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Rob The BLack Douglas
29-09-2005, 03:20 AM

Most stories start at the beginning but to be honest that would be extremely boring and really that isn't what one wants to know.

To start this little tale, it was a typical morning for Keira and I, Keira was up early as usual as was I. I was doing my usual morning duties, making Keira a smoothie to drink while I whipped up a huge stack of buttermilk pancakes.

As usual Keira ate every bit of food that I put on her plate(god how I wished i had her metabolism!). She kept making little sounds of pleasure as the food on her plate disapeared.

"That was simply lovely Robespierre," sighed Keira as she pushed her plate away from her.

"Your welcome," I responded like I always did to a compliment.

Keira flashed me one of her dazzling smiles as she gathered up all of her stuff she needed for the photo shoot she was doing today.

Keira grunted as she hung her bag over her shoulder. "You get the rest of the day off you lucky dog." Keira grinned. "After the shoot a few of us are going out for a bite and then maybe hit a club or two."

"Don't do anything I would do," I said to Keira's back as she headed out the door.

With a twinkle in her eye and a spring in her step Keira was on her wayto her latest job. Chuckling to myself I finished my mug of tea and started to wash the dishes.

The rest of the day was uneventful. I cleaned the kitchen and seperated the mail for Keira while listening to some classic punk music in the background. I left Keira's room alone ,as usual it looked like a bomb had gone off.

Fortunately Keira had seperated some of her clothes in baskets and i took the opportunity to get some laundry done. I did it anyway even though Keira would give me a hard time for doing something that she was perfectly capable of handling herself. Of course she always forgets and she she never hangs the clothes on the line.

After hanging out the wash I headed on down to the local market to restock the pantry. I was wearing a new kilt and though the ladies at the market were use to seeing me in a kilt they expressed their appreciation of the new one.

Dinner was a simple affair since I was the only one eating. I opened a bottle of wine and enjoyed a glass of fine Austrailian Shiraz. Afterwards I settled into my easy chair with a good book and glass of whisky.

While reading I had lost track of time so it had to of been quite latewhen I heard the the kitchen door slam open followed by several loud voices shouting, one of them being Keira's.

"What the hell," I thought as I followed the voices and made my way to the kitchen. The closer I got the louder one of the voices became, loud enough to drown out Keira's.

The scene in the kitchen was straight out of some Lifetime movie of the week. Keira was holding onto the back of one of the kitchen chairs. Her body was trebling and i could tell that it was difficult for her to stand even with the aid of the chair. I could smell alcohol from where I was standing.

To Be Continued.............

Rob The BLack Douglas
29-09-2005, 03:24 AM

The source of the shouting turned to face me revealing the soft pretty features of Orlando Bloom. His dreamy good looks were twisted with rageas he tried to stare me down.

"Who the hell are you," he shouted as he stepped towards me.

It was more than alcohol that fueled Orlando at the moment. His eyes had no pupils and his face was several shades of red.

In my past I had been in more than my share of bar fights. At the moment Orlando was full of himself and not expecting to confront what appeared to be a giant bear of a man in a kilt. What he was expecting was to get into Keira's pants. What he ended up with were an uncooperative woman and one pissed off bloke.

"Do you know who I am," Orlando screamed spittle flying from his lips.

"Your the one who's leaving," I replied as my hands shot out from my sides grabbing Orlando, spinning him around and pinning one of his arms behind his back.

I then began to march him out of the kitchen towards the door. After a few steps Orlando recovered from his shock and began to struggle but by then it was to late. No one in Orlando's condition could of broken free from my grip.

Outside the kitchen door I released Orlando and planted my booted foot square on his backside and gave a shove. Orlando went tumbling down the path, swearing as he rolled down the gentle slope.

I closed the kitchen door locking it behind me. For good measure I wedged a chair under the doorknob. I turned towards Keira who was still clinging to the chair. Her body trembled violently as she fought to remain upright.

Back in my younger days, I had been a hardcore drinker and party animal. Keira was not. She also was for someone her age, a responsible woman. I think someone had slipped something fairly potent into her drink when she wasn't looking.

I gathered Keira in my arms despite her feeble protests. Keira moaned sickly as she leaned her cheek against my shoulder as I carried her down the hallway towards the bathroom.

I cursed the aches in my knees as I kneeled and lay Keira down upon the floor.

"I need you to listen to me Keira," I said. "I'm going to hold you up to the toilet so you can do what you need to do."

