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17-01-2005, 11:44 AM
Seen it on another forum which has an IRC channel and in another bid to keep the irc channel alive, I've decided to make a quotes thread. We'll see how it goes I guess :)

To get to the IRC channel to take part, go to http://www.kkwavefront.org/chat.php where the kind admins have already setup a webpage entirely dedicated to joining the channel.

To get us running here's quote from the Ranman

(23:53:14) <Ranman> say were shareing naked pics of es, that'll get people in here

17-01-2005, 11:48 AM
[23:46]<Jet> damn my penis is so small, WTF! ?
[23:46]<Narg> wtf.
[23:47]<Ranman> Narg you done uploading those naked pics of ES ?
[23:47]<Narg> Yeah one sec.
[23:47]<Jet> Sweet, give me the link too >_<!
[23:47]<Narg> No worries :D
[23:47]<Jet> Shes so fkn hot aye.
[23:47]<Narg> yes.
[23:48]<Ranman> yes.
[23:49]<Jet> is it wrong to masturbate over size 12 new roman font ?
[23:49]<Narg> yes.
[23:50]<Ranman> yes.

17-01-2005, 11:49 AM
Oh fuck, I forgot about the editing of text thing... We'll try screenshots if this continues :P

(23:59:46) <Narg> i wont do anymore fake ones

17-01-2005, 11:54 AM
[23:51] <Jet> lets hope we don't fuck

17-01-2005, 11:55 AM
(23:59:05) <Jet> lets hope we don't fuck around with the thread before it lasts a day and a mod locks it

I think its not going to work lol...

18-01-2005, 12:41 AM
i see u intend it to be a chatroom for the boys only

18-01-2005, 12:46 AM
How'd you guess? We allow girls, but most of the time we accidently scare them off. Or at least Narg does it single-handedly.

18-01-2005, 04:28 AM
I do my best.

18-01-2005, 04:57 AM
hey, im a dumbshit when it comes to this type of thing
i just downloaded mIRC but i cannot get it to connect? it says "Unable to connect to server (Connection timed out)"
can someone hold my hand and help me get connected :)

18-01-2005, 07:25 AM
all u gotta do is in ure status window type the following:

/s irc.hwcommunity.com


/j #kkw

22-01-2005, 11:51 PM
<Jet> someone needs to tell me what pink tacos are though

Tee hee.

22-01-2005, 11:57 PM
stealing my funny irc title. bitch

22-01-2005, 11:58 PM
Just thought the non-irc cretins should share the love.

22-01-2005, 11:59 PM
id tell them to just get the fuck on irc, like i am doing now

22-01-2005, 11:59 PM
I have a modicum of tact.

23-01-2005, 12:00 AM
but lack decency

23-01-2005, 12:01 AM
Fuck off, cunt.

23-01-2005, 12:01 AM

23-01-2005, 12:02 AM
That was plenty tactful. It was said at the right time and everything, it just wasnt a terribly decent thing to say.

23-01-2005, 12:04 AM
i know it was tactful, i merely pointed it out. you know the average IQ of this forum is below the national average of paraguay

23-01-2005, 01:17 AM
I should make more stupid comments to see if anyonelse comes on IRC...

06-02-2005, 11:21 PM
* Mags has joined #kkw
<Mags> GO PATS!!!!11one
* Mags has quit IRC (Client Quit)
* Ranman`away is now known as Ranman
<Ranman> hey mags come back and argue with me
<Ranman> Patriots bite the big one

07-02-2005, 01:23 AM
<Mongo> Me Mongo
<Mongo> Me like pain
<Ranman> what kind of pain do you like?
<Mongo> Me like hitting my balls with hammer
<Ranman> wow
<Mongo> make them flat like pancakes
<Ranman> wow
<Mongo> then i like sticking railroad spike thru my penis
<Ranman> wow
<Ranman> you watching the superbowl?
<Mongo> yeah
<Mongo> pats are pussies
<Mongo> me kick all of their asses
<Ranman> wow
<Ranman> what made you such a disturbed person?
<Mongo> Micheal Jackson touched me in my private place
<Ranman> thats to bad

07-02-2005, 04:48 AM
That's really going to get attendance up.

07-02-2005, 11:13 PM
<Ranman> so micheal hows life these days
<MichealJackson> its really ruff with the trial starting
<Ranman> are you guilty
<MichealJackson> NO! NO! how could anyone think that of me
<Ranman> have you had sex with your animals on neverland ranch
<MichealJackson> ofcoarse, i love all my animals
<Ranman> why do you share your bedroom with kids
<MichealJackson> its all innocent, i love children
<Ranman> have you compared your manhood size to the kids
<MichealJackson> yes everyday
<Ranman> you have a small winkee huh
<MichealJackson> yes, sad but true
<Ranman> do you regret what you have done with the kids
<MichealJackson> NO! NO! never, i wish i could have more, do you know any kids
<Ranman> well i know a 14 year old member of KKW
<MichealJackson> whats he like
<Ranman> he lives in austrailia and is a asian
<MichealJackson> ooohhh i want him, send him to me
<Ranman> whats it worth to you
<MichealJackson> ill give everyone a new car
<Ranman> thats not enough for my little buddy
<MichealJackson> ill do or give anything
<Ranman> ill talk it over with the other members of KKW

07-02-2005, 11:55 PM
Awww what? I had to sacrifice my nuts for Liam's pinyata game and now for MJ? No thank you!

08-02-2005, 12:15 AM
For christ's sake Jet. Take one for the team.

08-02-2005, 06:27 AM
Attendance is down? That's what happens when IRC is full of British fags.

08-02-2005, 06:36 AM
There hasnt been any British fags on it since Haz left.

08-02-2005, 06:39 AM
Nothing but lies spew from your mouth.

08-02-2005, 08:45 AM
<Jet> But thats just hollow against a 14 year old kid :P
> heh
* Liam is playing: 1887 Within Temptation - Stand My Ground(The Silent Force)
> Not necessarily
> one of the blokes at work was quote 'into it as soon as he could raise it'
<Jet> lol
> good call eh :P
<Narg``> my balls are going to slam into ure asshole jet, drive them deep down into ure bowls, and we shall celebrate what is sexually know as "the dog in a bathtub" cos its fkn hard to keep em in ure tiny red rore stink hole.
<Jet> Uh... shut up Narg? :P
<Narg``> neverrrrrrrrr
<Ranman> thats should be his pick up line when we sell him for a date

08-02-2005, 08:52 AM
Girls I ask you can you get a more charming and caring person than Narg
come join us at the IRC

08-02-2005, 09:00 AM
<Narg``> uno the sexual manuver 'strawberries and cream' ?
<Narg``> when some chick is giving u a headjob, just as ure about to blow, dump the load all over her face, and then punch her in the nose
<Narg``> red blod and cum = strawberries and cream
<Narg``> oh, and also, 'the bucking bronco'
<Narg``> do some chick doggy, then half way thru, yell out "URE THE UGLIEST SLUT IVE EVER SEEN" and see how long u can stay on

Thats right you can hear this and other words of love here at the IRC

08-02-2005, 09:57 AM
(21:28:21) —› join: (MichealJackson) (Randy@ool-18bb7415.dyn.optonline.net)
(21:28:27) (MichealJackson) oh jet

OMFG MICHAEL (with incorrect spelling) is actually Randy aka Ranman, omfg!

09-02-2005, 12:37 AM
rofl, funny shit is, there not fake. >_<

09-02-2005, 03:51 AM
We wouldn't want to make the women think you were a nice considerate man when you weren't, would we?

