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Rob The BLack Douglas
27-09-2005, 03:21 AM
Juliet held Mark's face in her hands as she kissed him before running into her and Peter's flat. Mark pulled his coat tight about him and headed home muttering, "Enough, enough."

Back in the flat Juliet had snuggled up against Peter, the faint traces of Mark's lips upon hers.

"Wow, your'e postively glowing love," said Peter.

"Am I?" Juliet Looked at her husband with surprise. Thank you," as she tilted her head up to kiss him.

"Peter," said Juliet after awhile," I think we should call Mark up and have him over sometime next week."

Peter looked at Juliet surprised. "The two of you getting along all of a sudden.?"

I think we understand each other now and besides, wouldn't it be fun if the three of us did something together?"

Peter grows face grows dark,"Is there something your not telling me."

Juliet pauses as she tries to figure out what exactly to tell her husband.

"Earlier at the door, it wasn't carolers, it was Mark."

Peter sits up his arms crossed tight against his chest. "GO on."

"He confessed that he loved me,"whispered Juliet feeling as if she was betraying both her husband and his best friend Mark.

To Be Continued............

Rob The BLack Douglas
27-09-2005, 03:25 AM

"He was actually very sweet," cried Juliet. "Peter he knows I love you and that will never change!"

Peter's anger exploded as he jumped to his feet. "That bastard! How could my best mate do this!" He began to pace back and forth highly agitated.

Juliet stood and stepped in front of Peter and placed her hands upon his chest forcing him to stop. Concern and worry filled Juliet's face as she gazed up into her husband's eyes.

"Peter, please listen to me, I need you to calm down. Mark is your best friend and it is obvious that he loves you very much. Do you think that he would intentionally hurt you?"

'How would you know Juliet? Have you been seeing him behind my back?" shouted Peter his whole frame trembling with rage.

"No Peter, no! How could you say such a thing! You are the love of my life!"
Juliet placed her head upon Peter's chest tears running down her cheeks.

Gingerly Peter wrapped his arms around Juliet, holding her tight to him. Peter didn't know how he was suppose to react. Did his best mate betray him? Why was his wife scared and crying in his arms?

"Don't cry Juliet. Sit down, wipe your face and let's talk this over."

To Be Continued............

Rob The BLack Douglas
27-09-2005, 03:28 AM

Peter was much calmer now his voice soothing. Juliet sat back down on the couch sniffling and wiping away her tears.

"Now Juliet, you need to know that this is something that I'm having a hard time understandin,." said Peter.

"And I wasn't shocked when I found out after thinking for all this time he hated me?" Juliet fought back more tears. "I think Mark was afraid of what he thought you would do and reacted the way he did to protect us as well has himself. You realize he loves you very much."

"Juliet, what do you mean by 'how much he loves me?'" Peter was thouroughly confused at this point.

"You didn't notice? Peter, look at what he does for you. He does not just because you are best mates, but because he care for you very much."

Peter's head was spinning, was Juliet right? Did he take Mark's friendship for granted?

"I need time to think this over Juliet, I'm going to bed."

To Be Continued...............

Rob The BLack Douglas
27-09-2005, 03:31 AM

Mark reached his flat and threw himself into a chair. His emotions were all twisted up in a knot that was squeezing the life from his body.

How could he face Peter now that he had professed his live for Juliet? Now that Juliet knew would he have enough control over himself so as to avoid making an ass of himself?

At first he didn't realize that he was falling in love with her. To be honest he found her annoying and somewhat of a pain.

It hurt when he realized that he truly loved her. It hurt more because he knew how much Peter and Juliet loved each other.

In order to protect himself, Mark forced himself to ignore and to behave generally rude to Juliet. It worked for a while until she showed up at his flat one morning looking for video of her and Peter's wedding.

"Why do I do this to myself," muttered Mark as he stood and began stripping his clothes getting ready for bed.

To Be Continued..................

27-09-2005, 03:32 AM
Gad Zooks! You Like To Write

Rob The BLack Douglas
27-09-2005, 03:34 AM

Sleep did not come easily for Peter and Juliet. For the first time during their marriage there was an erie silence that filled their home. Breakfast was a silent affair as they both went about their normal morning routines.