Keira nodded to me and I eased her up as she grasped the toilet. I held her as she purged her body of the nights toxins. When she had finished, I gathered her weakened body once again into my arms and carried her to her room.

I wrapped her in one of her robes and tucked her into bed.

Keira slept well past noon before showing signs of life, if one could call it that. While she tried to clear her mind of the mass of cobwebs that clouded it, I stepped into the room carrying a tray with a pot of English breakfast tea and a mug on it.

Keira looked terrible. Really bad. Worse than the heroin chic look from several years ago.

Despite how much she was hurting, she had managed to sit up in her bed. I sat the tray across her lap and poured her a mug of tea. Keira flashed me a pained smile as I wrapped her hands around the mug.

"Drink up, I'll be back right quick with breakfast."

Back in the kitchen I fired up my stove and prepared a traditional scottish breakfast of fried eggs, fried tomato slices, sausage, and baked beans. I heaped the food on two plates and made my way back to Keira's bedroom. Keira wrinkled her nose when i placed the food on her tray.

"Eat, you'll feel better."

I poured myself some tea while I watched keira poke and nibble at her food. Soon she was inhaling the food off of her plate.

Both our belly's were full and the dirty dishes were stacked on the tray. In silence Keira nad I finished the pot of tea. Keira had taken a couple of aspirin and with the tea and the food she now just resembled a hungover junkie.

"Just so you know, I sent Orlando packing last night. I don't care who he thinks he is, no one, and I mean no one, enters my kitchen and acts like they own the place. Especially some darn pretty boy who who was drunk and high. So I threw him out."

Keira stayed quiet as she sipped her tea.

"I remember after eating we went to a club. Along the way we met up with Orlando and some of his friends. We danced and drank.

"At some point, I began to feel not myself. I remember someone helping me back her and I remember that there was some shouting.

"After that point what I do remember is not very pleasant."

I nodded in agreement as I recalled her purging.

"I do remember someone kind and gentle staying with me as I puked my guts out. Not one of my more glamourous moments."

I smiled."I've been there and done that in my day. Being drunk on your own is not all that fun."

Keira closed her eyes which were quite red and puffy.

To Be Continued............

Rob The BLack Douglas
29-09-2005, 03:30 AM

I gathered up the tray with the dirty dishes and told Keira to get some rest.

Weeks went by and the routine of the house was back to some semblence of normal. Keira's parents had stopped by to visit and check on there daughter. They also looked forward to trying some of the new recipes I had just recieved.

Keira's mother joined me in the kitchen to help with the last of the dinner details and to join me in a glass of wine. A wonderful kitchen companion, we entertained each other with bawdy tales from our wilder days.

For dinner I had made my famous whisky salmon alomg with scalloped potatoes, fresh vegetables and salad as well as several bottles of wine.
We all sat down at the tableand dug into the food. The flowing wine loosened our toungues as we talked about everything from politcs to to what I used to prepare the whisky salmon.

Keira didn't join us for dinner until we were halfway through the main course. as usual I kept a plate warm for her and quickly pulled it out while Keira made short work of her salad.

Keira had been out all day on a photo shoot for some new arty magazine. Turns out the photographer was a fetishist. A rubber fetishist. We all had a laugh as Keira described the outfits.

For desert I brought out fresh strawberries. we all laughed as Keira downed all of her food all the while complaing about maintaining her figure.

Keira's parents left after helping me with the dishes. I have to admit that I don't feel like an average employee, more like a close friend of the family.
I took Keira the stack of messages that had accumalated over the day as well as some faxes she had recieved from her agent.

With my day finally over and the next day off, I grabbed a bottle of whisky, some pens and paper and stepped out to enjoy the summer evening. I poured a healthy dram of whisky and added a splash of water. The whisky warmed my cheeks and teased me like an old lover as I began to compose letters to friends and family over in the states. I try to write on a regular basis since it wasn't convenient to call.

I don't know how much time had passed. I was finishing up the last letter to my family, pausing to pour myself more whisky.

I was so absorbed in what i was doing that I almost didn't hear Keira approach. She had tried to be quiet but her pajamas had brushed against the half-dead plant by the door. I looked up, smiled and patted the cushion of the chair next to me.

I held up the bottle of whisky as to ask if she cared for a drink. Keira shook her head no as she settled into the chair tcking her legs in close and resting her chin on her knees.

