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Rob The BLack Douglas
02-10-2005, 03:00 AM

Angus Douglas slowly rolled his stiff shoulder muscles wincing barely as the muscles creaked loudly in the room. Margaret McBride looked up from her desk and smiled. For ten years Angus had been her guardian. Hired by her father, he had over the years become more than a stand in for her often absent father. Angus was at all her swim functions, he held her when she was sick, comforted her when she had her heart first broken.

As quickly as the smiled appeared it vanished. For Angus' presence was a constant reminder. A reminder that in the corpro-states, the position held by her father made Margaret a very high valued target.

Sighing Margaret switched off her laptop and slowly closed the lid.

"Do I really have to go to the party Angus?" she asked him softly her voice rich and melodic hinting at years of vocal training.

"I'm afraid so miss," rumbled Angus, your father was very clear in his instructions.

Margaret grimaced her face scrunching up at the thought of having to spend several hours with the spoiled children of the rich and powerful of the corpro-states.

"Do you think that i'll get llucky and not have to deal with that piece of shit James Stuart?"

Angus grinned at the strong outburst.

"I'm afraid so miss, I've checked the guest list and he will be there."

A string of very unladylike curses fell from Margaret's full pouty lips.

"No use complaining miss, you need to get ready, we're late as it is."

The function was in full swing as Angus escorted Margaret into the massive penthouse. Margaret hated this party's. Yet her father made her attend in the hopes that she would find the perfect spoiled prince to marry and help her father rise even further in the Byzantine power structures of the corpro-states.
If only her father understood why she never took an interest in any of the available young men.

Margaret turned and barely smiled at Angus. Loyal Angus. He knew. He was the one who held her to him as she cried her eyes out, the pain pouring from her body as she told of her heart being broken by the daughter of one of her father's business associates. Loyal Angus who comforted her and told her that there was nothing wrong with her, that her feelings were not unnatural. Loyal Anguus who protected and sheltered her as she discretely carried out liasons in the shadows always fearfull of being discovered by the Inquisition.

""Heads up miss, here he comes," Angus whispered as James Stuart swaggered over his blonde hair sticking out all over, his suit wrinkled and askew, his face flushed red from alcohol, his eyes wide and red from whatever designer drug he was on.

"Now there's my sexy bitch," he laughed, harsh and cruel.

Angus glared down at James who abruptly cut his laugh short. He pulled in close to Margaret who fliched back at the medicinal smell of alcohol that overwhelmed her.

"I'm not interested James, and I'm not your bitch!" Margaret's blue eyes flashed with anger and Angus moved in even closer his left hand reaching into his jacket.

James stared dumbly at Angus briefly and the his thin lips curled into a sneer.

"What, you think you can touch me? No one can touch me, old man."

Angus snarled and James stepped back.

"Your father may be the Head Inquisitor but even he cannot protect you if you do anything to harm Miss Margaret." Angus slowly streched his frame the solid mass of muscle and sinew popping and creaking as they groaned in protest eager to spring into action.

Fear flashed across James face as he took several steps back before he regained his composure. He stabbed a short pudgy finger at Margaret.

"I will wipe that smirk from your face bitch," he snarled. "You will be my wife and then you will know how a women should behave."

James spun around and shoved aside a group of party goers sending one sprawling upon the floor elliciting hyena like laughter from the drunk and drugged out crowd.

"Come Angus," sighed Margaret. "I must mingle for a little bit at least."

Angus nodded as he noted the sadness in Margaret's voice.

To Be Continued...................

Rob The BLack Douglas
02-10-2005, 03:02 AM

Margaret walked away with Angus close behind. She absently garaabbed a flute of champagne and draine the liquid in one go. All around them the party goers were fully engaged in an orgy of of drugs, alcohol, and random sex. Sighing softly to herself, Margaret slowly made her wat to the balcony that overlooked the distant towers of the Temple of the Inquisition.

"Why does my father force me to attend this party's Angus?"

Angus was quiet for a bit.

"He wants what he feels is best for you. A marriage t osomeone who can protect you better than he protected your mother."

Margaret looked u pat Angus' face but his rough craggy features were motionless.

"I don't remember much of my mother. Did you ever know her?"

Angus fidgeted and turned to scan the carnal debauchery of the party before turning to face Margaret.

"Your fatheer and i both competed for your mother's favor. When she chose your father, I moved on. After her death, your father got into contact with meand Iagreed to become your protector."

Margeret stared at Angus, so many questions filled her mind. Yet now wasn't the time for such talk.

"Come Angus, a quick appearance and then we are leaving.

James Stuart drained his vodka in one gulp and shakily reached for the bottle. A well manicured hand gently took hold of his and lifted it away from the bottle. Anger burned across James face as he looked u pinto the soft blue eyes of his twin sister Mary. James anger faded quickly and he sighed running his fingers through his wild hair.

"I see that you had yet another wonderful encounter with the love of your life," the sarcasm dripped heavily from Mary's words as he gently pulled her twin brother to his feet.

"You really want that little bitch don't you," mused Mary as her eyes flicked over Margaret's slim and trim figure as she and Angus strode across the floor. "what do paln to do with her?' Mary turned back to her brother and slightly cocked her head.

"i want to make her submit," hissed James his voice turning low and husky.

Mary laughed and kissed James lightly on the lips.

"Then you shall have her brother."

To Be Continued............

Rob The BLack Douglas
02-10-2005, 03:05 AM

James glared at Margaret and Angus as they moved from the party and entered the towers lift. James' fingers moved violently as if acting out something. Mary his twin sister took his arm and wrapped it around her waist pulling him in tight to her. Her crimson lips hovered at the edge of his ear.

"Hold onto your thoughts brother, I have a plan." Mary kissed her brother once more and stepped into the full throng of the party.

The apartment was dark when Margaret and Angus returned, yet another evening her father would be spending locked away with his work. Margaret sighed softly.

"Would you like me to draw you a bath miss?"

"That would be lovely," whispered Margaret turning away from Angus. Angus scowled, he knew when his mistress was upset.

The sound of running water broke Margaret's concentration as Angus stepped into the room her robe draped over one arm.

"Come miss, you'll feel better afterwords."

The heat of the water loosed the tension that had been building up between Margaret's shoulders. As she lowered herself nto the water, Margaret let out a long soulfull sigh.

As she desired Angus sat watching the only entrance to the apartments bath room, his features still, unreadable to those who didn't know him.


"Yes miss?"

"Why don't you ever talk about your past?"

Angus looked down at Margaret and smiled warmly.

"I caused a lot of pain and suffering in my day, miss. That kind of stuff is better left buried in the past where it belongs."

Margaret pouted her plump lips trying to sexily tease an answer out of Angus.

"Now miss ,you know that look hasn't worked on me since you were fourteen."

Margaret couldn't help it, she broke out laughing sending water rippling across the bath.

Angus had bade Margaret good night ,gently kissing her forhead like he did everynight. Margaret watched his massive frame rumble down the hallway to his room. Margaret slowly tiptoed down the hallway. The light in Angus' room was on and the door was open as it always was. Several years ago Margaret had discovered that she could peer into his room without his seeing her.

Angus slowly unbuttoned his shirt and peeled it off. Despite how many times before she had seen the sight, it always made Margaret gasp. Angus' back was covered with scars. Fine white ones, long jagged rough ones, mass' of his flesh was mottled and puckered. Yet another mystery about Angus that one day she hoped to have an answer to.

To Be Continued................

Rob The BLack Douglas
02-10-2005, 03:07 AM

Angus waited until he heard the patter of Margaret's feet fade back into her room. With care he slipped out of the rest of his clothes and and pulled on a loose pair of sleep pants. The stiffness of his scar tissue made him grunt as twinges of pain shot through his limbs. Silently cursing Angus reached into the small cabinet at the side of his bed and pulled out a bottle of whisky.

The golden liquid gurgled as Angus poured a fourth of it into the glass sitting atop the cabinet. The familiar burn of the alcohol flared Angus' nostrils as he drank deeply letting the fire of the single malt course through his blood. Sighing softly, Angus eased onto his bed and stretched out his legs as best as he could.

Angus stared up at the blankness of the ceiling and slowly drained the glass of whisky sip by sip. Even with his eyes open he could still see the tragic events those many years ago. The blood flowing, the screams, the leaden feeling that one was about to die, and finally the constant preassure as body after body was heaped upon his, destined for an unmarked pit somewhere.

Slowly Angus' eyes closed and his arm flopped softly to his side, empty whisky glass rolling from loose fingers.

Mary Stuart smoothed the few wrinkles out of her skirt and reached for her jacket. On the bed amid the tangle of sheets lay her brother, his delicate features almost child-like innocent, in the after glow of sexual fullfillment. Mary leaned down and kissed her brothers lips softly lingering over the faint taste of her on them.

The house was dim, it being the twilight hours in the Stuart household. Mary looked out over the main garden and saw that her father's study light still burned this late into the dark. Mary cursed the unknown who had given birth to her father, then she would never have been forced to fullfill his political ambitions. At least James had found an escape, numbing himself in a world of alcohol and designer drugs.

Margaret slid beneath the cool sheets of her bed and hugged her body pillow to her. She hated attending the drunken orgies thrown by the spoiled heirs. She never fit in ,and she hated the blatent attempts by drunken, strung out would be rapists who only wanted a trophy wife to make them look good while they went out and poked anylittle thing that wiggled at them.

No, Margaret wanted more, the love she yearned for, condemned by the powerful Inquisition and paid lip service to by the Corpro-States because none had the power by themselves to have total control. The love of another woman.

Dear sweet Angus, who held her to him and comforted her as she cried wanting to know what was wrong with her, why did god make her feel this way if it was wrong? Angus stroked her hair and said, "Any god that would deny the beauty of love no matter who it is between ,whether it be of a different race or the same gender, is no loving god. He is a bloody wanker, a tool for those who desire power and control over others.

The next day ,Angus began to help Margaret build a network of loyal and discrete friends. And yet her heart had not known love. Despite all the clumsy fumbling, the hectic bouts of lovemaking, her heart remained cool. Tears slowly drifted from the corners of her eyes as she held her pillow tight and softly cried herself to sleep.

Rob The BLack Douglas
02-10-2005, 03:10 AM

Mary Stuart stepped rose from her bath and waited as her servant slowly began to rub her down drying her shapely limbs and giving her lightly bronzed skin a healthy glow. Another servant carefully toweld her long blonde locks dry. Mary closed her eyes her thoughts drifting warmly to her brother. Being twins the bond they shared was deeper than anything i nthe world and yet her brother was so much like their father. Mary's face scrunched into a grimace making the servants flinch briefly before they resumed their work.

Their father, George Stuart, Chief Inquisitor of the church. A man known for his unwavering faith and dogged determination to exert the power of the church over the everyday lives of the people. Steadfast and bullheaded. Mary often found herself disgusted by his behavior behind the secure walls of the family's estate.

"Morning daughter."

Mary opened her eyes t osee her father standing before her looking obscenely resplendent in his robes of office. Self conciously Mary crossed her arms partially covering her breasts as her father leared lustily down at her nude figure.

"What do you want father," Mary didn't bother to hide her disgust as she spoke.

George Stuart's hand flew and slapped Mary hard across her cheek leaving a red mark upon her cheek. Mary's servant's drew back shocked. Mary raised her fingers and delicately traced the throbbing wound.

"Never use that tone with me," hissed George Stuart his lips flecked with foam as he leaned in close to his daughter. "Watch that you don't end up like that bitch whore of a mother you had." With a flurry of robes George Stuart spun about and strode from the room his robes billowing about his body.

Mary's servants waited until her father was gone before reaching out to her. Angrily Mary slapped their helping hands away and angrily ran from her bath.

Angus stepped into the dim confines of Margaret's room. Sleeping Margaret looked as if she was in total peace. Her light brunette hair was like an angelic halo about her face. Looking upon his sleeping charge, a small tear rolled from the corner of one eye as his thoughts turned unbidden to the family he had lost. His wife and two daughter's victims of the Inquisition.

Margeret stirred as she woke her limbs stretching beneath the covers. Margaret slowly opened her eyes and smiled when she saw Angus towering over her.

"Morning miss. I hope that you slept well," grinned Angus his smile making his rough features soften and warm.

Margeret's smile faded briefly though Angus noticed. "I've been better." Said Margaret flatly.

Angus frowned for a moment. "Don't be glum miss, today we're going shopping," Angus rolled his eyes as he spoke. Margaret let out a giggle and covered her mouth with her hand. Angus was notorious in his dislike of shopping.

Margaret mocked sighed and raised the back of her hand to her forhead. "Well if you insist, I guess I must."

Angus smiled. "I'll have breakfast ready when you get done with your bath."

To BE Continued................

Rob The BLack Douglas
02-10-2005, 03:15 AM
Mary Stuart wiped the tears from her cheeks and turned from her mirror. Her blonde hair fell over her blood shot eyes hiding the entrance to her soul. Slowly the door to her room creaked opened. Her father stood in the doorway his face emotionless has he stared at his daughter.

"Not now father," Mary found herself saying her voice flat.

"That is not why I'm here. It's time for you to consider marriage. I know your close with James but your seventeen and I've been selfish in keeping you here with me for so long."

Mary looked up at her father unable to control the disgust towards him that welled up in her.

"FUCK YOU!" shouted Mary her fists pounding as hard as she could against her fathers chest. Gently George Stuart took Mary's fists in his hands and pulled them down to her sides. With one finger he gently wiped the tears from Mary's eyes.

"I know your upset, dear," murmured her father. "But ,you must for the good of the family."

"Fuck this family! Why should I do anything for them when I'm nothing more than a hole to poke and chattel to be bought and sold as a whim!"

George pulled Mary in tight to him hugging her close.

"No honey, your more than than that, James and I love you, and because we love you so much we want you to be happy and you will be happy when you get married."

Mary's tears soaked her father's robe. Slowly she raised her head and gazed into his piercing grey eyes.

"Whatever you say father," whispered Mary her voice small and surenduring.

"Good girl," grinned Her father as he leaned down kissing her hard upon the mouth before stepping away and exiting her room.

Mary ran her fingers across her face her nails lightly digging into the flesh of her lips drawing tiny drops of blood and smearing it across her delicate pale features.

Margaret looked stunning as she took her time browsing along the row of high class shops. Her skirt was tight and flattered her figure as much as her matching blouse did. All about her people were bustling about. Dour sharp nosed Inquisitor's would pass their eyes devouring the figures of the women searching for any little bit of flaunting to haulthem in.

The rich wives of the Church Elders would saunter by their faces and hai plastic perfection, frozen in arrogant haughtiness. The children of those who worked for the corpro-states flocked about here and there flaunting the latest fashions and pushing the envelope of church decree's.

Margaret ignored all that was going on around her. After years of Angus protecting her, she had become comfortable with the fact that the presence of a massive walking slab of muscular beef detered all but the most desperate of people.

A new botique had opened and Margaret ducked in t osee what they offered. Angus immediately stood out in his dark cloth's and long black trench coat.

"May I help you?"

Margaret turned to the soft warm voice to speak only to have the words choke off in her throat. The woman before her took Margaret's breath away. Long blonde hair, blue eyes, pouty lips. her slim frame was clad in silk, accentuating and hinting at the curves beneath.

"Are you ok miss?"

To Be Continued................

Rob The BLack Douglas
02-10-2005, 03:18 AM

"Miss? Are you all right?"

Angus' voice sounded odd and hollow to Margaret's ears. Slowly her eyes blinked once, twice, and finally began to focus. The stunning blonde with blue eyes and pouty lips was still standing before Margaret a slight smile barely dancing upon her lips. Angus was standing to the side his snow grey eyes sparkling as he tried to hold back a broad grin.

