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Rob The BLack Douglas
01-10-2005, 03:27 AM
In My Mirror

The smile is faded
Teeth stained,
Eyes dull and red
Hair hanging in greasy strings
Shoulders slumped
Shuffling onward

Night of the Long Knives

The mountains tremble,
Clouds rush,
Lightning flashes
Cryptic messages.
The hordes of death,
Their grim visages
Pale and dour,
Eyes burn bright embers,
Peircing darkness.
Shrill cries of
Cold, inhuman, paralyzing.
Deathly messangers
On black wings devouring,
Solitary beacons of light.

In Your Arms

I tremble with desire,
Aching to caress,
Your curves.
Softly nuzzling,
Biting, teasing,
Two intertwined
Into one.
A dance sinous,
And sensual,
Intoxicating, Overwhelming,
Lusts fullfilled.

What Did I Do To Deserve

On the outside I smile,
Laugh, live my life.
Inside I'm full of Anguish,
Twisted up and scared.
Why do you sneer,
Lips pulled back in a grimace,
Your beauty hiding,
The dark angry words
Of intolerance,
Syrupy sweet, your voice,
Calm and soothing.
What do you fear?

Rob The BLack Douglas
01-10-2005, 03:29 AM
The Church(The Inquisition)

Drums sound the cadence,
Booted feet march in time.
Throaty roars spill from lips.
The tang of fear,
Putrid in the air.
Blood boils, rage rises,
Flesh is flayed,
Cruel laughter drowning out,
Sobs and tender pleas.
Power and domination,
Visages twisted into
Devilish masques,
Feeding upon the suffering of others.


With disgust I block out
Your escapades,
Who slept with who,
Hookups and breakups.
The way your toungue'
Would cut me cruelly,
An emotional pain
That tears at me.
You flaunt your conquests,
flavors of the week,
Nothing more than toys,
Used and discarded.
You who belittle my love,
A love I may never know.
You insecure in your life,
Jealous of what I desire.

Dark Embraces

Your touch makes my flesh crawl,
Shivers run up and down my spine,
You ooze creepyness,
A slimy touch upon my limbs,
Unwanted caress'.
Blackened fingers teasing
Whimpers from my lips,
Tears from my eyes.
Smothered I gasp,
Faint cries of help.

Iron Hand, Velvet Glove

Fingers brush tears from my cheeks,
Gentle murmurings to sooth my sorrows,
Your eyes exppressive and blue,
Begging me to lose myself in them.
Pain pulls me out of my fog,
Bitter words fall from my
Split lips.
Splotchy bruises paint my face,
Displays of your love for me.


Into the night, Up into the sky,
My cries echo, hollow and sad,
Cruel laughter rings in my
Loud, harsh, cutting deep.
Ignored, my family shakes
Their heads, not understanding,
Trying to force their reality's
Upon me, to create something
I'm not.
Looked upon as a disease,
In need of a cure.
For solace I turn to voices,
From across the ether,
Words of comfort, understanding,
Encouragement and acceptance,
Unconditional love,
A comfort to protectively wrap
Around me.

Rob The BLack Douglas
01-10-2005, 03:35 AM
Re: Robspierre's Poetry Corner
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Returning Home

Misty mornings, grey upon green hills,
Waves booming upon unseen shores,
Smoke lazily drifts, embers black and orange,
I shoulder my burden, staff in hand.
The familiar crunch beneath my boots,
Stride strong and sure, measured,
Carrying me towards that distant place.

Long have I been gone. Running,
Always running, easier Not to face
The pain and suffering I caused.
Unkind the years have been,
Scars and grey hairs, marks of distinction,
Badges paid for with blood.
Little to show for the years of hardships endured,
Just bits of metal and cloth, reminders,
Not of god and glory, but that I lived
To see another day.

