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Rob The BLack Douglas
28-09-2005, 02:48 AM
Not all my writing is Keira related this is an example of some of the other work I do.

Rating 17+ for thematic elements and sexuality, prudes need not read. Edited to add this story contains elements of social satire which is protected under the First Amendment.

Miranda slipped as quietly as she could through the thick growth of the woods on the outskirts of the city. Her breath came in sharp gasps, loud to her ears. Dirt and grime from two days of cross country travel coated her clothes with a fine layer of grey and splatters of mud. Her hair was greasy and limp.

"Hold up love," cried out her lover Gwen.

Miranda stopped ,leaned over, her hands resting on her knee's. Gwen had dropped her tiny pack and had leaned back against the trunk of some ancient tree, her chest heaving as she sucked in the cool sweet night air.

"You think we're being followed?" asked Gwen after she had rested for a bit. She sipped water from her meager supply.

Miranda quietly chewed upon a piece of dried fruit thinking.

"No I don't think we're being followed. It's been two days, and so far we haven't seen anyone."

Miranda went silent as her thoughts turned to what would happen to her and Gwen if they were captured. Seperation, torture, and finally being shipped off to the re-education camps.

Hellholes on earth, where others like her and Gwen were locked away with others branded with the label abomination, treated as vermin only to be eradicated.

"We need to keep moving Gwen. We need to be in the city before dawn so that we are close to the safehouse."

Tired and sore, the two women shoulder their tiny packs and once more push on heading north in the hope of reaching freedom.


George Walker leaned back in his overstuffed chair sipping a fine cognac from a crystal snifter. His dark features twisted into a craggy mask of joy as he savored the lingering sensations of the pleasures he had just taken for himself.

Before him on his oversized bed cowering amid the rumpled sheets were the trembling nude forms of his latest playthings.

One sobbed quietly, her long blonde hair obscuring her features. George smiled remembering the extreme pleasure he experienced as she pleaded for him to stop. He loved his job benefits.

As the head of the Department of Vice Control, George had a difficult and stressful job. Ever since the first Bush Prophet had ascended the throne decades ago, morality in the country had been continually declining as if a plague had been unleashed upon the land.

George sighed as he poured himself more cognac. Some people never learned. It was not difficult to live by the word of the prophet, yet there were those who persisted in worshiping false gods and blastheming by engaging in acts of abomination.

George smiled at the trembling women on his bed. Doing the Lord's work was fullfilling, but the rewards here on earth were most satisfying.
George stood, tossed aside his robe, and crawled onto the bed.


Miranda peered from from within the shelter of the abandoned boxes within the alley. Cold, tired, and hungry, the two women found sanctuary just as the sun was beginning to rise.

Despite her best efforts, Gwen had nodded off asleep, her cheek resting lightly upon Miranda's chest, her breathing light and peaceful.

Miranda looked down at Gwen's angelic face, smiled, remembering the first time she had seen Gwen, the time she fell in love.

It was a storybook late summer afternoon. Miranda was at the park reading, an activity preferable to staying home while her parents drank and argued constantly and loudly. In the park she was in her own world, one filled with love and kindness, not fear and hatred.

A gust of wind blew across the park, swirling leaves driving dust, and rippling pages. Miranda pulled her thin sweatshirt tight and happened to look up.

It was love at first sight. The way the sun shone upon the girls hair, the way her curves moved beneath her clothes. There was something about the girl that made Miranda's pulse quicken.

Miranda's cheeks burned with shame and embarrassment as she ran all the way home and locking herself in her room. What had she done to feel this way towards another girl?

As she slept Gwen dreamed.

Of happy times, of laughter and fun with Miranda, of meals shared, tender moments full of passion. The first time they made love and how for that brief moment, everything was right in the world.

Miranda pulled Gwen in tight to her, sheilding her as much as she could, waiting for night to fall.


George Walker pulled his supple designer gloves on over his long thin fingers, the soft leather carressing his hands.

The night air as cold. ones breath visible under the glow of the putrid yellow street lights.

"The men are ready Minister."

George ignored the flunky who slinked back into the jagged shadows of the street to wait.

George's dark features crackled with pleasure at the thought of raiding an abomination's safehouse. His pulse raced as he gleefully pictured all they would suffer before being shipped off to a re-education camp.

"Load the men," growled george as an assistant held open the door to his car. Tonight was going to be a great night.


Night had fallen, curfew had come and gone, the moon a pale sliver in the cloud filled sky. Sickly streetlights cast a pale pallor upon the grey of the city.

In black upon black shadows, Miranda and Gwen krept from their hiding place, edging their way towards the safehouse at the end of the block.

"Is it clear love?" whispered Gwen from where she was crouched in the shadows, scared and nervous, her eyes flickering back and forth, watching for the appearance of any security forces.

