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Rob The BLack Douglas
30-09-2005, 02:35 AM
"Hurry up Candace!" The ceromony is about to start!" cried Morgan as she slipped her heels on at the entrance of the church.

"I'm coming Morgan," snapped Candace moving as fast as she could in her skirt and heels would allow. From within the church organ music began to play.

"Oh s**t! They've started! Come on love!" Morgan grabbed Candace's hand pulling her into the church.

Morgan peered into the chapel scanning the pews for a place to sit.

"There's a spot available by Craig and Britt," she whispered.

"They made it? Who are they with?" Candace asked back loudly. Several frowning faces turned and glared at the two women.

Embarrassed Morgan whispered,"They're by themselves and Craig is waving for us to join them."

As quietly as they could so as not to further disturb the wedding guests, Morgan and Candace quickly slipped into the pew sitting down next to Britt and Craig.

Britt wrapped her arms around both Candace and Morgan in greeting. "Good to see you," she whispered her face all aglow.

"Where are your dates?" Candace said loudly which was followedby several shush's from the pews around them.

"Long story, we'll fill you in later," whispered Craig.

At the front of the chapel the minister stepped forward and began to speak.
Colin Tibbs and Brandon Thurston stood before him, Colin visibly nervous as the minister droned on. After what seemed like an eternity the minister finished and stepped back. Brandon turned and faced Colin taking hold of his trembling hands.

"Colin," began Brandon whose own voice wavered," I never thought the day would come when I would find myself joining with another for the rest of my life."

Colin wiped tears from his eyes sniffling slightly.

"You are the love of my life Colin. You complete me and I love you with all of my heart."

Brandon took a plain gold ring from his pocket and slipped it onto Colin's ring finger.

"I love you to," whispered Colin tears running down his face. Brandon took Colins' face in his hands and kissed him passionately.

Britt, Craig, Morgan, and Candace, all leaped to their feet whistling, shouting encouragement ,and clapping with joy.

Colin smiled at Brandon. "I see your friends made it."

Brandon grinned. "You did say it was ok to invite them."

The reception was in full swing, Colin and Brandon were at a long table with their extremely proud parents.

Britt and Craig had grabbed a table and were passing a bottle of champagne back and forth.

Candace pulled out a chair and grabbed the bottle of champagne pouring herself a glass.

"So what's going on with the two of you. I've never seen either one without a date ever," she said as she held out the empty bottle to a passing server.

"Two more bottles love."

Craig rolled his eyes sighing heavily."Bridgette and I parted ways three weeks ago."

"The cute blonde with tits to die for?" interupted Morgan as she took a seat next to Candace.

"That's the one, anyways, things were going great, phenominal sex, " Craig grinned,"But then she started to pester me about moving into my flat, going out with me when I worked, you know how hard it is to interview someone while your girlfriend tags along? She finally got to clingy., so I broke up with her."

"Your fear of committment had nothing to do with the breakup," said Britt as she popped open a fresh bottle of champagne.

"F**k you Britt," growled Craig as he took the bottle from her hands and topped off everybody's glass.

"You know you want to," grinned Britt blowing Craig a kiss sending the whole table into fits of laughter.

"So what's your story Britt," said Morgan holding out her glass for a refill.

"You don't want to hear it," started Britt only to be drowned out by the rest of the table.

"Ok, ok, christ people I'll talk," conceded Britt holding her hands up in surrender.

"As you know I had been dating Gretchen. Totally hot, sweet, sensitive, maniac in bed, you know, totally f*****g hot.

"It was good but at work I also happened to be having a thing on the side with this really cute girl from the mailroom." Britt smiled then drained her glass of champagne.

"Greedy slut!" laughed Candace while Craig shook his head muttering under his breath.

"What happened!" prompted Morgan leaning in eager for details.

"Well one day, the really cute girl and I slipped of to my place and we were going at it like crazy when Greatchen walks in on us.

"THose two went after each other like crazed b****'s in heat. Clothes were ripped, hair was torn, they were growling at each other, it was a totally sexy catfight."

"And they both left you," said Craig as he poured more champagne for everyone. "Hey, guys, check out Brandon and Colin."

The whole table turned and peered onto the dance floor where Brandon and Colin were lost in each other as they danced.

"They make a lovely couple don't they," sighed Morgan as she took Candace's hand in hers. Candace leaned over kissing Morgan passionately.

"Come on Craig, I want to dance,' said Britt grabbing Craig by the hand and pulling him out of his chair and onto the dance floor while Candace and Morgan continued to kiss.

"Did they just leave us?" asked Morgan looking up.

"Oh my god, Britt has Craig not only out on the dance floor but dancing as well!" exclaimed Candace as she stood up out of her chair, "Come on Morgan!"

The last of the champage was gone, Brandon and Colin had retired to their honeymoon suite, the last of the hard core revelers were wandering off in small groups.

Britt had one arm around Craig who was more than a little tipsy, helping him down the stairs at the front of the reception hall. Candace and Morgan were arm in arm as the friends walked out into the cool night air.