Days Distant Past

Cold winter winds howl down off the mountains,
Huddled near the fire, I leach warmth,
From cackling flames to warm my bones.
Drowsy lids close over visions
Of days gone by.
Green hills covered with heather, warm gentle breezes,
Your laughter, musically echoing off the mauntain side,
Cold waters bubble and gurgle, spalshing over,
Rocks and logs.
Unbound joy, frolicing, teasing, finally collapsing,
Our breath short and ragged, cheeks flushed.
No worries, no concerns, for that one moment,
Our world that little slice of heaven on earth.

The Hypocrite

You stand before me preaching fiery words,
Your fists pounding home the message of dammnation,
You tell me I'll burn for my decision's.
Morally unfit to joined the saved,
Who are you to tell me how to live?
A controlling viper,
Your coils wound tightly about the sheep
Who follow blindly.
Moral standards the dirty lie,
Silly rules to sow fear and give you
Power over others.
Denying happiness and pleasure,
You wallow in decadent excess,
Hidden from watchful eyes.
Weak willed, unwilling
To take responsibility for yourself,
In need of validation,
Hurting others to feel good about yourself.

Tender Moments

As the world around us rush's headlong
Into the mouth of madness.
Bombarded by messages of anger and hate
Spewing from the lips of the moral.
People living in perpetual fear,
Broken down, spirits beaten.
Obey,conformity,one belief,
Watchwords of the day.
Originality,individualism,differing opinions,
Marks of abomination.
All is forgotten if only for a little while,
A ray of hope shining bright, building,
From those tender moments shared.

Rob The BLack Douglas
01-10-2005, 03:41 AM
In My Dreams

I drudge home from work,
My shoulders slumped, Aching
From their toils.
The sky is cold and grey, The
Walls of the buildings unfeeling.
My neighbors coldly eye me, As
I tromp by their doors, Beady
Eyes shining dull,
No spark in their lives.
The lifelessness of my sanctuary,
Bares down depressingly upon me,
Oppression fills the surroundings.
Doom and gloom fill my ears
As the talking heads blabber on.
World weary I strip and slide
Beneath the covers, Welcoming
The darkness that drowns my
Pathetic daily exsistance.
As my eyes grow heavy, my mind
Drifts away, the depressing grey
Replaced by warmth and gay
In the distance I see you,
Full of life, filled with laughter.
My legs leadened by my
Existance resist at first,
Then slowly my body moves
Towards your glowing brilliance.
Trembling I reach out to
Grasp you, to clasp you
To me.
Only a little farther to go
Almost within reach,
Tragedy, heartless and cruel, you
Slip away, disappearing from sight.
My eyes open heavy with sleep,
The dispair of work beckons,beating
Down upon me, cruelly,

You appear before me as clear as day,
A sultry stare, a sensous pout,
Beconing to me from the pages of a magazine.
The lilt of your voice teases my ears
Drifting to mefrom the screen.
My heart quickens in anticipation,
The wind in my lungs escaping in sighs,
My body trembles, overcome with
In my sleep we laugh and cry and
Share tender moments,
Quiet times, caught up in each other
Ignoring the realities of all
Around us.
The desire to connect, fueled by the
Gods of Lost Causes.
To be by your side, to hold you in my
To get to you.

Shattered Illusions

I once gazed upon you
With awe and love,
A snap of your fingers,
I was at your side,
Eager to please,
Hungry in my devotion.
My dignity sacrificed,
For what I thought was love.
Blind to reality or reason,
Full of dillusions and uncaring.
I am now broken,
A faint whisper of my former shell.
Fueled by Anger,
And a lust to redeem myself.
I burn to make you hurt,
Hurt as I do.
To exspose your insecurities,
Stripping away the facade of happiness,
Happiness that is only skin deep,
Revealing your hollow and empty core.

The Coming of the Shadow

For a brief time we lived openly,
Without a care in the world.
Our days were filled with laughter
And Joy.
Our nights, smoldering Passion.

Softly at first,
Only a whisper upon the wind,
A gentle voice,
Chastizing our lives, Pleading,
That we cease in our sins.

Without thought, our lives continue,
The voice grows,
Now a shout, no longer gentle,
Full of anger,
Gloating in its Rightousness.