"I'm sorry," said Margaret smiling at the woman."I'm not sure. I'm looking for something for a coming of age party but I don't see what I'm looking for."

THe beautiful woman smiled and Margaret's heart began to beat faster. Margaret didn't hear a word she said. All she could do was stare, her mouth parted slightly, her head cocked at an angle gazing, no almost staring at the woman. Her eyes devuring every little detail. The way a stray blonde hair ran behind her ear and along her neck, the little crinkles about her eyes and the way her cheeks would dimple.

Margaret didn't say a word when the woman took her hand and gently began to lead her about the store. Her voice was soothing as she went from rack to rack pulling out dress' and holding them up for Margaret to study. Margaret never noticed a single item.

Finally the woman stopped and shook her head.

"You know, I don't think i have anything here that will work for you ,some are close but just not right." The woman put her hands on her slim hips and looked Margaret up and down. "I do some custom work on the side ," the woman said finally. "If you want, I can schedule a private fitting and create a custom outfit?"

The woman arched her left eyebrow and looked first at Margaret and then to Angus.

Angus nodded and reached into his wallet and handed the woman a business card.

"Call and we'll have you come by," rumbled Angus'.

The woman murmured something polite and handed Angus her card. "I'm Jaqueline, by the way."

Margaret tossed and turned in her bed her sheets tangling themselves up in her slender legs. Everytime she closed her eyes all she saw was Jaqueline. Margaret couldn't stop thinking about her. Her body burned, desiring to carress Jaqueline, to hold her tight.

Margaret threw aside her covers and pulled her robe about her slim frame and marched from her room.

Angus slowly drained the last of his whisky from his glass and unsteadily placed it on the edge of his nightstand. His hands shook slightly as he reached t oturn off his light when Margaret practically flew into the room. Angus' eyes went wide with shock as he lay upon his bed staring as Margaret plopped down and curled up against him her back against his body.

"I can't sleep Angus, " said Margaret her voice very small, trembling with emotion. "Hold me please."

Angus paused before turning on his side and gently wrapping one of his heavily scarred and muscled arms about Margaret just like he did when he first came t owork for her father when she was seven.

He could feel her trembling, so he left the light on. Slowly Margaret began to relax and and her breathing became more shallow as she slowly drifted off to sleep. Exhaustion and whisky finally overpowered Angus and he to drifted off to sleep his arm protectively about Margaret.

Mary Stuart didn't bother to hide her disgust as she sat outside the dressing room. She could hear her brother James inside grunting has he took advantage of the young sales girl. Mary's fingernails dug into her palms drawing blood as the salesgirl cried out followed by a loud moan from her brother.

Her face red, the salesgirl slipped from the dressing room, her skirt askew with a large wet stain upon it. James folowed in a moment his hands absently tugging up is zipper, a learing smirk uglying up his twisted features. He swaggered up to Mary and leered down at her. Mary's hand shot out and slapped James hard across his face sending him stumbling back towards the dressing room.

"Fucking bastard!," hissed Mary as she grabbed her purse and ran from the store.

To BE Continued................

Rob The BLack Douglas
02-10-2005, 03:42 AM

Margaret slowly opened her eyes. Rays of the morning peeked into the room casting golden beams upon the air. Margaret looked about but Angus was not there. The room and the apartment were deathly quiet. Margaret sat on the edge of the bed her arms wrapped tight about her. Though she had slept last night she did nothing but dream about Jaqueline.

"Morning miss."

Margaret looked up yo see Angus standing in the door with a steaming mug of tea in his hand. The delicate scent of Asian Jasmine white tea wafted through the air.

Margaret murmured her thanks as she wrapped her hands about the steaming mug and sipped the tea. The soft delicate flavor tickled her palate.

"Finish that up and I'll get your breakfast. You need to hurry, Jaqueline will be here in a bit for your fitting.

Margaret's eyes went wide and her hands started to tremble. Jaqueline was coming here.

Mary Stuart gently applied the last of her lipstick and looked at herself in the mirror. No amount of makeup could hide the dispair she was feeling. Here she stood nothing but a a tool to be used to further the ambitions of her father. A plaything for his and her brother's amusement, to be used and then cast off. Now she was about to be prsented to someone she didn't even know, sold like a slave at market.

"Are you ready dear?" George Stuart stood just inside the door of Mary's room. He was dressed in his finest robes of office. Huge fat jeweled rings covered his fingers and numerous chains of precious metals from which hung numerous jeweled cross' lay heavy upon his shoulders.

Mary stood there quiet glaring at her father. No words could describe how she felt. The rage, the pain, the anger, knowing that she was nothing more than a vessel of sexual fullfillment for him.

Her father stepped u pto Mary and wrapped his arms about her.

"Don't be this way Mary," he whispered. "THis hurts me more than you know. I don't want you to go, but it is for your own good."

Mary looked up at her father her eyes filled with anger.

"My good? Fuck you! THis is so you can get me out the way. This is all about you. It's always about you!" shouted Mary. "You're tired of me, and now your tossing me aside. You don't care about me, you never had. All I've ever been to you is a sexual toy!"

Mary shoved her father aside and stormed from the room. She made her way across the house to her brother's room. As usual his door was closed. Mary didn't bother to knock, she opened the door and entered.

Mary gasped out loud. Her brother James was asleep upon his bed his naked body twisted and tangled up among various limbs of those around him. The soft feminine features of their father's favorite pageboy peeked out under from the sheets while two of the maids were sleeping holding each other tight.

Tears burst from Mary's eyes as she fled from the room. Fled back to her father throwing herself into his arms.

To Be Continued..............

Rob The BLack Douglas
02-10-2005, 03:45 AM

MAry Stuart threw herself into her father's harms her teas staining his robes ,her sobs muffled in their folds.

""I want to leave!" sobbed Mary as her sobs choked and mangled her words.

"Hush darling, " whispered her father as one hand gently stroked her hair while the other gently rubbed her back in circular motions. "I want you to meet someone, I think he will be able t odo more t omake you happy than I or your brother could."

Mary looked up at the smiling face of her father. "Do you really think so," she said in a small voice.

"Yes I do dear," said her father softly as he leaned down and pressed his lips to hers hard, his tongue gently teasing hers for a brief moment before he pulled away. "Now get yourself cleaned up ,he's waiting in my study.

Margaret barely touched her brakfast. She was to nervous. Her stomach was all in knots and every time she thought of Jaqueline ,which seemed every other second.

Angus just smiled at her as he took her barely touched plate of food away.

"It will be ok miss," he said in his best reassuring tone. Yet for the first time in her life, Margaret didn't completely believe him.

When Jaqueline arrived Angus led her in and after offering her refreshment left the two alone.

Jaqueline took Margaret's breath away. Her blonde hair was loosely tied up with a few falling loose here and there in a way that Margaret found beyond fascinating. Her blue eyes were like the waters of a hidden mountain lake crystal and deep, as if one was in danger of falling into them. Her pouty lips were never completely closed, they curled slightly at the edges but left a narrow gap in the middle. Margaret ached to kiss them endlessly.

"I see that you are still in shock from yesterdsay," said Jaqueline her lips curling even more into a smile.

Margaret gaped open mouth for a moment, then shook herself and smiled.

"I'm sorry I've been caught up in all kinds of planning for this coming of age party," Margaret murmured.

"Oh, are you helping put it on?" asked Jaqueline.

Margaret laughed. "oh, no. I trying to figure out how to escape from it." Margaret couldn't help it and laughed. To her surprise Jaqueline joined her. Margaret 's heart skipped a beat at the sound of Jaqueline's laugh, like notes that filled the air, musical tones that tinkled and chimed.

"I'm sorry, but I've been dealing with the most spoiled individuals ever since I've opened my store that, god that was funny." Jaqueline smiled at Margaret. "Come stand here straight and as still as possible, so I can take your measurements. Then I show you a few sketch's I've done and go over some fabric samples, and see what we can come up with."

Jaqueline took Margaret by the hand and led her to the center of the room. Jaqueline worked with speedy efficiency. In no time time she had taken more measurements than Margaret thought was possible for one person.

"Come sit here," said Jaqueline patting the seat next to her as she opened a large drawing tablet. Carefully Margaret sat down making sure that she didn't touch Jaquleine.

"I didn't think that you would want something similiar to what everyone else has been buying," began Jaqueline. "So with your wonderful figure and your eye color, I thought something that was more vintage and mflattering would suit you."

Margaret leaned in closer as Jaqueline slowly flipped through the designs. Each one was beautiful and Margaret could see herself wearing each and everyone of the designs.

"These are soo beautiful," whispered Margaret as she flipped through the pages of designs again. "I don't know which one to pick, I love them all."

Jaqueline smiled. "Thank you."

Margaret continued to flip through the designs.

"I know," she said finally. "I want one in this design and one of this one."

Jaqueline noted down the selections and then reached into her bag and pulled out several sample books of material.

"For the first one, I'm thinking either these two fabrics or, " Jaqueline paused and stared into Margaret's eyes for a moment. "No, nix that ,these two, " she said flipping through the book picking out to colors, "These compliment your eyes so well."

"They do?" said Margaret oblivious t othe materials being shown to her. "Oh, yes, I see what you mean. Those will be lovely."

Jaqueline made more notes in her book. "And for the other I think we should keep it classic in materials and look. "

Margaret felt the materials Jaqueline held out to her.

"Oh that is nice. Yes by all means."

Jaqueline wrote some more in her book and stood up.

"I'm going t oget t owork on these right away and I promise that you will have them in time fo th party."

Margaret blushed slightly and held out her hand. "I look forward t owearing them," she smile sheepishly. "Angus will take care of the finacial end of everything."

Jaqueline nodded and took Margaret's hand in hers briefly.

"See you soon." And she was gone.

Margaret sighed and layed down upon the couch. Faint traces of Jaqueline's perfume lingered in the air teasing Margaret with reminders.

To Be Continued.....................

Rob The BLack Douglas
02-10-2005, 03:49 AM

Mary Stuart carefully reapplied her makeup an wiped away the last of her salty tears. Her father waited paitently behind her. "

Ready dear," he asked softly his voice sounding distant.

Mary nodded her head and stood. Her father took her by the hand and led her from the room, down the hallway and into his study. Standing before the massive window that overlooked the compounds massive gardens. At the sound of the door opening he slowly turned to face them.

Mary almost recoiled in shock. What was her father thinking? The man standing before them was old enough to be her grandfather.

"It is good to see you again your Grace," spoke her father as he bent down and kissed the ring that the gentleman wore on his right pinky.

"I am always overjoyed to be in the presence of the Inquisition," chuckled His grace warmly.

Mary's father smiled.

"Your Grace, my only daughter Mary." George Stuart gently nudged Mary forward. "Mary, His Grace the Patrairch of the Immaculate Church, Karl Robertson."

Mary quickly bowed more to hide her shock than in respect. Her fatherwas going to marry her off to the most powerful man in the Church!

"Please, no need for formality's here Mary, " said Patriarch Robertson with some humour in his voice. "That will come later. For now I just want to gaze upon your beauty."

Despite herself, mary found that she was blushing.

"Thank you your Grace," she murmured.

Patriarch Robertson smiled and then turned to Mary's Father. "Well George I assume that the discy=ussed arrangements are to your liking?'

"Very much so your Grace, you have been most generous."

Then all that is needed is to set a date."

"At your convinence your Grace," smiled Mary's father.

"I wil lget back to you on that. Mary it was a pleasure to meet you," smiled Patriarch Robertson took her hand in his and gently pressed his thin dry lips to it. "Until our wedding," he murmured and strode from the room.

Mary waited several minutes as her rage built and built. Finally she let it all out.

"Is this some kind of joke father? How do you expect a man of his years t obe able to do to keep me happy?" Mary was shouting at the top of her lungs.

George Stuart looked his daughter. "I expect him to die shortly after the wedding," he hissed and then stomped out of the room.

Mary stared after him dumbfounded.

Margaret lay upon the couch her mind dizzy, her body flushed. SHe could not get Jaqueline out her mind. She could still after so many hours clearly see every little detail of her. The way her curves moved beneath her clothes, the lines of her cheeks, the shadow of her jaw.

Margaret sighed and wrapped her arms about herself. She had never felt this way before, was it love? Doubt sat on te edge of her mind. Was Jaqueline like her? Was she married? How would she react if she knew what Margaret's feelings were?

SLowly Margaret sat up. The only thing that she was certain of was that she needed to see Jaqueline again.

To Be Continued............

Rob The BLack Douglas
02-10-2005, 03:53 AM

Margaret MacBride slowly peeked around the corner. Angus was i nthe kitchen washing the last of the lunch dish's. He was softly humming to himself, his voice rough and tuneless. MArgaret watched with amazement at how quick and efficent Angus seemed to be in every little thing he did.

Angus dried his hands and reached over and grasped a small silver object. He gave it a quick polish and carefully placed it on the ring finger of his left hand. Margaret's eyebrows shot up. She had never known Angus to wear jewelry of any kind, let alone the possibilty that he was or had been married at some point.

Angus turned abd his face lit u when he saw Margaret standing there.

"Let me guess," he said, "You want to go shopping."

Margaret blushed and ducked her head ,her chi n resting lightly upon her chest.

"Is it that obvious?"

"To me it is, but I've known you ten years miss." Angus grinned."Let me grab my coat and we'll go."

Margaret smiled and ran up throwing her arms about Angus hugging him.

Mary Stuart stumbled against the wall of one of the Stuart family's massive library. Red wine stains covered the exspensive carpeting but Mary didn't care. She was beyond caring. Her brother slept with anything that wiggled ignoring her love for him. Her father used her and then discarded her pawning her off on a husband holder than he was, even if he was the most powerful clergyman in the corpro-state.

Drunk and barely able to stand, Mary gazed at herself in the massive wall covering mirror. All she could see was a worn down piece of meat. Used and abused and finally tossed aside. Was this what had happened to her mother so many years ago? What had compelled her to take her own life that stormy night when James and Mary were only two years old.

"There you are." Mary stumbled to her knee's as she turned around. Her brother James sneered and leered at her his eyes devouring the bared curves of her breast ,the fullness of her hips. Despite his loathing Mary could see just how excited he was.

"Come to congratulate me on my engagement, dear brother, "slurred Mary as she pulled her self to a swaying standing position. Slowly she shuffled forward until she collapsed in James arms.

"What is there to congratulate? Father feels we need to be seperated." There was genuine sorrow in James voice.

Mary laughed loud and drunkenly.

"What? He feels you fuck me too much?" Mary's fingers clumsily fumbled with her brother's pants. "Or maybe he's just tired of me in his bed and wants someone new."

James stared down at his sister as she unsuccessfully tried to undo his belt.

"Mary, ...." began James only to be interupted by Mary vomiting all over him.

Margaret was nervous, more nervous even than when Jaqueline had come and measured her for her custom outfits. Margaret kept going over in her mind, trying t ofigure out what she was going to say. Casual chit-chat, or maybe a few questions concerning her family. Wait, Margaret didn't know anything about Jaqueline. Nervously she looked at Angus who was walking at her side today. Maybe he could find out for her. After all, it was only smart security wise to know everyhing about her if she was going to be coming and going to the apartment.

"Here we are miss."

Angus held open the door to the botique for Margaret. As she scanned the store Margaret caught sight of Jaqueline and a small cry escaped her lips and her hand flew to her mouth.

TO Be Continued.............

Rob The BLack Douglas
02-10-2005, 03:56 AM

Mary Stuart dropped to her knee's ignoring her own sour smelling vomit as she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. Her brother James stared down at the wet grey stain slowly spreading across the front of his trousers. Mary laughed her eyes extremely dilated, her laughter harsh and grating as she drunkenly laughed at her brother.

