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I had a sub in health class in 9th grade, an old guy who didn't care what we did. WHAT is key. So, a few of my friends took this annoying guys bookbag from under his desk while we were watching a video, and the sub was apparently asleep. His bag was tossed in the trash, and everyone laughed.
Oh, I also have a history teacher at the moment who calls us by our last names, so we reply, "aye, sir," like we're on a ship.

03-01-2005, 10:11 PM
I remember when I was in 8th grade our social studies teacher had no control over us. It was her first year teaching. I remember we were working on a project and we found this huuuge piece of construction paper. My friends Mike and Andee decided it would be perfect for making a paper airplane. So, we stood at one end of the room and a few other friends stood at the other, and we threw it back in forth. The airplane didn't really zip around like normal paper airplanes do, it just sort of lazily hovered over everyones head. I remember my friend threw it over the teacher's head and it would have hit her in the head if it were five inches lower than it was.
That class was crazy. I rememer the teacher was writing something on the blackboard and this kid made a baseball-sized spitball out of a piece of paper. He had one of those bendy plastic spoons and he flung the ball at the blackboard. It stuck to the board. Blocking her from writing out how Christopher Columbus handled the Native Americans. She was so fed up, she went out to her car. Probably to have a cigarette.

04-01-2005, 12:44 AM
Our new maths teacher didn't know where our classroom was for 30 minutes, so we decided to take the caps off the chair legs and throw them at each other. School's very pissed about it, but we'll do it again next year and tell the next batch of year 9's (my campus is Year 9-12) how fun it is to throw them. Don't really give a crap it costs the maintence team a few thousand to replace them, we pay them a shitload anyway.

04-01-2005, 12:48 AM
When I was in year 9, my mates and I were right into making home made bombs and then blowing stuff up in the back yard.
At our school, we have metal bins, and I had the bright idea to put a home-made soda bomb in the bottom of the bin in my locker bay, and light the fuse.
Seconds later there was an enormous bang, and burning rubbish was sent flying all around the room. I never got caught ;)

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Heh, were to begin. Well the thread is about making classes "less boring" than they already are, so ill try to tell a story of somthing we did to reduce boredem.

Our school was pretty fucking boring, so we did a fair bit of shit, these are some of the things:

In maths we unscrewed the heater from the back wall (with scissors) and kicked it onto the floor, when the teacher heard the noise, she turned around and freaked out, when all were like "what the ! omg, who did that" etc, and none of us got in trouble (despite the hole that was torn in the gyprock).

We through the deaf girls school bag into the fan about 5 times, untill the fan broke off the ceiling and almost hit some poor kid sitting near it, when the teacher came back from getting the text books, every1 acted like nothing had happend, nobody got in trouble for that either.

One year, we had this maths teacher who was so cenile, we used to try to make her think she was going insane, when she was writing on the bord, we got about 10 people to all talk there shoes off and pile them on one of the empty desks, when she turned around, and freaked out to why there was a pile of shoes on the desk, we all just acted like she was insane, and there was no shoes, then, ofcourse next time she turned around, we all put them back on. She had a glass cabinet at the back of the room filled with fluffy toys for her year 7 class to learn algebra on (yes shes a fucking moron). We came into the classroom about 15mins before the period started, and broke the lock off the cabinet, and took 2 of her toys, we cut the tail of one of the fluffy dinosours, and put it back in with a ransom note saying: "leave 100 dollars in this cabinet, or you will never see your toys again", to this day my friend still has one of those toys. (2 years ago)

One time we went to a carrers market, it was a big hall filled with people and information on jobs and traineeships etc. The hospitality section had stacks of free food, and alot of food on display, we went up and my mate took one of those long french style buns, and the lady said "you cant take that, its for display" laughing, we said "dont worry we will bring it back" she started yelling and shit, and we just slipped into the croud. Two years later, My friend brang that same bread back (it was in a plastic bag under his bed for almost 2 years, it looked like shit..) and through it on the table, and said "see i told you we would bring it back", she was fucking cut as. We also took another loaf of bread when we left, He still has it, We no longer go to school, but it will be returned someday.. :icon_conf .