"A beautiful wedding," slurred Craig stumbling slightly at the bottom of the steps forcing Britt to hold him up.

"Christ Craig, have you put on weight?" complained Britt.

"What does that have to do with the wedding?" asked Craig completely lost.

"You guys want a ride?" Candace asked as she reached for the keys to the converible.

"We're fine, Craig's flat is only a few blocks away, besides the night air will do him some good."

Morgan hugged Craig and kissed him on the cheek."Take care of yourself Craig," she whispered.

"You do the same babe," replied Craig returning the kiss.

Candace kissed Britt and blew Craig a kiss, who pretended to be shot by it and nearly sending Britt and himself tumbling to the ground.

After several rounds of goodbyes Britt managed to get Craig moving in the right direction towards his flat.

"I wonder if those two realize how right they are for each other," said Morgan.

"Not without help love," replied Candace as she started the convertible and pulled out of the parking lot.

Colin was trembling as Brandon's fingers untied the sash of his robe.

"Don't be nervous," he whispered as his lips brushed Colin's while his hands gently teased Colin beneath the robe causing Colin to shudder, tendrils of pleasure coursing through his body.

"Oh god!" gasped Colin as he pulled Brandon onto the bed, the robe discarded and forgotton.

Body's intertwined, love fueling their passion, two souls joined for eternity.

Rob The BLack Douglas
30-09-2005, 02:42 AM
"That was a wonderful dinner Craig," sighed Britt as she leaned back in her chair and delicately wiped the corners of her mouth a faint smile dancing across her lush lips.

"Thanks Britt, It's been awhile since I cooked for anyone other than myself. I must call Morgan and Candace and thank them for subtly suggesting that the two of us have dinner together."

Craig and Britt both broke out in laughter at the thought of Candace and Morgan trying to be subtle.

"I love those two but for christ's sake, they are terrible matchmakers!" exclaimed Britt as she sipped from her glass of wine.

"Remember who they first tried to set Brandon up with before he met Colin?" Craig grinned as he stood and gathered the dirty dish's.

"How could I not! The leather bondage gear in public was a little much," chuckled Britt as she helped Craig with the dish's.

"Or how about when Morgan tried to get you to date her baby sister?" Britt reached for a dish towel as Craig handed her a clean dish to dry.

"That poor girl, she was sweet and Morgan was putting so much pressure on her. I think she ended up marrying some pop star or something," said Craig as he washed the last of the silverware.

"The worst was that Valentine's Day fiasco, remember the fifteen year old boy hitting on you?"

"What a horn dog," grinned Britt, "I think he ended up hitting on all the women. But you, you had that producers wife with all of the plastic surgery trying to get you off in some dark corner."

"She was something else," agreed Craig taking the dry dish's from Britt. "I was afraid she would start to melt if she came near a candle."

"I need some more wine," mused Britt as she stared at her empty glass.

"I've another bottle in the cabinet," Craig replied heading into the living room of his flat.

Britt eased onto Craig's sofa tucking her legs beneath her and holding out her glass for Craig to refill.

Craig sighed as he joined her sipping the rich spice flavors of the Austrailian Shiraz. "This is a good wine," he murmured.

"So how goes the dating scene for you Craig?" wondered Britt after several moments of silence.

"Bugger all," groused Craig. "The last couple of dates I seem to have atrracted the type that wants to get married right away, settle down, have their husband take care of everything for them, and have children. That's not what I want."

"What do you want?" Britt arched her left eyebrow as she raised her wine glass.

"I want someone who will like to travel to new places, can take care of themselves when needed, is not obsessed with having children, but most importantly, accepts the relationships I have with you, Candace,Morgan, Brandon, and Colin. I mean, you guys are more than friends, your like family." Craig reached for the wine bottle and refilled his glass. "What about you Britt?"

"Me? That's a tough one. I'm not totally sure, I mean you know that I like men as well as women and well, society won't allow me to have a husband and a wife so how do I choose?" Britt drained her wine glass and held it out to Craig to top off.

"Add in I'm an only child and my parents keep pressuring me for grandchildren, I've soured on the whole marriage thing."

"That's tough," agreed Craig, "I've one brother and he and his wife have provided my parent;s with four fat bubbling grandchildren so I'm off the hook as far as that is concerned."

"Well, if I had a brother, I like to think they would be like you," Britt smiled. "You accept me for what I am, are there to help when I call, and you are one of the sweetest people I know."

Craig blushed his face growing bright red. "I', uhm, wow, Britt, thank you." Craig stammered.

Britt sat up and moved closer to Craig lightly running her fingers through his hair.

"Wow, I never knew you had grey hair," she whispered. "I bet you would look great with red hair," she grinned sliding back into the corner of the couch.

"Really" pondered Craig as he tried to imagine himself with red hair. "What shade?"

Britt scrunched her nose in thought. "Nothing bright or brassy. With your hair, something deep and rich, darker than burgundy, more a sangria."
"You really think I would look good with red hair?"

"Oh yes," exclaimed Britt setting down her wine glass. "Come on, let's hit the store and I'll show you." She grabbed Craig and dragged him from the couch.


