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Rob The BLack Douglas
29-09-2005, 02:33 AM

It was a typical winter day as I sloshed throught the slush and the snow on my way to work. The buildings looming high into the sky were cold and grey their tips shrouded by industrial mists.

My office wasn't more than a hole in the wall barely heated by a small stove. I hung up my coat and eased into my chair flipping through a stack of old faded newspapers.

Imagine my surprise when my office door creaked open to reveal a most lovely specimen of womanhood. It was obvious that she was not from this part of the city.

"Can I help you?"my voice rumbling from within my chest.

John Douglas?" Her voice was husky and warm, thick with hints of seductive pleasures. Scented smoke lazily rose from from the Turkish cigarette dangling from between ruby red lips.

"Can I be of some service, miss?"

"Bidwell, Regina Bidwell."

The hair on the back of my neck stood up. The Bidwell's were one of the richest families in the city.

"What can I do for you Miss Bidwell,"I asked.

"Call me Regina," her words languid and decadent."I have need of a bodyguard for the upcoming charity event." Gracefully she seated herself across from me the smoke from her cigarette forming a temporary halo above her head before fading away.

"I'm flattered that you would consider me, but I wonder why, don't you have security that already protects you?"

I can no longer trust them. My sister commands their loyalty, not I."

Brittany Bidwell, eldest of the Bidwell daughters, heir to the Bidwell fortune, and the cities high society's most eligible bachelorette.

"How long would you need my services Miss Bidwell?"

"It would only be for the family's annual charity Christmas celebration in a couple of days."

I leaned back in my chair deep in thought. If I took the job I could find myself in the middle of an extremely nasty sibling rivalry. On the other hand, work has been almost non-excistent, and this job would definately pay well. I still had to be careful so as to avoid floating face up in the river.

I leaned forward. "Let's talk payment."

Regina reached into her purse and placed a a stack of wrapped bills on the desk.

"This should be enough to secure your services ,and discretion."

I took the bills and placed them in a drawer carefully locking it.

"When and where do you want me?"

Regina handed me a card. " Be at this adress in two days." She stood and pulled her fur tight about her shoulders and sauntered out the door.

Despite my good fortune at gaining employment, I had a bad feeling. Something was going to happen, but what?

Two days later I arrived outside the gates of the Bidwell mansion. Security was expecting me and though their expressions openly showed their contempt, they escorted me to a study and told me to wait for Regina.

I take all of my jobs seriously. Some try to blend in with the crowds but I preferred a different approach. Put plainly I looked like a street thug, mean, hard, and ready to rip your head off at the slightest provocation. People knew what I was and what I could do.

Behind me the door to the study opened and entered Regina. I would be lieing if I said that I did not devour her beauty with my eyes.

Her strapless gown showed off her figure to great effect. Her golden-red hair falling just past her shoulders. The light olive of her skin shone in the golden light.

"Even when dressed up, you ooze authority," Regina said softly as she placed one delicate hand upon my chest.

Her perfume was intoxicating and for a brief moment I rocked back on my heels light headed.

A playful smile danced acrossRegina's crimson lips. She leaned in close and whispered,"Do i take your breath away John?" Her fingers seductively traced outlines on my chest.

I grasped her wrist causing her to gasp in shaock and pain.

My voice was low and tinged with anger." I"m here to do a job, nothing more."

Regina stepped back her lips forming a surprised oh.

"We better get going, you don't want to be too late."

I did not wait but strode towards the door forcing Regina to rush to catch up her heels clacking against the floor.

Regina glared as I held open the door to her limousine. I chuckled to mysel, tonight was going to be interesting.

The Bidwell Christmas charity was the seasons largest and best attended event. People had been known to kill to get their hands on a ticket.

Great wealth was on display as Regina and I entered the Great Ballroom of the Astorian Hotel. Designer clothes, exotic jewels, and living trophies to flaunt ones wealth in others faces.

I stood out like a bad rash.

Unlike most of the other bodyguards I didn't slink off to some dim corner, muscle on display. I kept close to Regina ignoring the stares and sharp comments from those around me.

