as she poured her husband a cup of coffee and sat down at the table across from him. He mumbled a thanks and continued to stare down at his palte of food as he picked at the remains of his eggs and bacon.

"Graham ,we need to talk. It's almost been a week since Meagan moved out and you haven't mentioned her once. You can't just erase her from our lives."

Meagan's father shoved his chair back scraping loud across the floor.

"I said all I was going to say, this topic is closed," he tossed his plate into the sink and stomped out of the kitchen. Meagan's mom sighed.

Lara kissed Meagan as she stood in front of her locker. Some of the students nearby went bug eyed but most just went about their business.

'How are you holding up love?" whispered Lara as Meagan nuzzled her neck.

"Better now that you are here," smiled Meagan.

"Hey guys," smiled Alexander. "Have you seen the new kid? Boy his eyes are gorgeous! and don't get me started on his fine tight backside."

Meagan and Lara both broke out in a fit of laughter.

"What?' pouted Alexander.

"You! We haven't seen you this excited in a long time," said Lara hugging Alexander.

"Well, it won't last. He's probably straight like everyone else here, just getting my fun in while I can," said Alexander his smile fading.

"I'm sorry Alexander, I know that there is someone out there for you, " said Meagan quickly.

"It's ok, really, my social life sucks total ass and is depressing and all."

"You depressed? You're kidding right?" asked Lara her eyes wide.

Alexander looked Lara in the eye his baby blues without their usual humour.

"NOt everyone has a perfect relationship like you two," he snapped before turning away and heading off to class.

"Shit! Alexander!" cried Lara as she chased off after him.

Meagan slammed her locker shut and ran after them.

George pulled the mass of hair in tight to him as he thrust his hips and groaned outloud. The stall in the locker room was crowded with him sitting on the toilet and Emily Spears on her knee's before him.

"What a fucking mouth you have," leared George as he stuffed himself back into his tight jeans and stepped over Emily and walked out of the locker room.

To Be Continued................

Rob The BLack Douglas
25-10-2005, 04:18 AM

"ALexander! Stop!" crid Lara.

"I don't want to talk about it know Lara so just do yourself a favor and drop it for know ok? Can you do that for me? Please?"

Lara looked into Alexander's eye's and for the first time ever she didn't see the spark of vitality that was normally there.

"Ok ALexander, but just for know. We're going to talk, later alright?" Lara hugged him and kissed his cheek before turning back to Meagan as the last bell rang.

George strutted down the hallway his hand stuff into the front of his jeans. The bathroom stall blowjob had done nothing to relieve the tension he kept feeling. His urges were still strong despite the release.

"Fuck!" thought George as he scanned the hallway for girls. His eyes fell upon Becky and despite her warning last time he felt himself stirring once more.

Becky pulled George into the bathroom stall her finger hungrily tugging open his pants and yanking down his zipper. She looked up into George's eyes her lips parted.

"Fuck me," she moaned standing and turning to face the back of the stall one hand lifting her skirt. Grunting like an animal Goerge pulled her to him groaning at the sensations. Becky steadied herself with both hands as George slammed away until he pressed hard against her as he climaxed.

George tucked himself back into his pants leaving Becky facing the bathroom wall her skirt raised up over her back.

Alexander gathered his books tossing them into his backpack. He just wanted to go home crwal into bed and stare at his pics of Orlando Bloom, at least that would make him feel better for a bit.

Lara ran down the hallway looking for Alexander. She was worried and wanted to talk to him.

"Hey buddy!" someone called and Alexander looked up and for the briefest moment he saw a dark blue jacket and then his world went black.

To Be Continued.................

Rob The BLack Douglas
26-10-2005, 03:38 AM

"Meagan?Have you seen Alexander?" asked Lara.

"NO I haven't, not since he left class why?

"I was going to talk to him after school, but I can't find him?"

"Maybe he went straight home?" wondered Meagan.

"Come on," said Lara grabbing Meagan by the hand and pulling her along.

"You haven't seen Alexander at all?" asked Lara at the door of Alexander's home his mother standing in the door.

"No I haven't? Is something wrong?"

LAra and Meagan looked at each other.

"We just wanted to talk to him is all," said Meagan.

"I'll let him know you've been by girls," said Alexander's mom smiling.

"Thanks," said LAra without enthusiasm.

"DO you think theree'sa anything wrong," wondered Meagan as she and Lara walked down the sidewalk holding hands.

"I don't know, he didn't look ok, there was no spark in his eyes like usual."

Meagan frowned. ALexander was the most outgoing and happy person she had ever known. For him to be depressed, there had to be something wrong.

Meagan's father sat in his chair and looked at his wife and for the first time his heart was filled with fear and he had no answer.

"Are, ....are you sure?" Meagan's father said softly.

"My doctor had the tests done twice, there's no doubt. I have breast cancer," said Meagan's mom pragmatically.

"What are the treatment options?"

"Not many, I'm so far along that,...." Meagan's mom wiped the tears flowing from her eyes. "That I only have a ten percent chance of surviving the treatment," she burst into tears and sobbed into her tissue.

Meagan's father stood and sat down by his wife wrapping his arm about his wife's shoulder's.

"God will provide where the doctor's fail," Meagan's father said without conviction.

Meagan's mom looked her husband in the eye.

"Meagan needs to be here, you need to swallow your pride a nd bring her back home," she cried.

"I.....I can't," replied Meagan's father softly.

Meagan's mom angrily stood up and stomped off to their bedroom.

To Be Continued..................

Rob The BLack Douglas
29-10-2005, 03:19 AM

Alexander slowly opened his eyes. His jaw ached and his nose was stuffy. Gingerly he reached up and touched his nose wincing at the pain. His fingers came away sticky with blood. Sighing Alexander looked about his prison. It seemed he was in some type of small utility shed.

The walls were empty and the lone door was securley chainedon the outside. Alexander's memory was astill fuzzy and no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't remember the face of the one who had knocked him out. There was a tiny window at the top of the shed near the roof line and Alexander could see that there was still daylight left.

SIghing to himself, he sat down on the concrete slab and pulled his knee's tight to him his mind racing as he tried not to think of what was going to happen to him.