"Wow!" mouthed Craig as he stared into the mirror. "You were right Britt ,I really like the color," he said as he brushed his fingers through his damped colored hair.

"I know what I'm talking about," grinned Britt as she finished the last of the wine. "I better go, it's getting late."

"Wait, let me get your coat and I'll show you to the door."

Craig held open the door of his flat for Britt as she buttoned her coat.

"Thanks for the wonderful evening Craig," said Britt as she stood on her tiptoes kissing him lightly upon the lips. "I had fun," she whispered.

Craig smiled and returned Britt's kiss. "So did I, take care."

Britt turned and headed down the hallway a smile on her face.

Rob The BLack Douglas
30-09-2005, 02:48 AM
Tears rolled down Candace's cheeks as she hugged her teddy bear tight to her chest. Her father towered over her his eyes blazing with fiery rage. His features were splotchy and twisted. His body trmbling, clenched fists menacing above Candace's head. His voice rattled the framed pictures on the wall.

"How could you!" howled Candace's father. "Sneaking off with one of the lads I could handle. But to be caught with Emma Campbell's head buried between your thighs?!"

"Daddy,I can explain!" cried Candace trembling with fear.

"There is nothing to explain!" he bellowed his open hand striking Candace, his fingers leaving red fat sausage marks upon her cheek, sending her tumbling off of the bed.

"Don't you dare hide from me!" Candace's father grabbed her by the front of her dress effortlessly lifting her off the floor and tossing her back onto the bed.

"No daughter is going to be running around like some deviant corrupting other family's children!"

Candace tried to speak, her tears choking her words, her mouth moving yet only strangled sobs escaping. Candace's father slowly removed his leather belt, pants sagging.

The belt came down upon Candace's legs. Candace screeched in pain, her arms raised in a feeble and futile attempt to ward off the heavy blows.

************************************************** *********

Candace woke with a start, cold sweat drenching her nightshirt. Her chest heaved as the dark emotions of her dream slowly drained from her mind.

"You ok babe?" murmured Morgan her voice concerned despite being only half awake.

Candace turned on the bedside light and rolled onto her side ,smiling weekly at Morgan. "I'm ok love, just reliving one of the painful reminders of why I ran away from home."

"I'm sorry babe," cried Morgan as she wrapped her arms around Candace. "I'm here for you."

"I know, it's just that I thought I was ready to face my father and try to heal the wounds between us. I just realized that I'm not ready to face that bastard." Candace buried her face in Morgan's chest, light sobs muffled by material.

"Ssshhhhhh," whispered Morgan. "I'll be there with you."

************************************************** *********

Remember baby, I'll be right at your side," Morgan said squeezing Candace's hand as they stood outside the entrance to the hospital.

"I'm still scared Morgan," whispered Candace."Oh s**t! There's my mother."

Candace pulled herself in tighter against Morgan's body.

"Candace glad to see you could make it," her mother called as she scurried up to the couple hor round compact body wobbling on tiny feet. "Hello Morgan," Candace's mothers voice dripping ice.

"Mrs. Murphy," Morgan eyed Candace's mother cooly.

"I should of known you would be with Candace."

"Yes you should of," replied Candace. "I'm not here to fight mom, I'm here to see dad."

"Follow me."

The hospital room was cold, sterile, filled with the hiss and beeps and hums of medical equipment. Candace's father lay upon the hospital bed tubes connected to his body ,his breathing was shallow, his skin tinged yellow in the light, features sunken.

Despite her anger, tears welled up in Candace's eyes. With trepidation Candace stood at the side of the bed and gently wrapped her hands around her fathers.

His hands were warm and dry, yet soft and supple like well worn leather, full of character and story's.

"Who's there?" Candace's father hissed, his voice a pale imitation of its once thunderous tones.

"It's Candace father."

Slowly her fathers eyes opened flickering around the room until he was finally able to focus on Candace.

"Why are you here," her father growled.

"I wanted there to be peace between us dad," cried Candace, her tears falling upon the bed sheets.

"Why should there be, after all the pain you caused your mother and I?"

"I'm not he only one who hurt others dad," whispered Candace. "I'm not hte one who beat and then threw his own daughter out on the street!"

Candace's fists pounded the metal rails of the bed.

"You never could take responsibility for your actions. How do you think I feel? Having a daughter running around fornicating with other women! As far as I am concerned, I have no daughter! Leave me to die in peace!"

"As you wish," Candace whispered as she turned and walked out of the hospital room.

************************************************** *********

Candace hugged her knees tight to her chest, her tears freely mingling with the spray of water from the shower raining down upon her.

The pain throbbed throughout her body, a sharp knife point intensity that consumed her heart. Her fingers dug into her skin, streaks of blood tiny rivers trickling down her legs.


Slowly Candace raised her head, the thunder of the shower muffling sound.

"Candace!" The door to the shower slid open revealing Morgan partially obscured by voluminous clouds of steam that filled the bathroom.