James startled expression quickly faded and his face turned red and splotchy, flecks of foam gathered at the edges of his mouth.

"Fucking bitch!" howled James as he drew back his arm and slapped Mary as hard as he could sending her head snapping back as she tumbled to the vomit covered floor.

James reached down and pulled Mary's limp body up off the floor. He slapped her her again and again until he saw a trickle of blood flowing from the corner of her mouth. Disgusted he dropped her still body anto the floor and stomped out.

Mary waited until she was sure he was gone before she rolled herself over and gingerly rose to a leaning position her arms limply holding onto one of the rooms many couch's. Slowly and with much effort Mary finally stood on shaking legs. Stumbling alonf she stood as straight as she could and looked at herself in the massive mirror.

Mary almost didn't recognize herself. Sour vomit and blood mingled on er cheek, Bruises from her brother's slaps were beginning to form including one hell of a black eye.

Mary squinted and peered close into the mirror at herself before laughing outloud.

MArgaret McBride gasped outloud as she stood in the entrance to Jaqueline's store. All the way to the back was Jaqueline holding another woman tight to her and she seemed to be whispering something to her. It was as if a she had been punched hard in the gut. Margaret felt as if her world was disintergrating around her. Her lips trembled and she felt tears beginning to form at the edges of her eyes.

Worried Angus stepped forward and gently placed one gloved hand upon her shoulder.

"Is everything ok miss?" he asked his concern showing in his face.

"I'm,.... I'm not sure," said Margaret softly her whole body trembling. She reached out and grabbed Angus' arm holding it tight to keep from falling her legs were trembling so.

Jaqueline let go of the woman who said something funny because Jaqueline laughed flashing her teeth causing Margaret to gasp despite herself as her eyes lingered over the lines of Jaqueline's body taking her breath away despite what she had witnessed.

Jaqueline turned and she saw Margaret standing there. Her face lit up even more and she hurried over.

Margaret! Angus! what a surprise, I wasn't expecting to see you so soon."

"I bet bitch," Margaret found herself thinking. Shocked she let out a little gasp. Jaqueline smiled and reached out and took Margaret hand.

"Are you ok sweetie?" asked Jaqueline. "You look a little pale."

Margaret looked into Jaqueline's eyes and saw nothing but total concern.

"I'll be ok, just overdid it a little I think," said Margaret. "I don't mean to be a bother."

"Oh sweetie, your no bother, actually it's been very slow. If my youngest sister hadn't just stopped by I would of had no one in the store."

"That woman who just left was your sister?"

"Yep, youngest of five, and spoiled." Jaqueline laughed softly and lookd at Margaret. "Now what can we do for you?"

Margaret felt her heart filling with joy. Her eyes dropped down to Jaqueline's hands looking for any sign of a ring. She smiled when she didn't see one.

"Uhm, Margaet? What can I do for you dear?'

Margaret snapped back to the hear and now. "Oh, I need accessories to go with the outfits I ordered from you."

Jaqueline smiled and nodded. "I have some stuff in the back i think you will like, come on."

To Be Continued..................

Rob The BLack Douglas
02-10-2005, 03:58 AM

Mary Stuart smiled despite how bad her head was hurting. Listening to her father rant and rave was one of the few joys she had left in her life. Her father kept screaming at her broter James. His arms waving all about ,his fists like pale balls curled about his fat sausage fingers. Twice their father pounded on James chest sending him rocking back on his heels and once nearly knocking him over.

"You worthless bastard!" howled George Stuart. "Do you have any idea what this could do to her wedding? I worked for years to secure her the Patriarch for her husband. And your little spat, could very well unravel everything!" Spit flew from their father's lips splattering James.

James tried to speak only for his father to silence him every time with a heavy slap to his face. James cheeks were ruby red from the force of the blows.

"Now get out of my sight," hissed their father.

George Stuart waited for James to slink off to nurse himself before turning to Mary.

"I am most disapointed in you dear," growled her father. "You should of known how your brother would react, you shouldn't of led him on as you did."

Mary stared at her father in disbelief.

"You think this is my fucking fault? That I led the prick on?"

"You've always tried to dominate your brother ever since you were in diapers. Always trying to overcome the weakness' of your sex."

"My weakness'? I'm at fault, because you like to fuck me?! I made you do all those things to me ? You're the sick fuck father," hissed Mary as she ran from the room.

Jaqueline led Margaret into the stores back room. Margaret couldn't take her eyes off of Jaqueline, mesmerized by the way her body moved, the flow of her curves beneath her clothes.

"Here we go, I haven't had a chance to put this out in the store but I think you wil lfind what you need here. I'll come back in a bit and check on you." Jaqueline flashed Margaret another smile and left her and Angus alone in the room.

Margaret chewed on her lip thinking what should she do next. She couldn't keep calling on Jaqueline, she was the only one working the store at the moment, yet when she wasn't there Margaret felt empty, incomplete, longing to be close to her once more.

"Don't you think you should at least look at the accessories miss?"

Margaret snapped back to reality and sheepishly looked at Angus who smiled at her warmly.

"You're right," grinned Margaret. The back room went quiet as Margaret searched through the clutch's and scarves ,occassionally oohing and aaahing over a particular piece. When Jaqueline peeked in to check on her she found Margaret buried in the latest shipment of shoes, trying on pair after pair.

Jaqueline began to enter only to be stopped by Angus.

"She's going to be a while, why don't you order some lunch for the three of us," Angus' voice was soft despite its roughness as he opened his wallet and handed several folded bills to Jaqueline. "Order whatever you want, we're not picky."

Jaqueline looked to Angus and then at Margaret . "Sure," she said smiling.

Margaret closed her eyes and leaned back. "That was delightful," she murmured as she flicked her eyes toward Jaqueline who was slurping up the last noodle from her Pad Thai.

"God, she's beautiful when she eats," thought Margaret.

Angus kept his features still as he watched Margaret watch Jaqueline. It looked to Angus that Margaret was falling totally for Jaqueline, that this was more than a simple infatuation. Time to do some serious research into her back ground thought Angus.

"So dear, di you find anything that caught your fancy," asked Jaqueline after she delicately wiped her pouty lips with her napkin.

"Oh, yes. You were so right, I love the stuff you carry," gushed Margaret.

"Thank you," blushed Jaqueline. "I do hope that my business will be around for some time."

"So do I, sweetie, so do I."

As they walked to their vehicle Margaret gently rested her head on Angus' shoulder and sighed.

"She called me sweetie, Angus," whispered Margaret softly basking in the glow of affection.

To Be Continued.........

Rob The BLack Douglas
02-10-2005, 04:01 AM

Margaret McBride looked out the window of the car. She didn't see anything but the lovely Jaqueline. Little things, reminded her of her. Just about everything reminded her of Jaqueline. Margaret was growing more and more obsessed with wach pssing moment.

Despite his usual cynisism, Angus found himself liking Jaqueline as well. She had a charm that made one feel comfortable. Angus drove those thoughts from his mind, until he knew more about her background, he neede to remain objective.

Margaret kept singing to herself softly as the night wore on. Angus found himself stopping and listening to her wonderful soprano for long stretch's of time. Margaret was completely ignoring him and everything else she normally dealt with. Margaret might not realize it but Angus was very aware of what his charge was going through.

Finally Margaaret found herself yawning and she stood stretching her slim frame and limbs. Angus looked up from his book he had been reading.

"Time for bed miss?'

Margaret smiled and nodded. Angus waited until he heard Margaret leave the bathroom. Angus stood and like every night for the last ten years he checked the security arrangements and finally did a check of Margaret in her room.

Margaret was already asleep when Angus softly entered. She was under her covers and her head was laying gently upon her large pillow. Her breathing was slow and regular ,her chest rising slowly and gently. The image of Margaret sleeping brought back memories t oAngus. Quickly he left Margaret's room gently closing the door behind him.

Angus stepped into his room and closed the door. He reached into his cabinet and pulled out the bottle of whisky. He pulled the cork out and raised the bottles neck to his lips drinking deeply, savoring the burn down his throat that grew into a fire in his belly.
Images of the body's of his two daughter's laying dead upon their beds swam across Angus' vision.

Angus drank even deeper of the whisky letting it's seductive glow fill his body making his skin tingle and sweat. Usually only the flicker of the past would pop into Angus' mind and ten it was gone. Those were bad enough, constant reminders that he failed to protect his own family. This, this was a flood. Images and memories kept pouring out and swimming in Angus' eyes and tormenting him.

With great relish, Angus drank and drank from the bottle of whisky until he drifted off into a drunken oblivion.

Mary Stuart carefully applied the last of her makeup and studied herself closely in the mirror. Not a single trace of her bruises could be seen which made Mary smile for the first time in days. She had made it clear to both her brother and father that she was not going to be their little bundle of sexual gratification anymore.

Mary reached out and gently picked up the letter she had written to her fiance. Her father didn't know of its existance. Carefully Mary concealed the letter within her clothing and made her way to the main hall of the Stuart houshold. A quick word and she was waiting paitently for her personal driver to pull up.

As usual the ride was quiet, finally Mary ordered her driver to take her downtown where most of the upper class shops were located. Mary declined her driver's offer to escort her sure, that no one would be crazy enough to bother with the daughter of the head of the Inquisition. Mary went from store to store, not really interested in what each of them carried.

After she thought she had gone far enough, Mary dropped her letter to her fiance in a mailbox and turned to return to her car. As she began to walk away she spotted Margaret MCBride and her guard Angus Douglas leaving a store. Mary's blood boiled at the sight of Margaret. Then a smile flashed across Mary's face. A plan began to form in her brain. Soon, very soon, they all would pay.

To Be Continued.................

Rob The BLack Douglas
02-10-2005, 04:04 AM

Mary Stuart checked her makeup once more, The Patriarch Karl Robertson had arranged for her to meet him for lunch. The reception room to his office was huge and decorated with lots of rare wood paneling, gold filagree, and large and exspensive busts and tapestry's. All depicting martyr's of the church, often meeting their death in a most gruesome and bloody manner.

Mary was the only one present in the reception room. The reception was an extremely attractive blonde who's robes did nothing to hide the bounty to be found beneath.

Mary rolled her eyes and tried to ignore the constant clack of keys as the receptionist went out her work.

"Ah, Mary there you are," Patriarch Robertson emerged from the ornately carved wooden doors that led to his office. He wlaked up to Mary and gently took her hands in his.

"I'm so glad you could join me today," grinned Patriarch Robertson.

"It's my pleasure," Mary found herself saying ai a voice that just oozed longing and desire.

Patriarch Robertson cocked his head to one side and and peered down at Mary.

"Come, I know a secluded spot where we can enjoy the water."

Margaret MacBride slowly opened her eyes and softly groaned. She didn't want to wake up. Deep within her mind, so clear that she could still see it, she had had the most vivid dream about Jaqueline.

It was raining outside and and Margaret was walking alone, she had no idea where Angus was. She was carrying a large umbrella and it was starting to turn dark out.

The streets were deserted and it was unusually quiet except for the steady patter of raindrops upon the umbrella and ground. In the distance running towards her was someone. Margaret squinted and peered into the haze. With a gasp Margaret recognized Jaqeline running through the rain with no jacket or umbrella.

As Jaqueline neered, Margaret found herself calling out her name.

"Jaqueline! Here, there's enough room for the two of us."

Jaqueline ran over and got under the umbrella scooting in close to Margaret. Her cloth's were soaked and Margaret could clearly see every curve of her soaked body.

"Here,"said Margaret, "Take this, you're soaked." Margaret unwrapped her coat and gently wrapped it about Jaqueline's shoulders. Jaqueline trembled for a moment at Margaret's touch, causing Margaret to draw back for a moment.

Margaret took the umbrella and the two women strolled down the street together in silence until Jaquline suddenly stopped.

"This my place, thank you for sharing your umbrella with me."

""Anytime," blushed Margaret.

"here's your jacket back,' said Jaqueline as she handed it over to Margaret before turning and racing up the steps into her building.

Margaret drew on the jacket, soaking up the heat of Jaqueline's body and sighing at the softness of her perfume.

And ten she woke. Margaret swore she could smell Jaqueline's perfume even now. Margaret sat up in her bed and strectched. Today was going to be a good day.

To Be Continued...............

Rob The BLack Douglas
02-10-2005, 04:07 AM

Margaret McBride was quite the entire trip back to the apartment. She could tell that Angus was not in his "happy person" mood. His jaw was constantly moving as if the muscles were grinding his muscular jaw.

When they arrived back at the apartment Angus ordered Margaret to her room and waited with his massive arms crossed across his chest until she entered and closed the door behind her.

Angus waited for several minutes before he entered his room and softly closed the door.

Margaret sat down upon her bed and looked at the door. Fear filled her belly like a roiling knot as she stared at her door, wondering what was going on with her guardian.

Slowly her door opened and Angus stumbled in. Margaret could smell the peat from his whisky. Angus carefully pulled out the chair from Margaret's computer desk and sat in it looking Margaret directly in the eye.

"I know that you have questions, but I'm not sure I'm ready to answer them," began Angus. He wiped his brow and slouched slightly in the chair.

"To begin, after your mother chose to marry your father I naturally decided
to move on and try and forget what happened." Angus paused for a moment, his eyes getting foggy with tears before clearing up and Angus continued with his tale.

"I was caught up in politics back then and I met a women who I fell head over heels in love with. She made me completely forget about your mother. Eventually we married and after sometime she became pregnant and eventually gave birth to twin daughter's.

"I was never so happy in my life as I was at that time. I was still politically involved and several of us were concerned with the rising power and influence of the Inquisition.

"We ended up forming a secret society to fight the Inquisition." Angus paused and looked to the corner of the room. "We called ourselves 'The Grim Reapers'." Angus snorted. "Young men full of piss and vinegar who thought that they could have a positive influence upon society.

"How niave we were. In a matter of months we were hunted down, jobs lost, and in my case," Angus paused and gently wiped the tear flowing down his cheek. " I came home one day to find my wife gone. My daughter's were scared and huddled in the corner of their room and all I could get out of them was the bad men had taken her away.

"It took some doing buit eventually I found out that the Inquisition had her in their clutch's. Weeks went by until one day a car drove by and my wife was tossed from the moving vehicle as it sped by.

"One of her arms was broken and she had been beaten repeatedly across her body. I was so angry that I went and hunted down the members of the Inquisition in my area and beat everyone of them into a pulp.

"Not the smartest move I must admit for I found myself a guest of the Inquisistion and was tortured and beaten for several months. When I was finally released, I learned of the civil war, and the rise to power of the corporations and the church. I staggered home numb only to find," Angus paused and looked away.

To Be Continued.......

Rob The BLack Douglas
02-10-2005, 04:15 AM

Angus sat there before Margaret and wept quietly. Margaret was in complete shock, this was a sight that she had never thought to ever see in her lifetime.

Angus wiped the tears away and resumes speaking, his voice filled with emotion.

"I returned home and found the Inquisition had raided it and there was my wife being raped by the fucking bastard George Stuart." Angus' hands twicthed with nervous energy and his massive fingers flexed as if they were trying t osqueeze the life out of something. "I was overpowered and made to watch as my wife was violated over and over again.

"But that wasn't enough for the sick fuck, " whispered Angus. His tears had dried up and his face was buning with anger.

"No, he had his men drag in my two daughters and he proceeded to rape them as well. When he was done and their cries of pain and pleas for him to stop no longer gave him pleasure he had his men take them out back and executed.

"I tried to fight my way free but only ecieved acrack skull for my pains. I was left beaten and bloodied, a mass of barely living flesh with the bodies of my family in an open pit the Inquisistion had dug.