09-02-2005, 05:36 AM
Attendance is down? That's what happens when IRC is full of British fags.

Attendance is down! LOOOOK, just look at the stupidness you guys talk about
JARAMA (http://www.lamborghini-tech.com/wiki/Lamborghini_Jarama)

09-02-2005, 11:58 AM
Its all Narg's fault. By the way, these are either stupid or funny quotes. Philosophical or theological comments such as, omfg God made men have penises, don't fit into irc quotes.

Edit: (23:53:51) (+Ranman) instead of offering 25 million for osama which hasnt worked, offer 25 camel or goats, that means something to the people over there

How's that for a sensbile, non stupid quote IBO?

09-02-2005, 01:13 PM
Attendance is down! LOOOOK, just look at the stupidness you guys talk about

Your a screaming erratic homosexual fuckwit, and i hate you.

10-02-2005, 01:44 AM
Your a screaming erratic homosexual fuckwit, and i hate you.


14-02-2005, 11:50 AM
(23:48:31) (Jet) Thank god for aeroplanes :)
(23:48:40) (Jet) Or thank Wright... whoever
(23:48:44) (Narg) ..
(23:48:49) (Narg) oliver and wilbur wright
(23:48:52) (Narg) and its spelt airoplane

Come on guys, we're funny, we can spell and we know our history. And whoever V3SO is, please reply here.

14-02-2005, 11:52 AM
[23:48] <Jet> Thank god for aeroplanes :)
[23:48] <Jet> Or thank Wright... whoever

were also ignorant piss ants who dont know sarcasm when it hits them in the dick.

[23:48] <Jet> ...
[23:49] <Jet> IRC QUOTES BABY! :P
[23:49] <Narg> jokes :P

[23:50] <Jet> dont post that, ppl will think im retarded lol!
[23:50] <Narg> you are.
[23:51] <Jet> pfft, my dick might be small, but im not retarded.

15-02-2005, 06:32 AM
Also we can edit IRC quotes to make each other look like morons. Isn't this the bunch of people you'd like to spend your hours with?

07-03-2005, 12:00 AM
* Digital_Ice feels unloved :'(
<barrington> lo
<Ranman> yoyo ice
<Ranman> you can feel loved but it depends on what kind
of love you want
<Digital_Ice> lmao
<Digital_Ice> typical, y does that always happen
<Ranman> if you want brotherly love liam is good for that
<Digital_Ice> i never get any msn messages or chat room messages,
and yet the minute i leave the room, i get swamped with them
<Ranman> if you want sisterly es is a good choice
<Digital_Ice> lol
<Digital_Ice> i get the idea!!
<Ranman> if you want little boy love we'll pack up jet and
send him over
<Digital_Ice> oooooooooooooooo k
* Digital_Ice is scared
<Digital_Ice> pack him up and send him over?
<Digital_Ice> like fed-ex stylee
<Digital_Ice> ?
<Ranman> there is always my dog humping your leg kind of love
but thats not real popular lately
<Digital_Ice> lol
<Digital_Ice> oh, i'll take the dog option please!
* Digital_Ice is joking *prays ranman isnt going to
send his dog round*
<Ranman> he's a rottwieller, your really gonna enjoy it,
if your into that kind of thing
<Digital_Ice> ok, maybee not

07-03-2005, 08:59 AM
<Ranman> my last girlfriend had a weird cat
<flightfreak> black?
<Ranman> if you opened an umbrella in front of it he would jump so high he would hit the cieling
<Ranman> it was a persain or something like that
<Ranman> i use to torture it
<flightfreak> lol, with flat face?
<flightfreak> :-D
<Ranman> he didnt have a flat face
<Ranman> when no one was looking i use to grab him by the tail and throw him across the room
<Liam> LOL
<flightfreak> LOL
<Ranman> he was a nasty cat
<Ranman> i always wanted to feed him to my dog

07-03-2005, 04:51 PM
<Digital_Ice> lmao
<apoggy> why do people say that?
<Digital_Ice> what?
<Digital_Ice> lmao??
<apoggy> arses are fully attached and vital
<apoggy> you owuld bleed to death if it were true

08-03-2005, 09:10 PM
<Jigsy> I am on '4' server(s) and opped on '7/11' channel(s) with power over '25/126' user(s) :)
[21:40] <Digital_Ice> lol, mikk, what are you on!!
[21:41] <Mikk|torpid> you an evil bastard jigzy?
[21:41] <Digital_Ice> yes he is
[21:41] <Digital_Ice> :P
[21:41] <Mikk|torpid> I'm on to something?
[21:41] <Jigsy> yes and no :)
[21:41] <Digital_Ice> little script kiddie
[21:41] <Mikk|torpid> you like kittens?
[21:41] <Jigsy> >:D
[21:41] <Digital_Ice> haahaa
[21:41] <Jigsy> yahuh :P
[21:42] <Mikk|torpid> Do you like EVIL kittens you two?
[21:42] * Jigsy drives over Digital_Ice in his peddle powered Noddy car
[21:42] * Digital_Ice meows
[21:42] * Digital_Ice is insane
[21:42] <Mikk|torpid> would you two like to be eaten by one?
[21:42] <Jigsy> I am the definition of Insane :)

10-06-2005, 11:27 AM
* Liam2 has joined #kkw
<Ranman`zzz> Liam2? give leonie's computer back to her
<Liam> hush
<Ranman`zzz> hush?
* Ranman`zzz pokes liam in the eyes
* apoggy has joined #kkw
* ChanOP sets mode: +o apoggy
<Ranman`zzz> lo
* apoggy yawns
* Ranman`zzz is now known as Ranman
<Ranman> yawning, is that your way of saying i'm boring you
<apoggy> yes, of course
<apoggy> you after all dont have (woman) breasts
<Ranman> yeah, like you would know what to do with them if I did :)

16-06-2005, 01:12 PM
<Ranman> getting ready for work
<Ranman> so how goes the new job
<Leonie> more puking people in severe physical distress?
<Leonie> I haven't started yet
<Leonie> but I signed my contract today
<Ranman> yep
<Leonie> I'll be starting next Wednesday
<Ranman> good
<Leonie> mmhmm
<Leonie> I'm glad I finally have a job
<Leonie> and it's a pretty fun one too
<Ranman> i want a new one
<Ranman> beach bum sounds good
<Leonie> yeah
<Leonie> you're like a tourist attraction then
<Leonie> black-tan Ranman
<Leonie> it's got a nice ring to it
<Ranman> lol
<Leonie> seriously, I'd go for it
<Ranman> you talked me into it, beach bum here i come
<Leonie> woohoo
<Leonie> promise me one thing though
<Ranman> ?
<Leonie> NO speedos
<Ranman> why
<Leonie> because, and I quote Liam, speedos are the work of satan
<Leonie> and in my own words
<Ranman> i always in speedos on the beach
<Leonie> they're like a car accident
<Leonie> you have to look
<Leonie> I'm sorry if I have offended you
<Leonie> this is just my perspective
<Ranman> no
<Leonie> and as you are a long way away, I won't have to look
<Ranman> im laughing
<Leonie> even if you do wear them
<Leonie> but... if you are going for the speedos look, then why not opt for the star-y bikini eh?
<Leonie> guaranteed to make your rates go up
<Ranman> lol
<Leonie> I mean, sure, you have to have the right body for it
<Ranman> theres a nude beach 3 miles away
<Leonie> how did we go from bikini to nude?
<Leonie> you want world-record high rates, don't you?