Meagan's father stood in the door of the bedroom he shared with his wife. The light's were turned down low and she was sleeping peacefully, PEOPLE magazine loosely held in her hands as her chest moved slowly in time to her breathing.
She looked so peaceful, her face serene ,angelic, the years of motherhood wiped away.

Meagan's father sighed. His prayers continued to go unanswered.Ever since the fight with his daughter Meagan it was as if the Lord had left, his presence no longer the comforting hand upon his shoulder. Graham felt lost for only the second time in his life. Slowly he closed the door leaving his wife to sleep in relative privacy.

Meagan cuddled up close to Lara the massive bowl of popcorn dripping with real butter between them.

"I'm worried about Alexander love," said Lara softly as she carelessly munched on a few kernals.

"Still no word?"

"None. According to his mom the police didn't seem very interested. She said that some of them were making rude comments about him when she went down to the station."

"Fucking bastards," murmured Meagan. "Just because he's gay? How would they feel if one of their kids went missing?"

"Well considering howmany of them go to your dad's church, I wouldn't be surprised if they found out their kid was gay that they would just kick them out of the house and forget about them," said Lara munching her popcorn.

Meagan frowned and drpped her popcorn back into the bowl and looked away.

"Oh my god! I'm sorry Meagan!" cried Lara "I wasn't thinking!"

"It's ok Lara, really. I just miss my mom. She was the only one who ever seemed to give a shit about me."

Lare placed a finger under Meagan's chin and slowly turned Meagan to face her.

"Let's call your mom tomorrow? ok love?"

Meagan smiled and kissed Lara softly. "I would love that," she whispered.

To Be Continued................

Rob The BLack Douglas
30-10-2005, 04:55 AM

Meagan's father clutched his bible close to him as he kelt upon the floor of his study in prayer. The house was silent as his wife slept and his children were at school.

Children, despite his words he missed his daughter Meagan. Her smile and laughter always warmed his heart. Nothing in the bible he found could explain what had happened between them. No words could comfort him with the deep sorrow he felt.

Rising to his feet, he placed his bible on his desk, gathered his car keys and headed out the door.

Alexander had started to fall asleep when he heard the chain locking him in rattle. He quickly got to his feet, fists balled, mind racing as he tried to figure out who was on the other side. Slowly the door of the shed swung open and Alexander squinted as the light from outside blinded him.

"Look at the faggot now," said a haughty voice. "Thinks he's so tough."

Alexander looked at his captor's. Most he didn't recognize, here and there a face stood out, the more gulllible of the football team, but to his surprise, Alexander didn't see George.

"What do you want with me," growled Alexander.

Cruel laughter filled his ears.

"LIsten to the fudgepacker, thinks he's in charge."

More laughter filled the shed.

"You queers thin kyou can strut about flaunting your erversion in everyone's face."

"I am who I am, I can't change that," replied Alexander.

"Bullshit! You chose to live a life of sin!"

"I'm a fucking virgin!" shouted Alexander his anger flaring.

Startled gasps and low murmuring greeted Alexander's announcement.

"You think we're going to believe that? You cruise tha park at night getting on your knee's for dirty old perverts!"

Alexander only stared at his captor's stunned.

"Go ahead and do your worse," he growled.

Lara woke to Meagan's soft sobbing. Carefully she wrapped her arms about her and held her tight.

"I miss my family Lara," murmured Meagan between sobs.

"Oh love, we'll call your mum tomorrow, ok?"

"Not ok," replied Meagan. "I miss all of them, even my father!"

Lara sighed softly kissed Meagan's neck.

"Ok love, we'll go by the house after school? You can see them all then"

Meagan nodded and burrowed in closer to Lara.

"I love you lara," she whispered.

"I love you to babe."

To Be Continued..............................

Rob The BLack Douglas
30-10-2005, 10:56 PM

ALexander balled his fists and stepped towards his captors.

"If you think i'm some limp wristed fairy who'l lroll over and let you fuck with him, think again. I'm taking as many of you bastards with me as I can."

There was a low murmur from his captors. Then the door of the shed opened and George stepped in. Alexander's eyes went wide. He nevr thought that George would be involved i nsomething like this. After all he was the one who would cruise for action down at the park.

"Time to go guys," George said softly as he ignored Alexander.

"What the fuck? He's here let's fuck him up!"

"Like you did the last one Stan? Or have you forgotton that a murder investigation is still going on?"

Stan sputtered. "I had nothing to do with that and you know that!"

"Well me and my friends weren't around afterwords and you were the only one with access to the shed.

"You fucking liar!" screamed Stan as he threw himself at George his fists balled. George grbbaed Stan by the front of his shirt and slammed him hard up againt the shed wall.

"You listen to me you little shit," hissed George. "This has gone too far. It wa sfine as long as we were just trying to scare the little faggots, but you had to go and ruin it for us. What happened, he laugh at your floopy tiny dick? He refuse to suck you off?"

Laughter filled Stan's ears and his face went splotchy with anger.

"You fucker!" he scramed as he tried to break free of George;s grip. George pulled back and slammed Stan so hard against the shed wall his breath shot out of him leaving him gasping.

"This is over, we don't want the cops nosing around and getting suspicious. now do we?"

"No," whimpered Stan, 'But what about him? WHat's going to keep him from talking?"

"Him and I are going to have a little chat," said George matter of factly. "Now everyone clear out."

There was mumbling and grumbling as everyone left and Stan glared at George rubbing where he was sore as he walked by.

George closed the door to the shed and stood before Alexander.

"I'm sorry this happened," George said softly.

"Why are you involved in this? I've seen you in action down at the park, this isn't you George. Why do you deny it?" asked Alexander.

George flinched. 'You've seen me at the park? And you never said anything? Why?"

Alexander looked at George.

I didn't feel it was my place to say anything. You are always so cocky, so assured in your pursuit of the girls and to be honest, who would believe me? You slept with so many that people would just laugh at me."

"Well I don't know myself. SOmetimes I want to sleep with a girl, sometimes I want to feel pleasure from a man. And Cruising the park is the only way that I can do that. "

Alexander looked at George and shook his head.

"Funny what one finds out."

George smiled. 'So remember now, you're not going to say a thing, right?'

"I won't, for know," said Alexander.

George's brow furrowed.

"Look, as long as I'm left alone and you help me out with the police, cause I bet my mom has already called them, we're cool, ok?

