View Full Version : Keira Knightley’s Photoshop Breast Work

16-03-2005, 04:34 PM
Movie blog Tagline, crazed with the apparent dishonesty of the Touchstone/Disney marketing department’s abuse of Keira Knightley’s chest, did a little more investigation into the issue. They uncover this quote from a Knightley interview with the Guardian:

“I was about three times the size I am now. It worried me, but it was cool, it was a body that was doing what it should do. I haven’t got a clue because I don’t weigh myself, but it was all muscle and I was big. My neck disappeared. My chest flattened even more. It wasn’t the most feminine thing in the world, but it worked for the part…”

Ah, now we get it. The marketing people were on a humanitarian mission to replace the “femininity” Keira sacrificed in the name of her craft! These are noble people. And if their act of mercy sells a couple of extra tickets to spank-happy teenage boys who wind up disappointmed at Keira’s lack of on-screen jiggle, it serves them right for showing up with the wrong intentions.

16-03-2005, 06:09 PM
Seriously now. Stuff like this goes in the Articles Archive (http://www.kkwavefront.org/forums/showthread.php?t=9) and it helps keep the board uncluttered and streamlined.

Also, sources are appreciated, so people know from where you're quoting.