21-06-2005, 10:08 PM
[23:04] <@Liam> Aangezien ik een metalhead ben, houd ik van het offeren van maagden en drink ik geitenbloed in mijn vrije tijd.
[23:04] <@Liam> hreh
[23:04] <@Liam> Ik ben ook geneigd bij sociale aangelegenheden aan te komen in nieuwigheids hoeden.
[23:05] <Foeni> I'm way too lazy to try and translate that...
[23:05] <Foeni> I probably would get the meaning if I tried
[23:05] <@Liam> Since I'm a metalhead, I like to sacrifice virgins and drink goats blood in my spare time.
[23:05] <Foeni> :)
[23:05] <@Liam> I'm also partial to arriving at social gatherings in novelty hats.
[23:05] <Foeni> That's easier...

13-07-2005, 10:38 PM
[23:34] <@Liam> For I am the Joseph Stalin of the boards
[23:34] <@Liam> Baz is Hitler
[23:34] <@Liam> Poggs is Margaret Thatcher

13-08-2005, 10:30 AM
<Bait> whats a wamker?
<Ranman> look in a mirror
<Bait> thats nice you dedicated a whole word to me :)
<Bait> i love you
<Bait> can i bear you children?
<Ranman> fag
<Bait> its not gay if the balls dont touch
* Ranman slaps bait around with his dirty keyboard
<Bait> i love pain
* Bait wishes ranman would hit me harder and bring out the whip...its about time
* Ranman runs bait over and over again with his car
<Jet> Great, we've got BDSM buddies
<Bait> jet you game for some of this action?
<Jet> No thanks
<Bait> dont fucking lie
<Bait> you were begging for it last night
<Bait> nows your chance
<Jet> 3's a crowd, you two can get it on all you want
<Bait> take off your shirt and get on your knees im going to flog you
<Ranman> how gay
<Ranman> pedophile!
<Bait> dude its cool
<Bait> he turns 12 next month
<Jet> Wouldn't it be child abuse?
<Bait> um...
<Bait> who gives a fuck
<Jet> Me
<Bait> why?
<Bait> are you planning on doing a 11/12 year old and need to know the laws?
<Bait> so you can choose whether or not you do it
<Bait> i dont worry about that
<Bait> i have morales
<Bait> 7th grade and older only

14-08-2005, 01:39 PM
[14:19] * God (###############) has joined #kkw
[14:19] <@Liam> oh my shit!
[14:19] * @Liam falls on his knees
[14:19] <God> heh

19-11-2005, 01:14 AM
<Ranman> i wonder where the aussie wankers be
[02:05] * Jet (#####) has joined #kkw
[02:05] * ChanOP sets mode: +oq Jet Jet
[02:05] <Digital_Ice> haahaahaaa
[02:05] <Digital_Ice> impecable timing
[02:06] <~Jet> I'm helping out my mate on another server...
[02:06] * Ranman tackles jet and tries to anal rape him

19-11-2005, 01:20 AM
[02:11] <Ranman> fuck duckula! fuck him in the ass with a big rubber dick!
[02:14] <Ranman> my dad needs a big rubber dick right in the ass
[02:14] <Ranman> why are you talking (this was directed at jet)
[02:14] <Ranman> you should be crying from the anal rape

ah, such politeness from the democrat there...

20-11-2005, 06:22 AM
[07:03] <Ranman> bait you cocksucker
[07:03] <Bait> ...
[07:03] <Bait> we circle jerked tonight
[07:03] <Bait> tomorrow is blow job night dumbass
[07:03] <Ranman> how am i suppose to sleep with a perv like you around
[07:04] <Ranman> go suck jet off
[07:05] <Bait> you are just mad because i didnt let you suck my dick the other night
[07:05] <Bait> you cant have my cock when ever you please
[07:06] * Ranman tackles bait and sticks a plunger up his ass

please.... somebosy... connect to IRC and talk about something slightly more interesting than this... see what i have to put up with!

20-11-2005, 08:26 AM
It's great exam preparations keep me off IRC.

20-11-2005, 09:29 AM
[07:04] <Ranman> go suck jet off
It's great exam preparation...

whatever floats your boat...

20-11-2005, 10:01 PM
A riot is about to break out on irc.....

[22:27] <Ranman> he banned me
[22:27] <Ranman> lol
[22:27] <+Digital_Ice> HEH
[22:27] <+Digital_Ice> WOAH
[22:27] <+Digital_Ice> CAPS
[22:28] <Ranman> i wonder how longed im banned for
[22:29] <+Digital_Ice> 3 days
[22:30] <Ranman> what a fag, they insulted me and i reply and get banned
[22:30] <aspro> Howdy, I'm alright, studying for my last two exams, woo!
[22:30] <aspro> :P
[22:30] <Foeni> unless you've broken any rules it's unfair
[22:30] <Foeni> talk to liam
[22:30] <+Digital_Ice> you sed his gf had balls!!
[22:30] <+Digital_Ice> erm
[22:30] <+Digital_Ice> rule 8)
[22:30] <+Digital_Ice> the admins are always right
[22:30] <Ranman> she called me names
[22:31] <aspro> ooo kkw drama, I should check it out :)
[22:31] <+Digital_Ice> lol
[22:32] <Ranman> 10:28 PM] apoggy: wouldnt be surprised, the pussy
[22:32] <Ranman> [10:27 PM] apoggy: He obviously is too scared and has run away
[22:33] <Ranman> they made fun of me first
[22:33] <Ranman> and i asked a fair question
[22:33] <Ranman> poggs have a girlfriend? right lol
[22:34] <Ranman> you know her (his) sack are just as large as poggys
[22:35] <Foeni> I would understand it if Ranman had just for no reason started flaming poggs.. but poggs started it... Then it's not fair to ban
[22:35] <+Digital_Ice> chill dudes
[22:35] * Erinbo (mistress_t@hwc-DECCC6BB.nsw.bigpond.net.au) has joined #kkw
[22:35] <+Digital_Ice> its three days!!
[22:36] <Erinbo> hello all
[22:36] <Ranman> i told you poggs, ducky and cliff are all pissed at me
[22:36] <+Digital_Ice> kkw is full of crap atm anyway
[22:36] <+Digital_Ice> lo erinbo
[22:36] <Ranman> its jet
[22:36] <Thaya> Helo
[22:36] <Erinbo> making the crap?
[22:37] <+Digital_Ice> ?
[22:37] <Erinbo> oh its Pygmalion btw
[22:37] <Erinbo> i meant, is it Jet who is making KKW shite
[22:38] * aspro throws on: Muse - Hullabaloo (DVD)
[22:38] <+Digital_Ice> heh
[22:38] <aspro> is muse still the KKW favourite?
[22:38] <Foeni> for three days or not, it's the principle
[22:38] <Foeni> Ranman: you're still listed as currently active users
[22:39] <aspro> heh, once upon a time this channel was full of muse nuts :P
[22:39] <+Digital_Ice> lol
[22:40] <+Digital_Ice> one apon a time irc was buzzing every night
[22:40] <aspro> yeah, 14 or so each night :)
[22:40] <Erinbo> hah
[22:40] <Foeni> not anymore... that's for sure
[22:40] <+Digital_Ice> lol
[22:40] <+Digital_Ice> its me ranman and kahn 90% of the time
[22:41] <aspro> kahns allways in here
[22:41] <Foeni> that's why I rarely show up anymore ;)
[22:41] <Ranman> you know whats the worst thing about it, bait is laughing at me
[22:41] <aspro> like since 2003 every time ive been in here she/he is
[22:41] <+Digital_Ice> kahn idles
[22:41] <+Digital_Ice> so do i
[22:41] <+Digital_Ice> but 90% of the time its active
[22:40] <+Digital_Ice> its me ranman and kahn 90% of the time
[22:41] <aspro> kahns allways in here
[22:41] <Foeni> that's why I rarely show up anymore ;)
[22:41] <Ranman> you know whats the worst thing about it, bait is laughing at me
[22:41] <aspro> like since 2003 every time ive been in here she/he is
[22:41] <+Digital_Ice> kahn idles
[22:41] <+Digital_Ice> so do i
[22:41] <+Digital_Ice> but 90% of the time its active
[22:41] <+Digital_Ice> im talking
[22:41] <+Digital_Ice> thats the difference
[22:42] <aspro> I am the lurking master :P
[22:42] <aspro> but I humbly bow before the great kahn
[22:43] <+Digital_Ice> lol
[22:44] <Foeni> you should all bow before me
[22:44] <Ranman> why am i listed as a active user?
[22:44] <aspro> you're at the site?
[22:45] <+Digital_Ice> shut up about it already
[22:45] <Foeni> it probably show active user for the last 15 minutes or so
[22:45] <+Digital_Ice> its 5 minutes
[22:45] <+Digital_Ice> not 15
[22:45] <Ranman> your not the one who got unjustly banned
[22:46] <Foeni> poggs and cliff is addicted to their power
[22:46] <Ranman> its the point
[22:46] <+Digital_Ice> SHUT THE FUCK UP ALREADY!!!!
[22:46] <+Digital_Ice> :)
[22:46] <Foeni> take it easy digi
[22:47] <Foeni> Or I might unjustly ban you from kkw
[22:47] <Foeni> kkf
[22:47] <+Digital_Ice> heh
[22:47] <Foeni> *
[22:47] <+Digital_Ice> i'll take back my domain name!!
[22:47] <Foeni> fuck
[22:47] <Foeni> never mind then
[22:47] <Foeni> :P
[22:47] <Foeni> darn
[22:47] <Foeni> digi is in total control
[22:48] <aspro> He is sympathetic with other brutal dictators obviously :)