Peter was on his way out of the door briefcase in hand when Juliet stopped him.

"Please don't be mad Peter," Juliet's kiss was deep and full of passion. "Have a good day at work."

Mark rubbed the last traces of sleep from his eyes cursing the weak cup of coffee in his hand as he fumbled for the keys to the gallery.

"Need some help?"

Mark turned to see an extremely sexy looking Miah standing at the bottom of the steps.

"How goes the seduction Miah," asked Mark as he pushed open the door to the gallery with his shoulder.

"On schedule, by Christmas time my boss will be putty in my hands," replied Miah as she followed Mark into the gallery.

"How's your love life going Mark?" wondered Miah as she watched Mark fumble around turning on lights.

"Eh? What did you say? My What?" shouted Mark from the far end of the gallery.

"Your love life! How is your love Life!" Miah shouted back.

The look Mark shot Miah actually made her cringe. "Well that answers that," muttered Miah as she adjusted her skirt before sitting down.

" If you really must know, it blows," replied Mark tossing his coffee cup into the trash and grabbing the days paper.

" Don't sell yourself short Mark, your a handsome chap. You do need to lighten up, your way to serious." Miah stood, blew Mark a kiss and strutted off.

To Be Continued..............

Rob The BLack Douglas
27-09-2005, 03:36 AM

Work was not going well for Peter, his thoughts kept turning back to Juliet and Mark. He kept losing his focus and had to keep starting over.
It seemed like the day would never end. It felt as if years had passed as he finally pulled on his jacket to head home, tired and worn out.

Peter did not want ot admit it, but he was dreading returning home. All kinds of scenarios filled his mind as he inserted his key into the lock. What greeted him was not what he was expecting.

All the lights had been turned down low, candles led to the dining room, the table set with their best china and lit by numerous candles. Juliet carefully raise the lit match to her lips and gently blew it out.

Her face lit up when she turned and saw Peter standing before her. Juliet squeeled with delight as she threw herself into peter's arms covering his face with sweet kisses.

"THis is not what I was expecting to find when I came home," murmured Peter still in shock.

Juliet looked into Peter's eyes her left eyebrow slightly cocked. "What were you expecting?"

"I honestly don't know"

Juliet smiled at her husband. " Come, there are things we need to talk about," said Juliet as she took Peter's hand and led him towards the bedroom.

To Be Continued..............

Rob The BLack Douglas
27-09-2005, 03:39 AM

Mark stumbled against the hallway walls as he staggered towards his bathroom.
"Just a few more steps, " he kept telling himself.

It was with blessed relief that he wrapped his arms around the comforting coolness of the toilet just as his stomach began to purge itself.

Tears running down his cheeks, Mark laid down on the bathroom rug muttering to himself, "I can't do this to myself."

Groaning Mark curled up into a ball and drifted off into a drunken slumber.

Mark's head felt as if a bagpipe band was marching back and forth between his ears. His mouth was so dry it felt as if a giant wad of cotton had been stuffed in it.

It took Mark several minutes to pull himself help and stand before the bathroom sink. Several glasses of water and six aspirin later, Mark crawled into his bed, the room dark sparing his eyes.

"Somebody please put me out of my misery," he cried as his head it the pillow.

To Be Continued..............

Rob The BLack Douglas
27-09-2005, 03:43 AM

Peter looked down at Juliet the sheets wrapped tightly around her figure. She smiled up at him her face aglow with love. Peter bent down and kissed her gently upon the lips.

"I'll talk to Mark today ok?"

"OK love," murmured Juliet as she rained kisses upon Peter's lips.

The aspirin had finally kicked in, Marks head didn't feel like the playing field for a marching band anymore. The shower felt good, cleansing the excesses of last nights misery fest.

Whistling a jaunty tune Mark poured himself a cup of high powered coffee that hit his system like a sledgehammer to the guts. He almost felt normal.
Just then the doorbell rang. Who could it be at this time of day thought Mark, it's almost one in the afternoon.

"Peter!" said Mark very surprised. " Come in, what brings you by?"

Peter looked Mark up and down taking in the ratty bathrobe and the steaming cup of coffee.

"Rough night?" asked Peter as he entered the flat.