Lost in our love, To late,
We remain silent,
As we are quietly locked away,
Out of sight.

Seperated from my love,
I cry out in anguish,
Lash out in anger and hate.
I plead and beg,
Taunted by my captors.

Beaten and whipped,
I call out to my love,
Desperate to hold them
To my breast,
Longing to feel their
Tender caress'.

Hypocrites all,
I defy their morality,
I embrace who I am,
Though I live in
A world full of hate.


You caught my eye
Walking down the hall,
A bolt of lightning
Straight to the heart.
My blood raced,
My heart fluttered,
I was overcome
With desire.
I longed To carress
Your limbs,
Plant sweet kisses
On your lips.
All while I Wish
For the world,
To recognize
My love,
A love I can't help,
I've been thunderstruck.

This next one is an untitled piece I did at work one day.

I remember the taunts,
The cruel laughter
Echoing in my ears.
Dreaming of one
Who doesn't even
Know me.
I lock myself away,
Taking comfort
From tender words,
Burned upon a screen.

Rob The BLack Douglas
01-10-2005, 03:43 AM
Cold,fiery chills, devilish cackles,
Icy tendrils burn through
My mind overwhelmed.
Dispair weighs upon my heart.
Ignored, silence forced upon,
Silent screams echo up into
The heavens.


I know that what I desire
Will never come about.
I can't control how you
Make me feel.
To me you are perfect,
My hopes and love
Rolled into one.


Don't think I don't notice the sly stares,
Or hear the whispers behind my back.
What the F**K! Makes you better than me?
Acting all perfect and S**T.
Yea, I know your dirty little secrets.
You are as fake as the orgasms
That make your husband swagger about
Sure that he is gods gift to women.
Or that you pop prozac,
Washed down with vodka straight,
Daily attempts to drown the pain.
But the worse is, you are not alone,
OH no,you and your "social circle"
Trophy b*****s, broken down wh ores,
Bitter and miserable,
As ugly outside as you are inside.


The truth, harsh and cruel,
Shredding my heart,
Tears of blood stain my cheeks.
Why did you gloat over my pain?
How could you spike my love?
Couldn't you have whispered
Tender lies into my ears,
To shield me from reality?

The days have been long and lonely,
Dreary in their mindless routine,
Sorrow and pain fill my waking moments,
My dreams full of anguish, I toss and turn.
Time goes by without word,
No calls, not even a postcard.
I long to reunite despite the
Cruel reality.

Rob The BLack Douglas
01-10-2005, 03:47 AM

The black waters gently lap at the edges of existance,
Cruel indifference from those around me,
My fragile world shattering, fractured relationships
I call for help, wanting to be held, comforted,
Gentle words of caring and love whispered in my ear,
Overcoming the pain I inflict upon myself,
Hurting others to hide my own.


It pains me whenever I see you,
I desire more than the melodic
Tones of your voice,
The smoldering desire for you
That makes me tremble.
To be in your arms
To feel that warm embrace.
Will you love me in return?
How I long to be in someone
Else's shoes.
Most of all I want to be in your arms.


My throat clamps down tight, choking the words.
You stare at me, puzzled, wondering, "Are you stalking me?"
I desire to burst free of my skin,
All loose, unfitting, a cover hiding what is buried
Deep beneath the exterior,
Hopes and dreams simple desires,
A need to share, wanting to spend time
If only for those brief moments between us.


The wind howled and the buildings groaned, black mists slithered about,
Drunken laughter rang harshly upon ones ear, Flickering torches points
of hellfire marking the paths of hell.
Filth raining upon the saintly, despair and desperation's foul stench sour
upon the wind,
Hope is blackened and bruised chained, desperately straining at its
Cries of mercy fall on death ears the heavy tramp of jackbooted
conformity crushing the spirit of individualism.