"There are long stretch's that I have no recolection of. All i know is that your father Margaret, and my friend Alexander slowly nursed me back to health and your father and mother in particular kept me from going insane. They found me work and made sure I knew that I wasn't alone in the world.

"After your mother died your father asked me to be your guardian ,to protect you. I at first declined .How could I protect you if I couldn't protect my own family? You're father was a persistant bastard though and eventually I agreed.

"But now I'm starting to worry, I know of your love of Jaqueline and I know that bastard James Stuart wants you as another trophy notch on his belt ,and,....I find the old worries creeping once more into my mind. So I went to see Alexander today."

Margaret didn't remind Angus that she had been there with him.

"You see," said Angus," Alexander's wife Sara, was the sister of my wife, and I was so ashamed by what happened that I could never face her. I couldn't look at her and and think I did everything to protect my wife. Alexander always said that Sara never blamed me but I was too much of a coward to face her.

"Alexander has many friends and so I asked him to do a background check on Jaqueline for me. I hope that things will work out between the two of you, but I have t obe sure that I'm not endangering you," whispered Angus looking down at the floor.

Margaret gaped open mouth at Angus, she had never heard him say so much at anyone time, and for him to look so vulnerable before her. Margaret stood and slowly walked over to Angus and gently wrapped her arms around his shoulders and leaned down and gently kissed his cheek.

"You have been my foundation Angus," she whispered. "I don't know what I would do if you were not part of my life."

Fresh tears flowed down Angus' cheeks as he gingerly wrapped one arm arounf Margaret.

Mary Stuart was flushed with sexual energy as she bade her fiance goodbye. "What an asshole" she thought as her driver pulled away."If he thinks that his prick makes me all weakknee'd and willing he has another thing coming. But first she had to convince James her brother to play a very important role in her plan and she had to set into motion events that would exact her revenge upon her father.

To Be Continued..........

Rob The BLack Douglas
02-10-2005, 04:19 AM

Several days passed and Margaret grew more anxious with each passing one. Angus was refusing her to go to Jaqueline's store until he had recieved the information he had requested from his friend Alexander Hume. Finally one morning the door of the apartment rang and Angus spent several minutes talking with whoever it was in soft undertones.

When he closed the door Angus had a massive brown packet. He didn't say a word to Margaret as he sat at his small wooden desk and carefully began to sift through the data. Hours went by and Angus just sat there going over the papers again and again.

MArgaret was so nervous and anxious that she had to force herself to not run up to Angus and grab a handfull of the paers so that she could learn all that she could about Jaqueline.

Margaret sighed. Even thinking her name gave her a warm and fuzzy feeling, definately not an unpleasant one but it did feel awkward at times. FRustrated by Angus' glacial pace of revealing what he had learned, Margaret stomped her way into the kitchen and very loudly began to bang pots and pans together as she went about fixing herself something to eat.

Every couple of minutes Margaret would peek out from the kitchen and be disappointed by Angus who continued to sit there and go over the material. Finally Margaret gave up, there was no way that she was going to win this battle of wills. Sighing once more she sat down at the table and totally focused on eating the meal of pasta she had prepared for herself.

"Well would you like to hear what Alexander was able to discover about your obsession Jaqueline?" Angus was smiling slightly as he stood over Margaret.

Margaret jumped up unable to control her enthusiasm. "

"YES!YES!YES!" cried Margaret

Angus chuckled and eased into one of the chairs at the dining table.

"Well, for starters she is highly edeucated, having a teaching degree," began Angus. "She hasn't taught for many years though. Also she has a brother but he lives overseas and her parents are both alive and living in a retirement community."

Angus paused and looked down at his notes.

"She was once married." said Angus softly.

It was if a arrow had pierced Margaret's heart. Her lips trembled and tears welled in her eyes as she looked at Angus.

"Are you sure?' whispered Margaret.

Angus reached out and softly brushed Margaret's cheek. "Let me finish before you start jumping to conclusions, ok miss?'

MArgaret forced a smile and indicated that Angus should continue.

"Her husband's name was Bob and it seems he was somewhat of a dodgy character. He was always working oddjobs and moving from place to place. Not much is known about him, but they must of been happy because they did have a daughter who was born after Bob was killed in the riots in Nuevo Chicago."

"Wait, said Margaret making Angus pause. "hr husband is dead?"

"Yes, He's dead and their daughter is away at school. It seems that Jaqueline opened her own business so that she could afford to send her daughter to a private school."

MArgaret's mind was a whirlwind of thoughts asshe mulled over everything that Angus had said.

"What else is there?" asked Margaret.

Angus flipped through his notes.

"She attends church every sunday at The Imaaulate Mother's down on River Drive."

MArgaret's heart skipped a beat. Jaqueline, the woman she desired was a regular church goer ,Margaret felt once more the stone of dispair building in her stomach.

"Thank you Angus, I appreciate everything you've done." Margaret stood and left the table leaving the rest of her pastas untouched,

"Margaret," said Angus. "This doesn't tell us a thing about how she feels, remember that."

"I will mumbled Margaret as she shuffled off to her room.

To Be Continued......

Rob The BLack Douglas
02-10-2005, 04:23 AM

Mary Stuart pushed open ther doors to her father's bedroom. Thick burgendy velvet was draped across every conceviable surface. The bed was so large ten people could of slept comfortably without any discomfort. Giant floor to ceiling windows overlooked the Stuart compound gardens.

Her father was sitting back in the b ed his robes laying loose about his aging and flabby body. Atop his waist moving in a sexual rythem was one of the household maids, a new hire straight from the the edges of the towers. Her long blonde hair whipped about her nude body as she writhed and gyrated as George Stuart suddenly cried out and collapsed back against the silk linen of the bed.

Mary ignored the very embarrassed girl as she grabed her maids uniform and her entire body flushed with embarrassment. Mary smirked as she watched the maids nude form scamper from the room.

"I see it didn't take you long to replace me father," said Mary her voice icy and cool as she ignored the obvious maleness of her father.

"No one can replace you darling," said her father as he rose to his feet and gathered his robes about him. "What brings you by dear? Miss your old man?" George Stuart walked around the front o the bed and pulled Mary in close to him. His breath was sour with wine and he leered down at Mary's breasts. One hand roughly carressed her bosom while the other drunkenly fumbled with the catch of her fitted pants.

"Once more for old times sake," moaned George Stuart as he tossed aside his robe and pulled Mary onto the bed.

Margaret didn't know what day it was nor did she care. Her heart axhed and her stomach was completely knotted up. Food no longer had any appea lto her, drink tasted like ash's in her mouth. Angus was gentle in his efforts to persuade Margaret to eat and drink. Margaret rebuffed his efforts with increasing violence finally resorting to throwing her teddy bears every time he poked his head into her room.

"Miss, you need to get up," said Angus his voice muffled by Margaret's sheets.

"No," groaned Margaret as she threw back the covers and reached for a teddy bear. Margaret gasped as she realized that she had no more teddy bears to throw at Angus. Angus grinned.

"Miss, if you get up and get showered on your own I won't have force you or anything." Angus was smiling.

Margaret groaned and shook her head in surrender and stood.

"Fine, I'll get dressed but nothing funny Angus I'm warning you."

"Yes, Miss, whatever you say." Angus left the room and closed the door gently behind him.

Margaret cursed softly under her breath as she shuffled towards her shower.

All cleaned up and dressed Margaret stepped into the apartment's living room. Angus was standing there Margaret's coat draped over his right arm.

"Ready to go miss?"

"Angus, I told you I'm not in the mood to go anywhere," began Margaret only to have Angus hold up his hand.

"Miss, you are coming with me wether you like it or not."

Margaret opened her mouth to protest but paused when she saw how determined Angus was.

"Fine, you win this time," muttered Margaret grabbing her coat. "So where are we going?"

"For your final fitting of the dress' you ordered," replied Angus matter of factly

To Be Continued.......

Rob The BLack Douglas
02-10-2005, 04:26 AM

Mary Stuart slid from beneath the sheets of her father's bed and carelessly wrapped a robe about her nude sticky body. Her father lay in bed snoring loudly as he slept his corpulant body slowly risisng and falling as he breathed. Mary shivered in the chilled air of the bedroom as she quietly opened the door that led t oher father's office. The room was dim, lit only by a lone light upon the massive oaken desk.

Stacks of papers covered the desk but Mary ignored them as s he opened drawer after drawer until she found what she was looking for. Carefully Mary replaced the folder and folded up the paper she had removed and tucked it into her robe. Quiet as a church mouse she eased back under the sheets and curled up against her father's body and went to sleep.

Margaret fumed the entire way as Angus drove her to Jaqueline's. As they came closer, Margaret found herself growing more and more depressed. What would she say? Should she tell Jaqueline how she felt? How would she react? And why was Angus acting so happy?
She still had no answers when Angus held open the door for her. Jaqueline was bent over one of the counters busy with a large piece of material. At the sound of the bel ltinkling as the door opened. Jaqueline's face lit up when she saw Angus and Margaret. Her cheeks were glowing with happiness and her smile was like a beacon of warmth as came from around the counter and threw her arms around Margaret hugging her close and tight.

"It's so good to see you sweetie," said Jaqueline obviously happy to see Margaret.

"Come, let's get you into the fitting room and let's see what we can do with you." Jaqueline hugged Margaret once more and grabbed her hand pulling her back into the fitting room.

Margaret turned and flashed Angus a puzzled look just before the door to the fitting room clicked closed.

"Okay, sweetie, remove your outer garments and let's see if i did my job right," said Jaqueline as she went about opening boxes.

Margaret's eyes bugged out She want's me to strip?

Jaqueline looked up. "Hurry up, or are you planning on wearing the dress' over your regular cloths?"

MArgaret blinked then blushed. Of course, thought Margaret what was I thinking, she doesn't want me nude so she can raavish my body. Margaret quicky stripped down to her bra and panty's and stood slightly shivering in the cool air. Jaqueline pulled out the first dress and pulled it on over Margaret's head.

With pins in her mouth, Jaqueline's hands went over every inch of Margaret's body testing for fit and making little adjustments. Margaret closed her eyes and breathed in the lightly floral scent of Jaqueline's perfume. Margaret couldn't help but tremble with intoxication at what the scent was doing to her.

"Could you slowly turn for me love?" asked Jaqueline.

Margaret's heart skipped abeat. Did she hear her correctly? Did she just call me love?

"Uhm, sure," stammered Margaret as she clumsily turned for Jaqueline. On the second turn Jaqueline reached out and wrapped one arm around Margaret's waist stopping her. Carefully Jaqueline gathered a bit of material and pinned in an adjustment before releasing Margaret.

"Go on keep turning. Margaret kept turning until Jaqueline told her to stop and carefully take off the dress. Margaret carefully set the dress down on a counter while Jaqueline pulled out the second one.

"This one I think will be your favorite," Jaqueline said smiling.. "I know it is mine." Margaret slipped into the slinky tight strapless black number .

"Look at yourself in the mirror love," said Jaqueline.

Slowly Margaret turned and looked at herself in the mirror. Every curve and line of her body was accentuated and flattered, Margaret couldn't believe that it was her in the dress. She had never looked this good before.

"I love it," murmured Margaret her pouty lips parted as she stared at herself in the mirror.

"So do I," replied Jaqueline.

To Be Continued............

Rob The BLack Douglas
02-10-2005, 04:30 AM

Jaqueline came and stood close to Margaret, her fingers gently tugging the fabric here and there.

"Only a few adjustments love,' whispered Jaqueline s she leanerd in closer.

Margaret's breath seemed to catch in your throat as Jaqueline's perfume once more intoxicated her mind. Margaret was trembling visibly as Jaqueline's fingers gently ran up her body tracing her handy work.

"You ok, sweetie?" asked Jaqueline. "Your trembling." Jaqueline looked at Margaret with her large blue eyes open wide with concern.

"I'm, I'm not sure," murmured Margaret as she looked away from Jaqueline to hide her burning cheeks.

"Here, sweetie, sit down before you fall," said Jaqueline reaching out and gently taking Margaret in her hands and leading her to a chair in the corner of the room.

Embarrassed Margaret couldn't help but long for more than Jaqueline's chaste touch upon her. She desired to gather Jaqueline in her arms and to pullher tight to her to kiss her lips, to release the burning desire that filled her body with an erotic ache that lonely carress' could not slake.

Margaret looked up at Jaqueline's lovely face, a face that was filled with concern as she peered down at Margaret.

"What's is it sweetie?'

Margaret swallowed hard and turned her head to the side.

"I,...I don't know how to say it," began Margaret whose cheeks were flushed with embarrassment.

"It's ok, sweetie, you can tell me," replied Jaqueline.

"I don't know if I can," said Margaret softly as she looked up at Jaqueline with tears forming in her eyes.

"You can tell me love," said Jaqueline matter of factly.

Margaret swallowed hard and looked up at Jaqueline.

"I'm in love with you," whispered Margaret.

Jaqueline's eyes went wide with astonishment.

"Uhm, wow. I don't know what to say."

"You don't have to say anything. I know you were married and that you most likely do not feel the way I do towards women," cried Margaret as she loked away frm Jaqueline unable to control the tears flowing down her cheeks.

"Now don't cry love," whispewred Jaqueline as she squatted on her toes and held Margaret's face in her hands.

"You're right ,I don't care for womemn the way you do ,but," Jaqueline smiled at Margaret. "I'm not like the those who condemn those who love the same sex, I don't believe that love is wrong, no matter what form it takes. You see ,my daughter is like you. And nothing could make me ever not lover her or those she loves."

Margaret looked up at Jaqueline and forced a smile.

"That's kind of you to say," said Margaret timidly.

"It's the truth," replied Jaqueline. And then Jaqueline bent down and pressed her lips to Margaret's cheek, lightly kissing her.

"Now dry those tears and let's finish your fitting," smiled Jaqueline.

To Be Continued.....

Rob The BLack Douglas
02-10-2005, 04:33 AM

Mary Stuart let the hot water flow over her body washing away the smell of her father and the greasy trails of his fingers and tongue. Yet no amount of scrubbing could erase the bruises or the phantom marks the years have scared her with. The door of her shower opened and in stepped he brother James.

Mary smiled seductively her eyes lingering over her brother's body, the way the water ran in little rivers down his chest, the rippling of his muscles and the way her heart would flutter and skip, taking her breath away even though she despised him more and more.

James pustepped beneath the wall of water cascading over Mary and leaned down and slowly kissed his twin sister. Mary moaned softly her body eager and trembling ,while her mind plotted. James purred a deep rumbling from within his chest as his fingers made Mary gasp, her mouth hanging open ,panting, desiring more.

Slowly the two bodies became one, writhing under the water, crying out with mutual pleasure.

"THere, what do you think?" said Jaqueline standing aside so Margaret could get a better view.

Margaret gasped and slowly turned. If she thought the strapless black dress had looked good before, she was wrong. Margaret couldn't believe it, it couldn't be her standing there.

"What do you think Angus?" asked jaqueline.

Margaret turned to see her protector standing in the door to the fitting room his face smiling.

"I don't think I've ever seen her look such like a woman," replied Angus.

Margaret blushed and murmured what might of been a thanks.

"No one will be able to take their eyes off of you," grinned Jaqueline as she helped Margaret out of the dress.

"You really think so?" There are so many prettier than I," said Margaret softly.

"Many are pretty, but few are truly beautiful," retorted Jaqueline as she carefully folded the dress.

"And I'm not one of them," grumbled Margaret amazed at how much venom had slipped into her voice.

Jaqueline paused and stood before Margaret and took her face in her hands.

"You are beautiful Margaret, not just in looks but your heart. Never let anyone tell you otherwise." Jaqueline smiled. "You remind me so much of my daughter," she whispered.

Margaret's eyes went wide and once more she found herself blushing.