"Yea, kinda got out of hand," murmured Mark round the cup of coffee. Peter chuckled.

"Juliet and I want you to come by for dinner tonight." Mark started to protest but Peter cut him off. "We are not going to take no for an answer."

Mark sighed. No matter how hard he tried to distance himself, they kept drawing him back.

"Ok? What time do you want me to be there?"

"Say around six thirty? Looking forward to it." said Peter slapping Mark on the shoulder. " I have to get going, work and all that."

To Be Continued...............

Rob The BLack Douglas
27-09-2005, 03:51 AM

Mark couldn't control his nervousness has he rang the doorbell. The bottle of wine he had picked up on the way over tapped against his leg.

Juliet answered the door her face breaking out in a big smile of delight when she saw Mark. She threw her arms around him and planted a kiss on his lips.

"Come in Mark, Peter's already inside." Juliet grabbed Peter by the hand and pulled him inside. Mark didn't know what to think.

"I, uh, picked up a bottle of wine on the way over," stuttered Mark holding out the wine.

"Oh, lovely Mark, it will go well with dinner." Juliet led him to the dining room where Peter was finishing setting the table.

"Here, you two chaps talk while I check on dinner."

" Get you a drink Mark?"

"Uh, no, no thank you," said Mark shaking his head. 'Uhm. what is this about?" indicating the fancy dinner settings.

"Look at it as a thank you dinner from Juliet and myself."

"I don't understand, I mean, we haven't done anything since the two of you got married."

"Sit down Mark," Peter pulled out two chairs from the table and sat in one while moyioning for Mark to sit in the other.

"Mark, we,ve been best mates for years. There is nothing that we keep from each other. And just because I'm married now does not mean that our relationship is going to change."

Mark's brow broke out in a sweat. "Peter, there's something I need to tell you before you go on," mumbled Mark as he felt his body go numb.

"What, how you truly feel about Juliet?"

"Mark jerked back in his chair, Peter had spoken softly with no anger in his voice.

"It's ok Mark, she told me. I was upset at first and I felt betrayed by both you and Juliet at the time. But Juliet made me realize something.

"YOu Mark are more than a great friend, you are part of our family."

"I don't understand, I,...,I confess my love for your wife and....I'm a blind fool aren't I?

Peter pulled his chair closer to Mark. "I was blind as well Mark, blind to what you meant to me. Juliet," Peter waved towards the kitchen," she knew better than I did. She wanted to bring you into our new family, not push you away."

" I did have to use all of my skills of persuasion to make him see the plain truth."

Mark and Peter looked up at Juliet standing with a dish towel in her hand.

"Our hope is that you feel welcome, a part of our family."

Mark leaned back in his chair and sighed. Alarmed Peter looked to Juliet who mouthed "Be patient love."

"I've been a total ass haven't I," muttered Mark.

"Don't be so hard on yourself Mark," said Juliet as she stood by Peter. "Do say yes, I don't want things to be awkward between us."

"It's not going to be easy for me you know," smiled Mark.

"I figure if you get out of hand Peter could always knock some sense into you."

Peter clapped his hands together. "A new beginning for all of us, let's toast."

Peter reached for the bottle of wine Mark had brought while Juliet gathered the wine glasses.

'To friends, and family."

The End

Rob The BLack Douglas
27-09-2005, 03:54 AM
Gad Zooks! You Like To Write

You ain't seen nothin' yet. This is just the begginning of my early work. I have an entire novels worth of material to post in the days to come.


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Can I pay you to stop

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You've just written more in this thread than Ranman has in his entire life. It's all jealousy, keep it up :D

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But trust me, you ain't never gonna reach jet's level. Except jet's posting is mostly spam ;)

Rob The BLack Douglas
28-09-2005, 03:06 AM
Can I pay you to stop

:) No. :)

Also, I've written four murder mysteries that have been performed, so basically I'm a professional. I also write a column for my local paper and hold down a full time job as well.

Writing is my stress relief.

The stuff I've posted so far is my early work and therefor are somewhat short. Wait until I get to my longer work.

At the moment I'm writing two different stories at the same time. Those can be found at my livejournal site (which you can click on in my sig)