Cold rain pours out of the heavens, drowning me in despair,
Thunder rumbles and lightning flash's,
Harbinger's of the suffering yet to come.
My salty tears, bitter on my lips, mingle with tracks of rain water
Running down my cheeks.
My heart aches, my guts twisted, roiling, churning, bubbling,
With the anguish and pain I feel.
You were never to know how I felt, I only desired to love you
From afar. I never wanted to hurt you. I knew that you would never return
My love, and yet I could not torture and deny myself what I desired.
I seeth with anger at those who ridiculed and exsposed my obsession,
Looked upon as a joke, my blood boils, hate makes me tremble,
The thirst for vengeance cannot be quenched.
Those that have debased me shall pay.

Rob The BLack Douglas
01-10-2005, 03:52 AM

Hot and sweaty our body's a twisted tangle of flesh,
Desire overloads the senses, pleasure overpowering all feeling,
Your curves melding to mine,
A rythem of love and joy, caught up in the moment.
Skintight, two as one.


Cries of anguish pop my ears,
Longing fills my blood,
My tears fall empty upon my breast,
I long for tender caress',
To once again feel that tender release,
To know that my desperation of love
Is not in vain,
To once more bask in your presence.


I can no longer live the lie I force
Upon myself.
When you left I stood tall and strong,
Nary a tear upon my cheek.
I welcome the sound of your voice,
The times you call.
But in reality, I long for more.
I wish to be closer,
To see your brilliant smile more than once a year,
To laugh with you, to share those moments
Like we use to.
A loving friendship stretched by distant miles,
To important not to lose.

All my worries drift away, my heart is full of joy,
I walk on air, arms hugging myself tight
Unable to restrain the feelings welling up
Inside me.


Your smile brightens my day,
Driving away the darkness,
If only for a little while.
Brief touch's leave
Lingering electrical trails.
When you move
My breath catch's in my throat.
All I desire
Is to return the joy
You give to me.

Rob The BLack Douglas
01-10-2005, 03:56 AM

Waves thunder booming upon the bow,
Salt spray mists over the deck.
You stand beside the wheel,
Red hair whipping in the wind.
Gold rings heavy upon your fingers
Glisten in the tropical sun.
Your soul sings with joy
At the freedom you live.

A cry from the crow's nest
Stirs the blood,
A prize slow and vulnerable
Sends all hands scrambling.
Anticipation fills the air as
Feet pound blades made ready,
The lust for violence fills the air.

The chase is on, the prey scrambles,
Desperate to win free.
Hour after hour the prey loses ground,
Then with a thundering crash,
The ships collide.
Swinging on ropes and
Fueled by fear and drink
Men crowd the deck.
Steel crash's upon steel
As desperate men fight for their lives.

Cutlass in hand you step upon
The deck of the prey,
Swift sure strokes cutting down
All before you.
Blood stains the decks
While cries of victory
Fall from the lips
Of your men.

Jewels and exotic silks
Are laid before you,
Wine and rum flow freely
As your men celebrate,
Looking upon you with
Total devotion,
Their Pirate Queen.

I close my eyes and dream of you
Longing to replace phantom caress'
With erotic longing
The fever fills my entire being
Hushed whispers fuel my desire.


I watch you walking down the hall,
Surrounded by your chattering friends,
Your face all aglow with laughter.
I hide in the shadows,
Afraid, unsure of how
I will be accepted.
I long to be at your side
To have your scent fill my nostrils,
To feel the warmth
Of your body next to mine.
I want t otake your breath
As you do mine.

I close my eyes and dream of you
Longing to replace phantom caress'
With erotic longing
The fever fills my entire being
Hushed whispers fuel my desire.

My earphones cut off the outside world
My mind transports me to a place
Where I am free of the pain and misery
Of my everyday existance.
I smile as I feel the
Warm caress' of my love
Her fingers teasing me,
Promises unspoken.
Eager desire overpowering my senses,
Only to be rudely drawn back to reality.
I shut my door
Longing to return to
That happier place.