you know what.... this was a lot more interesting when it happened that how it looks here... trust me

20-11-2005, 10:58 PM
A riot is about to break out on irc.....

[22:41] <Ranman> you know whats the worst thing about it, bait is laughing at me
[22:41] <Ranman> you know whats the worst thing about it, bait is laughing at me

you know what.... this was a lot more interesting when it happened that how it looks here... trust me

haha...ranman cares about me :icon_redf

and i remember what aspro was talking about where we had narg mandy jet him me glare kahnatic of course liam and amishka pretty much the whole time.

21-11-2005, 12:37 AM
Dang, missed Erin. Know what quells a riot? A mass kick ban. Booyah. Next week I am so ruling IRC with an iron fist... but for now more exam revision (not fucking oral sex Ice). Just chill out and take pills or something geez. There's finally something to mod and I'm busy. Liiiam pleease?

Edit: Oh and Baz, since you two have AOP around there. I am so not a dictator.

02-12-2005, 06:06 PM
We were here, Where is this Iron Fist you were talking about?

04-12-2005, 12:19 PM
My cousin's baby daughter provides more laughs than you nuts.

05-12-2005, 05:32 PM
What makes me laugh is you playing with yourself with an Iron Fist

29-01-2006, 11:50 AM
Ranman> ello chrisiera
<Chrisiera> Hello hello!
<Chrisiera> Is there any fun here?
<Ranman> you a member of kkw?
<Chrisiera> No.
<Ranman> fun? alawys
<Chrisiera> Aint i'm allowed to be here ? ;-(
* Ranman throws a rock at yeraus
<Ranman> your allowed to be here
<yeraus> dont like the rock :(
<Ranman> take it like a man
<Chrisiera> Yeraus: Are you like King Kong?
<yeraus> nop just a simple but good man.
<yeraus> ranman thinks i'm a pervert
<Ranman> you are lol
<Chrisiera> Pervert?
<Chrisiera> Yeraus: are you like 50 or ?!
<Ranman> he wants to have sex with emma watson
<yeraus> No i'm 19 .. minipervo then ;)
<Ranman> liam's 50
<Chrisiera> With Emma? I think she has a boyfriend already -;)
4 years are not so much but 19 to 15 is more then 20 to 25 for sure.
<yeraus> Yeah i know but i never said i wanna have sex with her.
<yeraus> just said she loooked more like woman in 4th potter.
<Ranman> 20-25 live happily ever after...15-19 live
happily ever after in jail being raped by big black guy named bubba
<Chrisiera> Sure -:) It's always easy to put that way afterwards ..
<Ranman> es?
<yeraus> Hmm none is beleaveing me :( *cries*
<Chrisiera> Ranman: That line was really fun i think.
* yeraus was kicked by Ranman (get over it and learn how to spell)
<Ranman> wehat line?
<Chrisiera> "20-25 live happily ever after...15-19
live happily ever after in jail being raped by big
black guy named bubba"
<Chrisiera> Are you not to rotten to him now :-)?
<Ranman> well you made it sound like 15 and 19 yo were ok
<Chrisiera> Me?
<Ranman> he enjoys being kicked
<Ranman> yea
* yeraus has joined #kkw
<yeraus> ranman: i think i see the point now
<Ranman> lol
<Ranman> your here for my entertainment, nothing more
<Chrisiera> Not okey but if the love is strong enough
there is hard case.
<Ranman> when its 15 and 19, theres a hard boner
awaiting you in prison
<Chrisiera> Then that is a real case :-)
<Ranman> you f/m
<Chrisiera> F!
<Ranman> oh
<Chrisiera> you?
<Chrisiera> :_)
<Ranman> things are differeny for you
<Ranman> guess
<Chrisiera> It was a bad joke.
<Ranman> different*
<Chrisiera> Yes a little.
<Ranman> if a 15 yo boy has sex with a 19 yo girl, he's a hero
<Chrisiera> For himself or his friends :-)?
<Ranman> both
<Chrisiera> Are you speaking of yourself now ?
<Ranman> well it did happen to me that way
<Ranman> but that was 10 yrs ago
<yeraus> sucker ranman :)
<Ranman> my first time was with one of my older sisters friends
<Chrisiera> So you are not a hero then. Then you are
10+15=25 (Mathpro).
<Ranman> i was then :)
<Chrisiera> Oh shit i didn't read friends in the first place.
<Chrisiera> i did get a little frightened
<Ranman> about what?
<Chrisiera> I read : " my first time was
with one of my older sisters"
<Ranman> sicko
<Ranman> get glasses
<Chrisiera> Yeah good idea.
<Chrisiera> So you were 25 or?
<Ranman> you dont pay attention much do you
<Ranman> im 25 now
<Chrisiera> Not for just that moment.
<Chrisiera> Okey.
<Ranman> ok
<Chrisiera> Dont you read wrong sometimes? Just
the first time then you read again and then you see your misstake
<Ranman> no im perfect :)
<Ranman> lol
<Chrisiera> Really?
<Ranman> joking
<Chrisiera> I have always wanted to meet a perfect guy.
<Ranman> well your talking to him
<Ranman> Digital_Ice is the most perfect man on earth
<Chrisiera> Didn't believe i should meet him in a charoom.
<Chrisiera> Are you gay?
<Chrisiera> chatroom
<Ranman> why would you say that?
<Chrisiera> What?
<Ranman> the gay comment
<Chrisiera> " Digital_Ice is the most perfect man on earth"
Just sounded a little fun in my weird ears.
<Ranman> well its the truth
<Digital_Ice> wtf
<Digital_Ice> ?
<Ranman> and im not gay
<Digital_Ice> ...?
<Ranman> liam and i had a sword fight once, but thats another story
<Chrisiera> LOL
<Chrisiera> <Ranman> fun? alawys : you were so right.
<Chrisiera> Why is Digital_Ice so perfect then?
<Ranman> why does the sun rise every morning
<Digital_Ice> because it has too
<Chrisiera> Because the earth spins round it's own axle.
<Digital_Ice> axle??
<Digital_Ice> :P
<Chrisiera> Yepidepi
<Ranman> another brain surgeon
<Chrisiera> Digital_Ice: How old are you?
<Digital_Ice> ....
<Digital_Ice> y?
<Chrisiera> ....?
<Digital_Ice> ...18
<Digital_Ice> you?
<Chrisiera> is it like digital? 1111?
<Chrisiera> I'm 20.
<Ranman> humm keira's age
<Chrisiera> humm ok.
<Ranman> convo's gone dead
<Chrisiera> ?
<Ranman> where do you live
<Chrisiera> What does it matter for you where i'm living? ;-)
<Ranman> too tough of a question
<Ranman> im just asking
<Ranman> friendly conversation
<Ranman> im from new york
<Digital_Ice> hreh
<Chrisiera> really? :)
<Ranman> ice is my brittish brother
<Digital_Ice> hreh
<Digital_Ice> upgraded to two t's i see
<Ranman> im tired
<Ranman> hreh
<Chrisiera> I have a brittish brother too.
<Ranman> so where you from christine
<Digital_Ice> im not actually his brother btw..
<Chrisiera> But he is more analogue :-)
<Digital_Ice> ...
<Ranman> anal what?
<Digital_Ice> 01110000011001100110011001110100001011100010111
00010111000100000011100110110001101110010011001010 11101110010
<Digital_Ice> translation: pfft... screw you!
<yeraus> opposite of digital
<yeraus> ranman cant run
<Ranman> yeraus you acting up again
<Chrisiera> yeraus: That's true.
<Ranman> why would i run?
<yeraus> well i coulndt sleep
<yeraus> dont know
* yeraus was kicked by Ranman (Ranman)
<Ranman> maybe he can sleep now
<Chrisiera> Weird guy.
<Chrisiera> Where i live?
<Ranman> yeah
<Chrisiera> it depends.
<Ranman> whats the big deal
* Tabrasa has joined #kkw
<Ranman> its gary sinise
<Tabrasa> Chuckle, evening folks, how goes it?
<Ranman> it goes well
<Chrisiera> not so well here.
<Tabrasa> Taking a break from World of Warcraft,
just had a rather nasty pickup group with a couple of
impatient players who kept getting us killed
<Tabrasa> Oh no, what's up Chrisiera?
<Ranman> dont get off the discussion chris, where are you from
<Chrisiera> Tabrasa : Ranman nags.
<Ranman> thats right and im proud of it
<Ranman> lets play 20 questions
<Tabrasa> Laugh, points to Wendy & Nicky upstairs
playing WoW and whispers "I know about nagging"... shhhhh
<Ranman> are you in america?
<Chrisiera> what do you wanna know? where i was born or where i'm now?
<Ranman> dam
<Ranman> where are you now
<Ranman> in america?
<Chrisiera> sorry can't say.
<Ranman> i know your afraid of being tracked by the irc stalkers
<Ranman> where were you born?
<Chrisiera> England.
<Ranman> ok ok good now where getting somewhere
<Chrisiera> Maybe -:)

