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02-05-2005, 09:32 PM
yes i know this is an article, and there is an article thread.... but i thought since it isnt specifically keira related, it didnt really fit there...

Orlando Bloom Talks Pirates 2 and 3

Exclusive: The Kingdom Of Heaven star on the forthcoming sequels
02 May 2005

How did you spend your rather sunny Bank Holiday, readers? Did you ride on The Big One (oo-er) at Blackpool Pleasure Beach? Watch the snooker final on the telly? Or – like Empire – did you spend the day yakking to alumni from Ridley Scott's Crusades epic, Kingdom Of Heaven?

You didn't? Well, maybe it was just us, then. Full interviews with Ridley Scott, Eva Green, Jeremy Irons and the movie's swoonsome leading man, Orlando Bloom – AAAIIIIIEEEEE!!! ORLI!!!!!! EEEEEEEK!!!! – will be up later in the week, but we obviously couldn't talk to The Most Handsome Man Alive without asking him about his return to swashbuckling duties in the currently shooting Pirates Of The Caribbean sequels.

"Going back to it has been just a lot of fun," said a tanned, long-haired and wispily-bearded Bloom, who will reprise his role as blacksmith-turned-pirate Will Turner, alongside Johnny Depp's Jack Sparrow and Keira Knightley's Elizabeth Swann. "I'm trying to recapture the same character and let him develop in ways that are interesting. We're not just trying to rehash the same old thing."

That does indeed seem to be the case, for – although Bloom has yet to get fully up to speed for Pirates 3 ("We're shooting parts of three, but I still haven't seen the script!") – he did fill us in on where we meet Will at the beginning of Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (that's Pirates 2 to you lot; Pirates 3 hasn't got a pithy title as of yet).

"Umm, well, I can't give too much away," he said, mindful of the three red dots that suddenly appeared on his forehead, courtesy of the Jerry Bruckheimer-sponsored sniper team across the street, "but obviously at the end of the first movie you see him in the clutches of Elizabeth. But the course of true love never runs smooth in love in life, does it? So a few things come up and he goes off on another journey to save Elizabeth and the lives of everybody else.

"But I think he's going to assume more of the pirate's role," he continued, "and by the end of the third movie there's a few dark twists to the character of Will Turner and I think people are going to wonder what his motives are and what he's all about."

Ye Gods! What can this mean? Is mutiny ahoy? Is our Will going to turn to the Dark Side and face off against Captain Jack Sparrow? Who knows – but one thing that is for sure is that parental units are going to be involved, both Sparrow's dad, who will be played by Keith Richards ("I've heard those rumours too and I believe there may be some truth in that, yes," laughed Bloom) and Will's father, Bootstrap Bill Turner (played by Stellan Skarsgard), whose appearance might spook his son, given that he's a zombie, last heard of walking along the bottom of the ocean for all eternity.

"Well, you should see what he looks like, having come from the bottom of the ocean," said Bloom. "He looks like Stellan Skarsgard, but with a few fantastic make-up modifications. He's got some peculiar mussels and growths coming out of him."

Sounds good to us. Factor in Bill Nighy as the evil Davy Jones, the beautiful and talented and hopefully single Naomie Harris as a gypsy queen, and the Gore Verbinkski-directed Pirates sequels are shaping up to be as big a treat as their predecessor. More news as and when we get it, folks


03-05-2005, 03:46 AM
I always think he plays either prick faces or sissy boys. He can't really act to save his life.

But my god the boy is gorgeous. Can't wait to see Pirates 2 & 3, for all three of the leads.