"Thank you," Margaret whispered.

Jaqueline relaeased Margaret.

"I'll be in the store while you get dressed sweetie."

Angus was quiet as he drove Margaret back to the apartment. Margaret didn't notice though, she was lost in thought and after al lthe time she spent being depressed and crying into her pillow today had been wonderful, no, make that a relief. A relief that Jaqueline didn't think that she was a terrible person, relieved that Jaqueline cared about her. Slowly Margaret's smile faded. Yes Jaqueline had said all the right things but still Margaret's heart burned for her.

Jaqueline was perfection and no one could compare to her and even though Margaret knew that she and Jaqueline would never go further in their relationship, Margaret couldn't stop from thinking of her.

Angus looked over at his charge and scowled slightly as he saw a small tear run down Margaret's cheek.

To Be Continued.....

Rob The BLack Douglas
02-10-2005, 04:36 AM

Margaret tossed and turned throughout the night ,her dreams consumed by Jaqueline. A sheen of sweat covered her body and her shapely limbs wre tangled among her sheets. Margaret threw back her twisted sheets and tromped to her bathroom. Under the spray of water Margaret closed her eyes and let her thoughts turn to Jaqueline.

It wasn;t fair that the woman that she desired, the one that was the walking embodyment of everything that she found perfect in a person did not feel the same as she did. What had she done to be cursed with this overwhelming obsessive desire to be with someone who was not the same?

Margaret sobbed and sank to the floor of the shower pulling her knee's up tight to her and letting her salty tears flow freely and mix with the cascading water of the shower raining down upon her.

Mary Stuart smiled like a cat that had just licked the bowl of cream clean and stretched her nude limbs. Her brother James grinned and ran a hand through his sweaty locks.

"I wish you weren't getting married mary," sighed James as he reached for the goblet of wine at the side of the bed.

"You think some vow to an aging priest is going to keep us from expressing our love brother?' Mary said with a purr.

"That aging priest is powerful enough to make even father step back and beg," reminded James as he gulped at the wine.

"He's a man who can't think when his dick's hard," responded Mary.

"You mean, before your wedding? The lech!" exclaimed James with a leering grin.

"It was over quickly and he just about had a heart attack," replied Mary sourly. "I didn't even come."

"Maybe that's father's plan, for you to fuck him to death." James grinned and reached out to cup one of Mary's breasts.

Mary ignored the almost rough kneeding of her body and moved in closer to her brother. Her red lips slightly parted as they came mere breath's away from James' ear.

"I have a better plan brother," Mary whispered as she straddled her brothers' loins.

James moaned and grabbed Mary by her hips to control her movements.

"Oh christ!" cried out James his hips rolling in time to Mary's.

"Will you help me brother?" moaned Mary as she leaned down pressing her breasts to James lips.

"Anything! I never want to be without you!" cried James.

Margaret had no idea how long she had been in the shower. She could barely recall the moment when Angus came in and turned off the water. His gentle giant hands lifting her from the floor of the shower, gently cradling her as he toweled her off, the numbness of her entire body as he carefully dressed her in one of her robes.

Time no longer had any meaning for Margaret. She was numb t oeverything and everyone around her. Tears flowed freely and often as Margaret could not keep from thinking about Jaqueline. Margaret could clearly see every little detail. The stray hair that had come loose and pressed against her cheek. The flow of her body beneath her cloth's as she moved. Her large blue eyes that Margaret could lose herself in and never come up.

Angus was quiet and went about his duty's as best as he could. His fatherly instincts were in full force and he watched Margaret's behavior with a feeling of dread as he didn't know what to do.

To Be Continued.........

Rob The BLack Douglas
02-10-2005, 04:38 AM

Mary Stuart entered the large reception room of her fiance Patriarch Robertson's office. To her surprise ,the very good looking receptionist was no where to be found. Mary stood there foe a few moments and then decided to have a seat, she was early for her lunch date with her fiance.

Mary flipped through the terrible selection of magazines before tossing them all aside in disgust. Still the receptionist had not come around. mary stood and walked over to the door to her fiance's office. Carefully she tried the handle and when it moved she slowly opened it a bit and took a peek in.

What she saw was not what she was expecting. Her fiance was naked and down on all fours with a studded dog collar about his neck with a leash that was being held by his receptionist. The reeptionist was outfitted in an extravagent red leather outfit complete with boots that came all the way up past her knee's to her thighs. One hand lightly held the leash while the other held a long whip which she kept expertlt flicking to crack against Patriarch Robertson's bare flesh. Mary could see his body was red from the many welts raised by the whip.

Mary flushed with embarrassment which quickly turned to rage. She started to barge in but stopped herself. She would wait. Quietly as possible, Mary closed the door to the office and once more took a seat. She occupied herself with reading an article about the evils homosexuals performed upon the children they secretly adopted and and how those evils were bringing about the end of the world.

The click of a door closing brought Mary out of the article. She looked up and saw the receptionist dress very business like now enter. The receptionist smiled and told Mary that Patriarch Robertson would be with her in a moment as she took her seat.

"I bet he will you fucking bitch," thought Mary as she smiled in response.

A few moments later the door to her fiances office opened and out stepped her fiance Patriarch Robertson. He smiled as Mary stood on her tip toes to kiss him. His mouth and lips tasted of peppermint and Mary had to fight to keep from thinking where his mouth and lips had been.

"Are you ready for lunch? I'm starving!" exclaimed her fiance.

"I could go for some light lunch," purred Mary as she took hold of her fiance's arm and led him from the room.

Angus sighed as he wrapped the leftovers from dinner that Margaret yet again had not eaten. She tried to put on a brave face but Angus knew her better than her own father. She was hurting inside and nothing Angus said hor did could even break her depression for a brief moment.

Margaret sat before her desk her face in her hands tears running down her cheeks. Everything she did brought her back to Jaqueline. Snatch's of music would make her cry, glimpses of other women o nthe street would bring visions of Jaqueline dancing through her mind.

Margaret could not stop herself from obsessively desiring Jaqueline, even though she knew she could never vbe with her, she wanted her so bad it hurt. It hurt so much that Margaret felt she was going out of her mind. She wanted to die and yet couldn't for her love for Jaqueline was so strong that not being close to her even though not being with her was even worse.

Why? Why did she feel this way? Why couldn't she accept the fact and move on?


Margaret raised her tear stained face and looked up at Angus.

"Miss, I'm going to pick up your dress' from Jaqueline's. You want to stay or come?"

"I'll come," Margaret found herself saying.

To Be Continued..........

Rob The BLack Douglas
02-10-2005, 04:42 AM

Angus stared dumbfounded at Margaret's tear stained face.

"are you sure you want to miss," he asked his voice filled with concern.

"Yes, Angus, I want to go," replied Margaret wiping her tears on the sleave of her sweater.

Angus wrinkled his brow and cocked one eye and peered deeply into Margaret's eyes. Margaret actually felt herself flinch at the gaze from her guardian.

Finally Angus sighed heavily and shook his head.

"If you insist miss," and he turned and walked away from the door.

Margaret smiled and rushed into her bathroom and washed her face and quickly brushed her hair.

Mary Stuart rose from her knee's and kissed her brother James hard on his lips.

"You know what you are to do right James?" purred Mary as her pink toungue flickered over her sensuous lips.

James growled and tried to playfully bite at Mary' lips only to have her draw back. James pouted and let his eyes get wide and he jutted out his lower lip trying to look sad and pitifull.

Mary laughed throwing her head back letting her hair fan out.

"I love you brother," she whispered as she pulled him tight to her once more, the fire in her loins raging, begging to be quenched by the love of her brother.

Angus held open the door for Margaret at Jaqueline's. Business had increassed since Margaret had last been in the store. It had increased so much that Jaqueline had hired sveral sales reps. Asshe looked about Margaret felt the dispair once more building within her. Tears formed at the corner's of her eyes and she felt the need to run and hide herself so that she could be depressed in private.

"I changed my mind Angus," whispered Margaret turning t oher guardiand and choking back tears.

Angus looked at Margaret with concern

"Are you sure miss?

"I'm sure, this has turned into a huge mistake."

Margaret! Angus!"

Startled Margaret turned to see Jaquelne emerge from the stores back storeroom. Her face was bright with a smile that made Margaret's heart melt. Jaqueline walked up and threw her arms around Margaret in a hug that made Margaret swoon with delight.

"i'm so glad you came down Margaret, I've missed you!"

Margaret's breath caught in her throat .

"you missed me? Really?"

"Of course I did, silly why wouldn'y I?" Jaqueline looked at Margaret carefully.

"Oh sweetie, is everything ok? You look like you've been crying?"

Margaret ducked her head and looked away from jaqueline ashamed to speak up.

Jaqueline gave Angus a puzzled look but he only shook his head and pointed at Margaret.

"You can tell me sweetie," said Jaqueline softly as she gently took Margaret by the arm and led her towards the back room.

Margaret's mind was a whilr of thought as she tried desperately to think of what she was going to say as well as how shewas going to say it to Jaqueline.

"Have a seat dear," said Jaqueline as she patted a seat next to her in the stores back room.

"I,...." began Margaret only to be interuppted by shouting that came from the front of the store. Margaret found her body trembling her mind racing.

"What's going on?"wondered Jaqueline as she stoood and headed towards the door.

"No don't!" Margaret found herself shouting as she began to rise to stop Jaqueline from opening the door.

Before Jaqueline reached the door it was thrown open and Margaret felt her heart stop. Filling the doorway was the leering figure of James Stuart. But that wasn't the worst, it was the scene behind James that filled Margaret with dread. For lieing upon the stores floor amid a mass of lifeless and broken body's was her guardian Angus. Around him raining down blows and kicks were the surviving members of the detail that James had recruited to come with him.

James licked his lips and undressed Margaret with his eyes.

"I've been waiting a long time for this," he sneered as he adjusted his crotch before stepping into the room.

To Be Continued..........

Rob The BLack Douglas
02-10-2005, 04:46 AM

Jaqueline stared down James Stuart keeping her body between his and Margaret's. James leered at her and menacingly stepped forward making Jaqueline jump back. James laughed and licked his lips his eyes looking past Jaqueline at Margaret. Lust filled his eyes and his trousers as he entered the room and closed the door behind him.

"Stay back," threatened Jaqueline trying to sound as dangerous as she could. James looked at Jaqueline's tiny frame and and the dtermined look on her face.

James laughed and swung his arm in a lazy arc sending Jaqueline sprawling to the floor. Margaret cried out and rushed at james her fists balled tight as she hit him again and again on his chest all the screaming at him with all the rage she could muster.

James grabbed both her wrists in his hands and held her at arms length from him.

"My you are a fiesty one," growled James as he fumbled with his trousers with his free hand.

Margaret kept twisting and kicking trying to break free of the iron grip James had on her dreading what she knew was going to happen next.

"NOw brother, have you forgotten our bargain so quickly?" said Mary Stuart from the open door.

A startled James turned and dropped Margaret fro mhis grasp while his undone trousers slid down around his ankles. Mary Stuart slinked her way fro mthe door to her brother's side and took his face in her hands.

"We had a deal brother, I help you and you help me and then you can fuck your little vixen all you want after my wedding." Mary purred seductively as she slowly kissed her brother, her toungue flicking his lightly.

Margaret stared at the incestuist siblings with fear and disgust.

James slowly pulled away from his sister and looked at Margaret with longing desire. he sighed and reached down and pulled up his pants.

"I can wait," he growled as his eyes devoured Margaret's body.

Mary smiled and kissed her brother once more.

"That's a good boy. Now let's be gone ,and have one of your thugs grab this one as well," said Mary as she kicked the still form of Jaqueline.

James signalled one of his goons from where they were surrounding the still form of Angus. Margaret fought back the tears as she stared at the bloody form of her guardian. Ignoring the tight grip upon her Margaret fought t o break free so she could run to Angus and cradle his head to her. Tears flowed freely as margaret struggled to no avail.

"You have a lot of spirit," grinned James as he gripped Margaret's jaw tightly in his hand. "I'll enjoy breaking you," he hissed. Margaret spat on James face wiping his sneer away in a heartbeat .His eyes went cold and he tore his hand away from her jaw and struck Margaret hard three times.

"Stupid fucking bitch," hissed James. He turned and shouted to his goons. "Leave the old man ,and bring the other slut, she can provide us with some amusement until my sister's wedding comes to pass."

The gathered goons all leered at each other and laughed. They all knew what amusement James had in mind.

As the goons were leaving one paused and raised his heavily booted foot over Angus' head to stomp down hard upon the still body. With lightning speed Angus' hand shot out and grabbed the foot twisting hard sending the goon sprawling. The goon cried out alerting the remaing goons who stared at the bloody form slowly staggering to its feet before them.

"What the fucK?" said one goon as he reached for his blade and charging Angus. With a snap ,Angus tossed aside the goon now with a broken neck and slowly began to stagger towards the remaing goons knife in hand.

The remaing five goons rushed Angus all with knives drawn. Three slowly dropped to their knees clutching at the throats their fingers unable to staunch the flow of blood. The fourth slowly dragged his bloody body away his crushed hand and wrist held protectively to his chest as he whimpered in pain. The fifth leered down at Angus sneering and laughing as he twisted the blade of his knife in Angus' chest tearing and searching for his heart.

Angus' teeth were clenched in a grimace that sent tiny rivers of blood streaming down is chin. Slowly and gasping with every inch of the effort Angus slowly raised himself to his full height his hands encircled around the last goons throat.

The goons breath rattled and hissed in his chest as he kicked and struggled trying to break the death grip upon his neck., Angus cooly stared into the goons wide eyes as the goons life slowly drained away. Angus tossed the limp body aside and collapsed to his knee's. His hands trembled as he wrapped his bloody fingers about the handle of the knife and with the last of his rapidly fading stregth pulled the blade free.

As he body tumbled to the ground the bloody knife slipping from his fingers ,his vision slowly fading to black, Angus thought he saw an angel arriving to escort him on.

To Be Continued..................

Rob The BLack Douglas
02-10-2005, 04:49 AM

Margaret stumbled to her knee's and screamed obscenities at the goons who had escorted her. Thet just leered down at her and chuckled their spine tingling evil laughs and slammed the door shut. Margaret jumped to her feet and began to pound on the door as hard as she could.

"That won't do any good sweetie."

Margaret paused her fist raised in mid-pound. She slowly turned and peered into the corner of the room. Half hidden by the shadows was Jaqueline sitting upon a small narrow cot. Margaret let out a little cry and rushed to the corner wrapping her arms about Jaqueline.

"Don't worry sweetie, I'm ok, they didn't do anything to me," said Jaqueline as she reached up and hugged Margaret tight.

Margaret pulled back and the dim glow of light showed the tears covering her cheeks.

"Please don't cry sweetie," whispered Jaqueline as she gently wiped the tears from Margaret's cheeks."Nothing has happened yet, there is always hope."

Margaret shook her head.

"No there isn't," Margaret whispered. "They killed Angus, I'm lost." Margaret's voice trailed off into nothing.

"You can't think that dear," said jaqueline looking Margaret in the eye.

"Yes I can, that bastard James' fatheris the head of the Inquisition. He raped and killed Angus' wife and daughters many years ago and nearly killed Angus. What makes you think things have changed since then?"

Jaqueline looked at Margaret shocked. Her lovely lips trembled and her wide blue eyes grew wider. Despite the despair she was feelng Margaret wanted to reach out and kiss Jaqueline hard, to savour her lips, to love her unconditionally.

Margaret's voice was cracked and bitter as she spoke.

"James has always desired me, not because he loves me but because I always refused him. He could have anyone he wanted but all that he desired was what he couldn't have. ANd that bitch of sister of his," Jaqueline recoiled at the venom that filled Margaret's tone as she spoke about Mary Stuart.