29-01-2006, 11:52 AM
<Tabrasa> irc is a minimal worry, find the registered
government child-molester website and look up your area
for regsitered offenders, THAT will scare you, internet
is bottom of the barrel for personal danger.. laugh
<Ranman> do you like english muffins?
<Chrisiera> when does the sex question comes?
<Tabrasa> meaning nothing to be scared of here...
<Ranman> 17 and 18 if you must know
<Ranman> do you like english muffins?
<Tabrasa> sex? what's that? have no idea, just ask
my son, Dad is totally clueless of the real world =)
<Tabrasa> Tried to have a talk with him and wound
up pulling out a notepad and taking notes... snicker
<Chrisiera> I love muffins
<Ranman> good good were narrowing things down
<Chrisiera> what about you?
<Ranman> love em
<Tabrasa> Ranman, you a NY native?
<Ranman> yeah
<Ranman> long island
<Ranman> question 3
<Tabrasa> Colorado native here, but live in Texas,
and NO I didn't vote for Bush (shudder)
<Ranman> bush sucks
<Tabrasa> agree 110 percent
<Ranman> question 3 do you like our president Bush
<Tabrasa> Where in England Chrisiera? I used to live
there myself long ago whilst serving in the US Air Force
<Ranman> she wont say, national security reasons
<Chrisiera> ranman : did you said to me?
<Tabrasa> Never heard of that one, and I held a
TS-SCI TK/G for 14 years
<Ranman> i did ask question 3
<Ranman> hreh
<Chrisiera> I see.
<Tabrasa> Top Secret - Special Compartmentalized
Information, Tango-Kilo/Gamma level security clearance.
By the way, this is not a secure medium... snicker
<Chrisiera> And not i do not like him.
<Chrisiera> does you?
<Chrisiera> ops
<Chrisiera> do you?
<Ranman> you just moved up in my book
<Ranman> i hate him
<Ranman> question 4 in restrooms do you prefer papertowels or
that hand dryer blower thingy
<Chrisiera> haha
<Chrisiera> are you serious?
<Tabrasa> You'd LOVE where I work Ranman, bunch of Bush fanatics,
with pictures of him and bumper stickers all over the parking lot.
<Ranman> shoot them
<Tabrasa> Well it IS Houston Texas, I'm outnumbered
<Ranman> and yes im serious
<Tabrasa> Redneck homeland
<Ranman> texas
<Chrisiera> papertowels
<Chrisiera> you?
<Ranman> we should let the south win the cival war
<Ranman> the paper
<Chrisiera> okey.
<Tabrasa> Papertowels are best because instead of throwing it in the
trash, I use it to nab the handle to open the bathroom door on the
way out, hence NOT grabbing the handle grabbed by those that do not
<Chrisiera> blower thingy can be full of shit -:)
<Ranman> question 5 what show do you like better law and order
(the original) or special victems unit
<Tabrasa> ugh... ate too much pizza
<Chrisiera> ranman
<Ranman> yes?
<Tabrasa> I've never been to New York. Closest I've ever
otten was Michigan and and North Carolina
<Chrisiera> Special Victims Unit
<Ranman> ny is great
<Chrisiera> and ou?
<Chrisiera> you
<Tabrasa> I'd like to visit sometime
<Ranman> my choice too
<Ranman> question 6 who (in your opinion) does more drugs Bart S
impson or wyle e coyote
<Chrisiera> ok :)
<Tabrasa> Take Nicky to go see New York, as she's
from Cape Town South Africa, would be kewl to go together.
<Chrisiera> Haha!
<Ranman> sa new will be a treat
<Chrisiera> It depends what kind o drugs.
<Chrisiera> But i think wyle e coyote.
<Chrisiera> you?
<Ranman> crack
<Ranman> correct!!
<Chrisiera> correct?
<Tabrasa> I've been to Cape Town and Johannesburg,
I think New York would blow her away....
although she did live in London for six years,
but London doesn't overwhelm you, it kinda sprawls
<Ranman> that dam coyote drives me crazy
<Chrisiera> Haha! :-)
<Chrisiera> question nr 1:
<Ranman> question 7 whats better friday night or saturday night
<Chrisiera> coffee or tea?
<Ranman> tea
<Ranman> i never drink coffee
<Tabrasa> Sat night for me, since Fridays I get
all my chores out of the way so I can relax and
enjoy the rest of the weekend. Tea, Chai, splenda
and fat free half & half.
<Ranman> i dont drink much tea either
<Ranman> i like pepsi for my caffine
<Chrisiera> it depends
<Tabrasa> You traveled much Ranman?
<Chrisiera> my friday is nice if you have the weekend off.
<Ranman> cali, vegas, fla
<Chrisiera> but saturday night is saturday night :)
<Ranman> correct friday because saturday is tomorrow
<Chrisiera> yes.
<Tabrasa> Who's your favorite authors?
<Ranman> question 8 what movie would put you to sleep faster.
the english patient or brokeback maountain
<Chrisiera> Hmm.
<Ranman> its a trick question, they're tied
<Chrisiera> Both are great movies i think
but maybe brokeback maountain :)
<Chrisiera> Hard to sleep when Ralph is in a movie :)
<Tabrasa> Havn't seen either, probably won't
<Chrisiera> He has so much charisma.
<Tabrasa> Ranman, you a big Keira fan?
<Chrisiera> ranman: what about you?
<Ranman> i like her if you must know
<Ranman> what about me?
<Tabrasa> I like her too, but I LOVE Mila Jovavich...hehehe
<Chrisiera> question 8 what movie would put
you to sleep faster. the english
patient or brokeback maountain
<Ranman> i said it a tie, 5 minutes andim out
<Ranman> question 9 who was the better James Bond..
Peirce Bronson or Timothy Dalton
<Chrisiera> 5 min?
<Ranman> yep
<Chrisiera> why?
<Ranman> boring
<Chrisiera> because of me?
<Ranman> no the movies
<Tabrasa> 5 min and he's out of the movie
<Chrisiera> Aha!
<Tabrasa> not 5 min and he's leaving chat
<Chrisiera> Sorry !
<Ranman> 5 minutes and im sleeping watching those movies
<Chrisiera> Don't like drama movies?
<Ranman> good ones yeah
<Tabrasa> I think I'm going to talk to Wendy about
giving Baz the KK domain. Think that would make him happy?
<Tabrasa> If I can talk her into it
<Tabrasa> Should be able to
<Chrisiera> pierce brosnan i think
<Chrisiera> you?
<Ranman> im sure baz will be gratefull
<Ranman> correct
<Chrisiera> sean connery is still best i think.
<Tabrasa> Agree
<Ranman> question 10 apple pie... hot or cold served?
<Ranman> dont try to be pc, connery was an old fart
<Chrisiera> warm!
<Chrisiera> you?
<Ranman> correct
<Tabrasa> OMG, hot, with vanilla ice cream
<Tabrasa> Not PC, I really liked Connery
<Ranman> the next 10 questions will have to wait till next time, im so tired
<Chrisiera> :(
<Tabrasa> What time is it there, after 11?
<Ranman> so far your score is......
<Ranman> 4
<Chrisiera> 4?
<Chrisiera> not good
<Ranman> 1030
<Ranman> fours great
<Ranman> the answer is always 4
<Tabrasa> Right, EST, same as my sister.. smacks forehead
<Chrisiera> haha!
<Chrisiera> ranman: do you have any children?
<Ranman> nope
<Chrisiera> ok
<Ranman> i just got engaged
<Tabrasa> Grats!
<Ranman> over the holidays
<Ranman> thanks
<Tabrasa> on my third marriage here... lalalala
<Ranman> poor guy
<Chrisiera> Cool! congratulations to you and her.
<Ranman> thanks
<Tabrasa> Second wife still here though
<Tabrasa> laugh, if you read my post
<Tabrasa> where that dave guy gets all reactionary, he's an angry young man
<Ranman> he sure is
<Chrisiera> ?
<Tabrasa> Talking about the forums on the website
<Ranman> the KKW wavefront
<Tabrasa> guy named dave, who's posts kinda shoot from the hip so to speak
<Tabrasa> reacts more than thinks it seems
<Tabrasa> although it does liven up the conversations
<Tabrasa> 18 more days and I'll be 38 (hides from the rapidly approaching 40)
<Tabrasa> cowers under rock
<Ranman> 40? you need to talk with hasselbrad
<Ranman> he;s like 134 or something
<Tabrasa> hehehe, my oldest brother is 59, got the age spread in the family
Tabrasa> Mom was 21 when she had him, and 43 when she had me
<Ranman> 40, i dread that day, hopefully bush will kill me by then
<Tabrasa> I have neices my age, really weird being called uncle by someone your same age
<Tabrasa> Well I'm in the best shape I've ever been in my entire life, including my military years, so feeling pretty good for almost 40
<Tabrasa> Dropped my waist from 44 inches to 32 inches, my cholesterol from 273 to below 140, blood pressure and sugars are dead normal now... gonna try to keep it up.
* Chrisiera has quit IRC (Quit: bye)
<Tabrasa> You fall asleep Ran?
<Ranman> not yet but getting close
<Tabrasa> Get some sleep man, I'm gonna go check on the girls and make sure they havnt' killed each other over teh game
<Tabrasa> laters man (tips hat)
* Tabrasa has quit IRC (Quit: )
<Ranman> cya

