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Rob The BLack Douglas
29-09-2005, 03:47 AM

I was going over Keira's correspondance when Keira returned from a meeting at the movie studio, her hands full of scripts and publicity photos.

"What do you think," asked Keira setting the photos before me.

I took my time and examined them in turn placing them in two piles. The studio photographer was good and the stack of photos that I likedwas much larger than the ones I disliked.

"Here you go love," as I handed Keira the two stacks of photos.

Keira blew me a kiss as she dumped the photos on her bed before heading to the bathroom to shower before getting ready to go out to dinner.

When we eat out it is a simple affair, no massive entourage, no spectacle, a couple of girls recognized Keira and asked her for her autograph, one even managed to sneak a kiss from Keira before we said our goodbyes and entered the restaraunt.

Dinner was simply wonderful and the wine had flowed. Keira was waiting for her desert to arrive when she surprised me.

"Robespierre, are you happy working for me?"

I stared at Keira my mouth open shocked at ehat I had heard.

"You've worked for me for two years and you haven't taken any time off and your constantly working and...." Keira's voiced faded as she cocked her head and arched her eyebrow at me.

"This is the easiest work I've ever done in my life and the most fun I've ever had in my life," I smiled thinking back briefly to some of my more outrageous exploits, "Yes, this is the most fun I can remember having."

"Well if you want some time off you can have," said Keira looking a little embarrassed which means she was cute as hell.

'I glad you are concerned about me, but if I need time off, I'll let you know, deal?"

'Well I think you should take some time off ,and besides, which one of us wears the pants in this relationship?"

As usual I was wearing one of my kilts and Keira was wearing a simple pant suit that looked stunning on her.

I couldn't help myself and started laughing startling the couple at the table next to us.

'You win," I said grinning like a cheshire cat," I'll take some time off later, ok?"

"Good, come on, let's blow this joint." Keira flashed me her wickedly sexy smile. I paid the bill and the two of us headed out into the night for a bit of fun.

As usual Keira was full of energy and high of spirit while I played up my role of extremely grumpy protection.

Whenever in LA Keira and I would visit the Viper Room and this trip was no exception. Surprisingly enough we ran into several of the cast from the just completed POTC sequal shoots. As usual Keira quckly made herself comfortable and began chatting everyone up while I pushed my way to the bar and ordered us some drinks.

The bartender Sam was on old friend from my much wilder days, she and I had gotten into more than our fair share of mischief.

"Lovely Sam, how about a kiss and a drink for old times sake?"

"Robespierre, your a worthless lying sack of shit." Sam smiled as she poured me a whisky.

"Can I still have a drink?" I asked trying to put an innocent tone in my voice and failing.

"Show me some green, I know how you are."

Sighing I pulled some cash from my shirt pocket and placed a couple of bills on the bar top.

"Kids today have no respect for their elders," I complained while Sam mixed a martini for Keira and poured me another whisky.

"When they are total arses like you, why should we?"

I chuckled as I picked up the drinks and left Sam a tip,"Take care of yourself Sam."

I passed Keira her martini and found a nice spot to stand and unnerve random people. I was sipping on my whisky when I felt a hand lightly touch my shoulder. I spun around hands clenched into fists, my left arm drawn back ready to throw a punch. Standing before me was Orlando Bloom his eyes wide shocked at my reaction.

"Take it easy man! I just want to talk!" Orlando sputtered as he took a couple of steps back.

I relaxed and lowered my fists slightly ignoring the spilled whisky on the floor at my feet.

"This isn't going to be like the last time when I had to throw you out is it?"
"THat's what I want to talk about, I wasn't myelf that night. I think somebody slipped into our drinks."

" I don't care what you think what might of happened. You created a situation that I was forced to deal with.

"Now if Keira," I jerk my thumb in her direction," wants to have anything to do with you that's her choice. But," I jam my finger hard into Orlando's chest," If you cause any, more situations,I'll make you pay," my voiced had dropped to a harsh whisper.

I turned leaving Orlando with his mouth hanging open. Keira looked up as I brushed by plowing my way through the mass of people heading towards the bar.

Excusing herself Keira stood and followed me. Sam was ready with another whisky which I downed and Sam refilled.

Keira took my arm and gently turned me to face her. I could see the concern in her eyes as she gazed up into mine.

"Is everything ok love?" I knew she was worried, she had only seen me upset once before.

"I'll be ok," I growled. "THe handsome Mr. Bloom, in his own way, tried to apologize for his behavior several months earlier. I wasn't very sympathetic."

"THat's more than he has said to me," murmured Keira as she looked in Orlando's direction.

Suddenly Keira grabbed me and pulled me away from the bar heading towards the exit. Orlando turned toward us as we passed by but before he could speak, Keira stopped, took my face in her hands and kissed me. Not one of those sisterly pecks, but a slow deep passionate one, like in the movies.

I pulled Keira tight to me as we left the club leaving a very shocked Orlando.