"Oh god babe, everything is going to be ok," said Morgan as she reached into the shower shutting of the water. Gently she helped Candace stand and step from the stall.

"You have to stand for me baby," whispered Morgan as she reached for a towel to dry Candace off.

"No don't," said Candace as she peered into Morgan's eyes. "I hurt so bad love, I just want to feel good." Candace cupped Morgan's face kissing her on the lips.

Morgan lifted Candace into her arms and carried her into the bedroom, gently laying her upon the bed.

Morgan's lips and toungue sensously flickered across Candace's body, playfull nips eliciting gasps and moans. Morgan's fingers nurtured the fires of passion raging to be unleashed, spreading pleasure throughout Candace's body.

Wave after wave washed over Candace's pain as she called Morgan's name again and again, her back arching ,fists pounding the sheets.

"I love you Morgan!" cried Candace as she wrapped her arms around Morgan holding her tight.

"I love you to baby," smiled Morgan.

Rob The BLack Douglas
30-09-2005, 02:52 AM
Britt grimaced as se peered about at the clubs ostentatious and maxed out tacky decor. Her head throbbed from the incessent thumping of the forgettable and bland too loud music, her eyes burned from the brilliant,harsh,white hot lights that blazed down like spotlights and filled the club with a brilliant glare.

"What he hell made you pick this place?" Craig's soft border accent cut through the annoying hollow echo of the music. Britt's face lit up with a broad smile as she read the t-shirt that Craig was wearing.

"Mom, Dad, I'm gaelic?" she said trying to keep from laughing but failing, girlish giggles escaping from her lips.

Craig grinned as he sat in the stool next to Britt. "So what's the emergency?"

"I'm glad you came Craig, Candace and Morgan bailed on me at the last minute," Britt said rolling her eyes.

"No problem Britt, after the fiasco that was my last date, I glad to be here and not at home getting pissed."

Britt chuckled, her laugh lightly melodic. "It couldn't of been that bad, could it?"

Craig swore under his breath and shook his head as if trying to dislodge the memory from his mind. "She reminded me of my mother," he deadpanned.

"Besides, what bloke would pass up the opportunity to spend the evening surrounded by lesbian's?" Craig's eyes twinkled as he looked about the club taking in the scene.

"S**t, this is one tacky looking joint," he whistled softly as the bartender glared at him.

Britt smiled and ordered him a gin and tonic.

"Hey Britt." Craig gently nudged Britt in the ribs trying to get her attention.
"What Craig," spat Britt as she pressed his drink into his hand trying not to
spill her drink at the same time.

"I'm not the only bloke here. Far corner, the booth with the neon pink and canary yellow decor."

Britt spun slowly on her stool to keep her light skirt from flying up and peered at the booth to see what Craig was talking about.

"Oh christ," groaned Britt ducking and turning to face the bar again.

"You know that guy!" Craig pressed in close his face lit up eager for information.

"SSHHHH! For christ's sake! Keep your voice down Craig!" hissed Britt.

"Then tell me what you know," pushed Craig obviously enjoying Britt's discomfort.

"His name is Mathew Brodie. He's a fixture in the lesbian community, doesn't like to be referred to in the mascline sense. Goes by the name Shirley or Lisa or some such."

Britt sipped at her glass of wine. "Mathew likes to "hook" up with lesbians and make love to them in a "Womanly" way." Britt snorted with contempt.

"He loathes everything about him that is male and yet I've always wondered why he never opted for a sex change. I mean, he acts like a woman, is only with women, and I must admit that with his features, he would make an awfully cute woman."

Craig rubbed his chin in thought. "If you think so, still wouldn't be my type."

Britt broke out laughing the pain in her head subsiding as warmth and humour filled her.

"Besides, to me it simply sounds like a scam to get with a bunch of women," Craig grinned as he peered back in the direction of the booth where Mathew Brodie was passionately kissing one of the occupants while the others in the booth went about with their conversations.

"That's what I thought as well ," agreed Britt. "But all the women who have slept with him all say it was very similiar to making love to a woman."

Craig looked at Britt one eyebrow raised in curiosity. "Hhhhmmmm. what prompted your decision to try this place out?" pondered Craig as he signalled the bartender for another drink.

"Morgan and Candace had heard about it from a friend and they kept pestering me to come with them and check it out. THen something came up and they both bailed on me. You know, those two have been acting strange lately, is their relationship ok?'

Craig thought for a bit before he answered. "Their relationship is fine, it's just that Candace recently tried to make amends with her dieing father and the son-of-a-b***h refused to even acknowledge her."

"Christ, even on death's door the bastard couldn't bring himself to treat his own daughter as a human being?"

"The last time I talked to Morgan, Candace was holding up but just barely, she's been pretty depressed." Craig stared into his drink his face clouded with emotion.

Britt shook her head and stood. "I'll be back, I'm going to the lady's room."

To Be Continued...............

Rob The BLack Douglas
30-09-2005, 02:58 AM
Craig murmured something but Britt didn't hear what he said.

It was if the bathrooms were added in as an afterthought, their were two lines of women, one for the mens room, one for the womens. Both were long, both were crowded into a small forgotton corner. Grumbling Britt picked one line at random and settled into wait.