"I never understood until today why she hated me so," said Margaret softly. "Not until I saw the way she kissed her brother back at the store earlier. Then everything was clear. She's jealous of her brother's desire for me."

Jaqueline pulled her knees up tight to her and patted a spot on the cot next to her.

"Come, sit by me ,there's no need for you to sit on the cold floor dear," said Jaqueline softly.

Numbly, Margaret stood ans sat next to Jaqueline being very careful not to touch her.

To Be Continued.......

Rob The BLack Douglas
02-10-2005, 04:53 AM

Margaret slowly opened her eyes. The dimness of the cell made Margaret blink and squint. At her side on the cot Jaqueline was asleep her head resting lightly against Margaret. Margaret was very aware of the warmth of Jaqueline's body and her slow steady breathing. MArgaret adjusted her position slightly so that she was more comfortable.

Jaqueline shifted slightly in her sleep nuzzling in closer to Margaret. Margaret's eyes went wide as Jaqueline's fingers loosely grabbed hold of her blouse. Jaqueline's lips were slightly parted and Margaret could see the bare line of her pink tongue.

Margaret Found herself staring at Jaquelineas she slept. The flutter of her eyelids as if her eyes were dreaming non-stop, the shallowness of her breathing almost a death like state, the sheer perfection of her that took Margaret's breath away every time.

Margaret slowly raised her hand and gently traced over jaquelines curves longing to touch but scared to take the step she desired. Carefully Margaret brushed aside a few strands of Jaquelines hair to fully gaze upon the beauty of her face. MArgaret lightly traced the strong lines of her jaw and marveled at her cheeks.

Jaqueline squirmed slightly and burrowed into Margaret even more. Margaret raised her arm and softly laid across Jaquelines' shoulder protectively and yawned. A smile grew upon Margaret's lips as her eyes slowly closed and she drifted off to sleep.

Mary Stuart slipped from her brother's bed and pulled on a sheer silk gown that hid none of her charms. Her father's light was on in his study. Mary pushed open the door and slinked into the room. Her father George Stuart looks up from his desk and smiles as he eyes devour every sensous curve of Mary's.

"You are even more lovely than the last time Isaw you daughter," growled her father huskily as he stood and wlaked around his desk and took Mary in his arms kissing her hard.

Mary pushed her father away and sat upon his desk. She batted her eyelash's at him and pouted her lips, the tip of her tongue peeking out between the crimson flesh.
"Father, I know that you have plans for after my wedding, and to be honest, i'm not fond of my dear fiance, and I would like to know what you have planned for him, I woldn't want to interfere with your plans."

Mary slid from the desk and sank to her knee's before her father who gasped outloud at her touch.

Angus groaned and then cried out as the pain shot throughout his entire body.

"Don't fight it Angus!" cried a muffled familiar voice.

Angus' brain was fuzzy. Shouldn'r he be in hell? But what about the angel that had come for him as he was dying? Was it one of the warrior maidens claiming the fallen warriors for the twilight of the gods?

"Don't fight Angus, you'll only make things worse!"

Angus ignored the familiar pleading voice and slowly forced open his eyes. The white light blinded him and he squinted at the dark blur that hovered over him.

"Where am i?" croaked Angus his throat parched for water.

"You're among friends<" said a soft voice.

Angus focused his eyes and looked upon the most beautiful face he had ever seen.

"Who are you?"

"I'm Angelica."

To Be Continued.....

Rob The BLack Douglas
02-10-2005, 04:57 AM

Mary Stuart stepped from her car as her driver held open the door for her. Her long legs encased in silk stockings that allowed the barest peek of her flesh as her skirt flirted with indecency. Her fiance's receptionist jaw dropped as Mary entered the waiting room. Mary flashed the receptionist a cold smile and walked on in to her fiances office.

Patriarch Robertson looked up startled as mary flung open the door and strutted in like she was working a stage. Mary flicked two buttons of her blouse free allowing Patriarch Robertson to get an eyeful of her black bra and her full breasts. MAry sat down on the corner of the desk and crossed her ankles as she leaned over and kissed Patriarch Robertson on the lips her tongue wiggling between his teeth and licking at his toungue.

Mary pulled away and pouted at her fiance.

"Lovey dovey," she cood in her baby girl voice her lips all pouty. "I've been naughty and doing dirty things to myself," purred Mary as she slinked off the desk and came around and sat in her fiances lap.

"I've been a bad girl and I need to be punished," Mary whispered in Patriarch Robertson's ear as she opened his desk drawer and pulled out a leather collar.

Angus stared up at the face that peered down at him. Blonde hair framed a heart shaped face that had expressive and sparkling green eyes. Angus knew he had to be in heaven. Or more likely hell, for only hell would tempt him with visions of such perfection.

"You can stop staring at my daughter Angus," said the familiar voice.

Alexander Hume flowed into Angus' vision. is face was all lit up with a massive smile.

"I wish you had stayed under a little longer, the conversations you were having with yourself were entertaining to say the least," grinned Alexander.

"I'm not dead?" Angus said somewhat thickly as he blinked his eyes and tried to take in his surroundings. His vision was limited and as he tried to sit up so he could see better Alexander and Angelica rushed to his side and they both reached out to restrain Angus.

"Stop Angus, you'l lmake your wounds worse, you're lucky Angelica showed up when she did or you would of bled to death," hissed Alexander his face full of worry.

"Let me up," shouted Angus, " I need to find Margaret!" The veins in his next stood out as he strained against his restraints and Alexander and Angelica.

"Damnit Angus, lay down or you'll bleed to death!" shouted Alexander.

"I'm aware of Margaret's location and if you would quit acting the bloody fool and listen we can preapare to rescue her!" Alexander's eyes blazed down on Angus.

""Actually we have the whole thing planned and Angelica is going to lead the operation. I was just hoping that you would come to so we could keep you informed."

Angus swung his eyes fro mAlexander to Angelica and back to Alexander.

"I'm fucking going," said Angus flatly as he ripped the monitors drom his torso and with a heave tore the restraints holding his arms down and slid from the bed and stood wly upon wobbly legs.

Alexander stared with open mouth as Angus flexed and stretched. With shaky hands he reached for his long black jacket and pulled it about his body. He turned to Angelica and his eyes burned with the fire of vengeance.

"Let's go."

Margaret pulled her arms to her chest as she snuggled up closer to Jaqueline. In the night the two had curled up close together for warmth and security. Jaqueline had woken earlier but she continued to lie there her fingers delicately brushing strands of Margaret's hair as she slept.

Margaret yawned and stretched her arms out her fist bumping Jaqueline in the nose. Jaqueline let out a little eek and pulled away from Margaret smiling and rubbing her nose.

MArgaret stared at her fist and then at jaqueline before bursting into tears. Jaqueline's smile disappeared and she rushed to Margaret's side wrapping her arms around her and hugging her tight.

"Don't cry sweetie, I'm ok, you didn't hurt me," said Jaqueline as she rocked Margaret gently to calm her.

Margaret looked at Jaqueline with her tear stained face.

"No matter what I do I bring misery to you," cried Margaret jumping to her feet and running to the far corner of the room.

"No sweetie, you don't," cried Jaqueline standing.

Margaret turned to stare at Jaqueline just as the door to the cell creaked open.

To Be Continued......

Rob The BLack Douglas
02-10-2005, 05:01 AM

Mary Stuart stood in the door to the cell and sneered down at Jaqueline and Margaret.

"I can't figure out what my brother see's in you," said Mary as she stepped into the cell and reached out touching Margaret's wet cheeks.

"Especially since you will have nothing to to do with him."

Mary turned and stepped before Jaqueline. Mary's hand flew out and slapped Jaqueline hard across her cheek leaving a red mark. Margaret let out a scream as she ran at Mary. Mary casually backhanded Margaret sending her sprawling to the floor of the cell.

"Your kind make me sick," hissed Mary as she knelt by Margaret's head. "Fucking filth, why can't you be normal like everyone else?"

Margaret spat out blood and looked up at Mary.

"I'm not normal? I'm not the one who's fucking their brother."

Mary punched Margaret hard and stood and stared down at Jaqueline who had started to rise from the cot.

"Coming to your lover's rescue? How touching," sneered Mary.

"She's not my lover," replied Jaqueline calmly as she stood and knelt and cradled Margaret's head.

Jaqueline looked up at Mary with pity in her eyes.

""You must really hate yourself to let others do all those things to you," Jaqueline said softly.

Mary screamed and slapped Jaqueline hard and turned and fled from the cell the door clanging shut behind her.

Jaqueline cradled Margaret's head to her and began to sing softly.

Margaret opened her eyes and looked up at Jaqueline.

"Why are you doing this for me?" whispered Margaret. "I' don't deserve one such as you."

"Shhh, sweetie. Relax.There is nothing wrong with you. What you feel is only natural. The only wrong part is that so few feel as you do. Loe transcends, gender, belief, and race. Don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise."

To Be Continued.....

Rob The BLack Douglas
02-10-2005, 05:08 AM

Mary Stuart ran through the Stuart household ignoring the stares of the staff as she tried to make the sanctuary of her room. Mary flung herself onto her stool before her vanity mirror and stared at herself. Tears stained her face with her running makeup and her eyes were red and swollen from her crying. Mary grabbed a jar from her makeup table and screaming threw it with all her strength shattering the vanity mirror. Outside her room all the servants cowered as they felt the oncoming dread of experiencing Mary's wrath.

James stood and pulled up his trousers leaving the trembling servant girl still on her hands and knee's. He slowly sauntered over to the wall and began to pick through the various whips arrayed there. The servant girl whimpered and squeezed her eyes shut hoping the ordealwould be over with soon. ames turned and looked back atthr girl ,wid=shing it was Margaret in her place, though the servant did bear more than a passing resemblance to her. Smiling James selected a whip and turned back to the servant girl. This was just the beginning of his afternoon delight.

Angus staggered from the hospital room and ignored the open mouth stares of the hospital personael as he doggedly staggered towards the exit.

"Wait Angus!" shouted Angelica with her father at her side.

Angus ignored her and kept moving forward determined to get to Margaret. A strong hand pulled him to a stop and spun himaround before he knew what had happened. Angelica held him in a grip that would not let him go.

"Do you know where you're going? Do you know how to get to her?" asked Angelica seriously as she peered up into Angus' eyes.

Angus glared down at her silently.

"I thought so," replied Angelicaafter a moment. "I know where she is and how we are going to get in to her."

Patrician Robertson pulled back the hood of his robe that had been concealing his features. Deep within the bowels of his headquarters a series of rooms that did not appear on the buildings plans. Patrician robertson reached aout a thin bony hand and caressed the naked flesh of the trembling and cowering slave girl kneeling at his side. He couls taste the fear in the rooms and he felt himself growing more and more excited.

Here in these rooms he weilded total and complete control. The pleasure that coursed through his body as he dominated those around him, bending the mto his desires and will was even more thrilling than messy copulation.

Patrician Robertson tossed aside his robe and stepped into the warm waters of the pool and floated on his back as his servants gathered around to service him.

Margaret stared up at Jaqueline her lips trembling. Hesitantly her fingers reached out and gently touched Jaqueline's cheek.

"I love you Jaqueline,"whispered Margaret. "I can't stop thinking about you. I'm depressed when I can't see you ,I cry and make life miserable for myself and Angus. I'm a terrible person for wanting you when we can never be together the way I want to be." Margaret pulled away from Jaqueline and turned towards the cot her head hung low, arms wrapped tight about her.

Jaqueline came up behind Margaret and hugged her close.

"You're not a terrible person, love," whispered Jaqueline. "You will find your happiness, just give it time."

"But you're what makes me happy," cried Margaret pulling away once more.

Jaqueline tried to move closer but Margaret only pulled away.

"I'm only trying to help you ," cried Jaqueline.

"You can't help me," said Margaret. "We can never be together and that is the problem."

Jaqueline large blue eyes were soft and full of sympathy.

"we may never be together that way ,but that doesn't mean we have to have this wall between us."

"You don't get it! want you! I can't have you! It's making me go crazy!" shouted Margaret as she pounded her fists o nthe door of the cell.

"Sweetie, please, don't do that you'll hurt yourself." Jaqueline gently took Margaret's hands in hers and led her from the door to the cot.

Margaret brushed aside Jaqueline and curled up in a ball and began to weep softly.

To Be Continued.........

Rob The BLack Douglas
02-10-2005, 05:11 AM

Angus looked at Angelica with a look that was a cross between sheer disbelief and what the fuck are you thinking. Angelica just grinned as she slid on the thigh high black leather boots. She stood and did a quick twirl to make sure everything was in it's place before adjusting her breasts so that they looked just so.

"Are you sure that this is what we need to do to get into the compound?" asked Angus as he lowered his eyes so has not to get a full view of her charms.

Angelica smied and reached out and lifted Angus' chin.

"The Stuart's are a bunch of fucked up power hungery psychos."

Angus laughed and grabbed at his bandages.

"Shouldn't of done that," he gasped as he held onto Angelica to steady himself.

Angus grabbed his duffel and hoised it over his shoulder.

"I'm not getting any younger," he grunted as he began to shufle forward.

Angelica smiled and took one last look at herself in the mirroe before following the lumbering giant.

George Stuart gazed out the one way window of the club his eyes filled with visions of debauchery and beauty. The main floor was like a flesh buffet, just waiting for anyone to come along and and sample. George licked his lips and reached down to adjust his robes.

"I think I'll just wander about and taste all the samples," he grinned as he peered into a corner at several young girls.

"Help yourself," whined the club owner in a high pitched weasely voice.

George Stuart descended the stairs and entered the floor. Body's were flaunted and offered at him. Yet George hadn't found anything to tempt him. A hand upon his shoulder pulled him to a stop and spun him around.

Angelica leaned in close and purred into his ear. Her hands roved beneath his robe making him gasp and moan softly as he leaned in to her.

Just as he felt the explosion building Angelica pulled away and pouted at George.

"I'm a good church girl, and I don't feel comfortable here," she purred pulling George towards the clubs exit.

"Of course my child," panted George. "Let's be off to my place for proper meditation." He grinned as he reached out and cupped one of Angelica's breasts briefly.

As soon as the door to his limo closed George raised his robes and threw himself upon Angelica. With a cry he jumped bac kboth hands grasping at his genitals. Angelica pressed her thin blade closer as Angus slid into the limo.

"It's good to see you again," growled Angus as he opened his duffle and and rpulled out his knives. "Now, George, we have some catching up to do," grinned Angus as the limo pulled away from the club.

Mary struck the butler as hard as she could sending him sprawling.

"You fucking liar! You know where my brother is! Tell me! Or I will make you suffer!" Mary's face was full of rage

The butler cowered before her.

"I swear it mistress! I don't know"

"You're fucking useless," hissed Mary as she stomped off.


Mary turned to see one of the maids bowing deeply.

"What is it?"

"Your fiance is here to see you."

A puzzled look flashed across Mary's face.

Jaqueline reached down and began to gently stroke Margaret's hair. As Margaret continued to cry softly Jaqueline began to sing. At first it was so soft, it couldn't be heard over Margaret's tears. Slowly the song grew.

Margaret raised her head and looked at Jaqueline with total awe. Jaqueline stood and closed her eyes as the words filled the cell. Jaqueline began to sway gently from side to side. Margaret wiped her tears away and sat up upon the cot and stared at Jaqueline with jaw wide open.

She had never heard such a beautiful voice.

Jaqueline let the last note slowly fade away and opened her eyes. Margaret held her hand s to her lips and gazed upon Jaquline with even more love than before.

"That was so lovely," she whispered with wide eyed amazement.

Jaqueline blushed and sat down next to Margaret on the cot.