Regina laughed and enjoyed herself as she made the rounds of the various society sets, that is until she encountered her sister Brittany.

Brittany was surrounded by several servants and her long time bodyguard. As Regina and I approached Regina's smile faded. Her words were curt as she greeted her sister. Definately no love lost between the two of them. I ignored the stares of Brittany's bodyguard as Regina and I moved on.

Regina danced as I kept a watch out for trouble. I kept thinking something was going to go wrong, but what? To reasure myself I gently fingered the brass knuckles nestled in my pocket.

Suddenly a scream filled the ballroom shattering the festive mood. I rushed to Regina's side...........

To be continued......

Rob The BLack Douglas
29-09-2005, 02:41 AM

More cries filled the ballroom as I pulled Regina away from the confused mass of people huddling, not knowing what was going on
I herded Regina passed several grim looking security details. Regina's skin was flush and her heart beat with excitement.

As we passed a group of security we overheard security discussing what happened. Brittany Bidwell had collapsed while on the dance floor.

I ushered Regina into her limousine. Her eyes twinkled with pleasure as we pulled away.

"What a night! My poor sister brought down," Regina's voice took on the tone of a spoiled little girl.

I remained silent as Regina moved in closer, thigh brushing thigh. Her skiln was soft, her fingers lightly tracing the line of my jaw.

Her voice was warm like whisky, oily and seductive. Her breath warm and faint with the taste of wine.

"John?" she whispered as she ran one hand up and down my thigh."You can have me for the night, to do with as please."

I crushed Regina's fingers in my hand and shoved her aside.

"I told you before, I'm off limits," I growled.

Regina's passion turned to rage, her face blotchy and ugly.

"You bastard!" Regina hissed her fingers arching into claws.

"I'm nobody's plaything," I rumbled.

Regina knocked on the glass seperating us from the driver. The limousine came to a halt. The lock of the door next to me clicked open.

"Get out!" howled Regina.

I opened the door and stepped out into the cold night air. Without another word Regina shut the door and the limousine drove off.

Alone in the deserted street, I began to trudge towards my office.

The cold grey morning light shining through the dingy windows of my office woke me from my troubled sleep.

I stole the morning paper from a neighbor in the building and brewed a fresh pot of tea while I sat down and read the paper.

Brittany Bidwell's death was the main headline. The high society set was in turmoil, rumour was she had been poisoned.

As I sipped from my mug of tea, I thought about the events of last night, and where did i fit into the equation. I had to of been some sort of distraction, I was new to the scene, everybody saw me.

And yet, with Brittany's death, Regina would be the prime suspect. What exactly was the desired result? How was Regina gonna clear her name?
I knew that there were too many pieces of the puzzle that I was missing. Too many unanswered questions.

I needed answers but after spurning Regina's affections, I knew that I would have a difficult time with the high society set, they are highly protective of their own.

I swallowed the last of my tea, grabbed my coat and headed off to learn what I could.

I went to the police station first though I was expecting very little help from them. The station was swamped with press. I hung around listening to the bubbling babble of reporters trying to needle what information they could from the officers on duty.

I left after awhile having learned nothing new. I headed to a bar I knew, maybe I could get some information on Brittany's bodyguard.

Despite the early hour, the bar was more than half full, vaugue outlines made even hazier by the thick clouds of cigarette smoke.

The bartender eyed me warily as I stepped up to the bar. I placed some money on the counter and ordered a beer.

Drink in hand, I turned and faced the door leaning lightly against the bar. With care I sipped the beer scanning the faces of the patrons fuzzy in the smoke.

Finally in a far dim corner I spotted a face I recognized. I strode over and without asking sat myself down.

"Shannon Murphy, how's life been treating you," as I made myself comfortable in the chair.

John Douglas, the prison's must be full if they're letting a scoundral such as yourself run free."

We both laughed and toasted each others health.

"I'm here for information Shannon."

Shannon snorted into his drink. "I'm not surprised, what can i do for you?"

I explained my short employment with Regina, Brittany's death, and what suspicions I had.