'I'm cool with that," said George as he reached out and pulledAlexander to him kissing him hard on the lips. "Let's get out of here."

To Be Continued..............

Rob The BLack Douglas
01-11-2005, 03:36 AM

Meagan nervously held Lara's hand as she approached the front door of what had been her home.

"Be strong love," whispered Lara giving Meagan a quick kiss before stepping back a few steps.

Meagan reached out and rang the bell, looking back to Lara as she waited for the door to open. Slowly the front door swung open to reveal Meagan's father standing there.

"Come in Meagan," he said to her surprise. "We need to talk about some things." He held open th screen doo so she culd enter.

Shocked Meagan stepped in and Lara felt her heart skip a beat as the front door closed with a loud click.

"Meagan, there's something you need to know, and I don't know how best to sday it," began her father as he wearily sat in his chair.

"What dad?"

Meagan's father looked her in the eye and Meagan saw tears ,she had never befre seen her father cry.

It's your mother, she..... she has breast cancer."

Meagan gasped as she stood and knelt at her father's side taking his hand in hers.

"The doctor's say it's terminal," cried Meagan's father his free hand cradling his head as he cried.

"No!" shouted Meagan leaping to her feet and backing away from her father. "It's not true! You're just trying to make me feel guilty so I will come back home and you can control me!"

"It's not that at all honey," said Meagan's father his voice desperate.


"Stop it Meagan!" snapped her mother from the far end of the room.

Shocked Meagan slowly sat on the couch.

"You're father's not lieing. I have termnal breast cancer."

"No! NOOOOO!" cried Megan as she hugged her other tight and her father wrapped his arms about her.

Alexander shivered as he walked home. George had been helpful in dealing with the police, but Alexander was still unsure of his motives. Yes George had stopped the bully's, yes he had kissed Alexander, but what did it all mean? Alexander wasn't like any of the guys he had seen George with at the park, and why did George treat his female conquests with such contempt?

Unsure of the answers Alexander stepped into his home glad to be safe once more.

George leaned back and placed his hand on the back of Becky's bobbing head and stared up at the roof of his jeep. A cruel smile filled his face as he shoved her down hard as he came.

To Be Continued.............................

Rob The BLack Douglas
03-11-2005, 02:24 AM

Meagan faught back her tears as she looked from her mother to her father.

"It's not true! This is a trick to get me to come back home! You ccan't stand not having control over my life and it's eating at you and you would rather your own daughter whither away and forsake who she is rather than let her be herself!"

"No Meagan, it's not like that," said her father softly.

"Meagan, I'm terminal, I'm dying," said her mother as she cried.

"NO! I don't believe it!" Meagan ran from the room and out the door into Lara's arms.

"What happened?" cried Lara.

"Get me out of here," said Meagan as she tried to run away but Lara held onto her tight unwilling to let her go.

"Talk to me Meagan! Please!"

"Not here, take me home, please Lara, please," begged Meagan her tear stained face pressing into Lara's light jacket.

"Ok love, I'm taking you home." As Lara wrapped her arm about Meagan she looked back at the front door of Meagan's parents house and saw thenm both standing in the shadow watching Meagan. Lara was surprised to see Meagan's father wipe away tears as they walked away.

ALexander grabbed his backpack and headed off towards the gym. As he walked he noticed George strutting down the hallway Becky on his arm. Becky noticed Alexander and raised her hand to her mouth and began to snicker.

"Fuck off fag," growled George as he and Becky walked by.

Alexander's blood boiled. That was the last straw. George had picked on him for the last time. George may think he is cock of the walk but he was fixing to be shown the door. Alexander grinned as he adjusted his backpack.

Becky looked up at George.

"Is everything ok? I've done all that you wanted and your still not hard. What else is there for me to do?"

"Keep rubbing, I've had a stressfull day," growled George has he grabbed Becky's hand and sped up the pace of her movement.

Becky sighed and looked down at the soft piece of flesh in her hand and continued to do what George wanted.

To Be Continued....................

Rob The BLack Douglas
06-11-2005, 06:48 PM

Meagan ran into Lara's home and threw her jacket on the couch as she race by and into Lara's room.

"Meagan!" called out Lara as she tried to keep up with her.

Meagan stood in the center of the room and looked about frantically as if she didn't know what she was doing.

"What's wrong love?" asked Lara. Her voice trembled, she had never seen Meagan act like this.

"What happened between you and your parents?"

"THat FUCKER!" screamed Meagan.

"Calm down, Meagan, what happened? I can't help you if you won't talk to me?" Lara fought back her tears as she went to hug Meagan only to be pushed away.

Meagan sat down on Lara's bed and tucked her knee's up close to her her chin resting lightly upon them as she gently rocked back and forth.

Lara knelt before Meagan and gently took Meagan's hands in hers.

"Meagan, please, talk to me, it hurts me to see you like this," Lara sobbed and looked into Meagan's eyes.

"That fucker," whispered Meagan. "He's brainwashed my mother, they tried to convince me that she was dieing of breast cancer and that I should move back home."

"Whoa, hold on your mom has breast cancer?"

Meagan looked at Lara. "I don't think so, I think that they were just trying to trick me into moving back in so that he can try and "deprogram" me," snapped Meagan in anger.

"Hold on for a moment," said Lara standing up and leaving Meagan alone in the room. Meagan just sat there and continued to rock back and forth as the maelstrom of emotions battled within her. Lara came back and again kneeled before Meagan.

"I called my mom and she's going to talk with your mom, we're going to find out what's going on for real ok love?"

Meagan nodded and turned away from Lara and pulled a blanket over her. Lara sighed and leaned over and gently kissed Meagan on the forhead. "I love you," she whispered.

Alexander sighed and rubbed his eyes. For the second night he was staking out the park in the hopes of catching Goerge in a compromising position. Uunfortunately he hadn't shown tonoght either. Alexander grimaced and packed up his camera and began to carefully make his away from the cruising area.

"Thank god, I'm not a predator like some of these guys," he thought as he watched an older gentleman press an androgenous looking lad up against a wall and fumble with his zipper briefly before shoving the lad to his knee's.

Alexander yawned and went home his thoughts drifting to Orlando Bloom and his skill with his sword.

To Be Continued.............

