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21-01-2005, 05:24 AM
Born with a healthy appetite for all things pleasurable, you intend to live life to the fullest. You don't believe in restraint of any sort, which either shocks or delights onlookers. Glamour plays a big part in your life. There's a good chance your fashion sense runs to vintage items from the thirties and forties. One thing is for sure: you dress to impress. Because you are so preoccupied with physical pleasure, you would be wise to find work that engages your senses in some way. You'd make an excellent gourmet chef, wine vendor, or chocolatier. Alternately, you could find success as a florist or par fumier. There is even a chance you could create your own fragrance. Whatever your job, it could involve luxury products that are marketed to folks with discerning tastes. Don't be afraid to learn a trade from the bottom up; it will give you the necessary skills to open your own business.

You have a strong sex drive that will not be ignored. Nothing may turn you on more than the sight of an athlete bathed in sweat. You positively can't abide prissy types. If anybody wants to capture your heart, they should defy your wishes. You absolutely love a challenge and like the idea of taming your partner. When you finally settle down, it will be for keeps. You can't help but make friends wherever you go. You like sporty, outgoing types like Ariens, Geminis, Lens, and Sagittarians. Romantically, you need a partner who is earthy but gentle. You'll know you've met someone special when you can rest your head in their lap and confide all your fears.

Your greatest challenge is to use your passionate desires in a productive way. Let your wonderful taste fund your own fabulous purchases; you are meant to live the good life. Your biggest strength is your playful attitude. Laughter and you go hand in hand.

21-01-2005, 05:50 AM
So do I just post how inaccurate it is? Where'd you find it, got no idea what its about besides being a horoscope.

21-01-2005, 06:10 AM
just for general discussion. don't suppose anyone besides keira herself is to say how accurate it really is. but i thought the part about glamour, her playful attitude and she and laughter going hand in hand (humour) are rather spot on. and becos this is a keira discussion thread i did not include the link where u can calculate your own results.