Shannon listened closely, chimming in with occassional questions. When I finished he leaned back in his chair. For several minutes he was quiet, then he leaned forward.

"John, I might be able to help you. I don't have access to the bodyguard, but I might be able to get you into see the old man himself. No gaurantee's though," said Shannon holding up his hands.

"Anything you can do I appreciate," as I signalled the bartender for another drink for Shannon.

Again we toasted each other's health and then I stood pulling my coat tight against the days chill.

I left a tip on the bar and was heading towards the doorwhen it was flung open, banging hard against the wall.

Filling the frame of the door was a giant bear of a man. His broad shoulders nearly touched both sides of the door frame. His features looked as if they had been chiseled out of granite by a blind man.

I slipped my hand into my pocket, brass knuckles at the ready.
With a cold stare he looked me over.

"John Douglas?" his voice had en edge hinting at complience.

"Yes," I murmured,"who wants to know?"

"Hamish Bidwell would like a word with you."

I was dumbfounded. Never had I imagined that the father of Regina and Brittany would want to see me.

I relaxed my grip on the brass knuckles and let out my breath. "I await Mr. Bidwell at his convenience."

Stepping aside, the giant messenger gestured towards a car waiting outside.

I thought to myself as I left the bar, 'What the hell have I gotten myself into?"

To be continued.......................

Rob The BLack Douglas
29-09-2005, 02:46 AM

Hamish Bidwell's office was larger than my apartment and so lavishly decorated that the reek og bad taste permeated its space. Trashy decadence filled every available space overwhelming any who entered the room.

Bidwell stood before the offices one massive window his hands clasped behind his back as he watched snowflakes drift lazily from the sky. His dark hair was streaked with grey which glinted lightly in the morning light as he turned to size me up.

"Considering your involvement with my daughters, I'm surprised that you are still around." His voice was strong and robust despite his years.

I had no idea what he was talking about and said so.

Bidwell chuckled and then walked toward me.

'You think you can chase the dragon and survive the machinations of my daughters and keep your soul intact?"

"I'm tougher than people think," I growled still unsure of what Bidwell was refering to.

Bidwell laughed sending chills down my spine.

"The spirit of the working class, so full of bravado. Be caredul young man, my daughters are devilshly clever,."

With a gesture I was dismissed. As I was being escorted from the property I began to mull over the cryptic meeting that had just taken place.

I began to think that the events of last night were part of something sinister that had been brewing beneath the surface of high society.

The sky had turned dark and the snowflakes had grown fatter and had started to come down even harder, a layer of purity covering the grime of the city.

Without warning I was surrounded by three men, one swinging a length of chain. Before I could react my world went blank, my body slumping to the ground.

My head throbbed, pulsing with pain when I finally came to who knows how many hours later. My limbs rattled as I tried to move them. I couldn't focus my eyes my vision blurry.

"Finally, Sleeping Beauty awakes," said a soft voice from somewhere beyond my narrow field of view.

I tried to speak but my mouth was so dry all I could manage was a croak. I heard the sound of water pouring and opened my mouth in hopes of recieving a drink.

THe water splashed across my face and ovto my chest soaking me. I gasped as I tried to swallow as much as I could to relieve the parched tissues of my mouth.

Whimpers of pain escaped from my lips as I wrenched my restraints trying to pull my limbs free.

"All you will succeed at is hurting yourself if you keep that up John."

"Show yourself dammit!" I gasped.

"Now, now, John, be patient, all will be revealed shortly." The voice slowly faded and I heard a door close.

I tried my restraints again but they were to strong for me to break free from. My vision had cleared some so I took in what i could of my surroundings.

The room was dimly lit, and what I could see of it was bare.
I don't know how much time had passed, I had fallen asleep only to wake up at the sound of the door opening.

Several pairs of hands roughly grabbed me, holding me down as the restraints were removed. I was made to stand, a hood was thrown over my head and my hands bound behind my back. I was led from the room and eventually was made to sit in a chair.

My head was still covered by the hood. I listened and could hear the steady tick of a clock. The room was warm and the heavy scent of tropical spices lingered in the air.