"It looks clear. I haven't seen anything move outside since we arrived."

Miranda slinked back into the shadows and crouched down next to Gwen.

"It's going to be ok dearheart," whispered Miranda. "Soon the nightmare will be over and we shall be free."

Miranda gently kissed Gwen upon the lips. "Ready love?"

Gwen nods and begins to rise when the still of the night is shattered.

"Don't move," growls a voice, harsh and cold.

Fear grips Miranda and Gwen as they cling to each other crouched in the shadows, to scared to move, their bodies trembling.

The wail of sirens pierce the night as vans and cars emblazoned with the seal of the Department of Vice Control squeel to a stop, heavily armed men pouring out of them onto the lawn of the safehouse.

The door splinters open and windows shatter. The sharp crack of weaponry muffles the cries and screams of the house's inhabitants.

Miranda and Gwen watch in horror as body after body is dragged from the houseand piled upon the lawn.

The harsh voice pulls them from their shock. "TIme to go while they're occupied. we don't want to be here when they spread out and start checking the surroundings."

Miranda and Gwen didn't move.

"For f***'s sake," hissed the voice as two strong hands pulled the scared women to their feet.

To Be Continued..................

Rob The BLack Douglas
28-09-2005, 02:52 AM

"Will you two get moving!" growled the voice has the two hands pulled Miranda and Gwen to their feet and shoved them into the darkness of the alley.

"Where are you taking us," cried Gwen on the verge of tears.

"Away from here before they discover us," hissed the voice.

At the end of the alley waiting was a sleek black sedan. As they approached the rear passenger window rolled down to reveal an atractive redhead.

"I was starting to worry James. Walker has been all too successful as of late."

"The mans a f*****g pig Natalia, he doesn't know is elbow from his arsehole," grumbled James as he held open the rear driver's door for Miranda and Gwen.

"Don't underestimate him James, he didn't reach his position by being an idiot."

James grunted,closed the door after Gwen and Miranda, and sat behind the wheel of the sedan, started the engine and pulled away. The vehicle was quiet for several miles.

"How can you travel after curfew?" asked Gwen as a security cruiser passed by without pulling them over.

"Government plates," replied Natalia who smiled at Miranda. "all will be explained shortly."

Gwen held tight to Miranda as James drove the sedan into an underground parking garage. Without fanfare he opened the rear driver's side door and extended a gloved hand to Gwen.

Gwen stared at James in surprise before brushing him aside and stepping from the sedan. Natalia smiled as she opened her door.

"Don't mind James for the most part, he's harmless."

Natalia led them to a private elevator. After the elevator car had slowed to a halt, the doors slid open revealing an elegantly decorated hallway.

Waiting at the end of the hallway was a younger version of Natalia, her face aglow and smiling.

"Natalia! James! Glad to see you made it back." The woman turned to miranda and Gwen. "Believe me when I say the two of you are most welcome."

Miranda and Gwen, go with my sister Heather, she'' show you to your room while James and I prepare dinner."

Heather took Miranda and Gwen each by the arm and led them down another hallway.

"This is where you will be staying for the time being," said Heather as she opened the door to the bedroom.

Miranda and Gwen stood slack jawed as they marveled at the size of the room. The centerpiece was a massice canopied bed piled high with pillows.
Heather stopped in front of a large mirror, sliding it aside on hidden rollers revealing a large walkin closet filled with clothes.

"Help yourself to anything that fits," said Heather. "And finally over here we have the bathroom." Heather indicated the only other door in the room."after your ordeal I imagine the two of you would like to get cleaned up before dinner."

Heather stepped from the room closing the door behind her.

"Are we safe here Miranda?" asked Gwen as she scanned the room.

"I'm not sure love,"whispered Miranda, "I do know that I want a shower real bad."

Gwen looked up into Miranda's eyes and smiled.

Miranda pulled Gwen to her as the hot water cascaded down over their bodies. Their curves joining together, pieces of a puzzle connecting. Gwen's fingers caressed Miranda building a tempest of pleasure within her.
Sighs, gasps, and moans mingled with the soothing patter of the falling water. Kisses burned tracks of desire across their bodies, their hearts burning for one another.

For this brief moment, all their worries, the fears, their pains, none of it mattered. Their love was in full bloom and nothing was going to deny their expressing it.

That was unbelievable dearheart," gasped Miranda into Gwen's ear. "I love you and I always will," she whispered.

"I love you to," smiled Gwen as she cuddled up against Miranda.

"Food sounds good right about now," said Miranda as Gwen's stomach growled. "We better get dressed, I bet they're wondering what we are doing."

Gwen smiled as she stepped from the shower and grabbed a towel.

************************************************** *

George Walker stared at the pile of bodies in disgust. The whole abomination lifestyle sent shivers up his spine at the mere thought of them sharing their bodies with each other.