Both of us had a good laugh as we rode back to the hotel. I kissed Keira goodnight, telling her to get some rest since we were going shopping in the morning.

To Be Continued.................

Rob The BLack Douglas
29-09-2005, 03:52 AM

We were up early in the morning for what turned out to be a very long day of shopping. Not that I minded. Keira had been invited to some producers party in the Hollywood Hills and she was looking for something to wear.

Finally she found a lovely light green strapless dress that looked absolutely stunning on Keira, it hugged her every curve like a glove.

The party was being held at the producers mansion and the studio had sent a limo to take Keira and myself to the party. as we pulled into the long driveway past security Keira and I admired the esquisite English country style garden.

There were people and alcohol everywhere. People were dancing to music provided by a dj and in the dark corners illicit drug use or sexual encounters were taking place.

I recognized some of the actors, many long past their prime, surrounded by fawning sycophants, leeches bleeding them dry, sucking their souls from their bodies.

I had a bad feeling about this party. I had noticed that there were more young beautiful women than men at this party. There was something wrong and Ididn't know what.

I took Keira by the arm and led her to a deserted corner.

"I don't like the vibe of this party," I said. " Stay close, If I grab your arm, we're getting out of hear, got it?"

"Keira nodded. " I have a bad feeling as well," she said.

'Ok, just be careful."

We stepped from the corner and began to mingle. I was sop close to Keira that I often had to gently force people away as they pushed in close. Many glared at me but I didn't back down an inch. Nothing was going to happen to Keira if I could help it.

The part raged on and the sun began to sink below the horizon. I noticed that groups begn to form on the edges of the party. Mainly men, I recognized the type. Gross with power ,bloated in their behavior, they preyed on the young, the beautiful, the gullible and desperate. THey used and abused discarding those who could no longer fullfill their needs.

Better safe than sorry I thought and grabbed Keira's arm. Keira didn't resist, she just let me drag her through the crowd towards the front of the mansion and a waiting limo.

As we made our way through the mansion three men stood before us blocking our exit.

The men devoured Keira with their eyes their minds replaying the deeds they desired to perform upon her, the agonies that gave them pleasure, the pain that quenched their lust.

"Were do think your going," said one of the men his voice a high pitched purr.

I didn't bother to answer I flung myself into midst and struck out at the one closest to me my fist smashing his nose flat blood splattering and cartilage crunching loudly over his screams of agony.

My blood was on fire my vision red with anger as I spun and grabbed the next closest and pummeled his face into a bloody mass before flinging his body from me.

The last of the men had taken the opportunity to grab hold of Keira who was putting up an excellent fight as she struggled to stay free of him.

I grabbed hold of the bastard trying to grab Keira and flung him into the rush of oncoming security buying us more time.

I grabbed Keira's hand and pulled her behind me as irushed out of the mansion punching, kicking, or even gouging anything that got in my way.

I pushed Keira into the first limo in line and grabbed the driver and shoved him towards the drivers door shouting hoarsely," We're getting the hell out of here!"

The driver slammed the limo into gear and peeled out of the driveway blowing by the security at the front of the mansion. It was several minutes before I gave the driver instructions.

I was breathing hard, my heart pounding in my ears. Adrenaline pumping through my system as I kept an eye out for anyone following us.

I had the limo drop us off a couple of blocks from the hotel and we quickly made our way to Keira's room.

Keira was trembling as I opened the door to the room. I didn't want to think what might of happened to Keira if those men had gotten their way with her.

I led Keira to the bathroom and helped her undress and get into the shower. I then ran to my room and grabbed a bottle of whisky and a change of clothes for myself. I stopped briefly to fill the ice bucket and then I was back in Keira's room.

My hands trembled as Ipoured myself a glass of whisky, the adrenaline high fading asI felt the aches and forming bruises all over my body. The whisky burned as I poured it down my throat.

The fire of the whisky soothed my hurts numbing me to the growing pain.
"Save some for me."

I turned to see Keira standing in the door to the bathroom, her wet hair framing her face, a towel loosely wrapped around her body.

Keira walked over and gently kissed me on the lips, her toungue tasting the hints of whisky. She broke the kiss and stepped back ger face aglow.

"Are you ok?," I whispered.

"Keira smiled up at me and laid her head upon my chest. I pulled her in tight holding her close. I could feel the beating of her heart.

Keira wrapped her arms tight around me and murmured,"I'm glad you were there, I don't want to even think about what might of happened."

"Your safe now," I said as I unwrapped her arms from around me wincing in pain as I did so.

That was when Keira noticed the bruises forming on my face and arms.
"Oh my god! How bad are you hurt love!" She gasped.

I drained the glass of whisky and set the glass down with care.

"I've been better, and it's going to hurt like hell in the morning. And speaking of mornings, I should be off to bed."

I started to sway towards the door but Keira stopped me.

"Your not going anywhere, now crawl into that bed," Keira's voice was firm and commanding.

"Let me be Keira, I was a fool tonight," I growled.

"Yes, but your my fool," whispered Keira as she planted warm soft kiss'.