Rob The BLack Douglas
09-11-2005, 03:43 AM

Meagan laid in bed the door to Lara's room open. She could here the early morning bustle of the household as Lara got ready for school. Meagan rolled onto her side and pulled the covers over her shoulders and stared at the light blue wall.

"Feel like getting up?" wondered Lara as she peered into her room to Meagan's still form.

"I can't face those assholes," muttered Meagan to the wall.

Forwning Lara entered her room and sat on the corner of her bed and reached out and gently placed her hand on Meagan's leg.

"Why not love?"

"I can't take the stares and the snide remarks behind my back," whispered Meagan.

"Bugger the stupid wanker's!"

Meagan just lay there staring at the wall.

"It's just not that is it?" said Lara.

Meagan continued her silence.

"Damnit Meagan! I love you! You can't treat me like this!" Lara looked at Meagan for several moments. "Fuck this Meagan!Quit acting like a goddamn child!" Lara stormed fro mher bedroom and grabbed her backpack and rushed out the front door.

Meagan continued to stare at the wall her tears silently running down her cheeks.

Alexander laid his head down on his desk. The last week of long late nights were taking it's toll on him. George had not shown once at the park. It was frustrating Alexander. His desire to reveal George's true nature to the town.

Wait a minute? Where was Meagan? He hadn't seen her all day, and come to think of it ,Lara looked like she had been extremely pissed off all day. Alexandershiftedchis body and closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep to the gentle monotone drone of the teacher's voice.

George moaned as his hands guided the bobbing head in his lap. His breath was short and sharp as the older man went about his business with gusto. George groaned and partially collapsed over the man for a moment before reaching down amd pulling up his pants.

To Be Continued..................

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Since nobody even bothers to read your stuff, you do know you're just spamming don't you?

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Looking forward to the next installment.

Rob The BLack Douglas
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I only found the thread yesterday and i was engrossed all morning :read: , not a lot of work got done. Its very good, keep up the good work.

Looking forward to the next installment.

Thanks, I update on a regular basis, usually two or three times a week. Check out my other work when you get a chance. :D


Rob The BLack Douglas
11-11-2005, 02:06 AM

Lara cursed under her breath as she listened to the phone ring and ring until the answering machine picked up.

"It's just me again, Lara. Just checking up on you love," she said into her cell phone before hanging up.

"Ah, you missing your'e lover?" purred George his voice condescending as he hovered over Lara his eyes glued to her full cleavage.

"None of your business, so sod off!" Lara shoved George away from her and turned to walk away. A rough hand grabbed her shoulder and spun her around. George was holding her tight, his fingers digging into her shoulders.

"I'm not done with you," hissed George through clenched teeth.

"Fuck off!" growled Lara as she tried to pull loose from his grip.

George leered his tongue licking his lips as he pushed himself in closer.

"Don't fight it ,you know you want it. You're afraid that if you have dick you'll never want anything else ever again." His tongue flicked out licking her cheek.

"I told you to FUCK OFF!" shouted Lara as she pushed George away her knee coming up and nailing him right dead center between his legs.

A tiny high pitched squeel escaped from George as he crumbled to his knee's both hands clutching at his crotch. Lara stabbed her foot down on his chest with a satisfying thud and spun around and walked off leaving George writhing on the ground gasping and wheezing in pain while felllow students stared at him in disbelief.

Alexander stared at Lara his mouth hanging open as he watched Lara strut by .

Meagan barely heard the answering machine pick up and Lara leave another message. She still felt numb. Everytime she reached for the phone to call her mom her hand trembled and she pulled away on the verge of breaking down into tears again.

She could still here her mother's words echo in her head. She wanted to believe her mother. She wanted to believe her father, but deep down she had this gnawing feeling of distrust. After what happened at the church she wasn't sure that she could ever trust her father ever again.

Meagan didn't here the front door open and was curled up on the couch crying softly to herself.

"Meagan! What's wrong!" cried Lara dropping her bag on the floor and kneeling at Meagan's side. "Don't cry love," Lara whispered as she took Meagan's face in her hands and kissed her on the lips. Meagan responded with passion her hand lightly touching Lara's cheek.

Meagan moaned softly as Lara slowly undid her bathrobe her fingers making Meagan gasp out loud as they filled her as Lara guided Meagan's finger's between her legs.

Their lovemaking was fast and furious their body's bucking in pleasure as they brought each other to the edge before drawing back at the last moment until they finally collapsed into each other's arms, sweaty and gasping for breath.

"That was amazing love," murmured Lara as she kissed Meagan's stomach.

"You were amazing," smiled Meagan as she twirled her fingers's in Lara's hair.

Just then the front door opened and both Meagan and Lara gasped as they scrambled to gather up their clothes and ran back towards Lara's room.

To Be Continued.................

Rob The BLack Douglas
13-11-2005, 08:52 PM

Meagan's mother wiped her mouth and tried to stand up but her legs wobbled and she collpased onto the floor with a startled cry. Her husband rushed in and gently gathered her in his arms and carried her to their bed. Meagan's mother fought back her tears as Graham tenderly made her comfortable.

"Thanks dear," sighed Meagan's mom. Her face was gaunt and no longer glowed. Her hair had fallen out and her head was wrapped in a scarf.

Graham kissed his wife on the forehead and she looked up at him her eyes full of te love she still had for him.

"Should I call the doctor?" asked Graham softly unable to keep his voice under control.

"NO dear, he told me to expect this. I just need to rest a bit, I'll be ok in a few."

Graham nodded and quietly stepped from the bedroom and gently closed the door behind him. Meagan's mother waited for a few moments and reached for the phone and began to dial.

George seethed with anger as he waited paitently outside of the school. He could still hear the laughter of his fellow students as he rolled on the ground wincing in pain as that bitch Lara walked off. George grinned to himself as his plan began to form.

Meagan was sound asleep her arms gently wrapped about Lara. Lara couldn't sleep but she was glad that Meagan was starting to calm down and regain her composure. Though Lara was worried about her reaction to the news that her mother had breast cancer.

Lara had seen Meagan's father's expression when Meagan had ran from the house. He was not the same person that had tried to re-program his daughter. Something had to of happened. Lara was sure that Meagan's mother did have breast cancer and she was worried that Meagan was blinding herself with her anger.