"Any sign of the two runaways?" asked George as he wrapped his lips around a cigar.

"Nothing minister, we've searched the entire house," replied an assistant.

George remained silent as he watched the last of the bodies being thrown on the pile.

"What do you want us to do with the bodies sir?"

"Burn 'em," growled George around his cigar.

To Be Continued..............

Rob The BLack Douglas
28-09-2005, 02:55 AM

The smells coming from the kitchen made Gwen's and Melinda's mouths water. Shyly they poked their heads into the kitchen. Heather and Natalia were setting the table and talking while James stood at the counter knife in hand, the steel a blur as he sliced and diced the vegetables for the salad.

"There you are!" exclaimed Heather as she looked up from her conversation with Natalia. "Did you enjoy your shower?"

Both Gwen and Miranda blushed causing Heather and Natalia to chuckle.

"Don't just stand there, come in and sit down," indicated Natalia waving the women in as she poured two small glass' of wine for them.

Gwen and Miranda were practically drooling at the food on the table. Penne pasta, bubbling sauce, a salad of fresh greens, homemade dressing, hot bread, soft and dripping with butter, and a large carafe of red wine.
Miranda and Gwen had never seen such food, what with the strict rationing by the government.

"Pass your plates dears," said Heather as she was dishing up her sisters and James plates. James murmured a thank you
around a mouthful of bread as Heather passed him his plate.

Miranda sneaked a close look at James. His short brown hair was flecked with grey. There was a rugged handsomeness to his face which was crisscrossed with numerous fine white scars. His eyes were an amazingly crisp blue, practically sparkling.

"Miranda your plate," whispered Gwen as she held the plate infront of her.

Miranda blushed as she took the plate. "Sorry," she whispered. James flashed her a brilliant smile which softened his rough features.

Dinner was a joyful affair filled with lively conversation and laughter. Miranda and Gwen ate until they felt as if they were going to pop.
Finally the dishes were cleared away, the last of the wine poured, even james had relaxed a little bit.

It was Natalia who changed the course of the evenings conversation.

"I know you have questions and i'll try and answer them.

Miranda looked into Natalia's eyes and saw nothing but compassion.

"Why did you rescue us? For what purpose?" asked Miranda.

"Now that is a story in itself," replied Miranda. "But I'll do my best to tell it."

"For decades our family has always worked for the Ministry. Being in a position of authority allowed us to bury many family secrets. Incuding the fact that several family members were homosexuals.

"Love is a gift that cannot be denied to anyone. At least that is what our family has always believed. For years the family worked to smuggle out of the country any who were being persecuted by the government."

Natalia went quiet for a time. When she continued her voice was much softer.

"Then the re-education camps were opened. One of our uncles was outed and shipped to the Death Valley camp. THey tortured him for months trying to make him talk. He never did.

"They exsposed him to the desert shortly after. He didn't survive long after that.

"Heather and I loved our uncle very much. We vowed to fight the system from within."

"What about James," blurted Gwen as she huddled closer to Miranda.

Natalia looked at James and smiled. "James was an orphan Heather and I adopted. He's the only one to survive the government massacre of his village.

"He's very much the brother Heather and I never had. And despite his stoney demeanor, he is one of the gentlest people I have ever known."

James mumbled something under his breath making Heather smile.

"Tell them the rest Natalia, they deserve to know," said Heather softly.

"Know what?" asked Gwen curious.

"The Department of Vice Control has been performing genetic experiments on homosexuals trying to change who they are."

Miranda and Gwen stared at Natalia shocked.

"They have not been successful. That has not kept them from continueing the experiments."

"What about those they experiment on?" asked Gwen her voice wavering.

"Most die, those who live, beg for death, their existance nothing but pain." Natalia's voiced cracked as she spoke, tears glistened on her cheeks.

"Why would they do such terrible things," cried Miranda.

"We don't know," answered Heather. "What we do know is that George Walker, head of Vice Control is behind the program."

"If I were you two, I wouldn't worry too much, we'll soon have you across the border." said Natalia.

"It's getting late," rumbled James as he stood. He turns to Gwen and Miranda. "Sleep well, I won't let anything happen to you."


George Walker closed the folder and tossed it on his desk.

"Are you confident this information is accurate?"

"Two indipendent confirmations," responded the assistant.

"Get the men together, we launch the raid in three hours."

The assistant nodded and quickly exited the office.

George leaned back in his chair and grinned. Finally afterall of these years of her efforts to curb his power and ambitions, Natalia McBride would no longer be an obstacle.

To Be Continued...................

Rob The BLack Douglas
28-09-2005, 03:00 AM

The Conclusion

Gwen and Miranda were lost in their own dreams when James roughly woke them up. Scared out their wits, they cried out as James tried to quiet them.