"Thank you, since I sent my daughter off to school I haven't had many oportunities to sing for someone." Jaqueline looked at Margaret and smiled.

To Be Continued.......

Rob The BLack Douglas
02-10-2005, 05:17 AM

James Stuart left the young servant girl sobbing on the floor of his special room. His lust hadn't been satisfied and he blood was on fire with his desire for Margaret. James stopped and looked about for his sister Mary. He knew that he had agreed to keep his hands off Margaret until after Mary had married. A slow malicious smile spread across James face. He could have his fun with Jaqueline though. How sweet it would be to have her before Margaret and to listen to her as he used her obsession. A high pitched histerical cackle filled the hallway as James headed towards the cell.

Patriarch Robertson stood before Mary his thin bony body fully hidden within the folds of many robes. Mary's pulse quickened as she approached her fiance. There was a gleam in his eye that she had never seen before, and she found it unsettling.

"Evening dear," grinned Mary as she kissed her fiance on the lips in greeting.

"It's good to see you again Mary," smiled Patriarch Robertson. "I was hoping your father would be here as well. I wanted to go over the plans for the wedding.

"Unfortunately ,he usually is away on these nights, tending to his flock," replied Mary with a straight face while she thought to herself,"One who is younger than me."

That's to bad. Your father is a very responsive to the needs of those he ministers to," Patrician Robertson smiling.

Mary shivered despite herself control. Never had she felt so uncomfortable, so unsafe in his presence.

"Would you like to wait? I'm sure he'll be back in a bit."

Patrician Robertson nodded and sat in one of the overstuffed chairs.

"Whatever shall we do in the meantime?" said her fiance as he pulled aside his robes.

Mary sighed and eased onto her knee's before him.

Margaret snuggled up tight to Jaqueline who continued to sing softly as she stroked Margaret's hair. Even though her crying had left her emotionally drained, JAqueline's presence was so comforting that margaret felt happy and safe.

"Why is she doing this?" thought Margaret. "She's told me that there will never be anything between us. " Margaret sighed softly and closed her eyes.

The door to the cell slammed open and Margaret and Jaqueline both jumped at the sound. James Stuart filled the entrance to the cell. he looked lustily at MArgaret before tearing his gaze away and slowly strutting towards Jaqueline.

Margaret jumped to her feet and placed her body between James and Jaqueline.

"what do you think you're doing," laughed James as he looked upon her defiant features.

"Keeping you from hurting Jaqueline" said Margaret though her etyes were wide with fear and her body trembled.

"You really think you can stop me?" hissed James as he grabbed Margaret and threw her upon the cot. Jaqueline ran next to Margaret and shielded her body.

James laughed and easily pulled Jaqueline away from Margaret.

"how touching, the tender lovers protecting each other," sneered James as his hands tried to grop Jaqueline's body as she squirmed and fought to get away.

"Hold still," growled James as he grew more and frustrated and excited by Jaqueline's actions.

Jaquelines fingers raked down James face the nails digging into his flesh leaving a bloody trail.

"You fucking bitch!" howled James as he struck Jaqueline as hard as he could sending her sprawling. Her head it the floor hard and she didn't move.

James was screaming his hands trying to stop the flow of blood from his face. Margaret screamed at the top of her lungs and she began to hit James as hard as she could.

The pain of his wounds overpowered James' brain and he tried desperately to escape from Margaret but blind he kept running into the wall unable to escape the firely wrath of Margaret.

With a cry James stumbled to his knee's one hand to his face and he crwled from the cell fleeing to safety.

Margaret stared at the cell door in disbelief for a moment. It was open.

To Be Continued........

Rob The BLack Douglas
02-10-2005, 05:20 AM

Angus stared at the looming Staurt mansian as the limo pulled into the long tree lined drive. Lying on the floor tied up with his own bloody rags was George Stuart. Angelica had changed from her outfit into something way less revealing and practical.

She looked at Angus with concern.

"How are you holding up?"

Angus just grunted and reached into his dufflebag and searched until he found what he wanted.

"Dammit Angus, my lifes on the line as well, so you damn well better answer me!"

Angus looked over at Angelica frowning for a moment.

"I'll be ok," he replied finally.

Angelica sighed and looked out the limo's window.

Margaret carefully peered out the open door of the cell. Not a guard in site. Sighing with relief she ran and knelt at Jaqueline's side.

"Please get up Jaqueline!" she cried as she held the older woman.

Jaqueline moaned and opened her eyes.

"My head hurt so much," she whispered.

"The door's open, we can escape!" cried Margaret as she tried to get Jaqueline to stand.

"Escape?" Jaqueline blinked her large blue eyes several times as she slowly stood with Margaret's help.

"Hold onto me," said Margaret as she slipped one arm around Jaquelines waisr while Jaqueline's arm went over her shoulders.

Slowly the two women staggered from the cell. Both leaning on each other for support.

James Stuart stumbled from room to room the salt of his tears burning his wounds upon his face. None of the servants moved forward to help, they slinked away afraid of what he would do to them in his rage.

"Mary!" cried James as he went from room to room leaving bloody handprints everywhere he went.


James crashed into the door of the family library and nearly tumbled to the ground. Hands slippery with his blood James slowly turned the knob and shoved open the door falling to the floor.

His one good eye went wide at th brief glimpse of his sister straddling Patrician Robertson who's head was thrown back in exctasy.

"NO!" cried James as he pushed himself to his knee's.

"James?" cried his startled sister Mary as she rose from her fiance's lap trying to cover her naked body.

"You promised that I would be the only one!" cried James as he crawled towards a shocked Patrician Robertson.

"You can't have her!" howled James as he stumbled to his feet and lunged towards his sister's fiance.

"No James, don't" called out Mary.

To Be Continued..........

Rob The BLack Douglas
02-10-2005, 05:23 AM

James Stuart grabbed hold of Patrician Robertson's open robes and dragged the startled man from the chair. James blood flowed freely from his face and dripped onto the library's floor. Patrician Robertson tried to cover his nudity and fight James at the same time.

"Stop James,Please!" cried Mary as she rushed towards her brother trying to stop him.

James flung Mary to the floor and stared at her with his one good eye.

"Why, you're nothing but a cheap whore ,who uses her body to seduce and control men to get what she wants!"

James tightened his grip on Patrician Robertson whose thin bony fists were flailing trying to land a blow upon James. Mary raised herself onto her hands and knee's crying out to her brother.

With a faint sigh Patrician Robertson eyes slowly faded away and his body went limp. With a grunt James flung the dead body from him and turned once more on his sister.

Pure evil radiated from his ravaged features as he stumbled towards Mary.

"No more will you tell me what to do," James hissed as he grabbed mary by her hair and yanked her to her feet. His fingers bruised Mary's skin as he crushed her to him.

"Now I'll show you who is the master," growled James as he pressed his lips to Mary's breast.

Margaret leaned against the a wall supporting Jaqueline who had closed her eyes and was resting. The last blow from James had taken its toll on Jaqueline. She was still wobbly on her feet and she was extremely dizzy and couldn't move far without having to stop.

"Leave me," gasped Jaqueline. "I'm just slowing you down."

"NO, I won't leave, I could never live with myself if I did," said Margaret as she helped Jaqueline back to her feet. "We will make it out together." Margaret wrapped her arm around Jaqueline's waist tighter as the two women struggled once more down the hallway.

"I don't like this," whispered Angus as he and Angelica gmade their way from room to room without seeing a single soul. "A place this size should be filled with servants scurrying about."

Angelica raised a finger to her lips and peered around a corner. Angus fingered his knife with an eagerness for blood lust. Angelica darted from her position and she was through an open door. Angus struggled to keep up with Angelica his wounds pulling and spreading his blood flowing hot and thick.

Angus gasped for breath as he stopped and looked upon the scene before him. Mary Stuart sat on the floor of the library covered with blood. Sprwaled on his back his chest covered with blood and a long thin letter opener sticking out from his heart. Mary didn't looked up as Angelica kneeled at Mary's side.

"Where's Margaret," gasped Angus his heart thumping hard and fast, the blood pounding in his ears.

Mary brushed aside Angelica's hands as she tried to cover her nude shivering body with a blanket from one of the library's chairs. Mary sobbed softly as she gazed upon the dead body of her brother.

"I killed him," she whispered. "The only one I ever loved and I killed him."

Angelica looked to Angus.

Angus stepped forward and slapped Mary as hard as he could sending her sprawling.

"Where's Margaret, you miserable little bitch!" screamed Angus as he grabbed Mary's arms and pulled her to her feet before him.

Mary turned her face away and continued to sob.

Angus struck Mary again yet she remained silent. Angus drew back his fist to strike her again but Angelica grabbed hold of him.

"Enough Angus, she's not going to speak, she's in shock."

Angus looked at Mary with disgust and released her.

"Let's go," he hissed as he trodded fro mthe library.

To Be Continued.....

Rob The BLack Douglas
02-10-2005, 05:26 AM

Angelica looked down upon Mary's crying form before sighing and rushing out of the library to catch up with Angus.

Margaret eased Jaqueline onto a chair that they found at the end of a hallway. Jaqueline leaned forward her head in her hands. Margaret squatted down in front of her concern filling her face as Jaqueline breathed slow shallow breaths.

"Feeling any better?" asked Margaret.

Jaqueline swallowed and shook her head no.

"My head keeps spinning," she gasped.

"What do you want me to do?" cried Margaret her voice filled with concern for Jaqueline.

"Leave me," gasped Jaqueline looking up at Margaret. Jaquelines wide blue eyes were extremely dilated and Margaret found herself falling into them.

Margaret shook her head holding back her tears.

"I can't leave you ," she said softly taking Jaqueline's hands in hers.

"Yes you can," retorted Jaqueline.

"I care about you too much," said Margaret leaning in closer.

Jaqueline stared long and hard at Margaret.


Margaret leaned back her mouth slightly open her eyes blinkly rapidly.

"I, ..."she began. "I look upon you and my heart stops. Time stands still, and my breath catch's in my throat. I've never seen anyone as beautiful as you. I hang on every little word you speak to me, I love the little touch's of your personality, and how everything about you is so perfect and ,...." Margaret stared down at the floor.

"And, I love the way you move and interact with other's and your eyes and lis, and, and, I've never seen or known someone so perfect in my life," cried Margaret looking away from Jaqueline to hide her tears.

"Oh my god sweetie, I never realized," said Jaqueline softly as she gently reached out and turned Margaret to face her.

Margaret stared up into Jaqueline's gorgeous wide blue eyes and burst into further tears.

"I know I can't have you ,but I can't keep from thinking about you. I love you Jaqueline."

"Oh sweetie, I, I don't know what to say," said Jaqueline has she wiped Margaret's tears.

"I, I want to die, how can I go on living if I'm just going to be miserable? I have nothing else to live for."

Margaret pulled away from Jaqueline and rose to her feet.

"Where are you going?" asked Jaqueline as Margaret began to slowly walk away.

Margaret stopped and looked back at Jaqueline with a puzzled expression.

"I'm leaving like you told me to," sniffled Margaret.

"What? I'm not allowed to change my mind?" grinned Jaqueline as she struggled to her feet.

"Oh," exclaime Margaret as she rushed to Jaqueline to steady her and keep her from falling.

"COme on, we can get out of here together," said Jaqueline

To Be Continued.........

02-10-2005, 05:29 AM
one of my favorites :)

Rob The BLack Douglas
02-10-2005, 05:31 AM

Angelica ran forward and grabbed hold of Angus pulling him to a stop. Angrily Angus pulled away from Angelica and continued on.

"What the fuck is wrong with you Angus?" shouted Angelica.

Angus stopped and slowly turned around. Angelica gasped as she saw the spreading stain of blood from his opened wounds.

"I don't give a shit about any Stuart whore," hissed Angus and he turned around and continued on.

"What would Margaret think," asked Angelica.

"She wouldn't care, she's too caught in her obsession to see beyond it."

Jaqueline smiled as she and Margaret exited the hallway and entered what appeared to be the main wing of the Stuart compound.

"Almost there," said Margaret. "How are you feeling?"

"I 'm not as dizzy , and I don't want to throw up everywhere."

Margaret smiled.

"I wonder where al lthe servants are?" pondered Margaret as she looked about. "They were everywhere when I was brought in."

Jaqueline raised her head and peered about.

"Yu're right, it's awfully quiet."

"I don't like this," whispered Margaret.

"Let's keep going," said Jaqueline as took hold of Margaret and continued moving.

Mary Stuart crawled over to her brother's lifeless body and threw herself upon him ignoring his blood that smeared her skin. Her salty tears washedd away the streaks of blood upon his face.

"I'm so sorry brother," sobbed Mary as she kissed his dead lips. "I didn't mean to hurt you."

Mary grabbed the letter opener witrh both of her hands and grunted as she pulled with all her might until it slid free.

Mary pulled her clothes loosely about her and stepped over the still body of her dead fiance and headed off to finf Angus and Angelica.

To Be Continued.........

Rob The BLack Douglas
02-10-2005, 05:34 AM

Angelica watched Angus with more and more concern. e ignored his open wounds that were bleeding profusely. Angelica had never seen anything like it. He should be dead ,yet it appeared that he grew stronger with each step.

Angus didn't break his stride when one of the Stuart household guards stepped out into the hallway. Without slowing his stride Angus grabbed the guard with both hands and snapped his neck like a dry twig. He dropped the guards body and continued on his way.

Angelica paused and shook her head with disbelief. She had always thought the stories her father told her about Angus' lust for violence were exagerated tales of an old man longing for his days of rebellion. But the cavalier attitude Angus displayed towards the taking of a life was more than Angelica was use to.

Angus turned the corner and Angelica broke into a run to catch up.

Margaret slowly opened the door and peeked in. Her face lit up in a smile as she turned back to Jaqueline.

"It's the kitchen," Margaret said.

Jaqueline broke out in a smile that took Margaret's breath away.

"I'm starving," replied Jaqueline as the two women entered.

Margaret made Jaqueline have a seat at the massive center island that dominated the gleaming chrome of the kitchen while she rummaged around in the spacious refridgerators.

"I can do this," Margaret kept telling herself. "I've watched Angus do it often enough."

It didn't take Margaret long to realize that she had no ideahow to do anything other than throw ingredients onto slices of bread. With a sigh ,Margaret placed the palte of sandwich's she had made before Jaqueline.

"Sorry it's not haut cuisine but it will have to do," said Margaret as she placed a glass of water at Jaqueline's side.

"It's the beat thing in the world," mumbled Jaqueline around a mouthful of food.

The kitchen was quiet as the two women ate every bit of food on the plate.

Jaqueline smiled at Margaret as she took the plate and glasses to the sink.

The door to the kitchen burst open and both Margaret and Jaqueline jumped in fright as Angus stomped his way into the kitchen with Angelica right behind him.

Margaret breathed a sigh of relief as she ran up and threw her arms arounf Angus. He winced as she squeezed hard.

"Oh Angus, your alive!" cried Margaret looking up at her guardian. "I thought you were dead!"

"Angus smiled. "Don't count me out unless you see my body buried in the ground," smiled Angus.

Margaret pulled back her face filled with concern as she noticed his bloody wounds for the first time.

"Angus! What happened?"

"I had some disagreements with a few of Jame's friends." Angus grinnned as he flexed his broad shoulders sending the muscles rippling and creaking.

"At least the two of you are safe now,'" said Angus as he looked at Jaqueline.

"Oh, Angus, Jaqueline ws hurt by James, he hit her over and over," cried Margaret as she pulled Angus towards Jaqueline.

Angelica followed close by her gaze locked on Margaret. Angus gently took Jaqueline's head in his hands and gentlychecked her eyes.

"You might, have a concussion. Feel dizzy?"