29-01-2006, 12:00 PM
Did you post that because it was interesting or it's the longest IRC conversation you've had in a long time? Who's the peeps?

29-01-2006, 12:13 PM
I know you said it was supposed to be hilarious and all. But man, I can't be fucked to read all of that.

31-01-2006, 12:18 AM
i recently stopped by, but no active users were about. shame.

22-05-2006, 03:12 PM
[16:10] * Jesus Quit
[16:10] <&Mandy> hahaha
[16:10] <~Digital_Ice> bye jesus
[16:10] <&Mandy> see ya Jesus
[16:10] <~Digital_Ice> lol
[16:10] <mehrdad> who is jesus?
[16:10] <~Digital_Ice> he's the son of god
[16:10] <&Mandy> you heathen.
[16:10] <~Digital_Ice> lmao

22-05-2006, 04:19 PM
<Ranman> fuck you
<Ranman> fuck you in the arse with a big rubber dick

22-05-2006, 04:35 PM
[17:34] <&Mandy> ..attomic fallout..
[17:34] <&Mandy> ..throbbing member..
[17:34] <&Mandy> ..blue veined glass cutter..
[17:34] <&Mandy> ..frothing minge..
[17:34] <&Mandy> ..hair pulling..
[17:34] <&Mandy> ..deep pennetration..
[17:34] <&Mandy> ..double pennetration..
[17:34] <&Mandy> ..thrashing..
[17:34] <&Mandy> ..pounding..
[17:34] <&Mandy> ..panting..
[17:34] <&Mandy> ..pulsing..
[17:34] <&Mandy> ..straining..
[17:34] <&Mandy> ..thrusting..
[17:34] <&Mandy> ..erupting..
[17:34] <&Mandy> ..screaming..
[17:34] <&Mandy> ..sleeping..
[17:34] <&Mandy> nite nite.