Lara turned and looked at Meagan sleeping. She was so peaceful, so vulnerable and innocent, without a care in the world if only for a brief moment. LAra kissed Meaga nsoftly and Meagan smiled in her sleep. Lara snuggled in closer and nuzzled up against Meagan her breathing matching Meagan's as she drifted off to sleep.

To Be Continued..................

Rob The BLack Douglas
18-11-2005, 03:34 AM

George pulled his jeep into his usual parking space at school. He was there earlier than normal. Only a few cars were in the faculty parking lot. SMiling and softly whistling to himself George pulled on his varsity jacket and sauntered into the high school his hips swinging with a bit more swagger than usual.

Alexander wpied the last of the sleep from his eyes and swallowed the dregs of hot chocolate from his mug and set it in the sink as he grabbed his backpack as he headed out the door.

Meagan's mom coughed and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. Her legs trembled as she slowly pushed herself up and staggered unsteadily from the bathroom her hands gripping tightly as she slowly made her way back to her bed.
Meagan's father wathed his wife close her eye and drift off to sleep from the shadows of the hallway. Sighing softly to himself, he grabbed his jacket and keys and quietly left the house.

Lara and Meagan giggled as they cuddled close hand in hand walking down the sidewalk. For the first time in weeks Meagan actually felt ready to face anything the world could throw at her.

Lara threw her head back and laughed and Meagan once more felt her breath taken away as the musical notes of Lara's voice sent a warm shiver down her spine. Meagan wrapped her arm about Lara and leaned her head on her shoulder, comforted by her presence.

"George? I need to talk to you," Becky said nervously as George sat on the low wall tossing a tennis ball absently in the air.

George glared at Becky who was wrapped up in a shabby sweater and she hadn't put on any makeup.

"What do you want?" growled George.

"Not here George, somewhere private," pleaded Becky.

George rolled his eyes.

"Christ Becky, I don't want to fuck you just now."

Becky turned several shades of red.

"That's not it at all you dumb prick!" she shouted.

George looked at becky and the way she kept holding both hands about het stomach. George's eyes went wide and he began to shake his head violently.

"NONONONONONONONONO!" he cried as he scrambled to his feet and Becky stepped back in fear.

"You're just trying to fuck with me!" yelled George as the students in the commons all looked up towards George and Becky.

"I'm not messing with you George," cried Becky as tears ran down her cheeks. "I'm pregnant!"

George stared at Becky crying standing before him and he raised the back of his hand.

That'll be enough mister."

Startled George spun around to see his football coach glaring down at him.

"The office now mister," barked the coach and George let out a tiny whine and scampered off.

TO Be Continued..................

Rob The BLack Douglas
20-11-2005, 03:53 AM

George huffed as he flung himelf down on into the chair in the waiting room of the principals office.

"Wait here," growled his coach as he walked into the principals office and shut the door behind him.

George couldn't understand what was being said though he could hear the low murmur of voices as his coach and the principle talked. The door creaked open and his coach stuck out his head. "Get in here."

Meagan lay on her back her head in Lara's lap as Lara ran her finger's throug Meagan's hair as she sang softly.

"I love it when you sing to me," said Meagan as Lara finished.

"Thank you love," whispered Lara as she leaned down to kiss Meagan. Meagan reached up and took Lara's face in her hands.

The loud clearing of of a throat startled both Lara and Meagan. Standing before them was Meagan's father his arms hanging loosely at his sides. Lara was shocked at his appearance, no more of the strong authority figure that she was use to, he looked gaunt, there were dark circles under his eyes and his face had a sunken look to it.

"WHat do you want?" spat out Meagan and Lara was surprised at the amount of venom in her voice.

"I'm not here to fight, said Meagan's father softly. "I'm not here for me, I'm here for your mother. You need to see her."

Meagan glared at her father.

"She's getting worse, she can barely hold herself up somedays and the treatments are just as bad as the disease," Meagan's father choked off the last word has he struggled to hold back his tears as he reached into his trousers pocket for a hankerchief.

"What happened between is needs to be dealt with but now isn't the time. Now you need to be with your mother, she needs more than ever."

Meagan turned to LAra her eyes wide, silently asking Lara for advice.

"GO love," whispered Lara. "You'll be upset with yourself for the rest of your life if you don't."

"I'll call you as soon as possible," Meagan whispered as she quickly kissed lara.

"She can come if she wants," Meagan's father said.

"PLease do," Meagan begged as she gently tugged on Lara's shirt sleeve.

"Ok," said Lara.

George cussed his coach and the principal under his breath as he stomped down the hallway towards detention the slip of yellow paper clutched tightly in his hand. There was no way that he was the father ,he had always taken precautions when he was with Becky. And how did he know that she was truly pregnant and if she was who else could be the father.

His thoughts fueled his anger and he lashed out his fist smashing into a random locker sending a loud clang echoing down the hallway.

To Be Continued................

Rob The BLack Douglas
22-11-2005, 03:55 AM

The ride to her former homeseemed like an eternity to Meagan. She huddled close to Lara in the back of the van clutching tightly at her hand. Lara could feel Meagan tremble as the van came closer and closer to the house. THe van was silent, meagan's father remained quiet the entire drive. Her father opened the side door of the van and helped Lara and Meagan down.

The house was silent as Meagan slowly opened the front door and peered around it. The entry hall was deserted as she timidly made her way into the house. Lara was right behind her and Meagan's father stood by the van in the driveway.

"Try her bedroom," Lara said softly as she smiled at Meagan.

Meagan swallowed nervouslyas she made her way toward her parents bedroom. The light at her mother's side of the bed was on casting a dim glow across the room. Meagan's mother was sitting up her hands in her lap, her eyes closed, her chest rising and falling slowly as she slept.

"Mom?" said Meagan softly as she stood at the side of the bed. Lara stood in the hallway looking in her arms wrapped about herself.

"Meagan? Is that you?" her mother's voice was a barely a whisper, showing no traces of her former self, it was thin, like a note on the wind drifting into oblivion.

"It's me. Dad came and brought Lara and I from school,' Meagan fought to hold back her tears as reached out at took her mom's hand in hers.

"He did? Bless him. I've been telling him to talk to you. " Meagan's mother smiled her face lighting up with joy and Meagan let out a sob as she sat on the edge of the bed.