The Biggest push over teacher i ever had was my Business Office Procedures teacher. We used to just play games etc on the computers, and he did nothing about it, one less me and 3 of my mates thought it would be weird, and funny (and might perhaps reduce the boredem of the class because the computers werent working for some reason) to just sit in the front row of the tables, about 1m away from him, and all just stare at the teacher and point directly at his head for about half the period, he was sweating, and looked rather nervous, because we just sat there pointing at him, he had no idea. When we became bored with this, me and another friend got up and started to slow walk towards him, when our pointer fingers got about 1 inch from his face we just darted around his head and pointed at the bored behind him and said "what the hell is that", so then for about 15mins we were just wizzing our pointer fingers around his head, HEAPS CLOSE, going "whhhaaat the hell is THAT" he was fkn freaking out so bad, but he just sat there starring strait ahead, trying to out pschye us or somthing.

We also had things called circles of death at school, were one kid would get surrounded and then basically just get punched, pounded, slammed, pushed etc, we didnt just do it to kids we didnt like, pretty much everyone got it done to them, i somehow managed to avoid getting done, like other people, but, it was great fun. For the people on the outside of the circle.

Oh, one more thing, this isnt really to reduce boredem, we just thought it would be funny, this kid in our year had the biggest bowel cut you have ever seen, and everyone used to call him cocktop, on the way home from that carrers market i talked about earlier, the teachers let us go to mcdonalds, after we had eaten we got a take away bag and filled it with those little milk portions they give you, then when we got back to school we chased this kid down and beat him with a bag of milk, milk was all over him, etc, then we tipped it down his shoes and stuff. Rather fun.

But, most of the time we just heckled the teachers constantly untill we got sent out, or moved to another table.

04-01-2005, 03:54 AM
Lets see...

My first year of high school, we had a really stupid sub who came in and had no idea what to do, and all my teacher had said to do was watch the old version of Romeo and Juliet on the tv. The sub turned on the tv, went to grab the remote, and pushed some crazy button. The result? Oh yeah, it turned to a porn channel. The best part was the sub didn't even notice for like...20 seconds. So there's just this room of 15 year old kids watching people go at it on the tv in the class room. The sub finally caught on (probably to the complete silence except for twitters and possibly the audible thanks made by some kids and tried to turn it off. Except she somehow put it in SAP mode and couldn't do anything after that. She had the entire class turn their desks around while she ran out to find maintenance. It was hilarious.

My sophomore year, we convinced my homeroom teacher that there was a bird in the air conditioner. We had these huge rackety metal air conditioners in the corner of each room along the windows that generally either leaked or made tons of noise (as Dyce should be able to attest), and one of them was prone to squeaking. We absolutely convinced her that a bird had gotten caught in it. Someone would thow things at the air conditioner to make it thump and she'd go crazy. We did this more than once...actually an entire semester.

Um...Junior year...a crab escaped from one of the aquariums during biology class. No one noticed until my teacher screamed out "HOLY SHIT!" and ran out of the room. The crab had scuttled all the way across the room and no one knew until it bumped against her foot under the desk.

In band senior year (because our favorite band director moved and left us with two asshats as teachers) we used to throw skittles at them during class...and during concerts...definitely during concerts we weren't performing in. That was awesome. They knew it was us, but they could never see us, so they could never punish us.

04-01-2005, 07:28 AM
I went to school in a small town so it was pretty boring all the time. However we still found ways to make a little trouble. One time in my 9th year this really annoying kid that no one liked much decided to be stupid and annoy the captain of the football team and so the football team decided to duct tape the kid to one of the benches in the locker room and just left him there. The funny thing was no one tried to help him, every time someone came into the room they just laughed and then left again. I think the kid ended up stuck there for two hours before a custodian found him and undid the duct tape.
Another way to pass the time is watching cat fights, we had about three in my 11th year. The best one was between this goth chick and a yuppy spoiled girl. Unfortunately the yuppy won and left the goth chick on the ground with blood all over the place. However it wasn't really a fare fight because the bitch attacked the other girl when she was just minding her own business, so she didn't have much time to react because she didn't really see it coming. It was kind of gross actually because when the girl attacked the goth she had a cup in her hand which turned out to contain her urine and she through it in the goths face.
Any way I actually have lots more stories but that's enough for now. Maybe I'll post more later.