Rob The BLack Douglas
01-10-2005, 04:04 AM
I hear the music of your heart all night and day.
I close my eyes and move in time.
Body's pressed flesh t oflesh.
Lost in each other, the moment
Of passion upon us,
Two lovers oblivious to the world.

As the time grows nearer,
My heart aches more and more,
Supressed desire struggles
To Break free.

Distant Memories vividly fill
My mind.
The music of days gone by
Fill my dreams.

The fever of longing
Consumes me,
Burning to see you again.

Night of Passion

I kiss your pouty lips,
Eagerly pressing tight against you.
Passion igniting desire,
Fingers fumbling, tearing,
At each others cloth's.
Moving in time, body's trembling
To the rythem of our love.
Cry's of passion flow
From our lips,
As the fire of ecstacy
Builds and Builds
Until it explodes,
Washing over us
Wave after wave.


Tears burn my cheeks,
Rain pours over me
As I walk, lost to the world.
I fell hard,
Harder than an Angel
From Heaven
Hurtling headlong into Hell.
I could not help myself
Love knows no boundary's.
Denial ate at me,
Depressed and alone,
I hoped for what I knew
Could never be.

Broken Pieces

I hold you tight to me,
As your body trembles,
The tears you shed in your sleep
I gently wipe away.

Your pain heavy upon your soul,
Eating away at you.
I reach out in love
Only to be angrily pushed away.

Can't you see?
The denial keeps us
From putting together
The Broken Pieces.

Rob The BLack Douglas
01-10-2005, 04:07 AM
My body is numb,
The fever of retribution burns.
The cruelnessof your bitterness
Towards the one I love
Fills me with an anger
I cannot control.

Whenever I close my eyes I can see the perfection of your being peering out at me filling me with desire and longing, to run my fingers through your hair, to be intoxicated by your perfume, to twine our bodies as one to know only love, not to hide behind my armour filled with self doubt depressed wanting to be ever near.


Numb to all around me,
I stumble on unfeeling,
Shoulders slumped,
A burden I care not
To unload.
Tears well up my eyes
Yet do not fall.
Silent sobs fill my
My pillow at night.
I wallow in my
Opressive and overbearing

I raise my arms to the sky as the storm clouds billow and blow.
My anger flows like lightning strikes as the tears mix with the rain.
Scared I stumble on wondering
why you don't feel the same as I do.


We stand tall and strong
As we stride across the land
Stalking the shadows,
Defying the light.
Whispered upon the wind
And amid the thundering
Of hooves,
A Dhubglas, A Dhubglas,
Making lesser men tremble,
For the dragon is awake
Unleashed upon the land.

Rob The BLack Douglas
01-10-2005, 04:11 AM
My Prison

Here alone I sit.
My existance limited
To the screen before me
And warm distant voices
On the phone.
While outside the world
Goes by
Filled with beautiful people
Who do not notice me
Hidden away in my prison.


I close my eyes
And see you come
To me in the night.
Phantom caress' trace
Tendrils of desire
Upon my feverish body.
I burn to press my
Lips to Yours,
To hold your trembling
Body to mine.
I look upon you
The vision of an Angel
Longing to grow wings
And together we will fly.


When I gaze upon you
I lose myself within
The sea of your eyes,
I long to tease my fingers
Through your hair.
To trace lightly over
Your curves,
Longing to kiss the delicate
Pout of your lips.
Every move you make takes
My breath away.
I sigh and bury my face
In my pillow,
Tears flowing, unable
To wash away
The longing that consumes
Everything that I desire,
Is the perfection that is you.

I gaze longingly upon your picture,
The perfection of you,
That I can never know,
I sigh and wipe the
Tears from my eyes.

My love for you
Can never overcome
Knowing that we
Can never be one,
Joined in more than

And so here I sit,
Obsessed and depressed,
Unwilling to give you up.

Goddess rising from the sea,
Melting my brain with heavenly sounds,
When you speak.
Electric sparks tingle throughout,
My heart all a flutter.

Rob The BLack Douglas
01-10-2005, 04:14 AM

Despondant and weary I find my way home,
Wishing to be free of my pain,
I turn to the worlds of my mind,
Longing to feel the carress' of those
I fantasize.