The women around her ignored her as the blabbered on about the clothes they liked and even more so the clothes they hated and who was wearing them, describing in lurid detail just exactly what was wrong. Or they discussed just how satisfying their sex lives were and how unbelievable the last orgasm they had was.

With a sigh of relief Britt slipped into the bathroom the heavt metal door cut off the incessant chatter.

"Superficial b****'s" thought Britt as she washed her hands when she was done. Forcefully she flung the door open and strode from the bathroom as the heavy metal door struck a young woman knocking her against the grungy wall.

"Oh s**t! Are you ok?" exclaimed Britt as she rushed to the young woman's side pushing away the busy body's who had gathered around and were already creating fantastical story's to spread among their friends later on.

"I'm ok, really I am," said the young woman brushing aside the the eagerly grasping hands.

"Are you sure?" Britt asked her voice filled with concern.

"I told you......I'm .........fine," the young woman's voice faded as she turned and looked into Britt's eyes for the first time. She blushed the tips of her ears going deep crimson as she wiped her hand on her jeans before holding it out.

"The name's Juliet."

"Juliet" mouthed Britt lost in the dazzling smile and pouty lips of the young woman. Around her several of the women in line hissed and spat dissapointed that they would have to work a little harder and longer for a potential hookup.

"And you are?"

"Uhn? Oh ,I'm sorry I was distracted," blushed Britt. " I'm Britt. Uhm...would like to join me and a friend for a drink? It's the least I can do."

"I would love to," juliet smiled and took Britt's hand in hers.

Electric sparks shot through Britt's body, every nerve was on fire, her pulse quickened as she followed the sway of Juliet's figure through the crowd back to the bar.

"Juliet, this is a very good mate of mine, Craig Macduff."

Craig smiled broadly as he held out his broad hand engulfing Juliet's within his meaty paw.

What's your poison Juliet?"

The rest of the evening was a blur to Britt, she hung on Juliet's every word yet couldn't remeber what it as she had said. Craig talked non-stop as was his wont until finally as the wee hours of the night were drawing to a close.

"Lady's its been a delightful evening, but sadly I must go," Britt glared at Craig for his overdramatic theatrics while Juliet looked on totally bemused.

" I bid you all goodnight." Craig leaned down and kissed Britt on the cheek. "Enjoy yourself tonight," he whispered before heading out of the club.

Britt turned to Juliet wha was gathering up her purse.

"Ready to go?" asked Britt scared at what she thought Juliet was going to say.

"Only if you are," whispered Juliet her lips almost brushing Britt's ear.

Britt fumbled with the key to her flat for a moment before the door swung open. She set the keys on the table and tossed her jacket overthe back of a chair before turning and holding her hand out to Juliet.

Britt was trembling as she pulled Juliet tight to her, their lips brushing slowly, lightly, eager. Britt pulled Juliet into the bedroom , her hands lightly tracing the lines of Juliet's back beneath the thin material of her silk shirt.

Clumsily Juliet fumbled with the buttons of Britt's shirt finally pulling, ripping them from the button holes exsposing Britt's taut stomach. Britt pulled Juliet ontop of her on the bed as Juliet raised her arms above her head as Britt slowyt teased the silk shirt off.

Juliet's pouty lips were moist, eager, panting as Juliet slowly kissed her way down to Britt's belly button, her lipstick a faint trail of desire across Britt's skin.

Panting Britt undid Juliet's bra letting it fall forgotton by the bedside as Britt rolled Juliet on her back, fingers tearing at the zipper of Juliet's jeans. Juliet gasped at the first electric shock as hit her like a bolt of lightning, her body shuddering.

Juliet's entire body trembled, panting with desire, as she raised Britt's head, raining kiss' upon her lips as one hand slowly raised Britt's skirt while the other carressed Britt.

slowly at first ,like waves breaking upon the beach, bursts of pleasure nurtured, broke free, rising, building in intensity as Britt and Juliet's body's rode a rythem of joy building to a cresendo that cascaded over them, a culmination of two people their body's one, collapsing among the sheets, sweat drenched, gasping for breath.

Britt rolled onto her side taking Juliet's hand in hers fingers intertwined.


Rob The BLack Douglas
30-09-2005, 03:03 AM
Craig rubbed his eyes as he stared down at the screen of his laptop, frustration weighing heavily upon his broad shoulders. Blurry words strung together like a drunken congo line at a party burned themselves upon his retinas's. Swearng, Craig closed the laptop and stood up.

Light from the street light down the corner cast a strange shadows on Criag's flats walls, only a pale desk light upon the oak desk fought against the encroaching darkness.

Craig ran his fingers through his dyed hair a brief smile flashing in the dim light at the memories of good times. Times were not s ogood now, work had grown opressive, Britt was hiding somewhere caught up with her latest love, Morgan and Candace were busy with personal matters and Colin and Brandon were still on the continent enjoying their extended honeymoon.