04-01-2005, 07:31 AM
Plenty of stories.

Final year was a continuous stream of silly buggers culminating in one slightly crazy bloke taking a shit on the bonnet of the physics teacher's Daihatsu Charade.

04-01-2005, 07:54 AM
High School was actually a pretty big drop off compared to Jr. High as far as practical jokes for me. I have too many stories to even remember. Mags reminded me of a time in 10th grade where I was in a 5th period English class and we always had a compitition with the 6th period class in the same room over what period could create the most havoc and damage, during a few movie days we would switch the tapes in the VCR at the end of our class to porn or whatever weird crap we could put on a VHS tape so when the 6th period class would start the tape, they'd be watching porn or whatever video we put in. They'd get pissed cause they'd get blamed for it, but they knew we were the class that did it. I've seen teachers leave class crying, I've had a teacher quit during the year, and a teacher fired because our whole class failed and he had no controll over us.
My best memory was getting a handjob during my 11th grade science class. We always "played around" sexually during class but that was the first and only time I actually got off during class. That was the highlight of my high school career.

04-01-2005, 10:32 AM
Plenty of stories.

Final year was a continuous stream of silly buggers culminating in one slightly crazy bloke taking a shit on the bonnet of the physics teacher's Daihatsu Charade.

bl 2 the mightey power of the charade, we smeared butter all over our maths teachers capri, im talking shitloads of butter, we nicked from the hospitality rooms.

04-01-2005, 10:47 AM
mmm the hilarity of watching everyone scratch their heads when they found out that every locker in the school had been turned upside down.

04-01-2005, 01:43 PM
Nice one, we had a concrete podium thing were the teachers stood and talked etc on the microphone the the entire school, it was about 30m by 30m and had a 3m wall around the edge, kind of like a big concrete box, we sanbagged the entrance and filled it with water, rather funny :P.

04-01-2005, 01:47 PM
Pity you guys weren't year 12s at our school. Our ones tried to be funny by letting loose around a thousand marbles on the ground during assembly... Noone slipped over them and you barely heard a noise because they carpeted the school's basketball courts for the occasion.

04-01-2005, 02:04 PM
Thats... rather sad and pathetic.

04-01-2005, 02:26 PM
my best high school memories are of jamming in the music room with my mates
we'd go in there just before the bell rang and lock the door from the inside so that even the teacher with the key couldn't open it, then we'd stick a bit of paper over the little window so we "couldn't see the teacher tapping on the window to tell us to come to class" :)
and we'd spend about 3 hours in there just jamming
when we finally came out the teacher was standing there pulling her hair out
but she always forgave us

i also loved just the day to day shit of school, hanging out at lunch time and speaking crap and telling yarns to your knobhead mates

how i miss those days :icon_mecr

04-01-2005, 06:22 PM
Mine was last year, in French, we had this teacher who could only say about 50 words of English and all we did was throw stuff around the classroom, and she always said, "STOP THAT PLEASE" but no one ever listened. I only did about 15 pages in the whole year, along with everyone else. So obviously, I didn't take French for my GCSE.

04-01-2005, 08:05 PM
I will always remember..... the tripod.
And I will always remember the girl next door....

Hah. I fucking wish. I live in a neighbourhood full of old people. Which although is wholely uninteresting, it allows my broadband contention ratio to be better, and there isn't much crime.