I heard a door open followed by several soft footsteps. The hood was yanked off my head filling my eyes with blazing light, I squinted trying to adjust my vision.

Standing before me was Regina Bidwell. Her smoldering beauty now cold and hard, her grim smile less an invitation of delights, more eager anticipation of pain and suffering.

Licking her lip, Regina leaned forward and huskily whispered,"You should of taken me up on my offer John." Her fingers traced the muscles of my arms.

"I'm not that desperate," I growled.

Regina's face was flushed with anger as she slapped me her fingers raking the flesh of my face drawing blood.

"You could of had a night of pleasure and never been the wiser," hissed Regina.

"Not with how convenient evrything was at he ballroom. Why didn't security stop and question us? Everybody knew you didn't get along with your sister."

I watched Regina's face for any clues as I gathered my thoughts before continuing.

"At first I thought I was being set up ,but that wasn't it, I was to knew, to obvious. So i beagan to do a little investigating on my own."

Regina broke out in laughter cold and harsh.

"You being set up! You were nothing more than an evening's distraction for me! Oh, the cops would of investigated you, but you would of been cleared, you silly thing," she said softly as her lips nuzzled my cheek.

Her breath was warm, her scent intoxicating.

"There may be some use for you yet," whispered Regina as she kissed her way to my lips.

Just then the door to the room opened, the light from the hallway illuminating the unmistakeable features of Brittany Bidwell.

To be continued........................

Rob The BLack Douglas
29-09-2005, 02:50 AM

Regina's cruel laughter filled my ears as Istared at Brittany dumbfounded. Of all my theories, her being alive was not one I had considered
Brittany's lips curled into a sneer as she slowly walked up to me before looking to her sister.

"Poor John," her voice was even more sensous than her sisters," Regina tells me she offered to bring you into her world but you refused."

I didn't respond I was to angry at myself.

"So brutish looking sister, was it his muscles that turned your eye?"

Oh please sister, I allow you your fantasies, allow me mine."

'I'm no rich bitches bloody plaything!," I growled as I struggled against my bonds.

Brittany laughed as she leaned in close to me.

"You have nothing to fear from me love," she whispered in my ear her lips almost brushing me," You're not my type." She stood and pulled a cord.
Soon the door opened two piles of muscle knuckled their way in.

I was led away through several hallways and down several flights of stairs until we came to a small room whith a table and a single chair.

Alone in the room I made myself comfortable in the chair and closed my eyes trying to figure out what was really going on. Why did Brittany feel the need to fake her own death?

Time went by slowly or so I thought, I had cradled my head on my arm and tried to sleep but my mind was to busy.

Suddenly the door to the room opened and standing there was Hamish Bidwell.

"Come John, I have need of your services." Hamish held out a gloved hand holding my coat for me.

I stood and took my coat. "This better be good," I grumbled,"I'm tired of playing the patsy."

Hamish chuckled,"You and me both,come we can talk on the way."

Hamish and Istepped out into the night. The sky was dark with clouds heavy with snow,even now fat flakes drifted lazily upon the air.
As we walked Hamish opened up, he spoke of Brittany's continual refusal of offers of marriage and his frustrations when she wouldn't answer his questions.
He also spoke of his disapointment with Regina.so much like her departed mother.

Hamish's voice was filled with unspoken regrets as he poured out hissoul to me as we trudged through the grey snow.

We were quiet for several blocks when I spoke up, my breath visible in the crisp cold air.

"Do you have idea why they faked Brittany's death?"

Hamish remained quiet for a bit the only sound was our feet crunching through the snow.

"Two years ago I recieved a phone call from an old friend on the police force. During a vice raid he had come across Brittany in an opium den. He was able to get her out without her being charged.

"To say I was furious would be an understatement. I ranted and raved, threatened, I even pleaded and begged." Hamish paused for a moment his voice choked up.

"I thought my girls would never fall prey to the vices like the children of the other families, I kept telling myself that even after I found Brittany in her room all strung out."