"We actually didn't say much of anything to each other," mumbled Meagan.

"BUt he came to you," said Meagan's mother more forcefully . "That's the important thing, he came to you."

An awkward silenced filled the room for a moment and Lara nervously shuffled her feet.

"So it's true, you two weren't making it up to get me to come back."

No, we weren't making it up. At first you father and I had many fights. He claimed this was god's retribution for supporting our abomination of a daughter." Meagan's mother snorted at that causing both Lara and Meagan to giggle.

"He soon came around. Nothing like facing a loved one's mortality to show proper perspective on life." Meagan's mother smiled at her daughter and reached out a thin hand and gently patted her cheek. "He's a bit thick headed at times, but he does come around in the end."

"Oh mother!" cried Meagan as she gently hugged her mother's frail body.

"Now, now, it's not that bad," Meagan's mother chuckled as Meagan sat up and wiped her tears. "I've been blessed with a husband who loves me and wonderful, wonderful children. That's pretty good I think." Meagan's mother smiled and reached for a glass of water. "Be a dear and hand me my pills," she said pointing to a bottle just beyond her reach.

"How many?"

"Just two."

Meagan carefully placed two massive pills in her mother's hand and watched her swallow them with a little bit of difficulty.

"It's good to see you Meagan. We will have dinner together soon, and bring that lovely girl of yours LAra."

Yes mom," said Meagan choking on her tears.

"Now dear, don't cry. I'm still here alive and kicking, I'm not ready to go yet." She smiled and leaned over and kissed Meagan on the cheek.

To Be Continued...............

Rob The BLack Douglas
23-11-2005, 03:29 AM

Meagan purred as Lara worked loose the muscles of her back. She had been tense ever since she and Lara had returned from her parents home and she had come face to face with the reality that her mother was dieing due to breast cancer.

Lara had ordered Meagan into the shower and when she had stepped out of the mass of steam ,Lara had carefully dried her off, vigorously rubbing her down. Then she led Meagan into her room and making sure the towel was wrtapped about her waist had Meagan lay face down on her bed.

Lara rubbed her hands together warming them before spreading massage oil over Meagan's back. Methodically Lara began to work on Meagan's shoulder muscles marveling at how tight they were. At first Meagan would groan or gasp out in pain as Lara would work o nthe knots she found. In time, Meagan had relaxed to the point that Lara's hands roving over her body and the sensation of her body being totally relaxed were making her moan in pleasure.

"That feel good love?" Lara asked as her hands worked their way down Meagan's leg.

"Almost has good as sex," murmured Meagan.

"Oh really?" Lara grinned slyly as she gently parted Meagan's legs ans lowered her head.

"AH! OH GOD!" cried Meagan as as Lara's tongue made her explode.

"You want more?" purred Lara as Meagan rolled over onto her back her eyes ablaze with passion as she reached out to Lara.

Meagan's mouth was eager, as she kissed Lara. Her hands burrowed beneath Lara's t-shirt, fingers teasingly grasping at Lara's nipples. The room was filled with panting as Lara and Meagan filled with desire for each other pressed their body's tight, eager to be consumed by their passion.

Lara raised her arms and Meagan tugged off her t-shirt, tossing it aside. For a moment she gazed upon Lara before she reached out and lay Lara down upon the bed. Meagan smiled before she lowerd her head and began to slowly kiss down LAra's stomach, closer and closer to Lara's pants.

Lara sighed with each kiss her eyes partly closed her hands at her sides. Meagan stopped for a moment and slowly her fingers undid the buttons of Lara's pants and Lara lifted her hips so Meagan could tug the pants off.

Lara cried out as Meagan's tongue flicked out, teasing Lara's hot wetness. Lara grabbed Meagan's hair in her hands and wrapped her finger's about Meagan's hair.

Meagan pulled away her lips wet from Lara and grinned as Lara cried out for more. Meagan straddled Lara and thrust two finger's between Lara's legs making her cry out even louder and panting for more. Slow at first but building, Lara and Meagan, their body's pressed tight, every bit of their being's on fire as they built and rode the growing wave of pleasure until they exploded, their orgasms washing over them as they collapsed onto Lara's bed.

"My god that was wonderful!" gasped Meagan as she caught her breath.

"Wasn't?" replied Lara grinning as she ran her finger's through her hair.

Meagan rolled onto her side and kissed Lara.

"Ready for more love?" she whispered.

Lara pulled her close kissing her hard.

To Be Continued.......................

23-11-2005, 11:07 PM
And I thought this was just a young boy's vivid fantasies writ on the Web...

Rob The BLack Douglas
24-11-2005, 12:38 AM

Becky pulled her jacket on over her sweater, ignoring the stares and the blatent chatter about her as she gathered her books and placed them in her backpack. Fear of George still gripped her as she scrunched her shoulder's and lowered her head avoiding eye xontact as she hurried from her locker and out of the school.

Alexander pulled his jacket tighter about him as he walked by a group of giggling freshman girls. Alexander just shook his head as they burst out into a fit of laughter. Alexander swore he could here some of the girls eyelashes flutter at high speed.

"What are you going to do now slut?"

Alexander turned to see Becky standing against the school wall her backpack open at her feet, her books strewn all about. Standing around her were Brittney Lamb and her crowd of mindless fashion slaves.

"Leave me alone," stuttered Becky as she tried to reach for her backpack only to have Brittney shove her hard back against the wall.

"Or you'll do what bitch?" Brittney laughed cold and cruel her bubblegum pink lipstick sparkling in the late afternoon sun as she chewed her gum.

"Back off Brittney," growled ALexander as he set his backpack down and tossed his jacket on top of it.

Brittney smiled and popped her gum as she slinked over to Alexander pressing her thin frame tight up against him, her hands runnnng over the taught muscles of his back.

"Now, now, no need for that," purred Brittney. "I think we can work this out. After all you are totyally fuckable."

Alexander shoved Brittney fron him and grabbed Becky's backpack and began to stuff her books into it.

"Who the fuck do you think you are?" hissed Brittney.

"Even if I like girls, there is no way I would sleep with a whore like yo," siad Alexander as he took Becky by the arm and began to lead her away.

Brittney just stood ther dumbfounded her mouth hanging open.

"You ok?" wondered Alexander after he had led Becky far enough away.