"What's going?" cried Gwen tears in her eyes, limbs trembling.

"We've been compromised. Vice Control is on their way to raid us. Get dressed fast. We're getting out of here." James slipped silently from the room.

Miranda slid from the bed and ran to the closet and began grabbing clothes and tossing them towards Gwen.

"Get a move on Gwen!"

"Miranda, I'm scared!" wailed Gwen.

Miranda took Gwen's face in her hands and kissed her. "I'm scared too love, but we both need to be strong."

"I wonder who tipped the son of a b***h off," growled James as he strapped on his blades.

"No time to worry about that right now," said Heather as she checked the safety on her pistol.

"Are Gwen and Miranda ready?"

"We're ready," answered Miranda as she and Gwen entered the room.
"What's going on?"

"We're not completely sure at the moment, so we're making the run for the border now," replied Natalia.

"I'm ready," grumbled James, "Let's move."

James led the group to a small elevator hidden behind a mural that had covered all of one wall.

"This is a service elevator that opens up on the other side of the garage near the sedan. When the doors open, move and move fast. The faster we are out of here the better. You understand?"

Everyone nodded and James opened the doors and the group quickly filed on board.

As the elevator neared the garage, James pulled a pistol from his jacket and handed it to Natalia. "Just in case," he murmured.

With a hiss the doors of the elevator slid open revealing the eerily quiet garage.

"MOVE IT!" hissed James as Miranda and Gwen hesitated.

Heather grabbed their arms and pulled them from the elevator as James ran ahead to scout.

"There's the car, now move!" ordered Heather as she pushed Gwen and Miranda forward.

Shouts filled the garage as Vice Control agents suddenly appeared, shots echoing throughout the garage. Car windows shattered spraying glass everywhere.

Natalia beckoned Gwen and Miranda to her, using a massive dumpster for cover while Heather kept the agents heads down with her pistol.

"Ah f**k," deadpanned James as he squatted on his heels.

"Don't worry, give James a moment and he will have us safely out of here." Natalia looked at James and nodded.

James smiled as he pulled two extremely lethal looking blades from within his jacket and slipped off.

The garage went silent. Then the screaming began. Blood chilling horendous screams that spoke of unbearable agony. Then they stopped.

"All clear, " said James appearing before the groups. Flecks of blood covered his jacket.

Natalia pulled Gwen and Miranda up and began to run towards the sedan. Miranda reached it first and flung open the rear door scrambling in crouching on the floorboard.

Heather slid in the front passengers seat as James made his way towards the drivers seat.

A lone shot rang out, Natalia's chest exploded in a spray of blood washing over the rear of the sedan. Heather cried trying to reach her sisters body as it crumpled forward to the ground. James leaped aside disappearing into the shadows.

George Walker stepped into the light, pistol in hand, barrel smoking.

"You stupid b***h, did you really think you could escape the Lord's justice?" said George as he took slow deliberate steps toward the sedan.

"How could you help these,...these abominations!" he spat out indicating the trembling Gwen and Miranda, his words foul and angry.

"Your all going to burn in HELL!"

"I don't think so," hissed James as he slid one knife blade between George's ribs and up into his heart. The pistol slipped from George's fingers and clattered to the ground.

With his other hand James slid the other blade across George's throat. With a look of disgust on his face, James tossed the limp body aside and ran to the sedan. Carefully he placed Natalia's lifeless body in the trunk of the sedan.

With a squeel of tires, the sedan tore out of the garage heading north towards the border.


Prophet Prescott carressed the cheek of the young girl at his side as he listened to the details of George Walker's death.

"it is a sad day when we lose one of the blessed servants, especially when they were murdered by the a group of abominations."

"It is clear to us that the evil influence of the abomination lifestyle has spread even further than we had expected.

"We believe sterner measures are called for. The camps have not been successful, therefor we decree that all abominations shall be rounded up for execution."

The grand hall was silent as Prophet Prescott stood.

"Come child, " he said, "it's time for my bath."

************************************************** *

Gwen and Miranda stood upon the hilltop just across the northern border, overwhelmed by the reality that had not yet sunk in, they were free.
Tears ran down their cheeks as they embraced and kissed.

Even the stoic James couldn't supress a smile at the lovers joy.

"Thank you both so much!" cried Miranda.

"I wish Natalia could be here," said Gwen fighting back another flood of tears forming in the corners of her eyes.

"She wouldn't care what happened to her as long as you made it," whispered Heather as she hugged Miranda.

James handed Gwen an envelope.

"Here's some money and directions to the people who will help you start your new life."

"You're not coming?"

James shook his head. "Heather and I have unfinished business."

"You two take care of yourselves ok?" said Heather as James held open the car door for her.

"You do the same," whispered Gwen to James as she stood on tiptoe and gently kissed his cheek.

James smiled. "See ya around kid."

The End