I siiped my whisky as I finished the letter finally putting pen and paper aside and leaned back in my chair letting the glow of whisky flow over me.
It was Keira who broke the silence.

" I never really thanked you for your help that night. I got in over my head and you were there for me."

" I set my whisky down and looked at Keira. "i admit that I did get to see a side of you that your fans will never see."

"If we were in L.A. it would probably be all over the tabloids," said Keira.
"Maybe," I replied," you never know."

"You can be quit charming when you want to be," said Keira chuckling.

"Charming! Me! Now I know you've had to much to drink," as I poured myself a few more fingers of whisky.

"YOur friends and family are importan tto you aren't they?" said Keira indicating the pens and paper.

"Actually I'm the black sheep of the family, this is my attempt to make peace."

"And your friends?"asked Keira leaning forward.

"Well I learned who my true friends were and I keep in touch with them as much as possible."

"It must be hard being so far away."

"At times but caring for you does have its privileges." I smiled as I poured the last of the whisky into my glass.

Keira blushed slightly and smiled. " You're just saying that." She reached over and took the glass of whisky from my hand.

"Your friends are part of your family," said Keira as she finished the last of my whisky and set the glass down. " I've seen some of the pictures you have on your desk, you must love them very much."

To Be Continued..........

Rob The BLack Douglas
29-09-2005, 03:34 AM

My voice was rough, thick and warm from the whisky."Friends are the family we choose," I said as Ipushed myself up out of the chair.

My face was numb and flushed with alcohol. My limbs felt fuzzy and awkward as I carefully wobbled and teetered my way into the kitchen.

Keira rose and made as to help me but I brushed her aside witha growl."I'm no darn lightweight."

I leaned heavily against the hallway wall and carefully made my way to my room. I was almost to the door when I stumbled and crashed to my knees. I heard Keira call my name and ask with much concern if I was all right.

"I'm ok, just give me a minute," I replied.

I think Keira was scared, in my two years of working for her, not once had I been in such condition.

"^beep^ it," I growled and with great effort and help from Keira I pulled myself to a standing position.

It took a mammoth effort to go the short distance to the bed. I fumbled with my kilt but had trouble with the buckles. Keira came to my rescue and carefully unwrapped the kilt from around my body. A short struggle with my shirt and then I was crawling beneath the sheets while Keira carefully rolled up my kilt. She then went and placed a glass of water on the night stand next to the bed before leaving.

My breathing echoed loudly in my ears as I stared up up at the dark ceiling. I kept telling myself that I was going to be ok as long as my head didn't start to spin. I kept repeating this until I fell asleep.

When I woke the next morning my head was pounding, my mouth was full of cotton and my sinus's stuffed. My mouth was so dry that I couldn't even manage a weak curse at my condition. I popped two sinus pills and drained the glass of water before stumbling to the bathroom and sticking my head under the faucet.

Any hope of lying in bed for the rest of the day was shattered by the sounds coming from the kitchen. I prayed to the gods that I didn't believe in that she wasn't trying to cook. Not that Keira is a bad cook, just that she didn't know her way around my kitchen.

Finally like one of the walking dead, I shuffled down the hallway dreading what I was going to find. When I entered the kitchen, it looked as if the tasmanian devilhad been through. Every pot and pan and dish it seemed had been pulled out.

Keira dressed in sweat pants and an over sized t-shirt was standing before the open fridge looking for something.

"What the hell is going on!" the loudness of my voice sending waves of pain through my head.

Keira spun around looking much like a child caught with their hand in the cookie jar. At least until she started to laugh. She was laughing so hard she was on the floor clutching her sides.

In my haste to get to the kitchen I had grabbed the nearest bathrobe and threw it on. Turns out the bathrobe was not my size, covered with lace and was pink. Very pink.

"I happen to like pink," i growled as I poured myself a mug of hearty breakfast tea. I had gulped half of the mug before Keira managed to control herself. It didn't last long.

"You look like a lacy pink teddy bear!"

I snorted tea out of my nose which made her laugh even harder.

"That was your plan all along, get me drunk and wearing lacy bathrobes," I growled as I wiped tea from face and counter.

"Oh no! Yo've figured me out. Now I can't take over the kitchen!" In mock anger Keira grabbed a long wooden spoon and brandished it about like a sword.

"Try and commandeer my kitchen, eh? For that you shall pay!" I lunged forward and grabbed hold of the wooden spoon and pulled Keira in close.

Keira's gorgeous eyes stared up into mine her pouty lips slightly parted.