"As good as I'll ever be," murmured Becky.

YOu sure? I could walk with you if you want."

Becky blushed.

"THat's ok. It's not far from here."

"It's no problem," began Alexander.

"I'll be fine, thanks." Becky stood on her tiptoes and kissed Alexander on the cheek.

To Be Continued..............

Rob The BLack Douglas
24-11-2005, 12:40 AM
And I thought this was just a young boy's vivid fantasies writ on the Web...

I'm older than you and no these aren't fantasy's ;)

Rob The BLack Douglas
26-11-2005, 02:47 AM

Alexander rubbed his cheek shocked at what Becky had just done. He could still feel the daint trace of her lips and smell the lingrering floral traces of her perfume.

"Wow," he murmured his heart racing slightly as he turned and watched Becky practically skip towards her home.

George felt his rage building as he watched Becky stand on her tiptoes and kiss Alexander on the cheek. So that was the game. Alexander was using Becky to get to him! George balled his fists and ground his teeth. his eyes narrowed as his rage consumed him.

Alexander smiled and turned to head of towards his home when out of the corner of his eye he saw a massive shape hurtling towards him. Startled Alexander jerked back as George's fist wistled through the air.

"What the fu......?" exclaimed ALeaxander as he tossed his backpack to one side and his jacket on top of it his muscled rippling as he squared off against George.

"I should of known you were involved," hissed George through clenched teeth.

"Involved in what? What the hell are you talking about?" Alexander sidestepped a madly rushing George.

"What did you pay that bitch to lie about me?"

"MAn, you're on crack," gasped Alexander as he knocked aside George's fist and grabbed hold of the front of his shirt with both hands and lifted him off of the ground.

"Fuck you," hissed George as he spitted in Alexander's face.

"Whatever man," Alexander shoved George away from him and wiped his face with his shirt sleeve.

George stood there his chest heaving as he sucked in air.

"Why are you using her to fuck with me?"

"I'm not using her. I don't know what your talking about. Put down the crack pipe."

"You're lying! I'm not the father!"

George charged Alexander swinging wildly. Alexander balled his fist and smashed it down onto George's nose. A loud crunch filled the area and all the onlookers groaned as George cried out his fingers gingerly reaching up and probing what used to be an unbroken nose.

"YOU FUCKER! You broke my nose!"

Alexander stepped forword and smashed George to the ground.

"I have nothing to do with Becky," he said as he grabbed his jacket and backpack and walking off leaving a beaten and bruised sobbing George on the cement.

To Be Continued..................

Rob The BLack Douglas
27-11-2005, 04:11 AM

Meagan's mother closed her eyes and let the pain wash over her. The painkillers were no longet taking the edge off. The pain was constant and it burned her like a fire that contnually raged.

"Is there anything I can get for you dear?" Meagan's father's voice was soft as he sat on the edge of the bed and took his wife's hand in his.

"No, nothing," Meagan's mother whispered softly. Meagan's father raised her hand to hs lips and kissed it making her smile.

"Graham, will you bring Meagan by again? Please?"

Meagan's father frowned. "What is it?"

"It hurts so much," said Meagan's mother softly as tears ran uncontrollably down her cheeks as she looked into her husbands eyes. "I don't know how much longer I can handle it. Please, bring our daughter so I can see her one more time."

Meagan's father nodded and wiped away his tears. he stoodd and started to turn away but stopped and leaned down over his wife and kissed her on her forhead.

"I love you."

Lara paced across the living room as Meagan's father sat in his chair bible open in his lap. Meagan and her siblings had gathered around their mother.

"Why aren't you in there?" asked Lara after hearing Meagan's father sigh at her pacing for the tenth time.

"Because I've made my peace with her," replied Meagan's father.

Lara's lips formed an "O" as she stopped and looked at Meagan's father.

"I'm sorry,it's just, it's a stressful time." sputtered Lara.

Meagan's father smiled his face lighting up removing years of age from his face.

"It's been hard on all of us." He stood a nd stepped towards Lara. "And I just want to thank you for what you've done for Meagan. Things' still aren't healed between us, but it would be wrong of me not to acknowledge the fact that you have been there for her."

Lara stepped back in shock. Never had she even expected to hear such words come from Meagan's father.

"Uhm, you're welcome?" she replied somewhat confused.

Meagan's father smiled again and gestured towards the kitchen.

"How about a piece of pie while we wait?"

"Close the door Meagan, I want to talk to you alone," said her mother softly.

Puzzled, Meagan closed the door behind her brother and sister.

"Come here," Meagan's mother patted the bed at her side. Meagan sat down and and looked at the frail form of her mother.

Meagan's mother winced as she pushed her self up to a more upright position. MEagan reached over to help only to have her mother brush her aside.

"I don't need your help," she snapped.

Startled Meagan pulled away.

"I don't have long dear, and what I want to say to you is important," said Meagan's mother. "I've already talked to your father and he's promised to work with you over living arrangements after I'm gone."

"Don't say that!" cried Meagan.

"Dear, i'm dying, and it'll be soon, look at me. Meagan look at me<" her mother reached out and lifted Meagan's chi n so she could look into her tear filled eyes.

"I love you very much and nothing will change that. Your father loves though he has difficulty showing it. We've spent hours talking about you and your brother and sister. But it's you we worry about the most. I don't want you to end up being treated like my brother Michael has been.

"So I made your father agree that if you wanted to you could continue to stay with Lara and her folks until you graduate or until you decide to come home. Its's your choice."

"Oh mom, thank you, thank you!"

"Now go and make sure your father hasn't tried to perform an exorcism on Lara."

Meagan smiled and laughed at her mother's joke and hugged her.

"I love you mom."

To Be Continued.............

Rob The BLack Douglas
28-11-2005, 01:55 AM

Alexander flexed his fingers still sore from thr day before. He warily eyed the football players as they strutted down the hall. They passed without even a sneer in his direction and Alexander let out asigh of relief as he turned to his locker and quickly dialed his combination.

Becky held her books protectively before her belly as she srunched her shoulders and dropped her head as she sat in her desk. A few kids snickered only to shut up as the teacher glared at them. Nervously Becky looked around for George bu she didn't see him.

Meagan lay in bed Lara at her side fingers entwined.

"I don't want to go to school," said Lara softly.