There were tears running down his cheeks as he confessed to a stranger.
"My own daughter flung everything I had ever done for back into my face. Like a knife to the heart she struck repeatedly flaunting her debauchery in my face.

"I was angry, so I put a provision in Brittany's trust that required her to be drug free for her to collect. I thought that his would be the incentive she needed to to clean herself up."

"Where does Regina fit into this," I asked as I moved around a rather large snow drift.

'At the time, I had no idea of the depravity that Regina had immersed herself into. I was still angry at Brittany and I never removed a provision that turned her trust over to her sister if something happened to her.

"Over the course of the next year Regina and Brittany grew closer and I began to worry, they were both defient living their lives with no regard for themselves or others. A year that they plotted Brittany's death."
"How come your not dead?"

Hamish laughed an echo of the cruel laughter of Brittany and Regina.

"I changed my will, the girls wiuld not recieve anything if I died under certain circumstances."

I shook my head, for a family to engage in such deceit against one another was terrible.

"Where are we going," I asked finally.

'To confront my daughters."

To be continued...............

Rob The BLack Douglas
29-09-2005, 02:56 AM

The snow began to fall heavily as hamish led me up a flight of of steps and through double doors warped and faded with age.

The light in the hallway was dim, most of the lights were out creating vast pools of black. The stench of mildew and stale urine overwhelmed ones nose nearly causing you to retch.

Hamish didn't pause just kept going, ascending another flight of stairs to another hallway, slightly better lit.

At the end of the hallway standing on either end of one of the doors as if carved out of massive slabs of granite were two bodyguards.

As we approached Hamish gestured them aside as one pushed open the door with a gloved hand.Smoke drifted from the open doorway, the scent of opium overpowering the foul stench of the hallway.

Hamish and I plunged into the room, dimly lit by red lamps that cast a satanic glow over everything. My eyes had not adjusted to the dimness of the room as Itried to make my way.

Stubling I looked down to see a semi-nude body lying on the floor. At first I thought they were dead but as I peered closer, I could see that they were breathing shallowly. I stepped over the body and and followed Hamish through a door.

The scent and opium smoke were even even thicker. All about the room people were lounging about, some with an opium pipe clutched in their hands.
I stood in the doorway not knowing what was going to happen, wondering why Hamish had brought me here.
Hamish forced his way through the masses of flesh until he stopped, reached down, and grabbed a handful of hair and yanked hard.
A cry of pain and flailing of limbs and Regina stood before her father, her body hanging limply.

Hamish slapped Regina hard with his free hand trying to get her to focus. Oblivious to the pain Regina cruelly laughed in her father's face.
Twice more Hamish slapped his daughter, the cold slaps weirdly echoing in the room.

As Hamish raised his hand again Regina spoke her sensous voice thick and languid from the opium.

"Oh, daddy dear, why are you putting on this act for him,"Regina gestured in my general direction.

"No act daughter, I'm owning up to my mistakes finally. It's time you and Brittany did the same."

"We are your mistakes, isn't that right father, we were never good enough for you!"

"That's not true Regina ,I love both of you."

"Liar!" tears were running down Regina's cheeks. "We were never gonna be good enough, all because we were women!"

Hamish's face went red with rageand he drew his hand back as if to slap Regina again. I rushed forward and grabbed his arm forcing him to let Regina go. She rushed from the room sobbing.

"Control yourself," I hissed, " what are you, a man, or a coward?"

Hamish stared wide eyed at me foam flecking his lips, his breathing ragged and harsh.
I shoved Hamish from me and turned to follow Regina when a wail of anguish was heard from the next room.

Hamish and I rushed in and found Regina on her knees holding her sister Brittany's head in her lap.

I kneeled beside Regina and reached over and felt for a pulse. Her heart no longer beat, her body was cold, an overdose of opium had claimed her life. When one chases the dragon, they most often go up in flames.

I looked up at Hamish and shook my head. He sank to his knees crying as he cradled Regina in his arms.

I rose to my feet and stepped from the room. as I left the apartment I ordered the bodyguards to go and help with Brittany's body.