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Rob The BLack Douglas
28-09-2005, 03:13 AM

Elizabeth Swann exited the Admiralty building in London a broad smile upon her face. Finally after months of delays from the brandy soaked desk monkeys, she had what she wanted. A Letter of Marque allowing her to attack and captre enemy merchantmen.

It had not been easy to convince the Admiralty to issue a Letter of Marque, let alone issue one to a woman. Elizabeth finally had to turn to her father and Commodore Norington for help.

For the first time in months Elizabeth felt happy. She now had all of the resources she needed to carryout her revenge upon those who had killed her fiance, Will Turner.

Will had been a passenger on his way back to England when the ship he had been traveling on was attacked by a French privateer. All aboard perished.
The French government had distanced themselves from the incident and they made token payments to the families of those who died.

England was spread to thin arond the world at the time to risk another war with its ancient enemy to do more than grumble.

Will's death hit Elizabeth hard. For months she locked herself away trying to control her grief. She even briefly turned to that most vile of drinks, Demon Rum, trying to drown her pain.

Convinced she had reached rock bottom and that her life was now meaningless ,Elizabeth was sure she would die. Until she recieved the letter. A letter written by Captain Jack Sparrow.

After Will's death, Jack spent months following up every rumour, checking out every scrap of information to learn all he could about the French privateer responsible for Will's death.

Jack suggested that Elizabeth outfit a ship, secure a Letter of Marque, and return to the carribbean and join up with Jack and his crew and hunt down the cowardly fiends who had taken her fiance away from her.

The letter planted the seed that led to Elizabeth's obsession to reap bloody revenge.

In time Elizabeth's depression faded as she threw all of her time and energy into realizing her goal.

Elizabeth's father used his connections to secure a fast heavily armed ship. Commodore Norington scoured the British Isle and proccured a crew of tough and rowdy Scotsmen from the Western Isles.

As she made her way to the docks Elizabeth began to hum a tune sending her spirits soaring.

The first mate , an aging gentleman known as Badger, was overseeing the stowing of the last of the provisions. The crews spirits were high since Elizabeth had sent ahead a runner with orders to make ready for an early morning departure.

"Penny for your thoughts Badger?"

Badger turned to see Elizabeth dressed in a most unladylike fashion. Trousers, linen blouse, knee high leather boots, her long hair loosely pulled back. She looked quite the pirate queen.

"we're on schedule and will sail with tide," growled Badger, his voice rumbling deep in his chest.

Elizabeth nodded in acknowledgement.

"The Commodore has provided a good crew though I suspect many are old Jacobites on the run from his majesties government."

'As long as they follow orders, I don't care about their sympathies," muttered Elizabeth with a hint of annoyance.

"Of that have no doubt Captain."


"If you will pardon me Captain, I have more to do before we sail," Badger saluted and moved forward on the deck.

Elizabeth stood and watched the crew make ready the ship. Like nimble monkeys they moved among the rigging while others stored and secured the powder and shot for Turner's Revenge's guns.

Some of the crew were dressed in their traditional highland dress of the belted plaid and scurried up and down the rigging not caring what parts of their anatomy was exsposed. To her surprise, Elizabeth found herself craning to glimpse what was hidden beneath the plaid.

Satisfied with the work Elizabeth retired to her cabin eager to sail with the tide on the marrow.

To Be Continued...........

Rob The BLack Douglas
28-09-2005, 03:17 AM

The crew selected by Commodore Norington did their jobs well. Turners Revenge slipped from its moorings with ease and entered the flow of the Thames without so much as a shudder.

Elizabeth stood on deck the fresh breeze whipping her hair about her face. At her side stood Badger, his eyes seeing all that went on in the rigging and on the deck.

For the first time since she had last seen Will Elizabeth felt alive. Her blood burned with a first that could not be quenched until her blade had tasted the blood of those responsible for the death of her beloved Will Turner.

Deep in thought, Elizabeth was unaware of one of her crewmen approaching.

"What do you want sailor," Badgers gravely voice shocked Elizabeth out of her daydreaming.

"Begging the Captain's pardon," the sailors voice thick and rich with his native Scots accent.

'Yes sailor," Elizabeth took a step back despite herself. The Scot was tall, well over six feet with good broad shoulders. What bits of his flesh that could be seen were covered with the faint traces of ancient wounds and battle scars.

His thick dark hair was shaggy and hung low over his eyes which were crystal blue and peircing, full of intelligence, eyes that burrowed right through a person.