Jaqueline nodded. "SOmewhat, it was worse earlier, I wanted to throwup."

Angus nodded and released Jaqueline. He turned to Angelica who had completely ignored Angus' as she was totally captivated by Margaret.

"Angelic....." began Angus who paused as he saw Angelica oblivious to all around her.

Angus shook his head and smiled. Even among the blood and terror blind obsession could blossom.

Angus opened his mouth once more to speak only to be interupted by the other door to the kitchen opening revealing a crazed teary Mary Stuart.

To Be Continued......

Rob The BLack Douglas
02-10-2005, 05:37 AM

Angus slowly turned and his gaze bore down on Mary Stuart and the bloody letter opener she carried in her trembling hand. Angelica pulled her eyes away from MArgaret and looked at Mary with sadness.

"Put the knife down," Angelica said to Mary softly.

Mary looked at Angelica with a cold gleem in her eyes before she focused once more on Angus. Angus shifted his weight and slowly began to shuffle towards Mary.

Margaret eased back and stood protectively before Jaqueline. Angelica looked to Angus before moving around behind Mary.

Angus extended his hand.

"Mary, you don't want to do this," Angus said.

Mary cocked her head.

"WHy should I? I have nothing to live for anymore. The only one I ever truly loved turned on me and I killed him!"

Mary lunged forward trying to stab Angus with the letter opener. Angus moved aside and grabbed hold of her arm and gave a twist. With a loud crack her bone snapped and she dropped the letter opener from her fingers.

Angus gently grabbed hold of Mary and eased her onto the floor .Angelica kneeled down beside her and began to examine her broken arm.

Margaret held onto Jaqueline as she watched Angelica make a crude splint and bind Mary's broken arm to her. Angelica looked up and nearly choked when she saw Margaret looking down at her. Angelica quickly looked away and busied herself with Mary.

Margaret wondered what was going on with Angelica. As she looked closer, Margaret found herself going over Angelica's figure taking in the way the curve of he breasts pressed against her shirt, the way her blond hair fell forward.

Margaret blushed and turned away. Jaqueline noticed and smiled softly to herself.

Angus knelt before Mary and took her chin in one of his massive paws.

"Listen to me Mary," said Angus softly. "YOu're love is misguided, your brother James and your father never saw you as anything other than a tool. And you let them use you."

Mary looked at Angus with pure hatred in her eyes.

"You know nothing of my father or brother," she growled.

"Your father raped my wife and daughter's before having them killed. Your brother desired Margaret to rape."

"You lie!" hissed Mary as she grabbed the dropped letter opener from the floor and plunging it into Angus' neck.

To Be Continued........

Rob The BLack Douglas
02-10-2005, 05:40 AM

Margaret let out a loud wail as she rushed forward and cradled Angus in her arms. Surprise filled his features as he slumped forward fingers grasping at the letter opener in his neck trying to stop the flow of blood. Angelica grabbed Mary and pulled her awayas she laughed maniacly despite the pain of her broken arm.

Jaqueline stared atthe scene before her with horror. Margaret was crying her face pressed to Angus' cheek pleading, begging him to hold on as she tried to help him.

Angus gently pushed Margaret away and looked up at her with a smile on his face.

"It's too late for me," gurggled Angus, blood flecking his lips. "I' ve too many wounds. "

Angus reached up and gently stroked Margaret's cheek with a tenderness Margaret had never seen him express before.

"I love you Margaret. You were like a daughter to me. "

Angus' hand dropped and the light slowly faded from his eyes as the last of his breath escaped from his lungs.

"No!Angus,NO! Don't leave me!" Margaret cried as her tears fell upon his still chest.

Angelica had tied Mary to a table and she slowly moved forward to comfort Margaret. Angelica stopped and tried to hide her displeasure as Jaqueline knelt at Margaret's side and and tenderly pulled her away from Angus.

MArgaret buried her face in Jaqueline's hair tears gushing unimpeded as Jaqueline began to softly sing to her and slowly rub her hand on Margaret's back.

"Getting jealous?" cackled Mary to Angelica.

"Shut up!" hissed Angelica staring down at Mary.

Mary just laughed.

"It's going to eat you and eat at you, kill the bitch ,and take what you want."

Angelica stepped towards Mary her fist raised to strike at her.

""Oohhhh, I hit a nerve," cackled Mary.

Slowly Angelica lowered her fist.

"You're not worth the effort," said Angelica softly as she turned back towards Margaret and Jaqueline.

Angelica kneeled at Margaret's side and placed a hand on her shoulder.

"We need to get out of here. I'll take Angus' body, my father will know what to do. You and Jaqueline need to go somewhere safe.'

Jaqueline nodded and whispered in Margaret's ear briefly. Margaret nodded and placed a kiss on Angus' forhead before rising and letting Jaquelinelead her awy.

"What about me?" screamed Mary as they left the kitchen.

"I'm leaving you to my father," replied Angelica.

To Be Continued..............

Rob The BLack Douglas
02-10-2005, 05:43 AM

MAry Stuart stared up at Angelica defiantly.

"Do your worst, you coward," hissed Mary spitting a wad of flegm towards Angelica. With one mighty blow Angelica knocked Mary unconcious.

"Bout time you bloody well shut up," murmured Angelica as she began to tie all of Mary's limbs together.

Margaret and Jaqueline exited the Stuart mansion their eyes blinking crazily in the morning sun. The limo that had brought Angus and Angelica was parked before them and Margaret recognized the driver from Alexander Hume's villa through her tears.

He held the door open and helped Jaqueline get margaret into the back of the limo.

As the door closed Margaret buried her face in Jaquelines' shoulder unable to keep her grief for Angus' death bottled up. Jaqueline softly sang to Margaret as she gently rocked her as Margaret poured out her grief.

"Let it all out sweetie," whispered Jaqueline.

"Margaret gazed lovingly up at Jaqueline's beautiful face.

"What am I going to do? I can'y have you and now the one person who's been a constant companion is dead!"

"You have your father," began Jaqueline.

"My father can go to hell," snapped Margaret. "If he truly cared he would of been in my life just as much as Angus."

"Your upset sweetie. You need to rest. I'll help you anyway i can."

"No you won't, because what I want from you you will never provide."

Margaret turned from Jaqueline.

"Margaret." said Jaqueline. Margaret continued to ignore her.

Jaqueline placed her hand on MArgaret's arm and gently turned her to face her.

"Listen to me Margaret. I can't change who I am, and it wouldn't be for to ask me to try, just like it wouldn't be right to ask you to change who you are. Your a lovely girl and I enjoy your company very much and I am thankful for what both you and Angus have done for me."

Jaqueline took Margaret's face in her hands and leaned in kissing Margaret lightly on the lips.

Margaret gaped her lips slightly parted as jaqueline pulled away.

"That doesn't mean I don't care about you or love you in my own fashion," smiled Jaqueline.

MArgaret couldn't get over the kiss. She could still feel them pressing against her, the scent of Jaqueline, the electricity that had pulsed through her.

"Now let's plan a proper farewell for Angus, love," said Jaqueline as she took MArgaret's hand in hers.

To Be Concluded...............

Rob The BLack Douglas
02-10-2005, 05:46 AM

The days following the death of Angus were an emotional blur for Margaret. The only constant was Jaqueline's presence. She handled all the well wisher's and did everything she could to keep Margaret going.

MArgaret would stay awake until her eyes would close on their own and sleep wherever she was. Time had no meaning for her, nightmares would wake her, her screams bringing Jaqueline running to her side.

Jaqueline would hold her until Margaret would calm down and fall back into a fitfull sleep. Jaqueline would sit and watch Margaret sleep worried. Soon the funeral for Angus would be held and Jaqueline worried how margaret was going to respond.

"What's bothering you Angelica?" asked her father softly as he looked at her from across the breakfast table.

"Nothing, father," mumbled Angelica as she looked down at her bowl of porridge as she scraped the bottom with her sppon.

"Don't give me that, even a blind person could tell that your upset. You can tell me."

Angelica looked up at her father her eyes red and swollen from crying.

"I can't go with you to the funeral, mumbled Angelica as she swigged from her juice glass.

Her father set down his fork and wiped his mouth with his napkin.

"It's Margaret. You've fallen for her."

Angelica could only nod.

"Well she's having a rough time, you need to be careful. Who knows how she's going to react at this time."

"I do, she's going to reject me because she dosn't want me, she wants someone else."

Alexander Hume sighed softly and stiffly rose to his feet and walked over and hugged his daughter.

"Al lI ever want is for you to be happy. Come with me to the funeral. You should at least pay your respects to Angus."

Angelica nodded and kissed her father on the cheek and smiled.

Margaret felt like she had been strung out and drunk for weeks. Her eyes were sore and blurry. Her body felt like it was rubber and her limbs didn't want to work normally.

Margaret stood woodenly in her room as Jaqueline carefully dressed her in a simple black dress for the funeral. When she was finished Jaqueline took Margaret by the hand and led her from the room.

The sky was grey, black clouds threatened to empty their content's and a cold wind blew from across the bay. as she stepped from her car with Jaqueline at her side Margaret gasped as she saw the number of gathered people. The meloncholly wail of a lone bagpipe floated on the wind as Angus' clansmen carried his casket towards his final resting place. MArgaret scanned the crowd for familiar faces as she slowly made her way to Angus' graveside.

A kilted gentleman stepped forward an began to sing ,his strong accent easily carrying on the wind. a song lamenting the lost of a loved one. Margaret felt her tears flowing as the words filled her with sadness, the bagpipe perfectly accentuating the loss she felt.

Slowly the song faded and Margaret stepped forward.

"I had no idea what I was going to say today," she began wiping her tears and sniffling. "Angus was more than a guardian, more than a friend, more than anything else in my life.

"Now that he is gone i feel like part of my has died forever.

"But that isn't what Angus would want to hear. He treated me as his own daughter, raised me, he was my father, and I loved him, still love him, and will always love him."

Margaret's voice faded as her tears once more began to flow. ANgelica choked back her own tears and reigned in her desire to rush up to Margaret and comfort her.

Once more the lone bagpipe sounded through the air as Angus' casket was lowered into the ground. Jaqueline helped Margaret as they turned and headed down the hill. Thunder rumbled and lightning flashed as it began to rain softly. Margaretignored the rain soaking her dress as she stood at the edge of the cematary and looked up at Angus' grave.

Angelica stopped and stared at her. Her heart was pounding, I'll never get another chance. It's now or never.

Margaret turned to see a drenched Angelica sprint up to her.

"I can't keep this in me any more," gasped Angelica. "I like you ,but i know I can't have you, but I just wanted you to know."

Angelica leaned forward and kissed Margaret quickly before turning around and sprinting back to her father's limo.

Margaret gasped in shock.

TO Be Concluded........

Rob The BLack Douglas
02-10-2005, 05:48 AM

Margaret sighed and looked down at the food on her palte. Her appetite had never returned after Angus' death and nothing Jaqueline had palced before even remotely seemed appetizing.

"I'm sorry,' murmured MMArgaret. "I just can't eat," she said pushing her plate away from her, stood up and walked away from the table.

Jaqueline grimaced as she picked up the palte. Margaret hadn't eaten in the week since Angus' funeral and it was starting to show.

Margaret threw herself on her bed and rolled onto her back. Her eyes stared up at the tiny sparkles in her ceiling trying to lose herself and not think about everything that had happened. Her pain hadn't diminished one bit. And though Jaqueline was a constant presence Margaret felt so awkward around her that she just ignored everything Jaqueline did for her. Which made Margaret feel even worse because her longing for Jaqueline.

Margaret fought back her tears. Nothing she did helped. Her mind was consumed by her obsession. And yet her grief was just as powerful. MArgaret felt she was being torn apart.

Jaqueline gazed in upon Margaret's sleeping form and sighed once more. Poor Margaret was so overwhelmed by her emotions that she was more a zombie than a person. Jaqueline yawned and headed towards the spare bedroom to get some rest.

Angelica stretched her muscles rippling as she woke. Another day filled with longing and desire ,another day of hating everything and everyone. Angelica moped as she trudged to her shower ,her dark mood oddly comforting.

Jaqueline stared at Margaret a look of extreme displeasure dancing across her face.

"We need to talk, sweetie, " began Jaqueline.

"Margaret pouted and startedf to turn away.

"No, you look at me," said Jaqueline her voice full of authority.

Margaret gasped and turned and looked up at Jaqueline.

"You need to get your act together," said Jaqueline. "I've done everything I could to help you and you just sit and mope. Well that's going to stop."

Margaret bit back her reply of "Everything except what I want from you."

Angus is gone and you need to hire another bidyguard. I've gathered all the resume's from the agency's and you're going through them and picking out some candidates. I'm tired of you being a bloody lazy cow. Would Angus allow you to behave this way?"

Margaret opened her mouth to snap back only to slowly close it. Jaqueline was right. She had to do something.

"I don't want another bodyguard. Why can't you do it anyways?" Margaret asked her voice sweet and longing.

Jaqueline smiled.

"After what happened do you really want me to protect you?"

"Hell Yes!" thought Margaret to herself. But she shook her head no, because she knew Jaqueline was right.

Jaqueline tossed a massive atack of folders on the table before Margaret.

"Take your time, remember your going to be spending a lot of time with whoever you pick.

Margaret let out a stream of curses after Jaqueline left. She didn't want anyone else. Wasn't it obvious? Wht was she being so cruel? Margaret closed her eyes. Visions of Jaqueline danced through her mind. Slowly Margaret began to calm down. Finally she opened her eyes and began to sort through the folders.

Angelica looked up at her father with a dumbfounded look upon her face.

"are you serious?" she asked?

"Wouuld I lie to you?" Alexander Hume grinned unable to keep from smiling at his daughter.

"You really don't want me answering that," replied Angelica sourly.

Her father's grin faded.

"No fooling, just go," he said softly.

Angelica rolled her eyes and grabbed her jacket. Sometimes it was just easier to humour her father than to argue.

Margaret threw the last folder on the massive pile and looked at Jaqueline with a look that said " I told you so".

"Not a single qualified applicant," crowed Margaret.

Jaqueline rasied her left eyebrow and looked at Margaret with the faint trace of a smile on her oh so kissable pouty lips. Margaret found herself longing to kiss them.

"We still have one more applicant," said Jaquelkine softly.

"Unh? What do you mean, one more?"

Just then the door to the apartment rang and Jaqueline stood and went to answer it.

Margaret furrowed her brow as her mind raced trying to figure out what exactly Jaqueline was up to.

Margaret's heart nearly stopped as Jaqueline led Angelica into the room.

"I knew you wouldn't find a bodyguard that you liked so I asked Angelica," said Jaqueline. "You know she's qualified and Angus trusted her."

Margaret let loose.

"THis is so not what I want!" she screamed.

Angelica stepped back shocked by the venom in Margaret's voice.

"What do you want?" asked Jaqueline softly.

I want you!" cried MArgaret.

"Sweetie, we've been over this, that will never happen." Jaqueline stepped towards Margaret who flinched away. "I do love you sweetie, but not that way."

I want to die!" sobbed Margaret as she turned away.

"Don't say that," cried Jaqueline tears in her eyes. She looked to Angelica her face asking for help.

Angelica shrugged her shoulders' to say " I don't know what to do."

"Sweetie, there's have to be something we can do>"

"What? I can't have you? You ask the one person who's obsessed with me to be my bodyguard? WHat else can go wrong?"

"How about what else can go right?" replied Jaqueline.

"What do you mean"

"I'm not leaving you." said Jaqueline.

"You're not?"

"No. I think the three of us can help each other."

For the first time in weeks Margaret smiled.


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Humm I thought there was a rule no double post

43 in a row, Its got to some kind of record

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