04-01-2005, 08:41 PM
One day, I think it must have been 6th or 7th grade, every boy in my year had this thing about lighter. It was somehow a competition about who could get it tuned the most. I used to tune the other's ligthers, but I didn't use them much myself. Then one day in this very boring Danish class, and one boy got this magnificent idea to get the gas all over his table.. He did so, and in the minute my teacher turned (she had been writing boring stuff on the blackboard), he lit the gas. It didn't last very long, but what a great laugh. My teacher of course freaked, but it was funny anyhow :)

04-01-2005, 09:44 PM
Today it was raining/icing during school, and some dumass sophomore thought it was cool to try drifting through a turn in the parking lot. He lost control, hit the side of the building, and tore up his entire left side. What an idiot.

04-01-2005, 10:24 PM
I love high school, I'm actually sad to be leaving. My freshman year started out well, until I switched schools again and again. At my third highschool (the one I am at now), I wasn't really expecting to stay very long, so I screwed around as much as possible. My chemistry teacher hated me (the feelings were mutual) and kicked me out of his class every single day, pretty much. If he said he saw a movie over the weekend and it sucked, I would argue my little heart out (mostly because he was wrong).
One day, I was talking while he was, throwing stuff, blah blah blah, and he was like, "Miss F-, do I need to call your mother?" Seeing my opportunity, I shot back, "Well, if you find her, could you let me know? We really miss her at home." He never messed with me again.

Sophomore year, I finally figured out that I would be there for awhile, so really started to get serious about school. I retook chemistry and all that good stuff. My geometry teacher was the coolest person. I became friends with her after the class, and we still hang out and stuff. She was the hardest teacher I have had so far, but her class was so fun. We would get off topic all the time, and end up talking about the Amazing Race or stories about when she lived in London. She also had the best KKK story! I'll tell it one time on here when I feel like typing it out. It's probably the funniest thing I've ever heard.

There are a lot of memories from junior year, but not necessarily good ones. I had a cool boyfriend; that was pretty much the highlight. Umm....my English teacher and I would just talk about Alias a lot.

So far, senior year has been cool. My pre-cal teacher is awesome. Last term, I had two classes with my friend who's a teacher, so I looked forward to that class. And I'm starting my senior project this term, but all the memorable stuff happens later in the year at prom, and sober grad, and Disneyland and stuff.

04-01-2005, 10:39 PM
I'm still glad to be in high school. In 9th grade, I had the best English teacher. He was a like a stand-up comedian basically. He cracked jokes everyday and was the only teacher (so far) to take his class on two field trips a year. We had the easiest tests and at the end of the year, he let us watch all sorts of movies.
We were like family. I still remember every single person in that class and exactly where they sat.

04-01-2005, 11:26 PM
I'm starting my senior project this term, but all the memorable stuff happens later in the year at prom, and sober grad, and Disneyland and stuff.

You're a senior? For some reason I thought you were in college. Anywho, do you know when you're going Disneyland? The reason I ask is because I think that's where my senior class will be going. Wouldn't it be cool if both of our classes went the same day? But I doubt that would happen. Shame really.

Now what was I... oh that's right, high school life. I'm too tired right now.

05-01-2005, 01:09 AM
Boy, I wish our class went to Disneyland for graduation...maby the closest University is our best guess...Oh well, I'm going to Disneyworld in Flordia for Xmas so HA!

05-01-2005, 01:14 AM
She also had the best KKK story! I'll tell it one time on here when I feel like typing it out. It's probably the funniest thing I've ever heard.

a funny story about the KKK?????
well now you have to tell it

05-01-2005, 01:29 AM
there's a tradition at my school on the last day for all those graduating called senior prank day. i did bunch of crazy shit. i was famous at my school for doing that type of crap. i'm laughing as i write this. me and a couple buddies jammed all the restroom doors so no one could go to the johnny unless that kicked the door down. i took a picture of the baseball coach pissin behind a tree and tapped it on the main office's door. man, everyone got a kick out of that. i also squeezed a bunch of grease and bathroom cleaner down a hallway and it looked all slimy and white. people thought someone was jacking off in the hallway. one girl even slipped in it. (not a pretty sight) i also let out a bunch of rats and bugs from the biology lab. everybody got to go home early because the the exterminator had to spray poison everywhere. man, the good times.