22-05-2006, 04:57 PM
<Mandy> double penetration?
<Mandy> you virgin
<Ranman> what?
<Mandy> you dont know what it is
<Ranman> he has 2 cocks
<Mandy> lololol
<Mandy> i can't believe you posted that
<Mandy> hahaha
<Mandy> that's great
<Ranman> he pumps the cunt and the rump at the same time
<Mandy> normally happens when you're doing a threesome
<Ranman> 2 girls and a guy?
<Mandy> 2 guys and a girl
<Mandy> lol
<Mandy> der
<Ranman> thought so
<Ranman> i won't take part in such a ungodly act
<Mandy> lolll
<Ranman> the guys will back me up on this one
<Ranman> you always want us to touch the other guys pecker
<Ranman> its not happening

22-05-2006, 07:31 PM
(&Mandy) http://m90.org/gallery/paparazzi/Adriana_Lima_2.jpg
(@Ranman) she's not that hot
(@Ranman) ill take alba over her
(&Mandy) http://freeweb.supereva.com/corpistellari/Modelle/a/adrianalima/images/Adriana_Lima04.jpg
(@Ranman) dam only zoomz in once
(@Foeni) actually I tend to agree with ranman on this one, alba is super hot
(&Mandy) yeah but i'm over her
(@Ranman) i want to be over her too
(@Ranman) about 2 inches over her
(&Mandy) rofl
(@Foeni) and in your case it would 2 inches inside of her too
(@Ranman) better than you
(@Foeni) oh no, you've gotten that wrong
(@Ranman) needle dick
(@Foeni) phew
(&Mandy) <Foeni> and in your case it would 2 inches inside of her too
(&Mandy) rofl
(&Mandy) nice

22-05-2006, 07:36 PM
We need to stop posting the really dirty chats we have...it'll intimidate the n00b virgins.

23-05-2006, 10:05 AM
Speaking for the few n00b virgins around here, thanks for the pr0n.

23-05-2006, 10:08 AM
Speaking for the few n00b virgins around here, thanks for the pr0n.

I'm sure it's no different from those phone lines you work for...

23-05-2006, 07:48 PM
Oh my god, that is funny! :icon_rofl Why am I never on when the really good conversations are? :icon_conf :icon_razz

24-05-2006, 08:11 PM
Now I know my sexual ABC's....next time won't you sing with me....

<Ranman> A' Is For Anal
<Mandy> thanks
<Whoa-man> B is for Breasts
<Mandy> i'm confused
<Ranman> i dont get it
<Mandy> are you looking at my myspace?
<Whoa-man> Yes, I found you
<Mandy> ah k
<Whoa-man> C is for clit
<Mandy> D is for D-cup
<Whoa-man> E is for erection
<Mandy> F is for fuck me
<Mandy> lol
<Whoa-man> Yes ma'am
<Mandy> HAH
<Whoa-man> G is for glow in the dark condoms
<Mandy> H is for Hair pulling
<Whoa-man> I is for indecent sexual desires
<Whoa-man> (loves hair pulling...and nails...and love bites...) Must stop...must stop thinking about it
<Whoa-man> *slaps meself across the face*
<Mandy> J is for jack you off
<Whoa-man> okay...I can take that
<Mandy> haha
<Whoa-man> K is for kunnilingus spelled wrong
<Mandy> LOL
<Mandy> L is for lube
<Mandy> of course
<Whoa-man> M is for moaning (another favorite)
<Mandy> N is for NIGGA, please! haha jk
* Digital_Ice goes back to being docile ice
<Whoa-man> O is for orgasm (how can we not have that one)
<Mandy> lolll
<Mandy> I have to redo N
<Whoa-man> K
<Mandy> N is for nailing
<Mandy> ok
* Ranman is thinking of starting his own chatroom again
<Whoa-man> Now you have P
* Ranman pees
<Mandy> P is for Pussy juice
<Mandy> EWWWWW
<Mandy> jk
<Whoa-man> Q is for queers
<Mandy> R is for Rectum
<Mandy> lol
<Whoa-man> S is for sensations
<Mandy> T is for tongue thrashing
<Whoa-man> U is for under where, under there, underwear
<Mandy> V is for VAGINAAAA
<Whoa-man> X is for x-tacy (stretching...I know)
<Mandy> you skipped W
<Whoa-man> Oooopppsss
<Mandy> hookt on fonis wurks 4 u
<Whoa-man> I learned my alphabet in a Trailer park LMFAO
<Mandy> fonix*
<Mandy> hahahaha
<Mandy> i'll do W
<Whoa-man> Thank you
<Mandy> W is for wang
<Whoa-man> Y is for yodeling orgasms
<Mandy> Z is for zipper undoing
<Mandy> woohoooooo
<Whoa-man> Woohoo, sexual alphabet rocks

24-05-2006, 08:19 PM
Part 2

<Mandy> A is for ass-licking
<Whoa-man> B is for banging
<Mandy> C is for cunt
<Whoa-man> D is for dong
<Mandy> E is for ecstasy harr
<Whoa-man> F is for finger fucking
<Mandy> G is for g-string
<Whoa-man> H is for hungry
<Mandy> I is for Ice - pretty damn sexual
<Whoa-man> J is for jockeying
<Mandy> K is for KY
<Mandy> jelly
<Whoa-man> L is for licking
<Mandy> M is for MINGE
<Whoa-man> N is for naked
<Mandy> O is for On top
<Whoa-man> P is for paint (as in body paint)
<Digital_Ice> haahaa, mandy gets 'Q'
<Mandy> Q is for quefing (sp?)
<Digital_Ice> ranman
<Digital_Ice> why are you DCC-ing me
<Whoa-man> R is for rockets, pocket rockets
<Ranman> yea?
<Mandy> lol
<Ranman> im not anymore
<Mandy> S is for skunking
<Whoa-man> T is for tickling
<Mandy> U is for undressing
<Whoa-man> V is for vice grip nipple clips
<Ranman> she had that one planed
<Mandy> W is for whispering dirty words
<Whoa-man> X is for xtreme nudity
<Mandy> Y is for Yanking
<Whoa-man> Z is for zig zag fucking

24-05-2006, 08:36 PM
Yes...that was quite fun, must do it again sometime...but Q, X, and Z are difficult. I will have to look up more things on the dirty internet LOL.

24-05-2006, 10:17 PM
Filthy pervs. Warped my fragile little innocent angelic mind.

24-05-2006, 11:06 PM
I knew it.

* Ranman is now known as A_slimey_Cock
<Hazzle> Hi Jet!
<IMAQT> lol sick
* A_slimey_Cock rubs on haz
<IMAQT> hahahaha
* Hazzle licks A_slimey_Cock
<Whoa-man> Ewwwwww
<IMAQT> omfg

24-05-2006, 11:13 PM
I knew it.

* Ranman is now known as A_slimey_Cock
<Hazzle> Hi Jet!
<IMAQT> lol sick
* A_slimey_Cock rubs on haz
<IMAQT> hahahaha
* Hazzle licks A_slimey_Cock
<Whoa-man> Ewwwwww
<IMAQT> omfg

I'm a pussy licker alright.

<wannabe-mandys-lover> Woohoo orgy in the IRC
<wannabe-myown-lesbian> this isn't confusing
<wannabe-myown-lesbian> not at all
<wannabe-whoamans-lesbian-lover> Jet's gonna love this
<wannabe-mandys-lover> Okay...I'm changing
<wannabe-whoamans-lesbian-lover> there's cock sucking, lesbians...
<wannabe-whoamans-lesbian-lover> and Michael
<wannabe-myown-lesbian> the virginian
<wannabe-whoamans-lesbian-lover> who's a cocksucking lesbian
<wannabe-myown-lesbian> lolll

10-06-2006, 02:55 AM
ran's still trying to get naked pics...