"I need to get out of here," murmured Craig as he reached for his trenchcoat hanging by the door. The bnight air was cool and crisp with a hint of moisture in the air. Craig didn't know where he was going but it really didn't matter.

The park was eerily quiet this time of night. A gothic charm filled the area. Craig slowly strolled along the meandering paths enjoying the deep contrasts of the parks look at night from the daytime.

The reflection of pale moonlight upon the water drew Craig to the simple stone arch bridge that crossed the pond. Tranquility and serene solitude filled Craig as he stood upon the edge of the bridge. The gentle lap of hte water upon the stonework was soothing.

"I see I'm not the only one who enjoys the solitude of the dark hours," a soft
London accent drifted on the wind to Craig's ears.

Slowly Craig opened his eyes and turned to see an atractive young woan partly hdden by shadows standing at the foot of the stone bridge.

"Many happy memories come from here," replied Craig his border accent cutting through the night air.

hewoman stepped onto the bridge and stood at Craig's side. "What few good memories I hace took place in this park when I was a child," said the woman softly. "I come here every chane i get."

Craig nodded. "I come here when the fast pace of reality becomes overwhelming and I just need to get away even if it's for just a little while." Craig leaned over the edge of the bridge and dropped a pebble and watched the ripples slowly spread,

"I hate dealing with others realites," said the woman notes of amusement peppering her words. "Trying to deal with my own is difficult enough."

"Life has grown so complicated that people are just overwhelmed. They do't know how to step back and take a breather. Their slowly killing themselves and they don't even know it," replied Craig as he and the woman stood there upon the bridge taking in the moment.

Rob The BLack Douglas
30-09-2005, 03:06 AM
Britt smiled as she devoured Juliet's sleeping form with her eyes. The passion from last night still lingered upon her body phantom pleasure burning against her skin.

In the morning light Juliet's natural beauty was only magnified. He dark blonde hair a halo about her heart shaped face.

Unable to resist Britt leaned over and softly kissed the slightly parted pouty lips. Juliet stirred and slowly opened her eyes. Britt smiled.

"Morning love," whispered Britt.

"Was last night as memorable as I remember?" said Juliet streching her arms above her head. "Oh god I have such morning breath!"

Britt chuckled as Juliet grimaced her face scrunching as Juliet searched for a glass of water.

"Here love," Britt wrapped Juliet's fingers about a glass.

"Thanks," murmured Juliet softly her face slightly flushed.

"Actually I think last night was beyond rememberable. I'm sticky all over and my body is still tingling."

Juliet's eyes widened and Britt grinned.

"Want to get some breakfast?"

"Oh yes, I'm starving," exclaimed Juliet setting the glass of water on the nightstand.

"Good, hop in the shower real quick, I know this place that kicks arse."

With a small groan Juliet pushed aside the massive plate that at one time had contained a massive heap of Dunlop Rarebit. Britt was amazed at Juliet's appetite.

"Wow! Usually only my frienf Craig can pack away food like that. I'm impressed."

Juliet blushed. "My mom always complained about all the food I ate adn why I never gained a pound." At the mention of her mom Juliet's face darkened for a brief moment.

"You ok?" Britt leanerd in and gently took Juliet's hands in hers.

"YEah, I'm fine ,its just that I have some issues with my mother. We don't exactly have the best mother/daughter relationship." Juliet grabbed a napkin and blew her nose.

"You need to meet my friend Candace. Her parents totally disowned her even though she tried t oreconcile with them when her father was dying."

Juliet's eyes went wide. "They totally disowned her? Why?"

"Well to keep it simple, they were, are ,embarassed by the fact that she's a lesbian. Thet think she's only one just to embarass them."

"Why would they think that?"

"Not sure." Britt leaned back in the booth. "There was an incident when Candace was in school where she got caught with some girl going down on her." Britt grinned.

JUliet looked at Britt in total disbelief. "Your'e kidding right?"

"No I'm not. Candace said her dad beat for a week. She missed a month of school because of all the bruises."

"The bastard!" whispered Juliet.

"A real hardcase from what I've heard."

"Even dying he wouldn't accept his daughter?"

"Yeah, even her mom was a real b***h about it. Going on about how Candace was a living embarassment and how the community ooked down upon them, and why wasn't she ashamed of her devient lifestyle. The typical denial bulls**t."

"That's terrible. And I thought that my mother and I were bad. At least we talk to each other."

Britt nodded her head. Come on, theres someone I want you to meet.

To Be Continued.........

Rob The BLack Douglas
30-09-2005, 03:09 AM
Britt took Juliet by the hand and led her from the restaraunt. It was lovely day, the sun was shining, the sky was clear and a gentle breeze was blowing.

Hand in hand Britt and Juliet walked down the street stopping everynow and then t opeer into shops window or to pop in and try something on.

After a while Juliet stopped Britt.

"uhm, weren't you taking me t omeet someone?" said Juliet her face confused but extremely cute.

Britt grinned "Your so sexy," she murmured as she leaned in and kissed Juliet. Juliet's moaned softly as their lips touched, her mouth was hot and eager ,Britt's toungue gently teasing her own.