Obsession controls my desires
As I gaze upon your perfection,
My desire hot,
The blood pounding in my ears as I cry out with release.

Rob The BLack Douglas
09-10-2005, 04:14 AM
That Moment

Every time I look upon you,
My breath is taken away.
In silent frustration,
I long to be with you.
Sorrow fills me,
Knowing that I am
Not what you desire,
And yet I still long for
Aching to breath your scent,
Your lips gasping out
As phantom carress' make
Your body tremble,
That moment relived,
Over and over.

Rob The BLack Douglas
19-10-2005, 03:00 AM

You fill my dreams, visions of you drifting through
My mind.
As our brief time together grows closer,
I feel the obsessive longing
Growing stronger.
As I sing out my song, my mind reels at your
Glorious Beauty.
You look in my direction and smile,
Your eyes twinkling with joy.
I gasp! despite myself
Quickly turning to hime my reaction
Only to once more gaze upon your face
As you stand there,
Eyes closed, arms raised as the
Music wash's over you and fills
The room.
Hesitant i step forward, words forming
Only to fall unspoken as you pass by
Never looking at me, unwanted,
My heart shatters once more,
Tears falling, filling the
Darkness of my soul.

Rob The BLack Douglas
18-11-2005, 09:18 PM

I turn my head away.
On the verge of losing control
Overwhelmed by your presence.
Oblivious you pass on by
In a hurry, yet pausing to talk.
I hold back the tears,
only to release them when
I lock myself away from the world.

Blissful dreams fill my sleep,
Violently interupted when I wake.
Allready the brief moment of happiness
Is fading
As I struggle through the day
One step from losing it.

Distant friends well meaning words
Do not ease my pain.
Meloncholy tears flow,
My entire existance ,revolving
What I can never have
What can never be.
And yet I wish for time to stand still,
To live in that moment forever.

Rob The BLack Douglas
11-02-2006, 03:56 PM
Ever present, black and brooding
Heavy upon me,
It pierces the wall off
With siren clarity.
Lurid, seductive with its
Tender, soothing, calm,
Gentle caress'
Tease loose the buried
Emotionally overwhelmed, on edge,
I feel the pull of the call once more
Even As I lightly trace
The jagged reminder of my last
Dance in Hell.

Rob The BLack Douglas
07-05-2006, 06:10 AM
The Green Fairy

Synapses buzzing, words flirting,
Seductive pouty wispers trickle down
My ears,
The fire spreads from loins
To belly,
Fueled with images that flicker
with grey black intensity.
She dances across my retina's
A fiery vision teasing
Fingers driven beyond the
Breaking point.
Fog clouds my mind,
Lusts bitterness on my tongue
Fever subsides,
Replacing fantasy.

07-05-2006, 12:32 PM
Christ, did a cow shit in here?

Rob The BLack Douglas
07-05-2006, 04:37 PM
Christ, did a cow shit in here?

Dude how many times did your mom tell you to not shit in your pants?

07-05-2006, 04:49 PM
Yet another excuse to wear a kilt

Gallopin' Gaucho
09-06-2006, 05:45 AM
You know that day destroys the night
Night divides the day
Try to run
Try to hide
Break on through to the other side
Break on through to the other side
Break on through to the other side, yeah

We chased our pleasures here
Dug our treasures there
But can you still recall
The time we cried
Break on through to the other side
Break on through to the other side
Break on through ow!
Oh yeah!


Let's swim to the moon
Let's climb through the tide
Penetrate the
that the
city sleeps to hide
Let's swim out ta-night love
it's our turn to try
Park beside the ocean on our
moonlight drive

When the still sea conspires an armor
And the sullen and aborted currents
breed tiny monsters
true sailing is dead!
awkward instant
And the first animal is jettisoned!
Legs furiously clumping
their stiff green gallop
in mute nostril agony
carefully reclined
and sealed over

- the Lizard King