"Begging your pardon Captain, but Captain Jack Sparrow made it very clear to me that I was to train you in the art of shipboard combat."

Elizabeth started to protest that she could handle herself but the Scot politely cut her off.

"Captain Jack left me with very little choice, he is deeply concerned for your safety."

"Jack Sparrow is a presumptious arse," glowered Elizabeth her eyes flashing with anger.

The Scot stood before her silent. Elizabeth turned to Badger.

"I take it you think that Jack Sparrow's suggestion is a good one?" Elizabeth cocked her head and arched her left eyebrow.

"Well Captain, yon fellow does have a fearsome reputation ashore, and it never hurts to have some skill when it comes to fighting."

Elizabeth turned and studied the Scot standing before her.

"What do they call you sailor?"

"Angus Douglas Captain," rumbled the Scot.

"Well Angus, we begin training tomarrow morning."

"Return to your duties Mr. Angus," growled Badger.

Angus saluted and with sure feet padded his way back to his duty station.

"Be careful Captain, he knows his stuff but he was out in the Fifthteen. Many in the King's regiments would love to see him hang."

'Jacobite, eh? Well Commodore Norington and Jack Sparrow both have favorable opinions of the man."

"You have the conn Badger, I'm going below."

"Aye Captain."

Elizabeth spent he rest of the day pouring over every scrap of intelligence Commodore Norington had provided.

It was with trepidation that Elizabeth presented herself to Angus for training. Angus presented her with a cutless and a dirk. With care he showed Elizabeth how to use them in tandem.

Angus was a tough task master. When ever Elizabeth made a mistake he would thump her a good one leaving a bruise as a reminder that her mistakes could result in her death if she had been in real combat. as time went on Elizabeth recieved fewer and fewer bruises.

Despite her natural quickness, Angus was quicker. He was as graceful and nimble as a cat. He weilded his two handed sword with ease.

Angus was pure powered coupled with skill and grace. Elizabeth was forced to try any trick she could think of to compensate.

As the days grew into weeks Elizabeth grew stronger and more skilled. Sometimes some of the crew would join in the practices.

To Be Continued.............

Rob The BLack Douglas
28-09-2005, 03:21 AM

The crew were in high spirits when Turner's revenge sailed into the busy harbor of Port Royal. Elizabeth and Badger took in the hive of activity as people swarmed over the ships and docks.

"The Sleeping Pig was always a favorite haunt of Jack's back in the day. Take Angus and scout it out. Jack being Jack, he'll be dropping in before you know it."

"He does have that annoying habit," murmured Elizabeth as she watched a priest saunter by flamboyantly.

Badger chuckled. " Be careful out there Captain, I wouldn't trust the lot of them even if they were swinging from a hangmans noose."

'Sounds like the candidates for parliament, Lets go Angus."

"Lead the way Captain," rumbled Angus as he slid the blade of his dirk into its sheath.

Port Royal had changed in the time Elizabeth had been away. The unwashed crush of humanity had grown in step with the growth in trade. The chatter of foreign toungues mixed with the rough English of sailors and the refined accents of the ruling aristocracy.

Angus stayed a couple of feet behind Elizabeth his eyes constantly watching for any sign of danger.

The Sleeping Pig was a rundown tavern that had seen better days. The sagging balcony was filled with soiled doves who had also seen better days.
They stared down Elizabeth but their eyes lit up at the sight of Angus. A snarl and several snaps from Angus sent the sleepers scurrying away in a cloud of fetid perfume and a rustle of dirty skirts.

Elizabeth ignored the chattering of the sleepers and made her way into the dimly lit tap room of the Sleeping Pig. Angus found an abandoned table in a dark corner for Elizabeth while he sank into the shadows out of the way.
The barmaid looking bored shuffles forward and takes Elizabeths' order, scowling until Elizabeth lays some coin on the table for the mug of local wine.

Elizabeth nearly gagged on the wine it was so sour. Grimacing she pushed the mug away from her.

Two years had almost passed since Elizabeth had last seen Jack Sparrow. She wondered if he had changed in that time. Deep down she hpoed he hadn't.

The day slowly dragged on. Angus sipped from a mug of ale between gnawing on a joint of beef. Elizabeth was starting to doze off when the door to the tavern was kicked open revealing the outline of the flamboyant priest she had seen earlier.

The tavern went quiet as the priest swaggered and swayed his way into the taproom as if moving to music only he could hear. Elizabeth smiled as the priest took the scenic route to her table.

"Pardon me father, I feel the need to confess," said Elizabeth with a smile on her lips.