"Britt slowly pulled away her cheeks flushed. Juliet grinned. "I want you so much," she whispered as her fingers lightly stroked Britt's hair.

"So do I," replied Britt. "But first I want you to meet Morgan ,Candace's partner."

Britt led Juliet into the entrance of the gallery. The front desk greeted Britt warmly as the two women blew by Britt leading Juliet towards Morgan's office.

Britt barely knocked as she pushed open the door of Morgan's office. Morgan was on the phone and smiled when she saw Britt. Her eyebrows rose at the sight of Juliet.

"Jost a moment," mouthed Morgan as she rolled her eyes at the conversation on the other end of the line.

"What a bloody bore!" growled Morgan when she finally hung up. "Crazy bastard just won't shut up!"

Britt giggled at Morgan. Morgan's eyes went wide and her hand flew to her mouth.

"Oh, I'm sorry, it's just that he get's on my nerves a lot. So Britt , what brings you by?" Morgan smiled widely.

"Well I wanted you to meet Juliet."

"A pleasure to meet you Juliet," said Morgan extending her hand.

"Likewise," replied Juliet as the two women shook hands.

Britt wrapped her arms around Juliet. 'She is a total delight Morgan. Even Craig was impressed."

"She's already met Craig? Wow, and your still hanging around."

Juliet looked at Britt confused.

"Craig and I share the same tastes in women. But also Morgan and Candace have been secretly trying to get Craig and I to hook up without success I might add." Britt grinned as Morgan feigned shock and disbelief.

"Now Britt, you know Candace and I only have your best interests at heart," Morgan smiled as she spoke.

"Right ,nosy b***h's the lot of you," mock growled Britt hissing and scratching with one hand.

"If you get a chance ,stop by and see Candace, she would like t osee you and I know that she will want to meet Juliet. I have a meeting so I have to run but I hope t osee more of you Juliet." Morgan smiled as she grabbed a file from her desk and left the room.

To Be Continued..............

Rob The BLack Douglas
30-09-2005, 03:12 AM
Britt and Julit were walking down the street after leaving the gallery when Juliet suddenly stopped. It was so sudden that Britt was jerked back.

"Is everything ok?" wondered Britt completely confused as she looked at Juliet.

"Well it's something you said t oyour friend Morgan, about her and her partner trying to set you up wit hyour friend Craig." Juliet looked down at her feet shuffling them.

"Oh, but why would that upset you?"

"Well," Juliet paused and pulled Britt into a small alcove of a store that was closed. "I'm confused ,do yuo like men as well?" asked Juliet.

Oh, that," replied Britt. 'Well I do have relationships with men once in a while, but I usually prefer women, I'm not fickle about it, if I like someone I like them, no, matter what their gender."

Juliet smiled weakly. "I'm being silly, i mean, we only just met and here I am getting all jealous."

Britt leaned in and kissed Juliet softly their lips eager for each other.

"I only want you," whispered Britt, " I want you so bad I ache."

Juliet moaned softly as Britt's fingers teased her beneath the thin material of her silk skirt.

"Not here," moaned Juliet. "Not in public." Juliet was panting as she pulled away, her skin was flushed and her pouty lips were slightly parted.

Britt grinned and took Juliet by the hand. "Come on, I know a secluded spot."

To Be Continued................

Rob The BLack Douglas
30-09-2005, 03:15 AM
Britt led Juliet by the hand down the street. At the far end was a massive park filled with tree's high shrubs and numerous winding footpaths that lover's made use of to get to intimate secluded spots. The wind lightly rustled the leaves of the tree's as Britt wound up and down the path's sure in where she wanted to go.

"Here we are," smiled Britt as she stepped out into a small of grove that was like a mini cathedral with the branch's of the tree's arching over the soft grass shading and sheltering the grove. All outside sound was cut off and Juliet could only hear the pounding of her heart as the fire within her ached to grow.

Juliet grabbed Britt and pulled her tight their body's crushing one another. Juliet's tongue teased Britt's lips as her fingers fumbled with Britt's belt eager to give pleasure. Britt slid her hands beneath Juliet's shirt her fingers teasing and gently playing with Juliet's breasts.

Juliet gently pulled Britt to the ground her fingers gently playing beneath the band of Britt's panty's. Britt raised her hips and helped Juliet remove her pants moaning softly as Juliet slowly kissed her way down Britt's stomach.

Passion consumed the two as their body's twisted and tangled, lips and fingers and tongues teasing and stoking the fires of pleasure that filled their bodies with a desire that could not be quenched. THey gave themselves over to their passion ignoring everything and living for the moment not caring about the world around them.

Britt arched her back as the tsunami of pleasure filled her body her lips parting as she cried out in joy. Juliet smiled as Britt clung to her building her own climax until she cried out collapsing ontop of Britt, their bodies sticky from their love making.

To Be Continued..............

Rob The BLack Douglas
30-09-2005, 03:17 AM
Juliet couldn't help but smile as she and Britt strode down the street approaching the flat complex where Morgan and Candace made their home.