"Neither do I. Let's stay home."

Lara chuckled and rolled onto her side and kissed Meagan." I can think of some things to do," she grinned and began to kiss her way down Meagan's stomach.

Meagan's father sat at his wife's side her hand in his. He sang to her softly, his low voice cracking as he sang words of love. She smiled as he sang, humming along as best as she could smiling despite the pain. Slowly her eyes closed , her breathing became more shallow, her head drooping until her chin rested on her chest. Meagan's father felt his wife's hands go cold as he sang to her. He let his song fade into the air and as his tears flowed down his cheeks he leaned over and kissed his wife one last time.

Meagan had her arms wrapped about Lara as they kissed. There was no hurried desire. Instead their was a slow smoldering of passion. Meagan sighed softly as she pulled away from Lara her lips tingling, burning from their contact with Lara's.

"I could kiss you forever," murmured Meagan her lips slightly parted.

"Mmmhhhmmm," purred Lara as she kissed Meagan again.

The phone began to ring, and ring, and ring.

"Let the machine get it love," whispered Lara.

"Meagan? It's ...it's your father. I was hoping you would of answered, but... uhm..uhm, your mother just passed away," Meagan's father broke down in tears as he hung up the phone.

"Oh my god!" cried Meagan as she scrambled up from beneath Lara and reached for her shirt.

"Slow down Meagan!" cried out Lara as she tried to keep up.

George stood outside the front of the school his face splotchy with deep black and purple bruises on his face.

To Be Continued..............

Rob The BLack Douglas
29-11-2005, 02:41 AM

"Hold up Meagan!" cried Lara as she rushed after her. Meagan sobbed as she tugged on her jacket. Wiping tears from her eyes, she frantically began to search for something.

"What are you lookiing for?" asked Lara as she zipped up her jacket.

"The keys to the car," cried Meagan as she rifled through the papaers on the desk sending piles of bills tumbling to the floor.

'Whoa there hold on, you can't drive!"

"You can." spat out Meagan.

"I only have my learner's permit!"

Meagan spun around keys in hand, tears flowing down her face.

"Lara, please don't argue with me, not today."

Lara looked into Meagan's pain filled eyes and sighed.

"Ok love, but don't hound me, I'll get us there."

Meagan smiled and kissed Lara.

Alexander tossed his paper bag with his lunh onto the empty table. So far the day had been quiet, nary a word from George's friends. In fact George had not been seen all day. Alexander knew that Becky had been extremely nervous, worrying herself sick practically, wondering if George would threaten her when she got to school.

A few of the students were still harrassing her , but word was slowly spreading and a few had come up to Becky in private offering their support.

Alexander stared at his mushy peanut butter and jelly sandwich and tossed it into his paper bag. It wasn't much better than the processed sludge the school was serving.

"I want to talk to you."

Alexander looked up to see George standing over him. George's face was splotchy with bruises from his beating the day before.

"Well I don't so fuck off before I hand you another beating," growled Alexander as he stood.

George flinched and stepped back away from Alexander.

"Look I just want to talk. Yesterday was a big mistake. I. ...I want to talk," pleaded George.

"FIne, we'll talk, right here."

George looked around seeing all the students staring at him and Alexander.

"Not here, not in front of everyone."

"Then we don't talk. You either sit or fuck off." Alexander crossed his arms across his chest and stared at George.

George nervously swallowed and looked around once more before meekly sitting down. ALexander waited for a moment before he sat sown.

"Alright, what do you want?"

"It's about yesterday ,I wasn't in my right mind." began George.

"Really, what mind would that be, the one where you go around fucking every girl you can get their panty's off or rthe mind where you cruise by the ballfields and give blowjobs to older men."

George' s jaw dropped. "I don't want to talk about that stuff," he murmured turning red.

"To fucking bad. You act all high and mighty swaggering around the school, fucking macho badass quarterback, girl on each arm, fucking anything that'll spread its legs for you.

"And then you's dropping to your knee's that night and sucking off old pervs who cruise the ballfields for a young piece of ass such as yourself.

"I don't get it George. I really don't. You've slept with almost every populat hot girl in school and yet you treat them like total shit. Look at Becky. She's pregnant and she hasn't slept with anyone else. You damn near beat her that day.

"And how about that day when you kissed me?"

George looked away from Alexander for a moment.

"I don't know."

"You don't know? What kind of fucking answer is that?"

"I don' know."

"Well George, you better get an ideasoon 'cause your a total fuckup." Alexander grabbed his garbage and tossed it into the nearest bin and stopmed off leaving George sitting at the table.

Lara pulled into the driveway of Meagan's parent's home. The house was ablaze with lights and the front door was open. Meagan leaped fro mthe car leaving the door open as lara set the parking brake and turned off the engine.

"Dad!" cried Meagan as she rushed into the house.

"Meagan?" her father looked up from the table his face all puffy from the crying he had been doing.

Meagan threw herself into her father's arms sobbing huge wet tears, soaking his shirt.

"It's ok darling. It's ok." whispered Meagan's father.

"I should of been here!"

"I was the only one with her," replied her father his voice soft and soothing."She went peacefully."

Meagan pulled away the tears streaking down her face.

Lara stood in the entry way keys in hand. Meagan's father looked up at her and gestured for her to come forward. "Hold her," he mouthed to Lara.

Puzzled Lara wrapped her arms about Meagan. Meagan turned and buried her face in Lara's neck sobbing uncontrollably.

"Shhhhh, it's ok, I'm here love," murmured Lara.

Meagan's father stood and wrapped his arms about the two girls. "I'm sorry for what I did all those month's ago. I was blinded and let my love get pushed aside."

"I love you dad," cried Meagan as she kissed his cheek.

"I love you to," he whisperd back.


devine kk
29-11-2005, 07:32 AM
made excellent reading mate, thanks.

Rob The BLack Douglas
30-11-2005, 03:27 AM
made excellent reading mate, thanks.

Thank you :)


devine kk
30-11-2005, 07:54 AM
its a pleasure, any more romantics planned?????????? :icon_conf

Rob The BLack Douglas
01-12-2005, 02:36 AM
its a pleasure, any more romantics planned?????????? :icon_conf

Plenty though almost all my work has a romantic element, some you just need to dig deeper than the others for, i.e. Holding Out For A Hero.