"We all have things to confess love."

"How are you Jack," asked Elizabeth softly.

"Never better love, though our mutual friend Commodore Norington has kept life interesting."

The barmaid plunked down a mug of ale from which Jack drank deeply.

"The ship is ready to go and I have a crew of battle hardened Scots spoiling for a fight."

Jack spewed ale from his lips. "Scots! They're not all wearing skirts are they?" His eyes shifting back and forth.

Elizabeth laughed. "Some of them. Why, do you feel threatened?"

"Me? Threatened? No love, whatever floats your boat."

"I like them myself," said Elizabeth. "Even if some of them have no modesty at all, especially if it is windy out."

Jack leaned in peering at Elizabeth's grinning face.

"You peeked! Didn't you!"

Jack laughed out loud as Elizaeth blushed.

"Don't worry love, your secret is safe with me," whispered Jack.

"Enough of this chit chat Jack. Do you have any current information concerning the French privateer's where abouts?"

"You are an eager one love."

"Don't make me regret our partnership Jack,' said Elizabeth her left eyebrow arched.

"Just because I'm a pirate, doesn't mean I can't be trusted." Jack flashed her a dazzling smile, the candle light glinting on his gold teeth.

"Trust you? The infamous Captain Jack Sparrow, scourge of the Royal Navy?"

"Flattery will get you everything love," grinned Jack as he drained the last of his ale.

"How soon can your ship sail Jack?"

"Well," said Jack a look of extreme embarrasment on his face. "That's the one kink in my plan."

"Kink? Jack I have no time for your kinks!"

"My crew and I had a difference of opinion. They left me in Port Royal two weeks ago."

Elizabeth sighed shaking her head. "Oh Jack."

"I know love, terrible isn't it," Jack attempted to look pitifull.

"And what is this about ," asked Elizabeth indixating the priests robes.

"Better you not know love."

Elizabeth couldn't help it and broke out laughing.

"It's good to see you again Jack." With lightning speed Elizabeth's dirk flashed from her boot the blade resting lightly against Jack's throat.

"I appreciate all that you have done Jack, but I swear, if you double cross me, I'll gut you like a pig!"

"I see "Wee" Angus has taught you well." Jack hissed through clenched teeth.

" "Wee" Angus?"

"He's the runt in his family."

Elizabeth's eyes widened as she tried to picture Angus being the smallest member of his family.

Jack slowly moved Elizabeth's blade from his throat with one finger.

"Me thinks it's time to return to the ship lass."

"We sail with the tide. Jack, don't be late." Elizabeth stood and strode from the tavern Angus close on her heals.

As they approached the ship Elizabeth said to Angus," Have two men follow Jack to make sure he is on board before we sail."

"Aye Captain," grunted Angus.

"Right, let's get to it," muttered Elizabeth.

To Be Continued.........

Rob The BLack Douglas
28-09-2005, 03:24 AM

Aboard the French privateer Acheron Captain Chirac sipped his morning coffee and nibbled on a croissant while pouring over the various maps and papers confiscated earlier in the week.

Finishing his coffee and brushing the crumbs from his uniform, Chirac strode onto the deck, eyeglass tucked under his arm. He had a feeling that today was going to be a great day.

Elizabeth stared down at the snorring mass that was Jack Sparrow. Held tight to his shest was a tiny pig struggling to break free.

Badger stepped forward a pail of hot water in his hands. He looked to Elizabeth who nodded and Badger poured the buckets entire contents onto Jack.

The pig ran squealing to the far end of the ship as Jack sputtered and cursed. Elizabeth wrinkled her nose at the sour smell that wafted up off of Jack.

"I should of seen that coming," Jack said as he pulled his body up to a leaning position against the rail.

"Well Jack, you willing to follow my orders as Captain?"

"Aye, Captain," murmured Jack.

"Good, take the helm and find me that French privateer!"

"There's no living with that woman," muttered Jack as he staggered towards the helm.

Elizabeth lowered her glass and turned to Jack.

"Well done." Turning to "Wee" Angus, Elizabeth issued her orders."Run up the Dutch colors and have the men report to their duty stations and prepare to board!"

Aboard the Acheron Captain Chirac lowered his glass.

"A Dutch merchantman, she'll make a good prize Captain, " exclaimed the first officer.

"Indeed she will. Helm! Bring us along side!"

Unsuspecting the French privateer gained on Turner's revenge as Jack swkillfully sailed like a panicking merchantman. Two warning shots from the privateer made Jack sail even more erratic.