Juliet was amazed at trhe place she had only seen its like on those swank shows on the telly. Britt laughed softly as Juliet tried to act normal in the extremely posh surroundings.

"You should of seeb Craig and myself when Morgan and Candace threw a party right after they bought the flat. Security found the two of us starkers in the pool with about ten others just having thhe most brilliant time.'

Juliet stared at Britt her mouth hanging completely open as if her jaw had unhinged itelf. Britt broke out laughing and she reached over and delicately shut Juliet's mouth and softly kissing her lips.

"I've mellowed love," grinned Britt as she punched the button for the lift.

The door of the lift opened onto a sumptious corridor and Britt pulled Juliet out behind her as she marched down the hallway with purpose. Britt stopped before an elegant palin wooden door and balled her fist pounding as hard as she could upon the door.

"Candace can be a little hard of hearing," Britt exclaimed grinning like a cat who had licked all the cream.

Britt raised her fist to once more pound upon the door only to have it flung violently open.

"B***h! How many times have I told you to knock gently!" Candace glared at Britt her eyes flashing with anger unti lshe noticed Juliet standing slightly to the side.

"Oh f**k," sighed Candace. "I'm sorry about that outburst, Britt thinks that it's highly amusing to pound on my door to annoy not just me but my neighbors. Come in, come in, I'll put on a pot for a cup of tea."

Britt took Juliet's hand and pulled her into the flat and began t o give her the completely false but highly entertaining and full of juicy gossip tour.

"And here is where Craig dressed as a Vicar tried to seduce, uhm, Candace, do you remember the short brunette, you remember the one, all plastic, her skirts were u pto here and her tops down to there," Britt pantomimed the general levels of this alleged womans clothing to much laughter from both Juliet and Candace before starting a completely new story..

"Tell me Juliet, have you met our friend from up north?"

Juliet gave Candace a puzzled look.

"She means Craig," smiled Britt. "Yes Candace ,in fact he was there when we met." Britt stuck out her toungue at Candace who made a quick grab for it and almost snagged the offending organ.

"Hey hands off I'm a kept woman now!" Britt leaned over and kissed Juliet passionately on the lips. Candace shook her head and took the empty pot of tea in her hands and headed off into the kitchen.

"What do you think?" asked Britt her head slightly co cked as she ran her long fingers along the rim of her tea mug.

"About the flat or Candace?"


Juliet smiled. "I think Morgan and Candace are lucky to have you as a friend."

To Be Continued..............

Rob The BLack Douglas
30-09-2005, 03:21 AM
Brandon woke slowly his eyes feeling like sandpaper and his head pounding worse than a road crew all running jack hammers. At his side Colin was still sleeping, his snores extra loud in Brandon's ears.

"Lucky bastard," groused Brandon as he slowly stood on wobbly legs and tottered crookedly to the loo. The hot water felt good and the handful of aspirin he had taken were starting to kick in when He stepped from the shower.

Morning babe," smiled Colin as Brandon stepped from the loo towel wrapped about him.

All Brandon could do was grunt and Colin's mouth broke out into a massive grin.

"I told you to lay of those drinks love, al lthat suger in them will mess you up." COlin rose fro mthe bed and stepped to Brandon. Despite the weeks of married life the honeymoon was still in full bloom. The two men kissed, slowly at first, slightly hesitant, trembling, eager for more.

Reluctantly the couple pulled away after several mnutes and Colin headed t othe shower while Brandon got dressed. The scent of fresh brewed coffee wafted throughout the flat as Brandon smade a small breakfast.

"Anyword from the girls?" asked Colin as he sat down to breakfast.

"You better not let Craig here you say that," smiled Brandon.

"Oh, please, Craig is practically a lesbian already!" They both laughed at the mental image that popped into their head.

"Well, Candace called and said that Britt is dating this girl Juliet, and," Brandon cocked his left eyebrow and smirked. "Their relationship is getting hot and heavy ,at least according to Candace."

"I take it that Morgan and Candace failed to get Britt and Craig together then." Colin grinned, Morgan and Candace were probably the two worse matchmakers on the planet. How they succeeded in getting him and Brandon together was still a mystery.

"Hurry and eat up, the girls want to meet us for drinks in a bit."

To Be Continued..................

Rob The BLack Douglas
30-09-2005, 03:23 AM
Colin looked at Brandon in disbelief. "Meet up? For drinks? What he hell do they think they are trying to do? Kill my liver?"

Brandon grinned. Colin was natorious for not being able to hold is drink. "Actually love, I think it has more to do with the fact that it's past noon and they've been up longer tan us."

Colin turned and stared up at the clock on the kitchen wall.

"Oh bloody hell," Colin groaned. "Did we really sleep that long?"

"Oh yes you did, though I ha hoped for a bit more in the bedroom department," Brandon smiled and blew Colin a kiss.

"Sl ut!" grinned Colin as he shoved the last of his food into his mouth.

"Hey, you want it." Brandon pulled Colin t ohim and kissed him passionately. "Now hurry up, I want to meet Britt's current interest."

To Be Continued..........