05-01-2005, 02:36 AM
i dont feel like writing out stories but i'll start with one in 8th grade

my teacher (homeroom..basically writing and history) was this really old lady and her face looked like a scrotum and she had to be easily 70 years old. well in 8th grade we had to take spanish class by the art teacher and the art teacher would come to our homeroom and our teacher would leave. The art teacher was really stupid and didn't notice a lot going on, plus she was paralyzed on her right side...damn it was funny watching her go up the stairs. anyways since she didn't notice anything we used this to our advantage. when i went to australia during the summer i bought some condoms and i found one at home so i filled it up with soap and put it on the outside door handle for my teacher to find...then the door opened and it was the principle. her face was so funny (she looked like a scrotum too...and she was a bitch) and she threw it in the trash...so me being the resourceful one took it out of the trash and put it on my teachers desk. my teacher came in and found it on her desk and screamed then she threw it away and washed her hands for literally 10 minutes. everyone was laughing at her and she was pissed and started turning red...then she asked who did it and everyone said the art teacher...she knew it wasnt but no one would say it was me :P

05-01-2005, 03:24 AM
Last year, a few of the juniors clogged all the toilets, and flushed them. And flush them again. And flushed them again.

Needless to say, the lower part of the school got flooded.

05-01-2005, 03:16 PM
We would drink in the parking lot during lunch. 5th, 6th and 7th periods pretty much flew by.
BTW...on another prank thread I mentioned tearing open a bean bag chair and blowing the little styrofoam balls all over someone's dorm room. Well, yesterday, when I was dropping my daughter off with the ex, I noticed a giant plastic bag of them in her trunk. Apparently, they sell these little jewels of annoyance at Toys-r-Us to refill bean bag chairs with.
I was tempted to punch a hole in the bag, but I want to continue seeing my daughter, so I didn't. ;)

05-01-2005, 03:48 PM
during yr12 - a girl in my grade and the deputy principal absolutely hated each other, so on april fool's day she walked into del galo's office crying and naturally del galo had to be concerned so she asked what was wrong. so the girl says that she was trying to park her car but she hit another one in the parking lot, then she went on to describe del galo's car. at this point del galo is seriously concerned and says "it's alright, let's go out and inspect the damage" so half-way through the office corridor the girl runs away and screams "april fool's day!" she became a hero after that day since the only person who liked her out of the entire school (students and staff included) was the principal.

muck-up day (graduation day) we put vasoline on all the hand rails and door handles. we nuggeted juniors' bags (taking everything out, turn the bag inside out, put everything back in) there was a year7 girl who managed to piss off our grade just in the last week of school, so two of our grade took her bag, nuggetted it and covered it with shaving cream.

and when i was a junior one of the year12 classes took all the furniture from a class room and set it up in the quadrangle.

things done to my school:
one of the private boys' schools from around the area broke into our gym on the weekend and pushed the piano out into the middle of the quadrangle. they also spraypainted large penises all over the school. the monday after the weekend also just happened to be the prefect inductions which meant that quite a few parents were visiting the school.

mr jones (the better dep. principal) had a year12 physics class. they snuck into the boys' school's common room and drew large penises all over it. mr jones got a fax from the boys' school's principal saying that a group of parents had been brought around the school that day. mr jones gave a huge lecture to his students and had them apologise to the boys' school only to find out that the fax had been a counter-prank.

in year 7 my maths teacher was taking off her jumper but she took her shirt off too. 1 minute later the year advisor introduced a new girl to the class and everyone just burst out laughing and the girl had no idea why.

in year 9 we had a substitute teacher who was late so we went into the classroom opposite to ours and pretended to be working independently. the substitute looked into the empty room, looked across at us and then left.

randomly during the middle of a class we heard mr jones say over the PA system "could the PE staff please turn off the speaker comm in their office, they're broadcasting to all the other staffrooms". apparently the PE staff had been bitching about other faculty members.