[03:22] <&Ranman> it has to be a pic standing up, shows everything
[03:22] <juliamariskamad> are you pulling my leg?

[03:22] <&Ranman> oumust be shaven
[03:23] <~Digital_Ice> heh
[03:23] <&Ranman> i hate hair in my teeth
[03:23] <&Ranman> you have to be smiling
[03:23] <juliamariskamad> oh dear
[03:23] <&Ranman> i cant have missing teeth
[03:24] <juliamariskamad> what?
[03:24] <&Ranman> my requirments
[03:24] <michael22> lo
[03:24] <michael22> ll
[03:24] <&Ranman> copy thses down

[03:25] <juliamariskamad> no missing teeth got it
[03:25] <&Ranman> shaved snatch
[03:25] <juliamariskamad> got it
[03:25] <&Ranman> standing up
[03:25] <&Ranman> partial side veiw
[03:25] <juiamariskamad> ahum
[03:26] <&Ranman> to see if you have a flabby ass
[03:26] <&Ranman> if yo do work out before the photo is taken
[03:26] <juliamariskamad> gtg sorry ill be back later

[03:26] * juliamariskamad (Julia@hwc-63B2051D.f1134.ts.globetrotter.net) Quit (Quit:)

10-06-2006, 02:59 AM
<Ranman> i need to get someone to clean in here
<Ranman> it a mess
* michael22 mixes a couple of rusty nails and hands them around for all
to enjoy with cake
<Ranman> beer cans all over
<Ranman> is that convo worthy of irc quotes
<michael22> very much so yes
<michael22> also a mention on the who is crazier thread
<Ranman> thats what i miss about my job, the psycho's, they're here for our entertainment
<Ranman> people dont appreciate that
<Ranman> when you see someone running down the street wearimg a half of cabbage on their head screaming im a rooster im a rooster, thats for your plasure
<michael22> lmao
<Ranman> its a form of live entertainment

10-06-2006, 03:03 AM
[03:55] <&Ranman> poke the in the eyes, kick em in the crotch and throw them into traffic

10-06-2006, 10:47 AM
ran's still trying to get naked pics...

[03:22] <&Ranman> it has to be a pic standing up, shows everything
[03:22] <juliamariskamad> are you pulling my leg?

[03:22] <&Ranman> oumust be shaven
[03:23] <~Digital_Ice> heh
[03:23] <&Ranman> i hate hair in my teeth
[03:23] <&Ranman> you have to be smiling
[03:23] <juliamariskamad> oh dear
[03:23] <&Ranman> i cant have missing teeth
[03:24] <juliamariskamad> what?
[03:24] <&Ranman> my requirments
[03:24] <michael22> lo
[03:24] <michael22> ll
[03:24] <&Ranman> copy thses down

[03:25] <juliamariskamad> no missing teeth got it
[03:25] <&Ranman> shaved snatch
[03:25] <juliamariskamad> got it
[03:25] <&Ranman> standing up
[03:25] <&Ranman> partial side veiw
[03:25] <juiamariskamad> ahum
[03:26] <&Ranman> to see if you have a flabby ass
[03:26] <&Ranman> if yo do work out before the photo is taken
[03:26] <juliamariskamad> gtg sorry ill be back later

[03:26] * juliamariskamad (Julia@hwc-63B2051D.f1134.ts.globetrotter.net) Quit (Quit:)

BIG Heh.

10-06-2006, 06:52 PM
Oh my goodness..i wasn't drunk! Ran do you remember this?

11-06-2006, 10:03 PM
[21:30] <juliamariskamad> i couldn't stop thinking about fucking ran all day

..strange girl...

12-06-2006, 04:49 PM
<Ranman> haz is a pussy
<Foeni> glad I could help out in that thread hazzle
<Ranman> ohh ohh connie stood up to me
<Ranman> haz get back into to it and teach that cumcatcher who's the boss
<Hazzle> excuse me?
<Hazzle> How am I getting my arse kicks?
<Hazzle> kicked?
<Ranman> i just read most of it
<Hazzle> her insults are so shit
<Ranman> she has you by your short hairs
<Hazzle> and my comebacks are far better
<Hazzle> bollocks
<Ranman> go show her the real haz, make her cry

12-06-2006, 04:56 PM
This is why Ice and I decided that irc is gay.

12-06-2006, 05:00 PM
Ice is here at the IRC and as for you
The way people were talking about you
your not wanted here

12-06-2006, 05:33 PM

12-06-2006, 09:27 PM
I can speak for myself thankyou.

While yes, I still visit IRC, the childish way you guys bicker all the time means that its all a load of shit anyway.

I like Mandy, and as far as I'm concerned she's just as welcome as the rest of you.

12-06-2006, 09:37 PM
Wow reading the entire log from today makes you realise what piece of shit two-faced liars people are. Thanks guys.

12-06-2006, 09:46 PM
I can speak for myself thankyou.

Don't THINK Ran was speaking for you, he was saying you were in IRC and that the people talking in IRC (myself included) were badmouthing Mandy. I don't think he meant for the two points to seem related. I for one wouldn't put words in your mouth and I wouldn't say who else spoke badly of Mandy. I will admit I did, because I don't feel as though I need to hide that.

While yes, I still visit IRC, the childish way you guys bicker all the time means that its all a load of shit anyway.

There really wasn't any bickering today. We discussed the arguments that were taking place on the forums, a few people had their say on the situation. All perfectly amicable and I for one have never taken an argument from the boards into IRC. I think it ruins the atmosphere. Now the chat we had about gross stories involving vaginas, that was fun. You were there for that one, weren't you?

I like Mandy, and as far as I'm concerned she's just as welcome as the rest of you.

I agree with the latter. I won't lie and claim I like Mandy, because I've made it clear I don't, she knows that, it's no secret, and it's entirely mutual. In response to Mandy's post, I wasn't two-faced about it, nor did I lie. I'm open enough to say yeah, I don't like Mandy, I've said my reasons why, and that's the end of the matter. However I don't think my disliking her makes her "less welcome". I don't particularly "not want her" here, I've made it clear I'm ambivalent, and would prefer it if we just avoided each other.

I'd prefer we didn't have to bicker on the forums either and could remain adult about it, but as we all saw this afternoon, that didn't happen. While I'm here, since I take it Mandy will read this, please in future let's leave spats in private? You can PM me if you've something to say, or vice-versa, but let's leave it off the forums, eh? Same with IRC, as far as I'm concerned, there's no need to turn it into a running battle.

To lighten the mood and get back on topic:

<Hazzle> Your all cunning linguists
<Foeni> Yes, I know. And I think it's perfectly fine

12-06-2006, 11:02 PM
Does IRC stand for Inverted Rectal Crainium? Pull your heads out of your asses and play nice.

13-06-2006, 12:10 AM
Does IRC stand for Inverted Rectal Crainium? Pull your heads out of your asses and play nice.

Agreed. I've never bickered in IRC, I got pissed off when I kept being kicked for no reason, but that's been resolved. There's no point going if it's not going to be fun, so I agree with you there Bradski.

Hence the Cunning Linguists quote to lighten the mood :p

13-06-2006, 12:20 AM
poor fo... he always gets his timing wrong.