As the privateer pulled within range of her guns, Elizabeth gave the signal for the men in the rigging to spill the wind from the sails.

Caught by surprise, the privateer sped by as Turner's Revenge let loose with a deadly accurate broadside that severed the main mast and disabled the privateers keel.

Grapling lines in place, Elizabeth with "Wee" Angus at her side, and her Scots swarmed aboard ruthlessly cutting down all who tried to resist.

Captain Chirac stood on deck bloody saber in hand holding back the tide of men trying to overwhelm him.

Cutlass at the ready, Elizabeth cut a bloody path as she advanced on Captain Chirac.

"What do we have here? A pirate Queen?" Sneered Chirac as he leared at Elizabeth's blood spalttered body.

Ignoring his words, Elizabeth attacked, thrusting and slashing, pressing her attack trying to penetrate Chirac's defenses. Yet Chirac handled Elizabeth's strokes with ease. With great skill he slowly forced Elizabeth back against the rail, panting and bleeding from several cuts upon her body.

"You are a spirited young thing. I wonder if you would show as much enthusiasm in the bedroom?" Chirac's eyes devoured Elizabeth's body hinting at the delights he was envisioning.

"Never!" spat Elizabeth.

Chirac was to much for Elizabeth to handle. His skill with the sword disarmed her in seconds, his strength overpowered her as he licked his lips in lust.

Suddenly a war cry shattered the air drowning out the din of battle. Surprised Chirac spun around to see "Wee" Angus bearing down on him.
With a shout Chirac thrust his sword towards Angus who didn't flinch as he swung his mighty claymore down shearing Chirac's sword in two. Chirac was still staring at his useless blade when "Wee" Angus cleaved him in two with one stroke.

Elizabeth was still in shock when "Wee" Angus pressed her sword to her hand.

"I saw Jack Sparrow heading towards the Captain's cabin. We should hurry."

While the battle raged up on deck Jack snuck below. If his sources were correct, Chirac had in his possession a map that led to a cave full of Spanish gold.

To Be Continued............

Rob The BLack Douglas
28-09-2005, 03:28 AM

The Pirate Queen Portia and her crew of Amazons had come across two Spanish galleons beached upon some island. After a short yet fierce fight, Portia and her crew took possession of the galleons treasure.

As the pirates sailed away a Dutch frigate lucked upon them. Laden with booty and a storm rapidly approaching, the Amazon pirates made a mad dash for a smal chain of islands not to distant.

The storm struck just as the ships entered the narrow, shallow, tracherous channels of the islands. The Dutch frigate struck a reef and sank with all hands going down.

The pirate ship cracked in half spilling its cargo into the shallow channel. Many of the pirate crew perished trying to make it to shore.

After the storm had passed, the survivors deposited as much of the loot as they could in a hidden caveon the island.

Years later long after all the survivors were dead, a lone map told of the location of the cave.

"What are you up to Jack?"

Jack spun around to see Elizabeth and "Wee" Angus standing at the front of the cabin. The book of exotic engravings Jack had been holding dropped to the floor.

"Well you see,' began Jack, but Elizabeth cut him off.

"Your looking for something," Elizabeth sttod before Jack bloody sword point lightly pressing against his navel.

"Did you use my grief for your own selfish needs?!" shouted Elizabeth as she pounded her fists against Jack's chest. "Did this ship have anything to do with Will's death!"

"Wee" Angus stepped forward hand upon his sword hilt as Jack held out one hand, clenched. Slowly he opened it to reveal a ring.

Elizabeth recognized it as the one she gave Will when they became engaged. Tears flowed down her cheeks.

"Chirac kept it in a box in his desk love," said Jack quietly, as he gently held out his arms embracing Elizabeth. "He was a good lad, for a euneuch."

Despite her her tears Elizabeth laughed. "Thank you Jack," she whispered.

Stepping back and wiping tears from her eyes, Elizabeth accidently kicked the book of engravings knocking free a piece of parchment. Elizabeth reached down and grabbed it before Jack could and unfolded it.

"So this is what you were after, a treasure map!" Elizabeth shook the map in Jack's face. Jack spluttered as he tried to take the map from Elizabeth.

"I'll make you a deal Jack. Use of my ship and crew in exchange for a share of the treasure, saavy?"

Jack rocked back and forth as he studied Elizabeth's expression.

"What do I have to lose? Partner?"

"Partner." agreed Elizabeth shaking Jack's hand.

"Well, what are we waiting for?"

The End