"You saucy little minx!" I snorted. " I'll make breakfast while you clean up this mess you made,"

Keira smiled and playfully traced some of the lace on the bathrobe before pulling away and began to clean up the mess making as much noise as possible.

To Be Continued................

Rob The BLack Douglas
29-09-2005, 03:40 AM

"That was close," I murmured as I went to the freezer and pulled out a container of green chili sauce.

While the sauce was defrosting and heating in a pot, I opened a can of refried beans and began to heat them. I then scrambled a bunch of eggs while stirring the sauce and beans.

When the sauce was hot, I softened corn tortillas in it and then placed them on two plates. I placed the eggs on the tortillas and then poured sauce over the eggs topping them with some grated cheese. A spoon of refried beans topped with more cheese and chopped tomato finished the plates.

Keira had cleared the small kitchen table and had poured two glasses of orange juice along with a fresh pot of tea. Her face lit up with joy when I palced the plate before her along with a plate of warm flower tortillas.

We both tore into the plates of Huevos Rancheros, not speaking until our plates were bare of food.

"That was wonderful Robespierre. I give up, you can keep your kitchen."

I raised my orange juice glass in acknowledgement. "I will take any and all compliments."

I stood and started to gather the dirty dishes. "let me help," said Keira as she reached for a dirty glass.

"Don't you dare. Go take a shower. Or have you forgotten that today is shopping day?

"Oh, I completely forgot! Shopping and a picnic lunch!"

"Yes now hurry, you know how long it takes for you to get ready."

"I do not!."

I snapped a dish towel at Keira sending her scrambling and laughing out of the kitchen and down the hallway towards her bathroom.

'Watch yourself mate," I told myself as Iput the last of the dirty dishes in the dishwasher. "Don't let yourself get in to deep."

I turned the dishwasher on and went off to take a shower myself. The water flowing over my body felt good, washing away the last remnents of my sad drunken state of the night before.

Now I admit that even dressed casually I can look pretty darn good in a kilt, but as good as I looked, I was nothing compared to Keira. She had on a simple sun dress that she looked absolutely gorgeous in.

Wow was all I could manage as my mouth hung loosely open.

"Now there's a compliment I've never recieved before," said Keira gently closing my mouth before planting a kiss on my cheek.

'Well, lets go,"

The day was absolutely gorgeous. The local market was bustling with people as usual. Keira picked out some fruit for our picnic while i purchased some fresh tuscan sourdough, cheese, and a bottle of red wine.

Continuing on our way, we walked down by the latest shops in the area and despite my admittedly weak protest, Keira dragged me into shop after shop. I mean who wouldn't enjoy sitting in a shop while Keira modeled outfit after outfit for you?

After awhile we grew hungry and after tossing Keira's purchases into the trunk of my car, we headed down to the park by the water. Despite the lovely weather there were not many people out and about and it didn't take much effort to find a semi secluded spot to enjoy our lunch.

As we ate we discussed some of the film projects that Keira was considering. I told stupid jokes and semi-tall tales from my rough and rowdy days as well as some of the more entertaining exploits of my friends and I.

"You're lying!" cried Keira as she wiped tears from her eyes. "You look nothing like Jim Morrison!"

"I know the woman was so drunk and she kept rubbing her hands all over my knees. My friends had a hard time keeping a straight face,"

Wiping tears of laughter from my own eyes as well I drank deeply from my wine glass.

"It seems that you have a lot of fun with your friends."

"We do have some interesting times."

Keira smiled at me. "You're quit lucky you know. Other than my parents I have very few people in my life. Despite my film and modelling work, which I enjoy immensly, my life is actually very lonely.

"And then there is you, someone hired to help me and who it turns out, to be the most stable part of my life,"

Keira paused and sipped at her wine.

"Next month I start filming on the next Pirates sequal and mother is busy and I really do not ant to go by myself.

"What I'm trying to say is, would you like to come along instead of taking time off?"

I poured the last of the wine into my glass.

"Let me get this straight. You wish for me to travel the world with you, cooking, cleaning, and general man servant work while you hob nob and party with the beautiful people right?"

"Yes!" exclaimed Keira before she realized exactly what I had said. "No,no, oh Robespierre, you can be quite the bastard!"

Keira took the glass of wine from my hand and finished it off.

"There is only one thing I can say, and that is I accept."

Keira cried out with joy and leaned forward and took my face in her hands and kissed me.

The next several months were going to be interesting.